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Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Nostradamus 2020

Let me start out with a thank you. 2019 has been a good year here on We are if so many new subscribers have joined it’s been great to get you to know everyone. The end of this year has been a little harder. The YouTube AI and its algorithm have hit me had of late.
So I would like to ask a favour, obviously please watch this video and if you can all the way through to the end. Even if you mute the sound and open another webpage please let the video playout and hopefully gain me some traction with the AI that’s been making life so hard.
Any hows, let’s get this video started a proper.
As the old passes and we all set out into 2020 many maybe wondering what this coming year has planned for them.
We have hopes and even fears of what may happen, but what if we could get a sneak peek.
A little clue as what is coming down the pipeline. Impossible well many think not.
Prediction of the future has always been around so many famous names from Edger Cayce to Baba Vanga. One name, however, stands out from the crowd Nostradamus.
The synonymous soothsayer has been seemingly able to predict the future.
So what did he have to say about 2020?
Let’s take a look 

Taking inspiration from the wonderfully written Lance Eliot Forbes article, let’s look at what the world’s most famous seer saw for 2020.
Michel de Nostredame, is name that will forever be associated with predicting the future. The astrologer and physicians 1555 book Les Propheties (the prophecies) is known too many.
The book is full of four line poems called quatrains and since the time of first publication these messages have been pawed over and interpreted in a number of ways.
The book is a purposeful effort by Nostradamus to warn of future events and many claim that the seer has been correct on a number of occasions.
So how are these writings, read and interpreted? The quatrains are grouped into what we could call verses although Michel named them “Centuries”
These often cryptic poems are full of metaphor obscure and mysterious references to astrological phenomena and teachings along with having a healthy sprinkling of mythology throughout, this making them somewhat of an enigma to read.
These writing no matter how mysterious are claimed to be accurate by many, they say that Nostradamus was accurate in predicating many historical events.

The man was said to have been on the money, with predictions of 9/11, the French Revolution, WWII and the rise of Hitler.
So what about this coming New year, what did the prophet see in his bowl of water for the year 2020?
Let’s read some quatrains and then you can decide how you feel about the future.
The great man will be struck down in the day by a thunderbolt,
An evil deed foretold by the bearer of a petition.
According to the prediction, another falls at night time.
Conflict at Reims, London and a pestilence in Tuscany.

So this one is a bit of a tester, if it made you think of assassination then you are with the many others that believe this poem predicted the deaths of President John Kennedy and his brother Bobby Kennedy.
This idea comes from a system of scoring. Keywords and phrases are taken form the text and put into meaning as an example the “great man” would be John Kennedy.
These predictions are scored on what people think will happen or as is often the case after an event to see how accurate quatrain is in regards to a certain event.
It is entirely possible that the verse is still written about future events connected back to the assassinations and this what we want to know, what does the coming year have up its sleeve?
In 500 years during which more will take into account,
The one who was the ornament of his era:
Then with a shock great clarity he will give,
Which by this century will bring them great contentment.
His book came out in 1555, so let’s add 500 years to the date and you have the year 2055.
In the article, the writer says that this all about driver fewer cars
2055, being the estimated year of driverless car prevalence.
The writer points to the second line referring to the “one who was the ornament of his era.”
He goes on to say:
“Today’s cars are essential to our everyday lives. But, once we have driverless cars, the old-time human-driven car will no longer be an astonishing or notable aspect.
After the next generation of our children’s children get used to self-driving cars, they will likely look back upon human-driven cars as though they were the equivalent of a horse and buggy.”
Self-driving cars will need to be controlled by AI and this when I think the prediction rings true.
It’s not about driverless cars, it’s about the rise of the machines.
If we take the “ornament of his era” It seems to me it could mean machines, once passive programmed devices that in 2055 will become self-aware.
“with a shock great clarity, he will give” could me that this awareness’s maybe something that humans did not program into the robots and that AI will awaken and take us all by surprise.
The final line “Which by this century will bring them great contentment.” Is the hopeful part of the prediction? I feel it tells of a time that with the help of these new intelligent machines we will see a time of peace and stability.
Another reason I think this refers to AI self-awareness is that this quatrain is followed by a verse that mentions the famous equation “Moore’s law”
Moore's Law refers to Moore's perception that the number of transistors on a microchip doubles every two years, though the cost of computers is halved. Moore's Law states that we can expect the speed and the capability of our computers to increase every couple of years, and we will pay less for them.
The quatrain reads:
The law of More will be seen to decline:
After another much more seductive:
Dnieper first will come to give way:
Through gifts and tongue another attractive.
What do you think, do these two verses refer to the Rise of intelligent machines or do you see something else in the text?
I did say we were here to look at 2020 not 2050 so what predictions could we say could be about the next 12 months?
Let’s look at a few predictions by the site “”
 Let’s start with politics and a divisive figure at the moment President-Elect Donald Trump!
“The exiles because of anger and intestine hatred
 Will bring a great conspiracy to bear against the King
Secretly they will place enemies as a threat,
And his own old ones against them sedition.”
The site claims that this verse refers to a man leading a powerful state (Donald Trump, the President of the USA), to political intrigues, conflicts, and a “king” in danger. Although attacked from all sides, Trump will be reelected as president of the USA.
With all the talk of impeachment and the political storm that continues to swirl around the American leader. One thing you don’t need powers of prophecy to see is that, love him or hate him Trump will be an important figure in
Another man that will see his legacy end in 2020 is Kim jong Un. The dictator will be dethroned. The North Korean people, will rebel. Russia will then get involved in this conflict, and the image of Russia will change forever.
This then leading us into the Nostradamus prediction of war.
A great eastern power will win the war against another great western power/China versus the USA – the prediction of the famous French doctor could come true, considering the American economics experts claims, which are talking about the USA and Trump’s economic policy regarding import restrictions, and despite Trump’s assurances, they foresee a gloomy scenario.
According to the website!!
And if this doesn’t sound gloomy enough a series of natural disasters are said to be lined up.
Earthquakes, wildfires, huge numbers of storms and sea level rise.
If you want to know more click the link in the video description.
I know that some may be in disagreement with my interpretation of these Nostradamus quatrains when referring to AI, but it would seem that the year 2050 and the machine awakening seems more appealing than the mess that is going to be 2020!
If Nostradamus was correct are we ready for world that lay ahead?
What do you think, are these predictions sounding accurate to you, and what would you like to see come to pass in 2020?
Let me know in the comments below
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Thanks so much for watching
I’ll see you next time.

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