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Friday, 21 February 2020

Aliens abducting whales

Whales are masters of the oceans, the marine mammals are the largest of living creatures found on the planet, they cover huge distances in their migrations.
Sadly from time to time, things do not go as they should for these with the animals ending up beached.
Everything from changes in the tides, melting icebergs and shifting food sources have been claimed o force whales to veer off course. This causing them to swim into unfamiliar and shallow waters and possibly even beach themselves.
Some say human involvement is to blame, in some cases, a whale may end up beached because it has already died and the tide washed its body ashore.
So how could the remains of an animal of such size be found miles from a beach, why are whales showing up in random locations?
Let’s take a look.


Starting here in Thailand and the sad news that the rotting carcass of a Bruda whale was found by local residents deep in a mangrove forest in tambon Bang Poo Mai of Samut Prakan's Muang district.
The Bruda whale is a cetacean that can reach 40- 55 feet in length it is found worldwide in warm temperate and tropical waters, just like those of  the Gulf of Thailand which Samut Prakan is located near.
Samut Prakan is a stone’s throw from the capital city of Bangkok and is at the junction of the Phraya River and the Gulf of Thailand.
On Januray 26th the carcass of a female whale, measuring in at around 12 meters long and weighing over 15 tonnes.  The remains were examined and found to be free from injury.
Namanok Bancherdhiransamut, of the Upper Gulf of Thailand Conservation Group, said he was told three days prior that a deceased Bruda whale had been seen floating in the Gulf near the river mouth, some 15 kilometres from the Samut Prakan coastline. He and team Members had searched for it, but were unsuccessful in finding the animal.
It then came to his attention that villagers had found a large whale carcass washed aground in a mangrove swamp about 500 metres from the road to tambon Bang Poo Mai.
The following Monday, the Chon Buri-based 2nd Marine and Coastal Resources Office coordinated with volunteers for marine protection in tambon Bang Poo Mai to remove the whale carcass to an appropriate area for examination to establish the cause of death.
The investigation is still ongoing.
Now this report does not seem too extraordinary even with a suspicious cause of death but it sent me on the search and I hit upon two more stories of beached whales, the difference with these marine mammals is that their remains were found miles from the ocean.
Digging deeper I uncovered a theory that possibly points to alien involvement!
The first case did receive a lot of attention online,    a dead humpback whale left researchers dumb founded after it was discovered deep in Brazil’s Amazon jungle.
The whale lay approximately 15 metres from the shore of Araruna Beach along the Marajó Bay in Soure, Brazil. Local authorities commented when quizzed on the whale saying that the spotting a whale in the region at that time of year was quite rare.
This whale was of a similar size to the animal found in Thailand measuring about eight meters long and 10 tonne in weight.
And in yet another similarity with the Thai whale a team from the region’s Municipal Secretariat of Health, Sanitation, and Environment said the carcass didn’t appear to have any visible injuries.
The two prevailing theories as to how the whale ended up in the brush are either:
A powerful tide launched the whale inland, or
The whale died at sea and was carried onto the land by people
Could there be a third choice?
 A choice which would need us to look to the stars to find an answer?
Before I look at the extraterrestrial connection let’s hear the about the third whale.
A dairy farmer from the small town of Farmington near the Great Salt Lake in Utah made an unexpected and remarkable discovery on his property while out looking for a cow that had wondered off.
The 69-year-old farmer a one Michael Woodson, found a 12-meter-long humpback whale laying lifeless in the middle of one of his fields, hundreds of kilometers away from its natural habitat.
Again an animal around the same dimensions, there seems to be a pattern forming here!
Police were called as the man thought this maybe a creepy prank by some neighborhood kids. This idea was quickly put to bed as there were no traces of vehicles or movement of the beast.
The police admitting that they were at a loss as to how the carcass got there.
 “We have to admit that we find this case very puzzling,” said Captain Terry Dawson from the Farmington police. “It is certainly the first time that we see anything like this in our city, and we have very little information for now as to how the animal got there.”
And this is when are old friends from outer space enter the story.
A few witnesses reported seeing some strange flying object in the area over the last two days and the authorities have confirmed that the 911 operators have received a few dozen calls from all over the region reporting such sightings.
    “We are verifying every clue and information that we have, and I assure you that we will explore every other possibility before we conclude that a UFO has anything to do with the case” added Captain Dawson.
A team of biologists from the nearby University of Utah were called to the site to examine the remains of the whale. The scientists are trying to determine if the animal could have actually lived in the Great Salt Lake which is only a few kilometers away from the farm.
This case taking a turn for the cryptid as lake living whales have been proposed as an answer to the many sighting of lake monsters around the globe. As for what killed the animal, you guessed it, no injuries were found and the biologists are still testing the whale to find out what killed the humpback whale.
Let’s look at the alien angle to this story, the practice of cattle mutilation has long been reported and it is not just bovine animals that are targeted, everything from horses to people have been said to be victims of extraterrestrial abduction and experimentation.
Aliens abducting whales to analyze them, fits with the pattern of reported behavior.
Ufologist and youtuber Scott C Waring, wrote in his blog UFO Sightings Daily: “Whales are often taken by UFOs, analyzed, and then returned.
“But sometimes animals are returned to a location that is not hospitable to them. Apparently the alien who took this whale had no idea that they only live in the water.
“It looks like aliens make a lot more mistakes than I thought.”
This alleged mistake of returning the whales to the wrong place makes no sense, the extraterrestrials would understand the animals need to be in a certain environment to survive, I think it shows more of a disregard for the animal.
Once they had learned what they needed they unceremoniously dumped the carcass, this also highlighting the lack of concern that they have in regards to us (humanity) learning of their existence and what they are doing.
Some more down to earth reasons have been given, these include stranded calves. These animals may have been travelling with mothers and could have gotten lost or separated during the migratory cycle between the two continents.
These animals alone failed to survive died and were washed in land along rivers by the tides and weather, maybe large waves pushed the bodies far inland?
Now that has me more confused, it would have to be some wave to carry the remains of a humpback whale 5 miles in land through a populated area and deposit it on a farm in Farmington Utah all with no witnesses!!
What do you think is moving these whales to locations they have no place being, is it extraterrestrials bad weather or just pranksters?
Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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