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Monday, 16 December 2019

Aliens are real and they Live in Binary Star systems

The existence of extraterrestrial life is something I regularly look at here on we are If, in my mind, there is no doubt that life is out there many alien worlds are teeming with life and some of those beings are intelligent and from planets even more advanced than ours.
Debate still rages but slowly the acceptance of us not being alone in the universe is becoming a mainstream idea.
This has just received a boost with an article being published in which not only is extraterrestrial life being acknowledged it is also now thought to be prevalent and scientist say that it will be found throughout most of the universe.
So is this just another in the many articles that seem to be moving humanity toward full disclosure or is it something else?
Let’s take a look.

Scientist have come forward to say that  Alien life could be more common than was originally thought, and that  extraterrestrial beings are likely to inhabit many of the very different star systems throughout the universe.
Before you get too excited and think that they care about tell us about aliens are living in bases on the moon, they did give themselves the caveat that any alien life in the universe would inhabit parts of the universe very far away and that the star systems they would come from could be vastly different to our own this making the said extraterrestrial life very different from what we currently think.
So why the sudden change of mind, what made the establish science change?
The change comes from the finding of a recent study of binary stars, a binary star system is defined as simply one in which two stars orbit around a common centre of mass that is they are gravitationally bound to each other.  
Most stars are in binary systems. Perhaps up to 85% of stars are in binary systems with some in triple or even higher-multiple systems.
The orbital periods and distances of binaries vary massively. Some of these systems are so close that the surfaces of the stars are practically touching each other this can even see exchange materials between the astronomical bodies.
Others are separated by thousands of Astronomical Units and have orbital periods which last centuries.
Looking at these star-systems the new study suggested Earth having a twin and how that could work within the conditions of a binary star system. The idea was to see what would happen if an earth-like planet had to circle two suns rather than the single star our planet orbits.

This is when they hit upon a major revelation, as it happens not only were the conditions right for life in over 85% of cases it was a the situation that would see life flourish not just simple organisms but also complex lifeforms that could be comparable to ourselves.
That means in a universe filled with these binary systems there must be life, they suggested that it would be more probable than finding life on a planet that circles a single sun-like us.
This would change the famous drake equation and make the discovery of intelligent extraterrestrial life far more likely.
Gongjie Li, the study's co-investigator an assistant professor at Georgia Tech's School of Physics said in a press statement.
"Multiple-star systems are common, and about 50% of stars have binary companion stars. So, this study can be applied to a large number of solar systems."  
The researchers out examining how the Earth's tilt compares with the tilt of Mars. They found that our relatively mild changes in tilt helped make Earth a perfect planet for life to begin and thrive, whereas the much more extreme variations on Mars may contribute to the destruction of the red planet’s atmosphere.
Maybe if we go far enough back the tilt of Mars was at an an angle that made the planet far more habitable and possibly insect life has held on to today, I looked at that idea in the video linked above.
The researchers then investigated how the Earth might get on if it were situated in the system known as Alpha Centauri AB, this constellation is our solar system's next-door neighbour.
 Alpha Centauri is a a binary system consisting of two stars known as "A" and "B". The news was pessimistic in regards to that system, offering bad news for those who plan to send a space probe to the system in the hopes of finding alien life.
Billy Quarles, the study's principal investigator and a research scientist in Li's lab had this to say
"We simulated what it would be like around other binaries with multiple variations of the stars' masses, orbital qualities, and so on, The overall message was positive but not for our nearest neighbour."
So after looking at our nearest neighbor they decided to turn their eye to other places in the universe and what they found was very encouraging. The observations that they made showed that many planets have gentle variations in tilt and that seeing this proves positively that life could easily arise in another world adding to this the time differences life may have been thriving on other planets millions if not billions of year before the first creatures climbed from the primordial ooze here on earth.
Gongjie Li, said
"In general, the separation between the stars is larger in binary systems, and then the second star has less of an effect on the model of Earth. The planets own motion dynamics dominate other influences, and obliquity usually has a smaller variation, so, this is quite optimistic."

The new study, 'Obliquity Evolution of Circumstellar Planets in Sun-like Stellar Binaries', is published in the Astrophysical Journal today, It is was funded by Nasa's Exobiology Program.
Give it a read, or an even better point those that say alien life does not exist to the study.
So do you think that this mainstream validation of extraterrestrial life in the universe, do you think that the life that is out there is only animal or could there be advanced intelligences living on these planets and is these intelligent ETs that have been visiting earth?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below

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