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Saturday, 23 November 2019

B.E.K “Black eyed children”.

Today is a subject that I have been asked to cover a few times “Black-eyed children”.
These black-eyed kids have been reported for the longest time.
Some consider the events and appearance of the spooky juveniles as a modern myth, an internet era urban legend others think it is a genuine paranormal event.
The history of these ghoulish boys and girls can either be traced to a webpage or back through the annals history depending on which of the two camps you favor. The legend says that they are everything from alien hybrids to vampires, one thing that every retelling of the story includes is that if you do cross paths with “never invite them in to your home or vehicle”
But the black eyes kids may now have some competition with the arrival of a new group of scary minors white-eyed kids!
Are white eyed children a new threat or have black eyed kids changed their game?

Any tale that mentions the black eyed kids describes them the same way, they are fairly normal looking children the exception being their eyes, this being what earned them the name black eyed kids. These children have a dark sclera this giving them a look that is not quite human.
Another abnormality that people who claim to have had an interaction with them report is that their skin can be extremely pale or even olive-colored. These kids are most often seen at night, this helping seed the idea that these characteristics could be some kind of adaptation to a nocturnal existence.
The standard interaction follows a pattern, a person usually alone can be out in a car or at home when one or more black eyed children approach them. They knock on the door to the house or the window of the car and ask the same questions.
They try to worm their way in, they use all different tricks asking to borrow a phone or use the bathroom but one thing ,it is said, you should never do is “open your door to them”
Skeptics say that the stories that follow this basic structure began to first appear back in 1996, they say that the history of the story can attributed to a reporter named Brian Bethel, this first story came from an online article in which Brian claimed that he had seen two black-eyed kids in a parking lot when he was making his way to pay off his bills.
His story was that he was sat in his stationary vehicle in a parking lot when two young boys around the ages of 9 to 12 approached the car and knocked on the window. Brian said that these boys were olive-skinned, had curly red hair, were pale-skinned, and freckled”.

Next in a pattern of events that has become common one of the black eyed boys asked Brian for a ride, he told a story about forgetting his money and needing to get a lift home to his parents’ house. The boy was insistent and reassures the man that they posed no threat, after all they were only children what could they do, the house was near and it wouldn’t take long.
Brian being a good sort of guy wanted to help and lent across to the passenger’s side of his vehicle about to pop the door and invite the boys in.
He stopped dead, when he caught a glimpse of their strange eyes.
The now infamous pitch black soulless stare coming from the would-be passengers, it was a look that reminder the man of a vampire. Eyes of a predator like steely black stare of a great white shark.
Spooked he put the car in gear and drove away, clanking back in his review mirror he saw that both boys had seemingly vanished into thin air.
We are left with a few question after such a tale such as how did the boys get to the location Brian parked to the more bizarre like why were their eyes black and how did they vanish so quickly?
Could they have been vampires or some other kind of paranormal entity maybe they were aliens
 And before we have found any answers to this phenomena it changes with people now reporting that they have had similar interactions with strange children but these kids had white eyes, could
White-Eyed Kids demanding 'Take me with you!' be a new threat or are the black-eyed kids changing their M.O?
Let’s look at a reported incident and weigh up the similarities and differences. posted an article from an Anonymous reader of the webpage that documented sightings of the children it goes as follows:
    I was in a 24 hour shopping center car park waiting for a friend who works there at around 10 PM. Suddenly a kid pops out of window screen and starts tapping. I'm thinking 'Where the hell did he come from?' and 'Is he trying to rob me?'. Anyway I roll the window down only partially and remember that my doors are locked so I feel a little bit safer. I ask the kid 'What do you want?' 'Sir I'm lost, can you take me home?' I ask 'Where are your parents' as it was late at night and there was no one else visible on the same floor I was waiting on. This was starting to feel off. 'I'm lost and just want to go home' he replied.

    This was definitely weird. I looked at him again. Then I did a double take. Holy sh*t! His eyes were white. Not just white around the edges but unending white through the entire eye, no iris and no pupil just a solid wall of light. I really don't why but I felt myself smiling slightly as I gazed him. Then my thoughts began to collect again. It must've been about 3 seconds. 'Uh sorry. No kid I have to go' I immediately regretted replying. 'But you have to take me', the kid replied. I don't know how but I could feel his voice more than hear it. His words began echoing in my mind longer than it should have. 'Uh no kid I have to go.' I started panicking. The kid replied again this time with something indescribable behind his voice. 'I'm lost and just want to go home'. I don't know how but at this point it was as if someone had put the kids voice on a loudspeaker and as he spoke I felt as though a booming was resonating from within the kid. The force of the kids voice was so strong. I felt strongly sympathetic to the kid, almost like I was being forced to by him. Anyway with the last ounce of control I had left I turned the car on and slammed on the accelerator. The kid immediately shouted out 'No take me with you!' At this point it was though the kids voice was a machine gun firing into me. I immediately sped to the nearest exit in a dream like state and drove into the night. My friend at this point could find his own way back to his house (which he did later). While driving and exiting from the car park I could still feel his voice within me resonating at an amplified volume. The force of his voice, it was as if I had been picked up and violently shaken by the kid whose voice was so clear, and my unconscious was analyzing every nuance and inflection of what he had said, like I was being forced to. There was so much force behind it.

    Anyway after I got back to my apartment I immediately tried to forget the whole thing. The next day I drive to work in the normal manner, and my friend was there resentful that I had left but we soon went back to good terms. I never did tell him or anyone else about the incidence. The strangest thing did happen however, on that same day. When I was driving back from work back to my apartment there was a tremendous thunderstorm and I noticed flashes (although I didn't see it) of lightning. When I was at my apartment building (I live in a complex) I open a huge metal door to get in and it was soaking wet. There was a hand print on it. I only noticed when I looked down to pull on the handle at about the same height a small child would place their hands. The hand print was white and although the whole door was dripping with water the hand print seemed to made of recently dried paint. I touched it looked up and felt it in my hand just to make sure it was paint. It was. I looked down again. The hand print within the 2 second span of me sampling it and looking up had gone from white to clear; from the rain dripping on the door. I touched it again and felt it. It was paint but now completely soaked with water and far more fluid than it was before indicating it was being soaked. I looked down again. It had vanished. I put my hand on where the paint had been, but it was nothing but a metal door behind it. For some reason I looked behind me. Of course there was no one there. I went inside and made my way up to my apartment and had an early night. I have not encountered any white eyed kids since or any being of (supernatural?) type for that matter. However I now live a slightly more cautious life than before. I have become more religious now and now occasionally read the bible when I didn't really believe in God before. Maybe I'll go to church. I don't know. The fact is these creatures might actually exist and are waiting for the right opportunity to strike.
This is not the only reported incident another witness said how they Felt Like Something Bad Was Going to Happen when they had an interaction with the white eyed children.
That story played out like this:

    In May of 2017, I was in (of all places) a Walmart in Carson City, Nevada. I had begun feeling sick and rushed into the restroom. After about 10 minutes, I felt better, having used the facilities and rinsed my face. As I was leaving the bathroom, I noticed my husband sitting on the bench next to the bathroom with a worried look on his face. Seeing him sitting there, I was instantly stunned as he had been gone for 3 years! Yet, here he was, wearing his red wing shoes, favorite jeans with the drumstick loops on them (I had stitched them there myself) and the same Metallica hoodie with his name (Richard) embroidered on the sleeve! I can tell you right now that I was the closest I've ever been to passing out and I felt locked in place, like I had been embedded into a block of glass! I could see every detail of Richard but I couldn't hear anything and everything else around us seemed fuzzy. When he stood up from the bench, I found my feet and ran back into that bathroom in a hurry! For some reason, I felt that if I let him any closer or if the rest of everything came into focus, something VERY bad was going to happen. When I finally gathered up the courage to leave the bathroom again, everything had gone back to normal. No Richard, no bench. Just a normal, noisy Walmart with everything clearly in focus. I've been a little afraid of Walmart restrooms since then.” JW
Why is it that what would seem like a ghost sighting is important to the topic at hand, well because before she entered the bathroom for the first time the female witness had stopped to talk to some children, children with creepy white eyes!
These witnesses tell a convincing story but it would seem that is all we have to go on actual physical evidence of the white eyed children and the black eyed children is rare if not non impossible to find. It would seem that over the decades these stories have been told not one person has agreed to allow the kids into the home or the car, maybe if they had something would have happened and we may have proof or maybe people have let them in and some of the mysterious deaths that occur could be chalked up to the spooky tikes.
The two groups seem to operate in much the same way, they both knock on doors and windows and then try to talk their way into being invited in, and so could they be after the same thing, whatever that is?
Some have theorized that these children are supernatural beings not vampires but demons. This explanation also gives us a reason as to why they have differing eye colors. It is said that different demons possess different colored eyes.
So could the kids be demons manifesting in human form or are they something else?
Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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