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Aliens and Demons

When you study the topic of UFOs and extraterrestrials it’s not long before you run into the comments that aliens are in fact demons and they are here to further the agenda of their lord and master Satan.
I have for the longest time been avoiding this question but now I feel it is time to jump into let’s look into the ideas that Aliens and Demons One and the same?

In the search for proof of extraterrestrial life the pursuit of evidence is paramount, stories are analyzed and photographs examined and it is in this respect that the research could be compared to other fields of investigation.
This is the point when ufology and the paranormal cross.
When species like the greys are spoken about it is not long before you hear the terms
 “Fallen angel” and “demon” thrown into the mix. To many this is a red rag to a bull, other are open to the different interpretation.
For both claims, alien and demonic similar evidence is found, the often highlighted by skeptics blurry photographs, to witness testimony of interactions often when people are somewhere isolated.
UFOs are often said to have crashed and been retrieved by shadowy government agencies and demons are also said to have been the source of relics that provide hard proof for their being. This time being whisked away by the church for “safe keeping”
Many think these two things are actually the same and that the explanation is that UFOs are the modern equivalent of fairies, demons, and ghouls. The same beings receiving an updated name in these more scientific times.
If we look at the history of “mythological beings” which in my mind are mostly misidentified creatures, many I have covered in my cryptid articles. We can see that when they interact with witnesses the behaviors and evidence they leave are very much alike. This often takes the form of scorch or burn marks on a victim’s body or even an object left by the entities.
On occasions people manage to capture the aliens or demons on camera, they can look similar from being creatures said to emit light to dark reptile like humanoids there really does seem to be an overlap.
This is when those that look at the “let’s say creatures” through the lens of religion see what is referred to as a fallen angel.
A “fallen angel” being a spiritual being that has fallen from Heaven and exists in a sinful or corrupt state. This resulting in the view of the holy that fallen angels are evil spiritual beings.
The bible mentions the fallen as Satan’s ministers and now out of favor of the lord they seek to multiply and spread across the earth, they can physically manifest themselves and it is claimed take women as their wives to bear them children.
The fact that fallen angels can marry and produce offspring shows that they can take on a physical form and are not just beings of pure spirit or energy if you prefer.
This brings us to occurrences such as possessions and other demonic activity witnessed by both men and women, a parallel can be drawn with alien abductions.
Those that have reported being abducted by extraterrestrials report odd effects on their psyches; they often lose their perception of time, suffer oppression, physical assault, sexual assault, psychic assault and a dissociation from their physical body.
Could the visitors arriving in these unidentified ships simply be here to learn about us or are they evil beings carrying out an agenda that has long been against mankind?
Are the entities following the orders of Lucifer and using the idea of extraterrestrials as a cover story.
Demons have always been said to manipulate, and to deceive people, they have been said to possess multiple capabilities these include taking control of a person’s thoughts and body they have even been said to take control of animals
Demons are also said to cause sickness and this could also be said of alien contact, often people who have had an interaction with an ET reports symptoms that are very similar to radiation sickness.
If we look at the phenomena of UFOs through the eyes of religion, we see that the effects of alien abduction and contact seem to be to cause discord, upset, dissimulation and dissatisfaction.
Many have a skeptical mind when it comes to aliens and demons and they say that both of these are used to separate people from their money. Looking back through history both have been used to form cults and take advantage of those who are suggestable but this could bring us back to one of the opening points that these beings are great deceivers.
We have looked at the similarities so now we have to look at the differences.
For extraterrestrials many would say that science is the answer, evolution, the age of the universe and other factors meaning that intelligent alien life has to be out there, at this point we do have to bring up the idea that science is a modern religion and theories are just that.
They are ideas that need to be proven, the same could be said of demons.
Demons are also said to be tied certain objects, they will inhabit the images and idols of the Antichrist people will worship the demon inhabiting the object.
Could this indicate that demons are more of an energy whereas aliens are physical?
This brings us around to the idea of dimensions both have been claimed to be from another dimension another plane of existence or a place that exists outside of our time and space.
This alternative theory says that what we are actually witnessing visitations from another dimension, as opposed to from another planet.  There has been a multitude of declassified FBI documents that refer to UFO activity, and at least one of these references “beings” from another dimension to ours.
What is interesting said document is that it is dated 8th July 1947 – the same date as the Roswell UFO incident. The document writer acknowledges that the claims made within it are likely to be ignored, but the fact that they are put in front of the FBI in order to investigate is intriguing enough.
According to the bible after the flood the Nephilim, who many claim were in fact the Anunnaki an alien race said to have created humanity, were disembodied. Yet they didn’t not die and since they were not physical beings like demons they possessed people.
 They had this ability thanks to not being from another world but because they originated in the fourth dimension.
The fourth dimension or four-dimensional space or 4D space is a mathematical extension of the concept of three-dimensional or 3D space. Three-dimensional space is the simplest possible abstraction of the observation that one only needs three numbers, called dimensions, to describe the sizes or locations of objects in the everyday world.
Two recent studies published in Nature have begun to give us a better picture of this fourth dimension.
Two teams of physicists created two separate experiments that simulated what the quantum Hall effect would look like in four dimensions by using only 3-D (and some nearly 2-D) materials. Essentially, the scientists figured out how to visualize fourth-dimensional phenomena in our lower, simpler third dimension.
The applications of this are still incredibly abstract, but there may be some sci-fi levels of payoff once we wrap our heads around the fourth dimension, according to Mikael Rechtsman, one the authors of the new papers: "Maybe we can come up with new physics in the higher dimension and then design devices that take advantage the higher-dimensional physics in lower dimensions."
Should we be worried?
Have these physicists discovered a door either to a realm that will see multidimensional aliens invading our dimension, or possibly discovered the keys that will unlock the gates of hell allowing demons to poor into our world.
Are aliens and demons distinct separate entities or are they the same thing just using a different name?
Let me know what you think in the comments below

Merrylin Cryptid Museum.

Those of us with an interest in the strange and unusual often seek out places that hold special significance to a story.
Maybe we visit a place that has seen many reports of cryptid creatures, the back woods of America in search of bigfoot or maybe the dark cold waters of loch ness in search of Nessie. It could be UFOs that get your blood flowing in which case a pilgrimage to Roswell or a daring adventure to area 51 would be more your thing.
But what if there is place that could captivate and hold the interest of both groups, a place that has a collection of odd relics that fascinate and intrigue!
Would you go, well you are in luck as such a place does exist and it’s called the Merrylin Cryptid Museum.
Let’s take a look 


Merrylin Cryptid Museum is said to offer us Proof for the Existence of Mythical Beings many point to the relics as proof of the supernatural other say it’s all an Elaborate Hoax.
The Museum, showcases what it claims to be the real remains of a variety of fantastic creatures ranging from dragons to aliens. The collection of Photographs purportedly showing the skeletons of fairies, dragons, werewolves and many other mythical creatures have been featured on web sites such as and Metro.
Bizarre skeletons of winged humans, bodies of mythical creatures and even aliens have been unearthed in a London home.
Thomas Merrylin, was an 18th century aristocrat with a taste for the unusual curated the collection of strange and macabre creatures. His collection is claimed to have been discovered in a sealed basement of a property in London.
The many, many items that defy science were collected and moved to the museum.
This bizarre collection of the artefacts is almost guaranteed to creep you out. You get to see the life’s work of the “Crypto-naturalist” and eccentric archaeologist carefully displayed by the museum’s curator Alex CF.
The man who amassed the remains of werewolves fairies and trolls was just as mysterious as he relics, it is said that he somehow defied aging. People noted that even when into his 80s the man looked barely a day over 40.
This saw many accuse the man of being a practitioner of the dark arts, using evil magic’s to prolong his youthfulness. He was however more akin to academics circles rather than covens often being in the company of eminent scholars.
Encouraged by the support of his ‘learned friends’ he wished to share his collection with the world. In 1899, he took a small portion of his specimens on tour across America. Conservative attitudes of the time condemned these creatures, calling them blasphemous. His reaction was severe and the tour was canceled before it reached California.
He displayed his items enclosed in boxes and many resembled withered skeletal remains.
Various fantastical creatures such as mermaids, faeries, gnomes, dragons, vampires, and even some of the earliest claimed extraterrestrial bodies.
Adding to the appeal or curiosity of the skeletal remains, many have original tissue such as fur and scales preserved along with the bones.
Not all the specimens are creatures that would be considered mythological.
 There are also the remains of a few dinosaurs, we are not talking fossils here but for examples of the animals stuffed complete with leathery reptilian skin.
Other items like regalia related to Cthulhu and the remains of an ancient pharaoh are less likely to be genuine, since they imply much more improbable things than just the existence of mythical creatures.
After a video of the collection went viral many began to look into the claims of the museum.
No record of an ageless cryptologist named “Professor Thomas Theodore Merrylin” was found and many alarm bells rang when it was discovered that that “curator” Alex CF is also an illustrator, artist, and sculptor with a penchant for dark folklore and animal mythology.
This has led many to say the ageless cryptologist Thomas Merrylin although an intriguing figure, is nothing more than fictional, character created from the mind of the London based artist.
Many say he created these specimens and their back stories, the amazing creatures that include “Menes” the Vampyr King of Egypt – The Demon Child Pharaoh” of the museum are part of a long practice of making fake specimens to display at museums freak shows and curiosity shops.
Many fake cryptid specimens were created through sewing together parts from different animals. One of the best known incidents of this type of fake would be the Fiji Mermaid.
The Fiji Mermaid became known to many at its height of popularity in 1842. Dr. J. Griffin of the “British Lyceum of Natural History” presented the stuffed remains as the real deal.  The yarn that he spun told of how he had found the mermaid off the coast of the Fiji Islands in the south Pacific.
Dr. Griffin said he was then approached by world famous P.T. Barnum who wanted to purchase Dr. Griffin’s mermaid and display it at his museum of wonders.
The bizarre stuffed creature was displayed, however it was quickly revealed to be a fraud. It turned out that P.T. Barnum and Dr. Griffin had been working together from the start. Dr. Griffin was not even a real naturalist but a conman named Levi Lyman.
The Fiji Mermaid was constructed by sewing the tail of a fish to the torso of a monkey.
Creating something we see as laughable today but back in 40s could have convinced at least a few people or enough that the men could have made a bit of money from showing it.
The Fiji Mermaid most likely dates from around 1810. Those that researched the origins of the mermaid say a Japanese fisherman sold to a British sea captain called Samuel Barret Eades in 1822.
Captain Eades tried to make a profit by presenting it as a genuine mermaid to people back in the West. After the sea captain passed away, his son inherited the mermaid and then sold it to a showman P.T. Barnum.
In somewhat of a twist the Fiji mermaid does have some value but as cultural relic not a zoological find,
 The practice of sewing the tales of fish to the upper bodies of primates was considered an art form in Japan and the East Indies. The creation of half-monkey, half-fish figurines to be used as religious icons.
Getting back to the creatures from the museum, the art of creating hoax animals did not end in the 1800’s in fact with today’s technology it may have become even easier to build an animal that could fool many, even science.
An example of this was seen when during a Photoshop contest, human skeletons were superimposed onto paleontological excavation sites.
This giving the appearance that bones of giant humans were being unearthed.
This brings us to the question that anyone who see the specimens at the Merrylin Cryptid Museum has to ask, could the creatures be genuine?
The answer maybe be as ambiguous as the collections origins, some specimens are undoubtedly are real others have dubious history.
If we take the Ctulhu artifacts as an example, if these were indeed genuine then that would mean the created in H.P. Lovecraft’s fictions would also need to real.
Thankfully it is not.
Some of the museums specimens also break with what is known about biological and physical laws.
If these specimens were genuine then the world, or at least the scientific community would have to revise what it believes to be mythical.
Another specimen that would require science to rewrite everything that it knows about the human anatomy are the remains of a lycanthrope, or a werewolf as it is more commonly known.
The specimen is claimed to be from a human in the process of transforming into a wolf or a lycanthrope.
Currently we cannot draw any conclusions since none of these specimens have been had over for closer scientific examination and I hope it stays this way.
It’s nice to have a little mystery in life and a slim chance that one or some of the fairies, trolls, and dinosaurs are the real deal.
Which of these specimens do you think could be genuine, have or will you visit the museum. What other famous anomalous specimens have you seen?
Let me know in the comments

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