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UFO News Stories

Not since the 40s and the famous crash at Roswell New Mexico has a year seen so much talk of visitors from another planet.
Let’s take a look at all the stories that made the year so memorable, from the United States navy acknowledgment of unidentified craft to Bob Lazar and even the failed attempt to raid Area 51.
Let’s look back on what aliens were up to this year.

Let’s start out in the first quarter of the year and the report made by politico in which the release of previously classified documents showed that the Department of Defense had funded projects which investigated UFOs, wormholes, alternate dimensions and many other subjects that are consider alternative and conspiracy.
This release was an important step in the process of disclosure, drip feeding knowledge to the general public in preparation for the reveal that we are not alone.
The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) released 38 research titles on Jan. 18, following a Freedom of Information.
Some of the titles are mind blowing and read more like titles of an upcoming science fiction movie rather than secret Government funded projects.
There is invisibility cloaking, antigravity propulsion warp drives and anti-matter manipulation!!
This is a subject I Covered at the time and I will provide links at the end of this video.
Moving on to April when we learned that they “The US navy” had created new guidelines for pilots so that they would not face ridicule for reporting a UFO.
The new guidelines for reporting unidentified flying phenomena (ufp’s) destigmatize the process for military and naval personnel.
A navy press statement said:
"For safety and security concerns, the Navy and the [U.S. Air Force] takes these reports very seriously and investigates each and every report."
Expect to see much more information from Department of Defense under its (AATIP) Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program in 2020.
Aprils talk about UFOs seemed to be awfully convenient when in the following month of May maybe the biggest story of the year broke.
The Times reported on pilot sightings and video capture of UFOs. In what would become known as the Tic-Tac UFO video many were introduced to hard evidence of UFO visitors and began to research the topic.
The video was actually from November 2004 and was first made public in 2017.
It was a piece of evidence that would be championed by Blink 182 star Tom Delonge as his group To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science, would make 2019 another year that they promised to reveal the truth.
A spokesperson for To the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences (TTSA), co-founded by former Blink-182 singer Tom DeLonge, told The New York Times in September that it "certainly" had obtained "exotic material samples from UFOs," but no further details were given at the time.
Tom did the media tour appearing on the internet and TV but nothing much in the way of hard truth appeared.
Another name that is arguably bigger than that of Tom DeLonge is Bob Lazar.
2019 saw him making a long awaited appearance on the Joe Rogan Podcast, the physicist who worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, and also on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at a site called S-4 near the Area 51 Groom Lake.
He spoke about his history and prompted the latest film to feature his experiences.
Corbell’s documentary, “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers,” screened at Film Festivals across the US and reignited interest in The Netflix title “unacknowledged” which also tells Bobs story.
And while on the subject of Area 51.
The viral craze that swept the internet in the months leading to September, it was something that started as a bit of a joke until over 2 million people reserved their places this making the authorities sit up and take notice, out of these 2 million people only two ended up in jail.
Two Dutch friends said they just wanted a good look at the mysterious Area 51 before leaving the US, but they ended up in a Nevada jail, instead.
The two pleaded guilty to trespassing and illegal parking, both misdemeanors, Nye County District Attorney Chris Arabia said. They were sentenced to a year in jail. But that sentence was suspended and the two will spend a total of three days in the county jail if they pay a fine of $2,280 each.
October was a particularly busy month
 To the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences signed a deal with the U.S. Army to study its purported extraterrestrial "discoveries."
Publishing their finding a quick month later in November.
October also saw a well documented case of five bulls that were mysteriously killed on an Oregon ranch.
As is I often the case with cattle mutilations the animals were found drained of blood and with surgical incisions made on various parts of the body this along with the disappearance of body parts.
Local law enforcement commented saying that they had ruled out death by other wildlife, and noted that the bulls hadn’t been shot.
Moving onto to November British forestry worker Robert Taylor reported seeing an alien spaceship in woods near Livingston 40 years ago making headlines around the world.
The 61-year-old described how he saw a 30ft-high "dome-shaped" object in a clearing in the forest near the West Lothian new town on 9 November 1979.
He told how two-spiked spheres then rolled out towards him and, as he passed out, he was aware of being grabbed on either side of his legs. Mr Taylor woke up in a disheveled state 20 minutes later.
This month, the final month of 2019 has also seen a rash of sightings.
The great State of Wyoming has become a hot spot for sightings of Serpents in the sky.
People have described “snakelike” UFOs across the country, British newspaper and website,, tweeted out video and photographs of what was purported to be an alien craft. The object, these Tweets were embedded on some U.S. reports.
The video shown on the dailystar site comes from Beams (British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society) Investigations on YouTube and shows a strange long object in the sky in a rare daytime video an older video from June of this year was captured at night and shows lights that make up a long object. This leading people to conclude that the videos are of the same unidentifiable craft.
So we had a good year in terms of UfO research, these stories being some of the biggest but reports in general saw an increase this year.
Could the increase in activity be sign that official first contact will soon take place, or is it a sign of something more ominous?
Let me know what you think in the comments below
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