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Friday, 22 November 2019

winged humanoids.

 Many countries that make up the Asian continent are filled with a wealth of bizarre stories, these stories filled with magical and mystical animals, some we are familiar with like dragons, giants’ mermaids but there are others that you may not know.
These creatures can be divided into groups, and the group I want to look at today are the human-like beasts that are said to stalk the jungles and forests of the East.
Let’s begin with human-like flying beings that appear heavily in legend, creatures like the Garuda and other winged humanoids.
So what, where, and when are people seeing?

 The great website Cryptozoology News detailed a group of appearances by the creatures back in 2015 when witnesses from Malaysia to Singapore reported seeing what is known as the Kinnari, the Kinnari   are written about through most of southeast Asia and are one of the most beloved mythological characters found in Asian legend, they have featured in movies and even appeared in video games.
 They are said to be a benevolent half-human, half-bird creature.
One such creature was spotted by a young news reporter in Malaysia, the story goes;
A 27-year-old witness made claim to have seen a similar animal when she was visiting an abandoned house on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The young women who was a local journalist was on assignment researching alleged paranormal activity and hauntings at the location which she would then write about for a local magazine.
The reporter went on describe how she was searching the abandon house, making her way through the winding dark cobwebbed filled corridors of the old spooky property. This is when she heard a strange sound, a sound she said sounded like a rustling.
This noise emanating from behind a closed door leading into a thought to be empty room!
She cautiously opened the old door, as it creaked open the women was shocked to see two glowing red eyes peering at here through the darkness of the old dank room. Suddenly the thing began to move it stood revealing a man-like silhouette that she said was covered with leathery skin and stood at height she estimated to be about 10-foot tall , it then extended two large, bat-like wings let out a terrifying otherworldly screeching cry.
The scared women dropped the torch she was holding, as it hit the floor it spun around illuminating the creature then settling and plunging the part of the room where the beast was back into darkness. The frightened reporter watched as the glowing red eyes scanned the room, then with a huge rush of wind and loud swoosh, the cryptid took to the air and disappeared leaving no trace except for the stench of rotting meat.
In the aftermath of this event the women would tell that the creature had enormous wings, like those of a bat, only much, much larger. It was extremely thin and sinewy and its eyes were human-shaped, but glowed red in the dim light.
This description remind me of the bat-like creatures that were worshipped as gods in south America if you would like to know more on that then click the link above.
This encounter was not an isolated incident around the same time a similar flying cryptid was being seen in Singapore.
A reliable witness came forward with a remarkable story, school teacher Fergus Thomas, said how in august of 2015 while out walking his dog, he too being near an abandoned building saw something that he could not explain. Hanging from the frame of a door in the old building was a “winged humanoid,” the startled man estimated it to be smaller than the Malaysian creature at approximately 6-feet height.
 The man and dog both froze in their tracks, being paralyzed by fear.
What the teacher saw matches closely with the sighting made by the reporter an animal that had wings wrapped around its body in the same way as a sleeping bat. It was black in colour with a human-like head said to be slightly more rounded and covered in hair.
Luckily for the pair unlike in the Malaysian encounter the winged creature did not spot them and they managed to slip away leaving the “thing” sleeping in the doorway of the derelict structure.
The witnesses do not stop there, another person stepped forwarded with a report of the same creature this time a 19-year old university student named Mildred Wan. Her sighting in an area known as Changi, if that sounds familiar it maybe because I just talked about the old hospital in my Halloween video linked above.
The abandoned hospital that is so infamous for it ghost and ghouls was the location for her encounter with a bat like human.
 She stated   I was walking out of the hospital doors having explored the surroundings. While I was inside, I had heard a noise which was similar to a large monkey rustling around the tree tops. As I left the building, I saw the creature. It appeared to be halfway up one of the trees with huge wings stretched out from its body, which appeared to be mostly human. I felt as if the creature was hunting me, or else was surprised to see me in its territory. It seemed to look in my direction before I ran off. When I turned around, it had completely disappeared.”
The description given by the girl was exactly like that of previous witnesses although she added that it had a more humanoid head possessing a mouth filled with sharp teeth.
And if you are looking for more proof the final report to come out of Singapore was from a 54 year old women, the elder lady told of how she and her husband were out twitching “birdwatching as its more commonly known” when as has become somewhat of a given at this point the also came upon an abandoned structure, and coming from inside were strange noises.
What the couple described as fluttering or a flapping of large wings.
This is when they approached the old building to see what the cause was and they were both stunned by what they saw next, a humanoid winged creature standing around 10-feet tall, with a thin body and huge, bat-like wings.
This has to be same thing, the descriptions of not only its appearance but also its behavior match perfectly!
Other reports have been given but they tell of creatures matching the description in all aspects apart from size, these witnesses saying what they saw measured around 3 to 4 feet, possibly they were juvenile versions of the larger cryptid?
Moving on to the year 2011, and the days which came before the hugely devastating quake that triggered the tsunami which destroyed the Fukushima. A large flying humanoid was seen in the area before the devastation would unfold.
In a similar story to the way in which that most famous of winged cryptids Mothman was seen before the Point Pleasant bridge collapse, this winged humanoid was spotted before a massive disaster, a man says how he was walking when all of a sudden he heard a loud “wooosh”
The man said;
    We heard it again and again (the whooshing noise), followed by  ear pitching screeches that shook me down to the bone and made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. We looked around for the cause of the noise, when we heard the sound again. The best way I can describe it is a city bus’s brakes when they are in need of service, loud and ear splitting. We both continued to look around when my friend’s attention was drawn toward the plant by another nearby couple. A younger couple, out for a walk were staring toward the plant, arms outstretched and the obvious fear in their voices showing itself.
The creature flew toward the nuclear power plant landing atop the structure, this is the same as was reported with Mothman who landed on the bridge before it collapsed. I don’t want to stray off topic and talk about the paranormal occurrences, maybe I can look at those aspects another time, let’s stick to what these beasts could be.
The witness described his experience saying;
    The creature then took flight and circled the plant at least 4-5 times, some circuits he took at a fast pace, some he seemed to slow down, all the while he kept his attention on the row of square shaped buildings that I later found out housed the reactors. The creature then came toward us, flying at least 25-30 feet off the ground. The younger couple who had noticed the creature first were now screaming and cowering, the man shielding the woman while shielding his head with a jacket. My friend and I looked in awe as this creature flew over us. That’s when I noticed the two large red eyes; they seemed to glow from within and with a blood red hue. They were unblinking in the 3-4 seconds we saw them, we knew they were looking straight at us, we knew this creature knew we could see it and it made no attempt to disguise itself. The sick, intense and overwhelming feeling of dread came over us. A feeling that we shouldn’t be there was to say the least, overwhelming.
The sighting ended as the creature flew away and the man put it to the back of his until when back in his home country of the US he saw the tragic events unfold, the destruction of a place he knew leaving him shocked. He then recalled the sighting of the strange flying humanoid and some of the stories he had heard in Japan.
One such story coming from November of 2015, from the city of Kyoto.
A Japanese man was taking a long drive to visit relatives when he pulled his car over for a smoke break looking up to the nearby woods he saw what he first thought was man standing looking at him.
The man shouted out to the stranger but received no reply but the mysterious humanlike thing began to move toward him. This is when he saw it was no man but a strange creature he said was around 6 feet in height, with a sinewy yet muscular frame, gray skin, and a “faint yellow or white light coming from behind it just around its lower back.”
The man thought of a cryptid from Japanese folklore named the ‘Shirime’, which were said to be particularly active around Kyoto.
Strange encounters with humanoids are surprisingly plentiful in Japan, and indeed the country has some of the oldest encounters put on record. There is a vast menagerie of inexplicable creatures and mysterious beasts that populate Asian beliefs, the intriguing flying humanoids are just one of many cryptids reported in the region.
The phenomena of winged humanoids does however transcend cultures and geographical boundaries this to the point that these entities seem to be almost a feature of the collective human psyche.
What do you think these witnesses saw, is a giant undiscovered species of bat or maybe a creature with more of a paranormal origin?
Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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