Monday, 27 April 2020

increasing numbers of UFO reports

An ever-increasing number of UFO reports that really are snowballing at the moment:
Taking a look at Russia a country mentioned in my last video on DEWs and the terrible forests fires, there has recently been a number of UFOs spotted.
Some claim that the Mysterious flying objects are ‘man-made' others say its extraterrestrials.
Northern Siberia was the location of a number of flying objects that have stunned Russian scientists, defying a logical explanation footage captured showed orb-like flying objects and fueled claims alien involvement.
A group of three mysterious UFOs were seen circling in the daylight sky over northern Siberia, the video and images has set the Ufology community a buzz with different theories as to what the alleged craft are. The bizarre sighting was caught on video in a car park close to a shopping Centre in Tomsk, Russia. Scientists, who pretty much always dismiss such encounters, have been left baffled by this unusual footage and much speculation has grown over the origins of the video and the identity of the objects.
The short 15-second video clip, shows the three mysterious bright spots lined up in a triangle above Siberia appear to move closer together. Those with knowledge have speculated that the formation may indicate the legendary TR3B a craft said to be back-engineered from alien technology recovered here on earth.
This footage was described to Russian media by the original witness who said that they had spotted the UFO or formation of UFOs on the 6th April. The clip quickly gained traction in Russia and went viral.
This leading to the speculation that blew up online.
Tatyana Galushina, an astronomy professor at Tomsk State University, explained that she and her colleagues could not agree on what exactly the video shows.
The scientist did suggest that the objects filmed were "man-made" but refused to speculate on their origins
Professor Galushina said: "The main theory is that it is something illuminated by the sun.
"It could be balloons, paper lanterns, or even quadrocopters."
Galushina also suggested that the UFO footage was a hoax or potentially camera glare.
Professor Galushina told RIA Novosti: "This is certainly not a natural phenomenon, because if a person really filmed an incomprehensible phenomenon and wanted to find out what it was, they would give more information, film for longer, and so on.
"The problem is that it’s hard to make any reliable conclusions from this video."
She did suggest that the objects filmed were "man-made" but refused to speculate on their origins
This all as many make claims the video is a result of "bored" Russians entertaining themselves during the coronavirus lockdown measures.
But the unusual lights do follow a similar rash of sightings across the planet with reports coming out of the US and Mexico just a week ago
In the US another strange incident occurred Above Cleveland and Detroit.
A group of people getting their allotted exercise time during the lock down broke with the rules when they took a walk in a park in Ohio and Michigan. Rather than being surprised by the police for their disregard of the rules they were in for a shock of a different type.
Over two nights, these citizens of Cleveland and Detroit saw what appeared to be groups of unidentifiable flying orbs, orbs similar to those seen in Russia?
This gave rise to the idea that alien visitors are here monitoring our response to the current global situation with CV 19. The more skeptical said that the boredom and the strangeness of this whole situation is beginning to mess with people’s minds and now they are seeing things that aren’t really there.
If this is some kind of mass hysteria it would be very, very unusual as it would be global!
Yet more sightings being reported from another region of the planet, travelling to Europe where more Spherical UFOs have been Spotted Hovering over Paris.
Many experts on the subject of alien visitors believe that these French UFOs were an alien vessels.
The video was captured by a resident of the city of romance Paris. It shows another spherical UFO steadily hovering over the empty city. According to experts, the alleged extraterrestrial craft could be watching Parisians reactions to their current predicament in the same way as suggested in the States and Russia.
Originally shared on YouTube by the user loopsovershit. I will post a link in the description, it was then picked up across multiple UFO channels.
During the minute long, a strange metallic spherical object remains motionless in the sky.
The majority of “youtubers” that watched the UFO video agreed that it was most likely a vessel sent to observe the inhabitants of the city.
The ETs aboard the UFO could be observing the lockdown and how the residents of Paris are handling with the situation. One suggesting the idea that these aliens are creating a predictive model that can be applied to similar situations.
Maybe that situation could be first public contact, the full disclosure that many believe will soon occur.

The information would allow the aliens or possibly even certain agencies here on earth the predictive model of what could happen in the near future if they were to reveal the existence of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.
With that UFO sightings becoming more frequent this may be prudent planning by whomever is watching.
Some viewers of the videos left their comments some saying that these objects could be balloons other suggested they could be a zeppelin or blimps.
So what do I think so many people are seeing the same type of objects in the sky?
 there are a number of ideas the first that indeed these are alien craft perhaps even the very same craft travelling all over the planet and watching what happens and such a historic time, secondly they could be manmade craft maybe they are new type of drone that has been deployed to monitor the numbers of people who are ignoring the quarantine orders across the planet.
The third is that this is some type of mass hysteria, the stress that many face living in conditions that they are not used to effecting mental states and possibly having people mistakenly identifying regular objects as UFOs or just imagining them although a hallucination cannot be captured on film, so maybe these orbs are out and out hoaxes?
If this was the case it would be very strange that the same pattern and situation is being recreated in each video?
What do you think real, fake, or something from the stars
Let me know in the comments below

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