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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

“Chrono visor”

Time travel, predicting the future, and looking into the past have all been claimed to be possible at one time and by a wide and varying range of people. From the mega famous predictions made by Nostradamus which he saw when meditating and looking into a bowl of water, to the visions of Edgar Casey and his prediction and stories of Atlantis.
People have long been searching for a way to either peer into the future or look back upon the past. As far as most know there is no device capable of such thing, or maybe there is.
Let’s take look

The Vatican the holiest of cities, is home to many secrets. Beneath its statue lined cobbled streets and ancient papal building hides a labyrinth of secret tunnels, rooms and   chambers.
These secret alcoves are said to be hiding everything from records of past Catholic histories to proof of extraterrestrial contact.
There are over 50 square miles of secrets hidden beneath the ornate marbles floors of the basilica, so plenty of room to store records and artifacts away from the snooping eyes of the general public.
WikiLeaks the group that is often the source for leaked news, claimed that the Vatican and the CIA have teamed up and that they are using our technological devices to listen in on our lives.

I have looked at targeted individuals and their claims in the video above.

This maybe worrying enough for some but there are claims that this duo are not just spying on things today, they are also taking a sneaky peak at the future and examining the past.
The Pope in the Vatican is said to be hiding a 'time-seer' machine, a technology that it is claimed can bend time and space. The program was defined by the whistleblower who leaked the story. It is said to give “quantum access” to those whom use the device.
Alfred Lambremont Webre, a writer who has penned many books on the idea of time travel, also made the claim that the Vatican and CIA have a range of secret programs that allow people to travel freely backwards and forward in time.
He goes onto tell of a “time-seer” machine which enables its user to access the “traces” left by past events and actually view scenes from history, according to the shock revelations.
The machine, something that is said to resemble a creation of a 1950’s Science fiction film, is known as a “Chrono visor” and while it does not let a person “step into” the past, it does display the sound and images so that a user can “view” and have a window into the past.
As an historical center of power, the Vatican has kept tight control over the time-bending technology, granting only loyal states access to the secret.
This is when we can find links to the CIA, the author goes onto make the claim that the US alphabet agency was in part formed by the Catholic Church. He says “The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the US “which the Vatican helped found” is in fact “the Jesuit secret service.”
He then explains how the Vatican subcontracted this technology to the US the Pentagon and CIA in the late 1960s.The Americans are not the only nation said to have been granted access, the British government may also be involved in this future time-viewing technology.
“MI5 and MI6 and the CIA are really creatures of the Vatican secret service going back centuries.”
Says Alfred.
So just how far back does this go, although if we are talking time travel we begin to approach the old arguments of The Grandfather paradox and such like.
European monks Father Pellegrino Ernetti from the 15th Century Order of Saint Benedict and Father François Brune first tried to expose the secret technology after the Second World War, but were ridiculed in the media.
According to the French priest and paranormal author, the Chronovisor is a device owned by the Vatican which allowed people to view events in the past or future.
In the book“The Vatican’s New Mystery” written by Father François Brune he tells of how the   Chronovisor was constructed in the 1950s by the Italian scientist and priest, Father Pellegrino Maria Ernetti.
Ernetti was not working alone he was part of a team of twelve world-renowned scientists. A couple of well-known names pop up at this point Nobel Laureate and physicist Enrico Fermi, and rocket scientist Wernher von Braun.
So what does this device look like and just how was it built?
The Chronovisor is housed in a large cabinet a top of this cabinet are long antennae made of unknown alloys comprised of unknown metals. Looking like a TV from a retro-tech shop, a screen connected to a cathode ray tube, with a control panel full of buttons and levers used to dial in the dates the viewer wishes to look at.
 The Chronovisor can be programmed to view and record specific times, locations, and even people in the past or future.
 Father Ernetti further claimed that the Chronovisor worked  by processing electromagnetic radiation residue from past events, using this radiation to create images that could then be displayed and watched much like regular television, well a pre-digital television.
The clergy man went on to say how he had personally watched a number of historical events unfold.
So what did he see?
 He used the chronovisor to view the crucifixion of Christ, something that would seem fitting for a man of the cloth.
There is some proof to this with a photograph published in 1972, the May issue of Italian weekly news magazine, “La Domenica del Corriere” (Courier's Sunday), published a pictured that is said to depict the crucifixion and was captured using Chronovisor.
In somewhat of a twist in the story Father Ernetti said that the picture was a hoax, the Priest and scientist said that the photo’s clarity and proximity was uncharacteristic of the Chronovisor’s photographic capabilities.
This was supported when it was later found that the photo was strikingly similar to a reverse-image of a wood carving by sculptor, Cullot Valera.
In addition to the crucifixion Father Ernetti told that he had also seen a 169 BC production of the tragedy, “Thyestes”, which has been considered a lost work in modern times as only a few fragments of the text remain intact. I guess taking in show is something you do when travel time as well as travelling to new location!
Father Ernetti must also have a somewhat sup powered memory as he claimed to have reconstructed the entire text, which was later translated to English by Princeton University professor, Dr. Katherine Owen Eldred.
The expert said that he had written the play himself rather than transcribing an original performance.
This could be the case or maybe the old priest’s memory was not as good as he thought.
Father Ernetti passed away in 1994 but before his death he gave an interview in which he told of how he had just partaken in a meeting at the Vatican with the last remaining scientists who worked on the Chronovisor.
According to Father Ernetti via Brune, the Chronovisor had been dismantled.
On his death bed, Father Ernetti reportedly recanted his claims of the Chronovisor; however, Brune theorized that Ernetti was coerced into making a false confession.
The knowledge of building such a machine would be priceless and I can imagine something that would be highly prized by any country and its security agencies.
So what do you believe, was the chronovisor a real device or is this just another unprovable time-travel tale?
Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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