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Monday, 28 October 2019

Vietnamese cryptid creatures

After a wonderfully refreshing break in Vietnam, thanks for all the messages, the first video has to be a Vietnamese tribute.
Vietnam has a rich history when most people think of the the country they think about the War but the Vietnamese were battling many other nations before the Americans the Chinese, the Khmers, the Chams and the Mongols all had their conflicts with the South East Asian nation.
I don’t want to look at that here it’s not what I cover on the channel when I read the history of the country I went directly to its cryptid creatures
So let’s take a look.

Vietnam is a melting pot of many different cultures and this has left a strange mix of mythical creatures from Asian beliefs mixed with some western influences.
I wanted to find the animals of legend that were less mythical and could be more real-world cryptid specimens.
This is when I discovered a colossal maritime centipede which is said to live in the south-east Vietnamese Ocean. Its body is made of sections of hard plates and it utilizes knife blades to swim.
This giant arthropod is known as the Con Rit .
The Con Rit was first investigated by western science in the The 1920s when Dr. A. Krempf, executive of the Oceanographic and Fisheries Service of Indo China, led exploration in search of the beast.
 Dr. Kremph discovered and interviewed an eyewitness who made the claim that he had touched a beached Con Rit back in 1833. The witness said that this first carcass found by Tran Van Con in 1833, was that of a creature he claimed to be about 60 feet in length and 3 feet in width.
Another report comes from HMS Narcissus which was in 1899, travelling near Cape Falcon, Algeria, this when several of the seamen aboard the vessel spotted what they described as a sea monster.
 They gave the animal a size of about 135 feet long and said that the sea creature had a large number of fins running along the sides of its body, which they said it was used to propel itself through the water at a pace that had enough speed to keep up with the ship.
They watched this animal for a total of 30 amazing minutes before it dived back under the water and disappeared into the depths.
 A third report comes from 1883, this is when a group of Vietnamese men found a headless corpse of the Con Rit which they said had washed ashore at Hong Gai, Vietnam.
 The head was missing, but the rest of the body was relatively intact and these men described it as formed of segmented joints which rang out like sheet metal when the men hit them. According to the report, the carcass smelled so bad that it had to be towed away into the sea.
This meaning the world missed an opportunity to have an actual specimen of the mysterious cryptid.
So what could this animal be?
 Well I started the video by saying I wanted to steer away from the more mythical of Vietnamese creatures, and look at those that are more plausible
This why I chose The Legendary Con Rit.
Cryptozoologists have hypothesized that various selection of real-world animals could explain the con rit.
It has been proposed that the mystery animal is a primitive a whale that is a relative of the zeuglodons and that it has evolved unique bony plates over its body giving it an insectoid look and while we insects in mind others believe it to be some sort of giant crustacean or other segmented seas creature.
It could also be a giant remipede, a creature similar to a centipede, but blind and ocean-dwelling. Invertebrates are some of the most frequently discovered animals in modern times, and if a giant invertebrate were discovered, scientists would expect it to be an oceanic creature, since the depths of the oceans are the only place where many mainstream scientists believe giant animals may still lurk undiscovered.
So it would seem that the Con Rit has a high probability of being a real undiscovered species let’s hope with more exploration in the Vietnamese seas we soon find an answer.
It is not just the waters of Vietnam that hide unknown creatures, the country has jungles and with almost anywhere that has forests or wild areas there are legends of a man like animals that live in them.
Cryptid humanoids are a global phenomenon and Vietnam is no exception.
Let’s go back to the days that most people associate with the country
The Vietnam War
The unfortunate soldiers faced the usual dangers associated with war along with the hazards of being in the tropical jungle, one danger they faced which no one was prepared for was 7-foot hairy rock-throwing hominids.
These furry humanoids were said to live in the Vietnamese jungle and were referred to locally as the Nguoi Rung, or “the people of the forest,” as well as the Batutut and Ujit.
The Batutut or Ujit, sometimes also known as the "forest people," is yet another suggested hominid cryptid species, similar to Bigfoot, Yeti, the Alma and even the Orang Pendek. This Bigfoot cousin is said to inhabit the Vu Quang nature reserve and other wilderness areas of Vietnam, across the border and into Laos and as far as northern Borneo.
Borneo is a land that is often the focus of cryptozoologists and home to many cryptid creatures that I have looked at on the channel.
Back to Vietnam and The Vu Quang reserve, this wilderness area has been the source of several newly discovered mammals by Dr John MacKinnon.
 The Doctor has also claimed to have first observed tracks of an unknown bipedal ape back in 1970, he went onto speculate that there is a hominid similar to the Meganthropus living in the jungle.
Others have alternate ideas on what is hidden in the thick trees and bushes, cryptozoologist Loren Coleman believes that the Batutut is a surviving populations of Homo erectus or possibly Neanderthals.
 Mackinnon's put his thoughts into print with the 1975 book “In Search Of The Red Ape”
In this publication, the doctor describes his experiences and findings, he documents many different sighting.
 One such report comes from 1947 a French colonist had a sighting in which he referred to the animal as a wild man.
Vietnamese scholars refer to the animal as the forest man.
They describe the hominids as being approximately 2.1 m (7 ft) tall, they are covered with hair the exception being the knees, the soles of its feet, its hands, and its face. The hair ranges in colour from grey to brown to black. The creature walks on two legs and has been sighted alone and gregariously. The creature is most often sighted foraging for food from fruits and leaves to langurs and even flying foxes.
This creature has been seen across large distances which could indicate that they travel great distances or that there is a larger population than first thought.
In Borneo, witnesses describe it as four feet tall and very aggressive, occasionally killing humans and tearing out their livers.
These ape-like creatures were often spotted by the men fighting in the jungles during the Vietnam War
Vietnam veteran, P. J. Jorgenson reported a sighting of one such a creature by himself and his team. The men referred to what they had seen as a "Rock Ape" they gave a description of a being that was small in stature, about 5 feet with reddish tinged fur.
In another report this time from the Vietnamese troops it was reported that Two Người Rừngs “wild men of the forest” were captured by tribesmen near Dak Lak Province in 1971.
Over the years evidence has slowly been amassed to support the existence of these jungle-dwelling hominids.
Professor Tran Hong Viet of the Pedagogic University of Hanoi, a researcher of the cryptid, announced in 1982 that he had discovered footprints similar to those found by MacKinnon back in 1970.
They measured 28x16 cm. and the casts he took can still be found today.
There is even a much-debated Skull believed to belong to Batutut.
 Syfy's paranormal reality series called Destination Truth, saw Josh Gates and his team go in search of Vietnamese Bigfoot. They located humanlike footprints and even took castings, these were then taken back to the U.S and examined by noted Bigfoot research, anthropologist Jeffrey Meldrum.
Meldrum concluded that the prints were a significant discovery and one of the best pieces of evidence for a Bigfoot-type species that he had seen.
So what do you think, is there another cryptid human-like species running around and throwing rocks in the jungles of Vietnam?
The descriptions and the behaviour are very similar to what has been described in almost all other cryptid hominid reports.
What do you think could explain the Con Rit, is it an as of yet to be discovered species or something that has been misidentified?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below
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Thanks for sticking around while I was away I hope you enjoyed the video if you did you know what to do
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