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Are We Alone in the Universe?

As fans of all thing UFO we have some degree of conviction that extraterrestrials are out there, but as of yet the mainstream scientific doctrine has yet to catch up to this belief.
Things are however rapidly changing with many more scientists astronomers and scholars hopping on the band wagon of UFO research.
A group of which that will gather in Thailand next month to ask the question
Are We Alone in the Universe?
So when is this event, and what evidence will they be discussing?

Thailand has a growing community of ufologists and even what some consider a UFO based religious cult, the Koa kala group that I covered a few videos back. It is to host the ASEAN conference in November. The country is going to be a bit of a hot bed for gatherings of leader’s experts and invested people discussing issues that will affect millions around the globe.
This setting is perfect for these people to also attend an event that could lead to the disclosure of alien life …..Shameless plug time
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A pair of World-renowned experts on all things ET will be docking their metaphorical flying saucers in the Thai capital of Bangkok before warping off to Chiang Mai this November.
They are going to discuss whether or not humanity is really all alone in the universe.
The event which has been imaginatively named
“Are We Alone in the Universe?”
Is being organized by the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand, in attendance will be Andrew Siemion and Michael Garrett. All discussion will be in English if you want to attend and are worried about the language barrier, I will be going and will at the least make a video report possibly even record at the event, the date for the Bangkok meeting is Nov. 9 followed the next day Nov. 10 by the same discussion on the current search for extraterrestrial life outside our Solar System in Chiang Mai.
The credentials of the two main speakers are exemplary with Siemion being the director of the UC Berkeley SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) Research Center, as well as the US’s SETI Institute, the organization we are all familiar that funds the search for extraterrestrial life.
He’s also heads the research program “the Breakthrough Listen project”, a well-funded endeavor that is using state-of-the-art telescopes to search for communications coming from the deepest darkest regions of Space.
Michael Garett also possess an impressive resume, he is the director of the University of Manchester’s Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics as well as the university’s astrophysics head. This along with being the vice-chairman of the International Academy of Astronautics’ SETI Permanent Committee.
Thailand will also be fielding some of experts on the subject with Sarad Poshyachinda, executive director of the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand speaking.
If you are in Thailand and want to attend the event it is not expensive with entrance prices of 200 baht at the Bangkok talk and 150 baht at Chiang Mai.
The Nov. 9 talk will be from 2pm to 4pm at the auditorium on the sixth floor of True Digital Park in Sukhumvit Soi 101 in Bangkok. Registration starts at 1:30pm, but you can reserve your seats in advance at the link I posted in the video description box

The Chiang Mai talk is the next day and will begin at 6pm and will be held at the Princess Sirindhorn AstroPark in Mae Rim district. Registration for that event starts at 5:30pm, but again if you fill out the form in the provided link you will be able to reserve your seat.
So what types of topics can we expect to be raised?
Maybe a good opening topic would be the recent claims that Alien life was found on Mars in 1970s.
An ex NASA employee stated In a stunning op-ed, that he is convinced that the space agency “found evidence of life” on the red planet back in the days of bell bottoms and disco.
Gilbert Levin, worked on the Viking missions to Mars and he believes that data from the Labeled Release (LR) in 1976 was supportive of the finding of extraterrestrial life.
“On July 30, 1976, the LR returned its initial results from Mars, Amazingly, they were positive. As the experiment progressed, a total of four positive results, supported by five varied controls, streamed down from the twin Viking spacecraft landed some 4,000 miles apart.
The LR, which was led by Levin, obtained samples of the rust red Martian soil that contained organic compounds and looked for carbon dioxide.
 The data curves signaled the detection of microbial respiration on the Red Planet. The curves from Mars were similar to those produced by LR tests of soils here on our planet.
It seemed we had answered that ultimate question.
The Astonishing results seemed to indicate that the carbon dioxide was “being regenerated, possibly by microorganisms the same type of process that happened here on Earth.”
Levin writes in the article “Life on Mars seemed a long shot. On the other hand, it would take a near miracle for Mars to be sterile. NASA scientist Chris McKay once said that Mars and Earth have been “swapping spit” for billions of years, meaning that, when either planet is hit by comets or large meteorites, some ejecta shoot into space. A tiny fraction of this material eventually lands on the other planet, perhaps infecting it with microbiological hitch-hikers. That some Earth microbial species could survive the Martian environment has been demonstrated in many laboratories. There are even reports of the survival of microorganisms exposed to naked space outside the International Space Station (ISS).”
The organisms that were said to have been found on The ISS was covered in the video linked above.
Levin is critical of the space agency for not following up on the LR findings, even if NASA concluded that it “found a substance mimicking life, but not life.”
“Inexplicably, over the 43 years since Viking, none of NASA’s subsequent Mars landers has carried a life detection instrument to follow up on these exciting results,” he continued. “Instead the agency launched a series of missions to Mars to determine whether there was ever a habitat suitable for life and, if so, eventually to bring samples to Earth for biological examination.”
missions in 2012 and 2018 made by The Curiosity rover and the InSight lander detected a surprising spike in the level of methane that it has not yet been explained.
Last year, the space agency made the announcement that it had picked a landing spot for its upcoming Mars 2020 mission, and that the rover would not include “a life-detection testing equipment”
SAM principal Spaceflight Center  investigator Paul Mahaffy of NASA’s Goddard institute commented on the issue saying
 “With our current measurements, we have no way of telling if the methane source is biology or geology, or even ancient or modern, On Earth, methane is produced both biologically and geologically.”
Levin pleaded for the space agency to put “life detection experiments on the next Mars mission possible” to be more precise in their hunt for life, but in also keeping “with well-established scientific protocol.” He also wants an independent group of scientists to review the Viking LR data.
Maybe NASA are unwilling to do this because they already know what will be found, they want to hide the evidence for some reason. Events like the one that will happen in Bangkok this November can help put pressure on the notoriously secretive organization to reveal what they really know.
People today are more than ready for the truth and with so much new evidence constantly being found the discovery of alien life “microbial or more evolved lifeforms” would not be some Earth shattering event like is imagined by many in power.
A recent news story looking at Europe's largest meteorite crater found evidence of ancient life.
Life that may have been seeded here on the planet originating from somewhere else in the galaxy.
The articles on the crater state that life on Earth and potentially on other Earth-like planets—may have been sparked by meteorite impacts. Such violent events provide both space to microbial communities due to intense fracturing, and heat that drives fluid circulation favorable for deep ecosystems. Especially on planetary bodies that otherwise are geologically dead, such systems may have served as rare havens for life with considerable astrobiological implications.
This idea of seeded life is called panspermia and goes some way to explaining the spreading of life in the universe
So do you think this event will provide more information moving us closer to full disclosure will you be attending the event, if you are maybe we can meet up
Let me know your thoughts on the question “Are We Alone in the Universe?” in the comments below
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Are reptilian’s evolved dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs are famous for a few things the first going extinct the second their huge sizes and thirdly their small brains.
Dinosaur intelligence has been debated by paleontologists for year. Non-avian or non-bird like dinosaurs were once thought of as being unintelligent animals, this has been rethought with movies like Jurassic Park showing them as being far more intelligent than they have historically portrayed.
All we know about Dinosaurs comes from the fossilized remains that have been found and then best guesses on their behavior are made.
These can be obvious large sharp teeth carnivore, bipedal thin build fast runner, but often there are mistakes just look at the issue with dinosaurs and feathers.
So what if a fossil was found that showed instead of a small brain there was once a species of dino that had a large brain?
Let’s take a look 

So dinosaurs,     Dinosaur comes from the Greek words δεινός (deinos, meaning “terrible,” “potent,” or “fearfully great”) and σαῦρος(sauros, meaning “lizard” or “reptile”).
Went extinct some 66 million years ago the most well-known theories for the death of the dinosaurs
Being a meteor the size of a mountain slamming into Earth.
This event ending a 230 million year reign of the planet, in comparison modern humans have been around since the Middle Paleolithic, about 300-200,000 years ago. In this time we have gone from sharpened rocks and wearing animal skins to space exploration and quantum computing.
So why do we not see the evolution of the same intelligence in dinosaurs after all they were around for a lot longer?

Back 1982. Paleontologist and curator of vertebrate fossils, Dale Russell, published his thought experiment based on the evolutionary trend of larger brain sizes and the increasing upright posture of dinosaurs found in the fossil record.
What he came up with looked strikingly similar to species that is said to be from the stars.
The scientist put together a scenario in which a single species of dinosaur evolved and even survived the mass extinction event that killed all of its ilk.
This new species of dinosaur would be known as Troodon.

This reptile was giving the similar evolutionary arc as arc given to humanity by Darwin the main difference being the starting point. For mankind it was an ape for Troodon is was a smaller dinosaur.
Applying the evolutionary principles of adaptation the newly created Dinosaur resembled a human standing four to five feet height, and weighing about 90 pounds, with a fairly advanced brain.  
Dale Russel named it a dinosauroid, an upright, standing, semi-humanoid, semi-reptilian entity, what we might call a reptoid.
This is when those that follow alien theory were shocked as standing before them was a species that has said to long been on this planet living in secret and manipulating history, they were looking at a reptilian!
Extraterrestrial reptilian humanoids are said to be behind many conspiracies this as they carry on with an objective to enslave the human race. Those that believe in the reptilian conspiracy say that the majority of people in power today and throughout history are and were Blood-drinking, flesh-eating, shape-shifting reptiles, intelligent humanoid reptiles just like Russel created!
It is believed by some that the Annunaki gods of Babylonian lore are in fact a race of reptilian aliens who hail from the constellation Draco. And not only did they walk the earth as gods in the days of yore, but they still walk among us today.
There have been humanoid or maybe we should be using dinosauroid beings documented through the majority of recorded human history, "Lizard man" if you will are seen in many cultures.
The Ancient Egyptian deity Sobek, who had the head of a crocodile.
The Nāga are semi-divine creatures which are half-human and half-serpent of Asian origin and today reported sightings of cryptids like the frogman and Lizard Man of Scape Ore.
I myself have looked into a few creatures and I will post the links above.
This has to make you think that the maybe the idea of these lizard people coming from another planet is a lie, maybe they have been here since before humanity ventured down from the trees.
Could they even have something to do with our evolution and as the older intelligent species on this planet could that provide a reason as to why they feel they should be our rulers?
It can be speculated that not all of the dinosaurs went extinct? 

Like Russel theorized a survivor of the global extinction, developed through natural selection, becoming more intelligent, and taking on a humanoid or dinosauroid form?
 Should we believe that the reptilians are extraterrestrials or have they been walking the planet since the Mesozoic?
Let me know what you think in the comments below
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Good luck

Numbers don't lie extraterrestrial life exists.

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