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Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Mysterious Sounds yet to be solved.

Communication from other lifeforms either from the darkest reaches of space or the deepest parts of the oceans here on this planet, have been hunted for by researchers and layman alike.
An intergalactic e-mail, a star based message in a bottle, or love letter from the stars.
Many have looked and some have found message and sounds that cannot be easily explained away.
Be it a signal received by the alien hunters of SETi, or a strange hum heard globally.
There have been unexplainable sounds that some say could be message from extraterrestrials from other worlds or even ETs based on this planet.
Here are eight of the most Mysterious Sounds yet to be solved.

Let’s start out with a signal that many say is a message from another species living on another world. A signal that has become known as The ‘Wow’ Signal
Back in the heyday of disco 1977 The Big Ear telescope of Ohio State University used a strong narrowband radio signal to search for strange sounds and possible messages from space.
Scanning the skies and the stars, on August 15, 1977 astronomer Jerry Ehman detected a radio signal that lasted just 72 seconds. He famously penned the now iconic word “WOW” next to the printout of the signal.
The signal has the code 6EQUJ5. How this works is A blank space on the print out has an intensity between 0 and 1. After that, 1-9 have intensities corresponding to the number (so a 2 has an intensity of 2.0). A-Z pick up where 9 left off (so, A has an intensity of 10.0, B of 11.0, and so on).
There are two different frequencies that have been given, the lower value is 1420.356 MHz and the upper value is 1420.4556 MHz.
The thing that was exciting about these frequencies is the hydrogen line is right in between them (1420.40575177 MHz). The hydrogen line is the electromagnetic radiation spectral line that hydrogen creates when its energy state changes. Because this happens at such a high frequency, it’s hypothesized that extraterrestrials might use the hydrogen line to communicate with each other.
There’s no question that the signal originated from outside of our solar system, and in fact, its origin has been pinpointed as somewhere beyond the constellation Sagittarius. Maybe we should focus efforts on this small spot of space, if another signal is picked up that would almost be conclusive proof of an alien race in that region of space.
The wow signal was picked up by only one of the Big Ear’s two detectors and has never been heard again despite close monitoring, but all “rational” explanations put forth by skeptics have been proven wrong, from satellite transmissions to space debris collisions.
The Wow! Signal is still the only confirmed sound received from deep space that could possibly be an intentional signal sent by entities unknown or maybe they are known and its being hidden but that a topic for another time.
And while we are looking at messages from space let’s take a look at the Sounds coming from Saturn’s Rings. NASA's Cassini spacecraft found radio wave signals coming from the giant planet which differ n the northern and southern hemispheres.
The signal variations — which are controlled by the planet's rotation — also change dramatically over time, apparently in sync with the planets seasons.
Don Gurnett of the University of Iowa said, “The data shows just how weird Saturn is”. Don leads Cassini's radio and plasma wave instrument team, speaking publicly he said. "We thought we understood these radio wave patterns at gas giants, since Jupiter was so straightforward. Without Cassini's long stay, scientists wouldn't have understood that the radio emissions from Saturn are so different.
The NASA recordings have been compressed and compiled into this single spooky track, and it’s all too easy to imagine all kinds of things within them, from alien speech to a spacecraft taking off.
From space lets return home and some eerie sounds from the world’s oceans first up is the Quacker.
At the heights of Cold War, ballistic missile submarines of the soviet navy routinely patrolled the North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean. On these patrols crews kept reporting that they heard the strangest sounds: sounds that they described as “quacking”, the sound being similar to “ribbit” of a frog.
The sounds were heard whenever the submarines moved through certain areas of the sea and they seemed to be coming from something that was moving underwater with them. They were unable to register an image of the object or thing using their sonar.
The Russians believed what they were hearing was a secret American Technology and interpreted the sounds as a somewhat frightening, and threatening unknown technology which they had no way to track.
Today many think, the sounds may have come from some kind of marine life, maybe a giant squid. This also offers an answer to why they didn’t show on sonar as squid lack a rigid internal skeletons this making it hard for them to show up on sonar.
Sticking with Russians and the message received by many known as the UVB-76 Buzzer.
In the middle of an isolated Russian swampland, not far from St Petersburg, you can find a rectangular iron gate.
Beyond its rusted bars is a collection of aging radio towers, abandoned buildings and power lines bordered by a dry-stone wall. This sinister looking location is a mystery which stretches back to the heights of the Cold War.
It is thought that this place is the headquarters of a radio station named, “MDZhB”, a station that no-one has ever claimed to run. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for the last three-and-a-half decades, it’s been broadcasting a dull, monotonous tone. Every few seconds it’s joined by a second sound, like some ghostly ship sounding its foghorn.
Once or twice a week, a man or woman will read out some words in Russian, such as “dinghy” or “farming specialist”.
Think about the mind control scene of the winter soldier and you will have an idea of what is heard.
Anyone, anywhere in the world can listen in, simply by tuning a radio to the frequency 4625 kHz.
Today the station has a small online following, they know it affectionately as “the Buzzer”. It joins two similar mystery stations, “the Pip” and the “Squeaky Wheel”. These fans readily admit, they have absolutely no idea what they are listening to.
Many have said that the signals are encoded messages to a spy network across the world, they can listen in and decipher the garbled message and receive orders.
So should be worried that the signal that went almost uninterrupted since 1982, has gone offline?
No one knows what the significance of this is, or whether we should be concerned!
The last three sounds some say are being made by the Earth itself we have the HUM.
Across the planet in locations like Hawaii, New Mexico and England, people have been turning to one another and asking, “What’s that humming sound?”
Described as an irritating, persistent low-frequency noise a sound comparable to the racket of a distant diesel engine at idle, which is accompanied by the feeling of vibrations in the body of those that hear it.
According to people who have heard it, microphones just can’t seem to accurately capture this noise. Strangely it’s said to be at its loudest indoors, at night and on weekends.
Causes for the hum vary On Big Island in Hawaii, the sound is attributed to volcanic activity, but there is no way that this could be the reason same noise is heard in England or New Mexico.
These Hum persist to this day and seems to be gaining in strength more and more people are joining the search for the sounds origin but no definitive answer has been given yet.
Bizarre Booms have also been heard globally, these some say are the trumpets of the angels signally Armageddon while other have a more comical name for the noise
 it’s a the weird name given to a series of bizarre booms that have been heard by many residents of waterfront communities and has been reported from Bangladesh to the Netherlands, and has frequently heard on calm summer days in the Bay of Fundy, Canada and has also been reported in Italy, Ireland, India, Japan, the Philippines, Ireland and in several U.S. States. those that hear it say it sounds like a cannon or extremely loud thunder.
These booming sounds are no modern occurrence – the Iroquois explained similar noises to early white settlers as the sound of the Great Spirit continuing to shape the earth.
In 1978, a boom heard on Bell Island off Newfoundland in Canada was powerful enough to damage homes. While some may still believe that it was caused by supernatural phenomena and a recent History Channel special questioned whether secret electromagnetic pulse weapons tests could be the culprit, the cause is still a mystery.
One theory given for the booms is that they could be sounds created by meteorite impacts, but other natural causes have also been proposed everything from natural gas escaping from vents in the earth’s surface or underwater caves collapsing.
Closing out the list we have a famous noise known as the Bloop.
On A number of occasions during 1997, a sound reverberated through the Pacific Ocean that has been a mystery to science ever since. Named “the Bloop”, the noise of a sound of an underwater bubble popping rises rapidly in frequency over a one minute period it being loud enough to be detected by multiple sensors located up to distances 5,000km apart.
These listening devices were first put in place in an area known as the “deep sound channel” during the Cold War to detect and track Soviet submarines, and are now used by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to monitor natural phenomena.
the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says there’s no way the sound is from anything  man-made, and while it does sort of resemble a sound made by a living creature, most compare to a whale,  there’s no whale in the world that’s large enough to produce a sound of such volume.
Experts have even said that no creature has ever existed on this planet capable of creating The Bloop.
The final mystery noise is The ‘Slow Down’ Sound
Recorded on May 19th, 1997 – the same year as ‘The Bloop’ – this unexplained sound last for several minutes, a sound which slowly descending in frequency toward the end and silence.
Known as the ‘Slow Down’ sound, it was loud enough to be heard on three sensors at a range of nearly 2,000km. Nothing like it has been heard ever since, and its origin remains unexplained, landing it on the NOAA’s short list of strange unidentified noises picked up by their undersea microphones.
Could it be the same thing that created the bloop. If it were a living thing was that it final cry before falling silent forever?
What do you think are the causes for sounds, was the wow signal a message from an alien race are giant sea creatures the reason behind mysterious aquatic audio phenomena
Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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