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Humanity is an Alien life-form?

We search the stars for them, we see them in our skies, we long for the day of full disclosure and to see the truth revealed.
I am obviously talking aliens and UFOs.
The search for extraterrestrials continues and is gaining momentum with the recent comments made by the US government and its official acknowledgement of the videos captured back in 2007 showing unidentifiable craft that some say are alien.
We have also heard the many stories of close encounters, abductions, and the claims that the powerful of the world are actually in league with visitors from the deepest darkest regions of the cosmos.
There have been stories of an alleged program that sees the mixing of extraterrestrial and human DNA, this leading us to the question.
Could the real extraterrestrial be you?

So could your genetic code prove you are at least in part alien?
As said in the introduction there have long been legends of humanity's genetic ties to a species from the stars. The claims may sound outlandish but recently science has said the idea could be true.
The dual questions of "Who are we?" and "Why are we here?" have long been pondered by philosophers and theologians over the many centuries of human history.
Books tell of The legend of the Anunnaki and the biblical story of creation says we are created in the image of another. Are we descendants of a race that arrived on this planet thousands of years ago?
History being peppered with tales about our genetic code originating with otherworldly beings.
This may go some way in explaining why many people have the feeling that they don't really belong. Could this Perhaps be because Earth at least in part is not entirely their home planet?
Maybe science can help us find an answer?
The human genome project has mapped the genetic code for our species this revealed that a whopping 97% of this code is what is called "junk DNA".
In genetics, the term junk DNA refers to regions of DNA that are noncoding. DNA contains instructions (coding) that are used to create proteins in the cell. However, the amount of DNA contained inside each cell is vast and not all of the genetic sequences present within a DNA molecule actually code for a protein
This Junk DNA is anomalous in another way, this as it does not fit with Darwin’s theory of evolution.
This according to a leading researcher working in this program, he said:
 "We have to come to grips with the unbelievable notion that every lifeform on earth carries genetic code for our extraterrestrial cousins. Our hypothesis is that a higher extraterrestrial life form was engaged in creating new life and planting it on various planets. Earth is just one of them."
extraterrestrials travelling through the universe seeding life, is a theory that has been popularized in many types of media.
The most recent being the movie Prometheus which showed this taken place with an” engineer “sacrificing himself to fertilize the planet and kick start life. The movie then goes on to explore the idea of us being their creation.
Others have supported this idea with many scientists across various studies saying that the human genetic code was not written on this planet. They say that there is a hidden code within our bodies' and that this code could help us to understand the solar system and its billions of years of unknown history.
This idea of us being created is an idea that seems to be readily accepted, religious teaching on the idea of who is responsible do vary but there is an underlying idea that is shared by most of the world's faiths.
This makes it sound like we are designed, a biological creation made for a purpose that is yet to be revealed. The curiosity we have as species helping us to find answers and yet more questions.
This idea is becoming ever more commonplace with a large and fast-growing number of people who feel they are in connection with this "alien DNA”.
Those that possess this genetic link to the stars have a range of names, indigos, star-seeds, star-people and more, the name does not really matter. Where do think they are from would be a more important question.
This may lead you to ask, how do I know if I am one of these people, what traits would I show and how could I know if my friends and family are part extraterrestrial too?
A list of characteristics has been widely published, the more you can check off of the list the higher the likelihood is, that you have ties to the alien designers and maybe you are part of their project for this planet.
Let's have a look:
First up are you
• Strong-willed
• Born in 1978 or later
• Headstrong
• Creative, with an artistic flair for music, jewelry making, poetry, etc.
• Prone to addictions
This could indicate you have some alien genes but there is more do you feel like you are,
• An old soul as if 13 going on 50
Are you
• Intuitive or psychic, possibly with a history of seeing angels or deceased people
• An isolationist, either through aggression or being introverted
• Independent and proud,
• Possess a deep desire to help the world
• drift between low self-esteem and grandiosity
Do you
• Bore easily
• Have you been diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD
Are you
• Prone to insomnia, restless sleep, nightmares, or difficulty/fear of falling asleep
• Have a history of depression
• a Longing for real, deep, and lasting friendships
• and lastly find it Easy to bond with plants or animals.
How many of the list did you check off, are you a star child let me know below?

So, if you did tick off several characteristics from the list, the next question may be.
 Who are my extraterrestrial relatives?
It has been said that the characteristics you display are linked to the species of alien you are descended from.
Let's see which group best fits you?
Well if you are what is known as a “star seed” then you may display some empathic or even telepathic abilities and that could mean you are related to the Plaedians.
 These tall fair-skinned beings appear to be very human in appearance and are often said to be extremely attractive with the females of the species being immensely beautiful.
This beauty is matched by their intelligence and sometimes this can cause them to tire quickly at which point they are known to enjoy the finer ways of relaxing, good food and hedonistic past times.
This pursuit of pleasure sees Commitment and monogamy as less important attributes for them but one thing they are said to be serious about is their work to protect the planet.
So does this sound like you, if not maybe the Arcturians would be a better fit?
An advanced race said to be able to control crystal-based energy, they have a long history on this planet and are tied to such places as Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt. Again a telepathic race with a human-like appearance, this appearance remains unchanged as this race does not age or if they do it is at a rate slow enough for them to seem immortal to humans.
This race has the ability to leave their body and become energy this has given them insight into the soul, and they value the spiritual. If you are highly spiritual and often experience vivid dreams’ dreams in which you seem to leave your body and travel maybe you share some genes with this group of extraterrestrials.
IF that not you don't give up hope just yet, there are two more races that are said to have been mixing genes here on earth.
The first of which are the Syrians.
This group has an obsession with science and geometry this to the point of distraction, they display what is seen as ADHD or Aspergers, when interested in someone or something it becomes all-consuming.
This can lead to problems with communication and feelings of isolation, however when they do become involved with another person or entity, they commit 100% and are extremely loyal.
Does this sound like you?
Finally, we have the species that is said to have founded human civilization and have long been credit as the beings that engineered humanity.
The Anunnaki
A race that has a love of music something incorporated into their technology, engineering, and construction. Extremely intelligent and intellectual perfectionist they value nature and see themselves as both master and servant to it.
If these are traits that you can empathize with then maybe your genetic junk genes come from the builders of old.
Maybe you don't see yourself in any of these alien races which is fine, if we are or are not an engineered race. It would seem free will is something we are all born with and the path we choose in life is guided by way more than the genetic cards we were handed.
Are you a person who believes that they are, in part at least, descended from a space travelling race?
Which alien species do you identify with?
Let me know in the comments below

Monday, 25 May 2020

Living Mammoth

I have looked at the idea of an ancient prehistoric shark the megalodon dodging extinction and still living hidden somewhere in the vast oceans of the planet.
Evidence and sightings of the aquatic beast are rare, yet people still cling to the hope that one day the creature will be rediscovered much in the same way as with the Coelacanth.
Looking at another large animal this time on land, a species that is also said to be extinct, we find more compelling evidence.
Reports of sightings say there is more than as single solitary beast but a still living small population.
This answering that often repeated statement “there would need to be enough animals to breed”
So what creature is this?
I am talking the Woolly mammoth.


Most know the story of the mammoth, Woolly mammoths thrived during last ice age, they became extinct when the weather became warmer and their food supply changed there has also been the suggestion that Humans were responsible for their disappearance in part down to over hunting of the hairy pachyderm.
Mammoths were similar to modern day elephants the differences being the obvious thick fur coat, they were around the size of African elephants with smaller ears than those of today’s elephants. This was likely another adaptation to the cold climate, the ears being closer to their heads kept the body temperature up, the opposite of how todays elephants use their ears to cool themselves down.
They had large tusks, about 15 feet (5 meters) these were most probably used for fighting and digging in the deep snow to find buried vegetation, Mammoths being herbivores with a mostly grass based diet.
These tusk are still highly sort after today and mammoth ivory is traded across the planet. Mammoth tusk hunters work in the Siberian region of Yakutia.
They can make huge sums of money, one ivory hunter found a 65kg tusk which was later sold for $34,000 (£26,800) to a Chinese dealer. These Chinese ivory traders wait in the tusk hunters’ villages to buy what they find and keep a supply of ivory flowing into China for use in the traditional Chinese medicine market.
This is a profitable business with ivory hunters earning around $100,000 (£77,000) in a week.
The problem is they destroy the remains of the mammoth they fins as everything they uncover – mammoth skulls and bones –are left to be consumed by the elements.
This is a sad destruction of historically important relics, others are not so worried including many of these tusk hunters.
They are not worried as they say that the mammoth is not extinct and that there are small herds roaming the isolation Siberian tundra.
Over the years there have been many reports of the animals the 1940s, military pilots flew over the dense taiga in Yakutia and spotted a small herd of animals, very similar to wooly mammoths. In 1978, a similar story happened to a group of people on the Indigirka River in Yakutia. They claimed that one early morning, they woke up to about a dozen mammoths, calmly drinking from the river.
This may have the more skeptical among you scoffing, but the last mammoth went extinct very recently.
It is widely accepted that the final group of mammoths lived on Wrangel Island until 3,380 years ago.
This has been contradicted by periodic reports of these beast still living.
Back in 1580 a Siberian family called the Stroganoffs hired a band of Cossacks to track down a group of bandits who had been stealing from their mines. The leader of the expedition, Yermak Timofeyevitch, claimed that when he ventured past the Ural Mountains he ran into a "large, hairy elephant."
On his return to the village and telling of the strange interaction with an elephant like animal, locals told him that the Kingdom of Sibir, The Khanate of Sibir also historically called the Khanate of Turan were located in southwestern Siberia with a Turco-Mongol ruling class. They accepted the existence of the mammoth and considered the giant animals a valued food source and called them "mountains of meat."
Another sighting of living mammoth comes from 1873 when a prisoner attempted to escape a Siberian prison. The convict was making his way along the Amur River in the hope of reaching China, he came upon a group of Cossacks so he turned and headed north to avoid capture. Doing this led him into Aldan Mountains.
As night crept in the man made his way to a lake and lit a fire, which was not the best idea, as the darkness grew the man heard heavy footsteps of many large animals.
In panic the man took out his gun and fired off a few shots into the darkness, whatever the animals were they fled. The following morning the man found the tracks of the animals he followed them whilst looking for a safer place to camp.
This led him to find a cave, he ventured in and this is when he claims that he saw a full grown mammoth. He described the animal as 12 feet (4 meters) tall and 18 feet (6 meters) long. It was covered in reddish wool and black hair. The curving tusks were about 10 feet (3 meters) long.
In 1918 a Russian hunter claimed to have spotted a couple of mammoths. This story was recorded by a M. L. Gallon, the man in charge of the French Consulate in Vladivostok during the 20s.
Gallon spoke with the hunter about the sighting and said that the man did not understand what he meant when he called the animal a mammoth, the hunter simply stated that what he saw was similar to pictures of elephants that he had seen.
The mammoth has also been reported outside of the vast emptiness of Siberia. On Monday, March 29, 1897. A Portland Newspaper published a long conversation with Col. C.F. Fowler,of the Alaskan Fur and Commercial company.
 In the interview he provides clear evidence that in the interior of Alaska there were or are many mastodons surviving until today.
He claims that he first discovered evidence of living animals among some "fossil" ivory collected by the natives, two tusks showed evidence of being taken from the animal that was recently alive.
 On questioning the native who sold the ivory he was surprised to receive a full description of the immense beast which had been killed by the natives, a description fully identifying the animal as a mastodon.
Sightings continued to roll in as mentioned earlier, in 1944 A number of pilots flying from Alaska to Moscow reported a herd of mammoths walking single file easily spotted against the stark white snow.
A headmistress of a small village school near Russia's Taz River made claim to have encountered a mammoth in 1956, this while she was out picking mushrooms. She said that the animal approached within 10 meters of her location and was easily identifiable as a mammoth.
1989 a hunter claimed to have seen two groups of mammoths, each consisting of three individuals.
 Another story comes from a party of gold prospectors working near a tributary of the Indigirka River who reported seeing a herd of mammoths.
Most recently in 2012 a video went viral that showed a live woolly mammoth, the footage was caught by a government-employed engineer during the summer in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug region of Siberia, it would seem that this region is a hot bed of sightings.
Many still hunt for the living specimens of the mammoth while others say that the animal is lost.
The final twist to the story comes in the form of resurrection.
The mammoth is an animal that is set to be one of, if not the first extinct creature to be brought back from the dead.
Thanks to the frigid cold conditions that have preserved the dead animals and provided a source of ivory for the Siberian hunters, it has also made fresh genetic material including liquid blood available to scientist who will attempt to clone the animal.
Just last year a team of scientists from Japan and Russia announced a significant step forward in an effort to bring the woolly mammoth back to life.
In a study published in the journal Scientific Reports, researchers announced that they have managed to recover cells from the left hind leg of a juvenile mammoth that was discovered in the Siberian permafrost in 2011. Cell nuclei from the mammoth, believed to have been roaming what is today northern Russia around 28,000 years ago, were successfully implanted in mouse cells.
While this is a positive development, none of the samples produced the cell division that is required for a mammoth to be coaxed back to life.
But these researchers are close and are not quitting.
With more mammoths being uncovered by receding permafrost due to a warmer climate more material becomes available and more teams of scientist join the race to become the first to clone the mammoth and other prehistoric creatures once hidden in the ice.
Do you think they will succeed, is this a good idea and are you looking forward to a world where once extinct animals walk again?
Let me know in the comments below

Numbers don't lie extraterrestrial life exists.

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