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Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Hy-Brasil, Finding a lost land?

Lost kingdoms and mystery lands hold a special place in my heart. Researching them takes me back to a simpler time. A time when I as a child, I would be Sat on the sofa watching classics like “Kong” or “journey to center of the earth” or even “Mysterious Island”
I guess these movies sowed a seed because since then I have always enjoyed a good geological mystery.
Strange rock formations, out of place artifacts, and just like the movies missing islands and even disappearing continents.
The tales of Eldorado, Atlantis, and the hidden world of hollow earth are stories which I always read when I come across them, but today I want to stick a little closer to my home.
I want to look at a phantom island said to lay to the west of Ireland, I am of course talking about
Let’s take look

On the west coast of Ireland is said to be a mysterious mystery island that shares much in common with the lost land of Atlantis, like Atlantis this magical land was written about by the Greeks.
This lost land is called Hy-Brasil but over the many years it has gone by a number of names Hy-Breasal, Hy-Brazil, Hy-Breasil, Brazir, and Brasil. These names are said to be born of the Irish word Breasal, this word meaning “High king of the World”
So where could or can we find this mystery land?
Hy-Brasil is said to hide in the North Atlantic ocean on the west coast of Ireland from 1325 AD cartographers have claimed that those that wish to travel to the magical lands should make their way to a location 200 miles from the coast.
So if you were to grab a boat and set sail what would find at these coordinates?
Well, many say nothing as this land is nothing more than myth, while many say that the island is an actual place and that the traditional tales and ancient lore point to fact.
What could be making the land of Hy-Brasil difficult to find is that it is said to be permanently covered in a thick fog, others say that the land is a magic place which can vanish.
This fog, it is claimed, will roll back once every 7 years revealing the island to all and tempting brave adventurers to attempt to reach it shores.
Many say this is a fool’s errand as any attempt made to reach the island is doomed to failure.
The legend of Hy-Brasil has been told across much of Europe for centuries and many draw comparison with that much more famous disappearing land Atlantis, Hy-Brasil however is said to be far more plausible with many accounts of sightings and a lot of documented evidence.
This evidence coming in the way of maps and tales of sailors who found themselves in the land Hy-Brasil.

These witnesses to the wonders on the island describe a land that is utopian place, said to be the home of an advance race and even home to Irish Gods of old.
The island itself is said to be a paradise, inhabited by large black rabbits, monks and a wise old magician, who lives in a grand castle.
It is this Wizard that is said to have placed the spell upon the island which keeps it unseen, he also bribes those that find Hy-Brasil with gold silver to keep his secret.
This according a story told by Scottish sea captain John Nisbet but more on him later.
Like Atlantis the people of Hy-Brasil were said to possess advanced technologies and be a more evolved race, some even claim that they could possibly be alien.
And like many mysterious lost lands this link to extraterrestrials is supported by evidence, one of the most famous UFO incidents in British history has links to Hy-Brasil.
 England’s Rendlesham FOREST incident happened   in December of 1980.
For those unfamiliar with the story, Rendlesham Forest is located close to an American British military base.
It was back in the winter of 1980 when a craft was seen landed in the wood, the incident saw the alien object discovered by servicemen and One of the people involved in this alleged incident, Sergeant Jim Penniston, claimed that, he touched the alien spaceship.
This contact with the extraterrestrial craft was just the start of the story as the man says that information was telepathically implanted into his brain through this contact.
 The day after he had had contact with the mystery craft he noted the information that he says was transmitted to him by the aliens.
What followed was a 16-page document that consisted of a list of binary code which for many years seemed to be indecipherable. Fast forward a decade or so and the prevalence of modern computers meant this code could now be run through software and deciphered.
What was uncovers were a very specific set of coordinates that pointed to specific spots around the planet.
These locations were the Pyramids of Giza, the Nazca Lines and the final one, yes you guessed it! Pointed to the hidden land of Hy-Brasil.
The coordinates given to Jim being – 52.0942532N 13.131269W – along with the words: “Origin year 8100”.
Is this all coincidence or is it hard proof that Hy-Brasil really did or does exist?
There have been many strange maps that date back to lost times or show lost knowledge, the Piri Reis map immediately springs to mind but here are also Tibetan maps to inner earth and Nirvana could there be a cartography available that when combined with the Rendlesham message will uncover the island?
Going back centuries seamen, explorers and others have looked for the lost land few have succeed but in 1480 a one John Jay Jr attempted what others had failed, he too was unsuccessful.
He searched for a couple months before returning having failed.
The following year of 1481 the ships ‘Trinity’ and ‘George’ left the Bristol harbor in search of the lost island they also had no luck locating Hy-Brasil.
These voyages continued until in 1497 someone claimed to have succeeded where so many others had not. Spanish diplomat, Pedro de Ayala and an Italian navigator known as John Cabot claimed to have found the land. For more than a century the island vanished once again until in 1674 Scottish sea captain John Nisbet spotted Hy-Brasil.
The captain said that on passing the Atlantic from France to Ireland, he saw the island and sent men ashore, these men basked in the glory of Hy-Brasil’s golden shores.
Inspired by Nisbets discovery others went onto to search for the island the next man to claim success was Captain Alexander. This seaman backed up the claims of a wizard and giant black bunnies made by Nisbet, however time continued to pass and fewer reports of the mysterious island were made.
One of the final reports of the lost island came in 1872 and was made by a Robert O’Flaherty and T.J. Westropp. Westropp recounts a story in which he and his entire family saw the island materialize and vanish before their very eyes.
Time continued to roll on, as it does and slowly the reports of the island dwindled. Soon whereas once Hy-Brasil was included in maps of the Irish seas it was excluded and in began to slip into myth and legend.
The historical records of the island disappeared to back shelves of libraries rarely being looked at in the modern age.
Hy-Brasil first appeared on record on an early map in 1325 by the Genoese cartographer Angelino Dulcert. This was followed in 1375 when it was featured in a Catalan Atlas, in this book it was shown as two separated islands, existing as one under the name of “Illa de Brasil.”
1436 Venetian maps show It only named as “Sola De Brasil”. These maps being curated by the cartographer Andrea Bianco.
1595 Hy-Braasil was part of the Ortelius Map of Europe and Europa Mercator Map. Then finally it was included as part of an 1865 map, and it is referred to as “Brazil rock.” It was from this point in history that most cartographers chose to stop featuring it as part of their maps of the area.
However still to this day Researchers and archaeologists have searched in locations west of Ireland, and they have found evidence that an islands once existed in the area.
Shallow-water shells have been found at Porcupine Bank, somewhat northwest of the most likely location of the Irish island. Even further north, similar shells were discovered at Rockhall.
The disappearance of the land mass has also been reflected in many other islands local to British Isles. Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly and many other coastal areas around the UK have been the sites of settlements that have been lost under rising sea levels, only being rediscovered in recent record low tides. There is evidence that the many found islets were once one part of a much larger landmass, and that rising tides that occurred around 400-500 AD inundated the land to make these smaller islands.
 The loss of these land masses could have also been compounded by the changing geological that came out of the last ice age.
So, there is evidence of geological landmass changes in that part of the Atlantic Ocean. Those changes may have led to Hy-Brasil’s disappearance.
This making it a real possibility that this island did exist some centuries ago, this when the sea levels were much, much lower.
There are those that argue the island is nothing but fantasy and did not exist then and does not exist today. The story of it revealing itself to the naked eye once every seven years is pure mythology.
What do you think of this mysterious land, is an actual land mass that has since long disappeared into the ocean, is a magical land which can only be seen when the fairies allow or is a gateway to another dimension?
Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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