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Friday, 15 November 2019

Unidentified flying objects. alien airships

Unidentified flying objects or unidentified flying phenomena have been at the forefront of many people’s minds of late. The academy to the stars and even the united states navy have been openly discussing anomalous objects reported and captured on film by service men and women and the general public a like.
For me these reports are interesting, and it would seem increasing, and this is what make me suspicious.
It has long been the case that UFOs provide an excellent cover story for when the military and their contractors, today as technological abilities rapidly advance the construction of ever more sophisticated
Drones is producing aircraft with capabilities that when seen flying could match with what most commonly perceive as a UFO and possible alien craft.
For this reason I like the older evidence, although we may not have as many pics and no video exists ‘’it to me at least’, seems in era before maned flight that these reports should carry at little more weight.
The particular stories that really spark my curiosity are the reports of huge “what was termed” airships.

The UFO phenomena took its first steps into the mainstream with the flying saucer sightings of Kenneth Arnold, this occurred at a period of time when air travel was fairly common place.
So if we look back before this period of history what do we find?
Let’s look at the many reported sighting from the 1800s, globally people were witnessing what they described as ships in the skies, airship if you will.
There have been number of varying theories as to what these vessels could have been some say that they like today were prototype aircraft, hot air balloons, blimps and other early forms of flight.
Some say that this is an impossibly due the characteristics and abilities displayed by these machines.
So could they be visitors from another world could the idea that these things have travelled the stars and then are spotted in our atmosphere is a popular one and we do have documented cases dating back way before the 1800s, pick your time period. Prehistoric cave paintings of strange objects in the sky, biblical stories of wheels within wheels or the reports of sun dancers from the middle ages.
There is a commonality in what is described by witnesses from all of history that cannot be ignored, and this is why investigating these UFO cold cases is so important.

So what was it that was being seen, often these airships were described as lights in the sky flying at altitudes that made it impossible to make out details there are others sightings that took place with the object being much, much lower in these cases witness said that they saw craft that were cigar shaped or long and cylindrical often appearing metallic in construction with platforms and even capsules attached to various parts of the large main body.
These craft sometime moved silently while others reported a strange droning sound described as sounding like an anchor being dragged along the ground, with others saying they heard a low steady buzz, something comparable to the hum of electricity in a pylon wire.
The variety of different types of craft could mean a couple of things, if these are extraterrestrial ships could they be a specific design that was built to operate closer to the ground or maybe ships that are built for differing purposes, observation vessels, exploratory ships or even drones.
Another idea could be that they are not the same as they are from different races of alien visitors, this playing into he idea that earth is an alien zoo, well not so much a zoo but more like safari park. Extraterrestrials cruising around the planet seeing all the strange creatures that call Earth home.
Maybe if we dig a little deeper into some of the reported close encounters we will find some answers?

From 1896 there was a period of 12 months that saw a wave of these mysterious vessels in the sky above many US states

These were well documented and covered heavily by the newspapers at the time. Thousands of Americans were left scratching their heads after spotting a cigar shaped object illuminated by many different lights buzzing its way through the air.
Those that saw the UFO commented that it cruised slowly over the ground shooting beams of light on to areas that it looked as if it was interested in. Often they told of how once the lights were shut off the object would accelerate away and disappear over the horizon faster than a bullet.
The same craft or maybe there could have been a fleet were seen over Colorado, Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.
The strange vessel also made its way above more urbanized population centers, it brought Chicago to a standstill.
Two of the most detailed sightings come out of the great state of Texas, both stories being so similar that it is almost impossible to deny that the witnesses saw the same vessel.
A one Frank Nichols stated that he was awoken from a deep sleep by a “machine noise” coming from outside his home. When he went out to investigate the bizarre sound, he saw one the mystery airships and it was descending in to one of his fields.
He said that two men carrying buckets then approached him and that they asked if they might “draw water from his well!”
Just 24 hours earlier John Barclay was also awoken this time by his dogs, they were barking and had become agitated by something that was happening outside. As john became more awake and to his senses began to cat up, he noticed a “whirring” sound.
 The man knew that apparent sightings of strange airships had been occurring, so he grabbed his gun and made his way out of his property.
What he saw shocked him, a large airship was slowly landing in the nearby field. Barclay described the ship as being an “oblong shape, with wings, with side attachments of various sizes and shapes. There were many multicolored lights which were much brighter than the electric lights he was familiar with!”
The amazed man slowly approached the craft as it settled from its descent. A figure came from the airship and approached him asking him if he could lower his gun. John did so and then asked the figure his name.
“Never mind about my name. Call it Smith!” the figure replied to him, before asking Barclay if he might purchase some items that he needed for his journey.
The mystery man handed Mr. Barclay a $10 bill and requested some lubricating oil, two cold chisels, and a bluestone.
He told Barclay to keep the change and in return for his kindness they might “call on him some future day!”
Future!!! Sounds like something a CERTAIN doctor Emit Brown might say but more on that idea in a bit.
Perhaps the strangest thing was that the apparent pilot of the huge airship said to Barclay was his response as to where he was from, “From anywhere,” replied the stranger, “but we will be in Greece the day after tomorrow!”
The man and his strange craft then vanished back into the sky, never to be seen or heard of again by John Barclay.
Then On 6th May of that year, during a rainy evening at Hot Springs in the nearby state of Arkansas, a sighting was reported by Deputy Sheriff McLemore and Constable Sumpter.
A man described as having a long beard approached them while other crew were observed to be stocking up on water, apparently for their upcoming journey. The bearded gentleman offered the two policemen a ride on the airship stating that “we can take you where it isn’t raining!”
Was this the same traveler from the previous interaction with John Barclay?
It was a very strange event, and a police report was made that should be added to list evidence to push for full disclosure.
Talking of disclosure, the competition to win the disclosure shirt is all wrapped up but more on that at the end of the video.
Now many will be thinking here we go again a concentration of UFO sighting over the United States, I see so many comments about UFOs only appearing in America but as most know this is very untrue. Strange Arial objects are reported globally and would say are more common over southern American countries and Europe and this was the case in the past to.
These strange airships were seen in England, wales and other regions of the United Kingdom as well as in Germany and as far afield as New Zealand.
If you would like to research some of these events yourself here are a list of locations and dates for you to look into.
Mr. Banyard and Mrs. Day Christmas 1908.
Fred Harrison witnessed a strange aerial object on the evening of 21st April 1909
Burghley House – a historic building in my home town of Exeter – on the evening of the 9th May.
Joseph Cooper and George Waldan spotted an aerial object “shaped like a policeman’s truncheon” in the early hours of the 14th May of the same year.
Still in 1909, Mr. Mitchell, and Mr. Riach, witnessed a “large boat-shaped” structure overhead at around 10 am 30th July.
2 days prior, multiple witnesses in Timaru would report a light heading inland from the sea. Behind this “large headlight” were two smaller lights. And as it came closer still, the cigar-shaped dark body of an airship-type craft.
I will let you find these reports and the many others from that time they make for an interesting read but are too long to cover here.
So as these things were being spotted all over the place a growing panic set in what were they, why were they here, what did they want?
 But before any of these questions could be answered the sightings stopped.
In the years that have followed craft that resemble those reported from the 1800s have been seen but not with the same regularity.
So we have been left to speculate the answers to the questions the witnesses had all those years ago, these answers have proposed many different theories, these include your standard ideas on extraterrestrials visitors but also cover time travel and the involvement of the men in black.

Let’s begin with the idea that these things are from the future or may have originated in another dimension.
The article linked the video description suggest that researchers such as the famed Jacques Vallee, the French-American computer specialist with a background in astrophysics, who once served as a consultant to NASA’s Mars Map project.
Jacques Vallee is one of ufology’s most major figures having published numerous books covering multiple different extraterrestrial theory.
Vallee highlights the Fact that in many of the interactions people have had with beings, even human looking travelers whom pilot these airships conversation and trade often take place.
The travelers often speaking English even with regional dialect and accents go about looking to gain some local currency or purchase products from the area which they flying over. These people and the vessels the travel in being time tourist another strange occurrence that Vallee points to as proof of this idea is the short period of sightings and the exacting times of the interactions.
Most of these events happened between 10 and 11pm in the US and on the opposite side of the world New Zealand at the same time but in the am.
Could this point in history and time be a destination for people or beings from the future?
Maybe we should head out to watch Terminator Dark fate just to brush up on our time paradoxes!
If they are not travelling time could they be travelling dimensions, the year 1909 or the locations being points where the crossing between dimensions is possible?
I think these theories do have a problem in the fact that cigar shape craft are still being seen today, could they be ships of more a modern design or has the way in which we describe air vehicles moved on?
The final idea is that the mysterious airships could be from the civilization that is said to live inside of the planet, but inner earth theory is something I have covered in a number of other videos, go check them out if you want to know more.
What do you think these airships were or are?
Which theory do you find most plausible?
Let me know in the comments below

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