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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

OPARTS or “out place artefacts”

OPARTS or “out place artefacts” are items that have been found that do not fit with recorded history. People have found everything from ancient technology to materials encased or fossilized in stone.
These items are often disputed and finding why and how they exist is sometimes next to impossible.
I have shown you the ‘Dropa stone discs’ and the mysterious spheres found at Klerksdorp and most recently the Granby stone. When researching these objects I found many more mysterious stones and in this video I will document three more.
So lets take look.

first up is a blackish brown, oval-shaped egg like stone which was discovered back in 1872.
 This odd artefact was found near Lake Winnipesaukee in New England; the stone is decorated with a variety of odd carvings. These images show a strange almost alien face, an ear of corn to circles which could be described as star-like, maybe they are constellations?
There have been a large number of carved stones especially out of south America that depict alien races and maps of the stars could this stone idol be the same or at least similar and show whomever carved the stones in the south of the continent also traveled to the north and possibly around the world?
The carved stone artifact was gifted to the Museum of New Hampshire History in 1927, it can still be viewed today as it is proudly displayed by the museum, something which is not unusually the case with out place artefacts.
The Museum must have a theory as to what the stone is and what the purpose could be, there are a few historians that say the stone is a commemoration piece, marking a peace treaty agreement between two native tribes.
This However could be wrong, more than the beautiful pictures carved into the stones face, there are also a two mysterious holes that were drilled into the two ends of the stone.
 According to Richard Boisvert, a state archaeologist, these holes are impressively regular, thus hinting at the utilization of power tools rather than the rudimentary boring techniques used by Native Americans.
Advanced stone working skills have been seen everywhere from the pyramids of Egypt to the ancient sites of South America. There are many experts on this and it is a field of study that’s continually developing, yet many of the properties displayed on stones found at these locations have yet to be explained.
The archaeologist added that there was every chance that these smooth holes were made during later part of the 19th century, which would entail tampering of the artifact.
The stone itself was presumably crafted from quartzite, which is a derivative of sandstone or mylonite.
Another stone crafted from mylonite is the Roswell stone.
The Roswell stone or Roswell rock is a strange little stone discovered near the location of the famous alleged UFO crash.
On the surface is a strange carving that mysteriously comes very close to matching a crop circle found in England in 1996, it also display some very bizarre magnetic properties.
For decades since the stone was first found people have been trying to answer the questions, “is this an alien artefact or is it a hoax?”
The story of the rock begins in September 2004 with Robert Ridge, a hunter who made claim to have discovered the rock partially hidden in the dirt “near” the alleged UFO crash site. His description of near  is a bit of  a stretch with” near” being miles away but still in an area that is technically close enough to be categorized as being in Roswell.
The rock was then shown online, a number of pictures of the carving and video of the rock spinning oddly when a magnet was brought close. This is when the link to the English crop circle as made the rock’s carving and the crop circle that appeared at Liddington Castle, Chiseldon, Swindon, England, on August 2, 1996 being almost identical.
This helped propel the stone into the public eye as people tried to solve this mysterious coincidence.
The Roswell stone then came to the attention of stone carvers, sandblasters and polishers who attempted to duplicate the looks of the rock with some having good results, and successfully replicating the carved symbol.
This is when those that are skeptical of the stones alien origin point to the idea that both the stone and the crop circle are manmade and that the magnetic properties suggested the original rock was a lodestone – the original natural magnet used in early compasses — or a ferrous rock or some other Earth rock with magnetic properties.
Another nail in the coffin for the stone was that at the Roswell Alien Encounter Festival 98 a vendor was selling rocks with crop circle designs on them that were said to be strikingly similar to what is seen on the Roswell rock.
This building evidence that the rock is nothing more than a soveineer has yet to convince everyone, there are still those that believe the Roswell Rock is an extraterrestrial object and that it came from another planet.
So how about a rock that we 100% sure came from the stars, a meteorite found in Sri Lanka. What make this so special is that it may contain interstellar fossils.
Fossils that would prove the existence of extraterrestrial life, once and for all.
Researchers who analyzed the remains of the meteorite that fell in Sri Lanka found that the space rock was something more than just pieces of mineral that had travelled the stars.
 It was an alien artifact in the most literal sense: an artifact made of actual aliens. Two separate studies have found that the meteorite contains fossils and algae that are clearly of extraterrestrial origin.

Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, the leading researcher on the first study, says the fossils provide compelling evidence of panspermia (the hypothesis that life exists throughout the Universe and is spread by meteorites and other solid space debris). However, he is not without his critics. Wickramasinghe just happens to be a noted panspermia enthusiast with a tendency to claim that almost everything is of extraterrestrial origin. What’s more, the traces of life the meteorite contains are actually freshwater species commonly found on Earth, which seems to indicate the object has been contaminated during its time on our planet.
So have we come full circle rocks said to be carved by aliens giving way to rocks carved by men which are said to be alien too rocks that fell from the heavens and are undoubtly are aliens?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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