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UFO Sightings and Commercial Jet interaction.

Most sightings of unidentified flying objects happen to be from people looking up at the sky and seeing something distant and difficult to make out any detail of.

You often hear the complaints of the skeptics about the quality of images and video captured of these far-off objects.

So, what if we could get a little closer, could we see a little more and capture clearer images?

There is a time when We do get to be closer to these mystery craft, this is when we too are in the air.

Those that hunt out UFOs often search for the best places to increase their likelihood of having an interaction with an unidentified craft.

People risk arrest sneaking onto secure military facilities, and airports they are often working from rumor and half-truths they hope to find proof that we are not alone.

They are on the right path just in the wrong place, instead of being on the ground looking up and hoping to see an unidentified flying object they should be in the air with these mysterious UFPs.

It would seem that today the number place for seeing a UFO is from the window of a plane.

There has been an increase in the reports coming from passengers of all types of aircraft of late, be it passenger jets to military craft it seems the skies are becoming an increasing busy place.

Since the phrase ‘flying saucer” was coined back with the Kenneth Arnold sighting, strange craft shadowing man –made air vehicles have been somewhat a regular occurrence. For many years those that flew kept the secret out of fear that they would be grounded. Their love of flying helping to keep this strange phenomenon hidden.

 This has changed when brave pilots began to step forward and share their stories, after the pilots came the passengers and the sighting continue until today.

Going back to October 2014 and a report of an unusual number of UFOs.

The sighting is said to have happened around 5 a.m. it details how at 30 minutes before the plane’s scheduled landing in Taiwan. Passenger of the flight witnessed UFOs outside shadowing the airplane, pulling out their phones they recorded the UFOs.

The captain of the plane gave the order for them to close their phones as they were about to land.

Another strange UFO was seen by a flight over Rajasthan passengers spotted orbs floating near the aircraft and was darting around changing orientation before quickly descending into the clouds and disappearing.

Going back to the start and a location that is probably the most famous secret base in history Groom lake Nevada Area 51.

An unidentified not-flying object was captured on film, with these pictures showing a large metallic disc is seen parked in the desert.

The pictures have been debated with many saying that the object in the photo is not from another world but has a mundane terrestrial explanation with it being said to be a circular solar panel used to power the facility.

A more convincing sighting recently happened on a plane that was making its way from Korea to Thailand.

Lucas Kim was a passenger on a flight making its way to Bangkok. Looking out of the window he was amazed when he saw a mysterious 'aircraft'. This unidentifiable aircraft shocked the man when it split into six pieces and disappeared.

Looking for answers the man questioned if it could be another man made aircraft but Planes flying so close to one another is a clear breach of air safety, this is unless they are part of an air display team.

 Mr kim said;

'It is rare to see another plane flying next to your own, so I took out my phone and recorded it.'

'When I looked closely, it was not a plane - it was six individual vehicles. It was like a pulsating greenish-yellowish light.'

Mr Kim believes what he spotted was truly something unusual and that it couldn’t be explained away as a reflection on the window.

Mr Kim’s phone footage, the supposed UFO shows it first at a distant, white dot way off the wing of his Jeju Air flight.

 As he zooms the phone in, it is easy to see several points of light, moving in formation like no regular aircraft can. Moments later, they split into pairs and disappear from view.

'That was the only time I have seen something like this,' he said.

When the aircraft split into pairs and disappeared from view, Mr Kim was baffled. He reckons that if it wasn't '100% alien', it may have been some 'crazy Russian spy plane'

Was this Reflected light from the plane's wing - or beings from another world observing Mankind to see if we're ready to be contacted?

'You can believe anything you want, but I truly think I encountered a UFO,' he said.

'The word UFO does not mean it's 100% alien. It simply means flying objects that we don't recognise. It might also be some crazy Russian spy plane.'

Still, Mr Kim is open to the idea of extra-terrestrial life. 'I am a Christian and I'm sure God gave us all of this universe to explore,' he said.

'So, I don't think there are other thinking species like us out there, but there might be different animals on other planets.'

One of the most convincing sightings from a commercial flight occurred back in 2009 has just now surfaced on MUFON (case 94345).

Witness testimony states:

My wife and I were flying from Houston International (IAH) to Port of Spain Tobago (POS) on our honeymoon on June 28 of 2009. I still have the flight itinerary and double checked the date and times. The day was mostly clear with a few clouds. I remember being able to see the gulf really clearly and I could make out boats and oil rigs. Not sure what altitude that would have been. The flight left IAH at 1pm and landed in POS at 7:40pm.

The flight path took us over the Gulf of Mexico. We were a couple of hours into the flight and we could just make out the Mexico City area way off in the distance and the Yucatan area. So it was probably close to 3pm central. I was looking out the window at the Gulf and the land when I looked up to the horizon and saw a silver spherical object flying along side us.

It was close enough to say its diameter would have been close to the width of the plane's cabin. Maybe a little larger in diameter. It didn't appear close enough to be disturbing the plane's flight capability. It's hard to judge size and distance without something to reference by. But it was closer than any two flying things needed to be. It didn't appear to be glowing, but it did reflect the sunlight. The color reminded me of mercury a little bit, the metal not the planet. It didn't change shape. Didn't have any lights on it.

I immediately thought "oh, that's the silver orb that buzzes around Mexico City all the time." I had my wife look out the window at it. But she doesn't recall the event. I do remember her basically saying "not dealing with it." She's good at ignoring things that cause too much stress in the moment. That's why i'm saying one observer.

No one else on the plane said anything. I didn't get up and shout about it so I guess I'm just as guilty about either not wanting to seem crazy or start a panic in a flying tube. More compelled by social derision than the object.

I watched it for what seemed like 10 minutes maybe. It didn't zip around, just followed peacefully along side the plane. Eventually a black cloud or fumes erupted from the back of it. You know back in old cartoons when a super hero would grow tall? Like Apache Chief. He sort of grew in animated chunks. That's what that seemed like the smoke or fumes did. It didn't seem like a steady flow of smoke, but sort of like time skipped maybe? I remember thinking "oh it's sick" but I can't tell you why. Maybe conditioning that black smoke and vehicles don't go together.

It left this really long trail of the smoke behind it. And it either vanished or accelerated so fast I couldn't see it. But it seemed like it was going west. Like it was going away from the plane. The smoke stayed behind and floated past us like a normal cloud in the distance would.

No one said anything. The flight wasn't bumpy or disturbed. No lights flickered. The remainder of the flight was normal. I kept looking out the window for more but never saw anything. Didn't see anything on the way back either.

These strange sighting have continued to be documented, this raising some questions.

First Why are the number of sightings on the rise, what could be the reason behind these UFOs following planes, and where could they have come from?

I found a few more compelling reports of interactions between aircraft and unidentified flying objects that could provide the answers.

report from a confused passenger who awoke on a flight to look out of the window and was shocked to see a strange brightly coloured "UFO" hovering beneath the aircraft.

The flyer was a MR Chang and he managed to take a video using his phone, his footage shows "a glowing line" of fire. The clip the man captured was the source of great debate online between those that were sure this was some kind of otherworldly craft and those that said it had a far more grounded explanation.

Looking Through the aircrafts small window, a thin cigar-shaped object can be seen in the sky as lightning flashes around it. The mystery object seems to shadow the plane as it jets through the sky.

The video is cut short, the reason for this is that the battery was said to have died. This occurrence fuelling the sceptical who say this happened as the following seconds would reveal the clip to be nothing more than a reflection of a laptop screen or even sunlight through a break in the clouds.

One comment on the video has pointed out how the lightning appears to be flashing below the glowing line, indicating the so-called UFO is part of the aircraft.

Some were more convinced that the clip did show an object that is not of this world.

Another recent UFO encounter happened recently when witnesses say what they saw may not be vessel but a living creature.

This Strange Creature is still a UFO and again was Filmed From Window of Airplane.

The video was said to have been shot last year and was only posted online in the last few months. In the video two long, dark objects can be seen flying next to the plane.

Technically if these things are living they are still UFOs, but the person who posted the video and many commenters believe these dark objects not to be an alien aircraft, but a previously undiscovered airborne creature. This bridging the worlds of ufology and cryptozoology.

This type of strange aerial monster has been seen before and been given the name "sky squid."

An interesting take on the sighting came from a person in a comments section they wrote, "Not a plane, not a drone. And yes, it’s possible something from another dimension slipped through momentarily. Our reality is just that... ours. There are others. And we really have no idea where or what we’re living in. Once we can access and use 100% of our brain, I think many things will be revealed."

These modern interactions seem to be a cause of discussion but maybe a some of the older sightings could provide us with some answers.

Going back to 1952, and a Pan American World Airways DC-4 flight. The aircraft was on routine flight between Miami and New York when the pilot and co-pilot experienced a strange interaction with an object which they couldn't explain.

First Officer William B. Nash and Second Officer William H. Fortenberry witnessed a brilliant orange glow outside of the airplane, as they looked closer, they could see that this was a line of six orbs.

Their shape was clearly outlined and evidently circular; the edges were well-defined, not phosphorescent or fuzzy in the least, and the red orange colour was uniform over the upper surface of each craft.

According to the pilots, the objects appeared to be in an echelon line that was “tilted slightly to our right, with the leader at the lowest point and each following craft slightly higher.” Said the first officer.

 The lead disk slowed suddenly, and two disks following it wavered, as if they hadn’t expected the manoeuvre. The procession then shot out across the Chesapeake Bay toward the aircraft and performed a new manoeuvre as Nash and Fortenberry tried to keep eyes on them from the cockpit windows.

 Another incident which occurred in the 50’s happened over the US capital of Washington.

On July 19, 1952, air traffic controllers at Washington National Airport saw a cluster of strange blips on their radar and contacted nearby commercial aircraft to see if anything unusual had been seen.

Casey Pierman  was on the Capital Air Flight 807 radioed to control about bright lights resembling “falling stars without tails” moving rapidly up, down, and side to side. Captain Howard Dermott on Capital Air Flight 610 also radioed in two hours later to report a strange light was following his plane.

The US air force scrambled F-94 jets from the Delaware New Castle Air Force Base but encountered nothing unusual.

This was not the end of the incident as a week later, the blips appeared again on the radar at Washington National Airport, again the military to launch their jets, the pilots of these flights saw strange lights moving quickly away from their jets as the quickly approached.

So, what should be done about these mystery objects being in commercial airspace, after all they do raise concerns over safety. What would happen if there was collision?

UFO researchers have said more should be done to reveal whats going on with these near misses this after an investigation reported that there have been dozens of close calls between aircraft and mystery aerial objects.

Nick Pope probably the UKs most prominent ufologist said that the findings produced by Newsquest’s Data Investigations Unit as “fascinating and disturbing” and he said the reports made to the UK Airprox Board raise “important defence, national security and air safety issues”.

The Board aims to maintain and improve the safety of flying and has reviewed 36 reported interactions with unknown flying objects.

Nick Pope, spent many years investigating UFO sightings for the Ministry of Defence through in the 1990s, he said: “It's clear that pilots and air traffic services personnel are witnessing many near misses in UK airspace.

“The suspension of flying at Gatwick Airport earlier this year leads the media and the public to assume such occurrences involve drones, but applying the UK Airprox Board's own guidelines, many of the reports being attributed to drone activity should more properly be characterized as 'unknown objects'.

“pilots frequently see things in the skies that they can't identify. The UK Airprox Board has a significant number of such accounts and there are numerous reports in the MoD's UFO files.

“In most cases, sightings turn out to be birds, weather balloons, plastic bags or bin liners, or Chinese lanterns, while some are indeed attributable to drones.

    “However, other cases remain unexplained even after thorough investigation, and this is of concern, especially if we're missing a trick by being too quick to blame drones.

“Pilots tend not to be comfortable reporting a 'UFO' sighting, because of the perceived stigma, so it's much easier to talk about 'unusual aircraft', 'unconventional helicopters' or 'drones'.

“However, in April the US Navy issued guidance to its pilots, advising them what to do if they encounter 'unidentified aerial phenomena' - UAP being the recognized military term for what the public term UFOs.

“While the guidance itself remains classified and won't be made public, it's an encouraging sign and I'd like to see something similar in the UK.

“The situation has been under-resourced since the 2009 termination of the MoD's UFO program, and while I'm aware that the MoD continues to study such matters - being careful to avoid using the term 'UFO' - more should be done.

“Having investigated UFOs for the MoD back in the 1990s, I can confirm that whatever the true nature of the phenomenon, it raises important defence, national security and - as we see here - air safety issues.”

The UKs Civil Aviation Authority claims that in most cases these unknown craft and the reports of near misses were drones, model aircraft or even balloons. Why don’t they go all out and just call it swamp gas? These explanations haven't held water since they were given decades ago, saying they don’t know what it is would, be more honest and helpful.

They may even get a little more funding to find out.

it is against the law to fly a drone above 400-ft or near to an airport boundary; and a spokesman for the CAA said if a drone recklessly or negligently endangers an aircraft it is a criminal offence and the operator could face up to five years in prison.

Recently there have been several arrests of people flying drone sin restricted airspace but a quick search of sightings at airports often include a flying object which displays capabilities beyond a drone, or pretty much any type of human technology.

Interestingly - the majority of the most baffling reports reviewed by the UK Airprox Board, which is sponsored and funded by the CAA and the MAA (Military Aviation Authority), involved sightings of unknown objects at thousands of feet off the ground.

In eight out of nine cases, where the Board could not determine the nature of the object witnessed, reports detailed sightings at altitudes ranging from nearly 5,000-ft to 16,000-ft.

Drone pilot Jason Goodlad, who runs Hawk-Eye Vision Ltd in Stourbridge, West Midlands, said it would be a “struggle to get a drone up to 6,000 to 7,000-ft as the battery would die” and he added: “At a really high altitude it’s doubtful it would be a drone.”

So what are people saying?

Where did these craft come form, and what do they want from us?

Maybe by using the hazard they threaten we could find a new angle to researching the phenomena of unidentified flying objects?

Have you ever had a sighting of a UFO from a plane or at an airport?

Let me know in the comments below.

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