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Solar Warden

The internet just went into a bit of a melt down over the recently released images of the logo for the United States space force.
The distinctive badge had distinct echoes of the famous design created for Starfleet in the long running star trek franchise.
What many may be unaware of is that the logo may be much older and part of a program that some claim has been running since before the Trek universe even appeared on TV back in September of 1966.
Let’s take a look at the secret space fleet known as “solar warden”

When you google solar warden the most common search result is for the game , a space based shooter in which you command a fleet of space ships and defend the earth from the invading Silicoid race.
This game may seem to be a generic turn based strategy game, something born of the imaginings of a programmer in some studio of Silicon Valley, but it may actually be real. This secret space force like the game is said to be our defense from evil forces found out in the deepest darkest depths of the universe. Extraterrestrial races that wish to conquer and enslave our planet.
This space armada is claimed to be named “Solar Warden” just like the game and has a history that dates back to the beginnings of the space race.
The development of the technology that was said to have been deployed in the 1980s has been piggy backing on the research and development that has been part of public realm since the race to the moon.
Back when Michael Jackson was moon walking here on earth it is said military men were walking on the moon for real.
A series of secret programs were in full swing the building of bases on the moon, trips to Mars and the many claimed interactions with visitors from other planets.
These visitors, it is claimed came from many different worlds some as friends others as foes. This is when the DOD the department of defense knew that they needed a new branch that would be a space based equivalent to the navy. The mission, like so many sci-fi shows, to protect the planet.
This may sound like the ramblings of man way too into his space based fantasy, but there is some proof.
One researcher says that he made a request for information on the secret space program using the FOI the freedom of information act and to his shock received a reply.
This reply said that they had contacted NASA and a program of that name did once exist But that it had been terminated by the President. They also gave the extra information that it was not a joint program with the DoD but was controlled by the US Government but also under the United Nations.   
 Concluding what can only be classified as confirmation the FOI employee directed all further inquiries to the Johnson Space Center FOIA Manager.

Another source of information on this space fleet comes in the form of the British Hacker Gary McKinnon, the man was at the center of long running legal case that saw the United states wanting to have the man stand trial in the States but the British government refused to extradite Gary to face what could potentially result in him serving a life sentence.
So what did the British hacker uncover about the Secret Space Program to make him   such a target of the American government?
Gary McKinnon claims to have uncovered information and proof of the US Navy’s intergalactic operations. He told that he accidently came across data on a top-secret fleet of “eight to ten” war ships in space, these vessels maintained a watchful orbit of the planet and had 25 “Non-terrestrial officers” as part of the crew.
He also revealed that this space force was technology that they had taken or been gifted by extraterrestrial races. This technology was so advanced that it could solve many of the world’s problems. He claimed that he had found details of an energy capable of stopping the global warming process, anti-gravity devices and more all of which was being utilized by the fleet enabling them to travel the massive distances needed to effectively monitor space.
The vehicles that the Solar Warden used were of a cigar shape design, this shape fitting with many reports of UFOs.
It could be a possibility that people seeing these vessels taking off or landing jumped the assumption that they were alien when in fact they were of human origin. The largest of these vessels, this is back in the 8o’s they may well be bigger today, was said to be longer than the length of two football pitches end on end. The 8 large craft of the fleet were accompanied by forty three smaller scout like craft, these are what people are most likely mistaking for alien craft in UFO reports.
These craft are operated and maintained by a rotating crew of some three hundred, we can’t say people as ETs are said to make up some of this personnel.
Some of the US ships are named USSS Lemay or USSS Hillenkoetter, “USSS” coming from the “United States Space Ship,” the US Space Shuttle.
You may ask yourself how this is being funded, McKinnon says that it is a cooperative project between Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Russia, Australia, and the United states.
All of these countries have seen ballooning black budgets over the past two decades and this could be answer to as to where all that money is going.
But what other proof is there?
The head of the free world in the 80s was President Ronald Reagan and his thoughts were recorded in a bunch of papers which were released in April of 2009, the over 250 thousand pages of documents from the national archives showed that the President wrote on June 11, 1985, about the existence of a classified space program that can transport and accommodate hundreds of astronauts. His diary highlights that he has received several sessions of information on this subject.
There have also been claims that these vessels were captured on camera and shown on national Television!
The show “weird or what” which ran from 2010 to 2012 and with yet another star trek connection as it was hosted by the great William Shatner showed a strange object moving toward the sun.
The video that was shown came from NASA and showed a strange Earth-sized objects moving near the Sun, clearly realizing certain angles of motion that indicated that it was being piloted or controlled by  intelligent behavior.
Astrophysicist Nassim Haramein spoke about what was shown he referenced the space craft saying that they could well be huge intergalactic extraterrestrial ships that use our Sun as well a Stargate that can then go anywhere else into the Universe.
The information from this time period which was uncovered by McKinnon has the support of Dr. Richard Boylan.
Dr. Boylan is an avid ufo researcher who rose to fame in the 1990s He has spoken at MIT on the subject of alien abduction and he believes that since the 1980s, America and allied countries have developed the secret space fleet, called “Solar Warden,” that was uncovered by British Hacker Gary Mc Kinnon.
The doctor goes on to say that he thinks that the Solar Warden is controlled and ran by the US Naval Network and Space Operations Command (NNSOC), which is based in Dahlgren, Virginia.
This does link nicely to United States Space Command (USSPACECOM) which was originally created in September 1985 to coordinate the use of outer space by the United States Armed Forces.
This then leading into the United States Space Force, a newly proposed military branch that President Donald Trump announced during a meeting of the National Space Council on June 18, 2018.
This creating the sixth armed forces branch, joining the Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard.
Some say that this more of a public admission to the existence of a program that has been in operation for decades rather than the creation of something new.
So this leads us to the question why now, is there something heading our way that will make keeping this force a secret an impossibility, if there is what could it be?
All of those that have spoken about “Solar Warden” say the same thing, this is a group of nations working together to protect the Earth and form alliances with intelligent civilizations in outer space.
This I see as a positive and the beginnings of a future like Gene Rodenberry envisioned so the using of a symbol for the new “Space Force” may actually be quiet fitting.

What are your thoughts on this secret space program, did Gary Mc Kinnon uncover a space based military wing back in the 80s, will the future be something like what was and id seen in the Start Trek universe?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below

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