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Thursday, 5 September 2019


The idea that giants once walked the earth and possibly still do, being a popular online theory. There has been an almost countless legends and stories about large human going back to the earliest days of civilization. If you prescribe to evolutionary theory than you really have to ask where these massive hominids came from. Some say that their origins could be beyond the stars, coming from the heavens if you like. This idea fits with the tales of the biblical Nephilim.
Could the history of giants be tied to ancient alien theory?

So who are the Nephilim?
These giants are most famous for their appearance in biblical tales, Nephilim is a Hebrew word; meaning “bully, tyrant, and obviously giant.
 This Hebrew word was commonly used in second century BCE and was included in Jewish writings to describe the offspring of certain types of angel. The concept can be found in the creation stories of the Hebrew Bible and the Books of Enoch. In Genesis 6:1-4 they were the offspring of the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men" before the Great Deluge.
This indicates that these giant were a hybrid species possibly human alien.
This brings us to the idea of Ancient Aliens.
This is the hypothesis which speculates that Earth was once visited by an extraterrestrials race. This belief is largely based on Mesopotamian and Semitic stories, these ancient writings often feature the Nephilim.
It is said that these creatures were born of human women whom were impregnated by angels (the word angel needs to swapped out for alien)
These aliens or angels are said to be the original beings that the pantheons of gods that would follow are descended from, these beings were first reported by the Sumerians they wrote about the Anunnaki and the idea that this alien race came to our planet and gifted us as a species the knowledge we needed to become civilized.
This civilizing of humanity was not limited to the Middle East, it would seem that these giants were spread around the world interacting with the emerging population groups on every continent.
The Americas have a long rich history of giants or Nephilim, the Piute Indians of Nevada have folklore filled with stories of interactions with giants.
A well-known tale is that of Si Te Cah a tribe of giants from legend the remains of which were said to have been found in cave named “Lovelock cave” in the state of Nevada.
Humboldt Lake Bed in Lovelock was another location for the discovery of more bones.
Skeletons that measured 8.5 to 10 feet, huge sizes if human, and these skeletons were wrapped in a strange fabric. This discovery occurring in February and June of 1931.
The cave was excavated and over 10000 artefacts were recovered, these artefacts pointing to a long period of inhabitation. This would support the Piute legends but there was nothing to prove that other parts of the stories about the Si Te Cah were true. As an example it was believed that these giants were man-eaters but no human sized were recovered, it is said that the bones they did find were of ginormous proportions.
These remains being found in the cave fit with the tales of the end of days for the Si Te Cah, it said that the Piute trapped the giants inside their subterranean home and then razed the cave to the ground killing all inside.
This is where conspiracy creeps into the tale with the bones that were recovered being taken and hidden some say by the Smithsonian museum.
 Paleontologists later debunked this claim when it was proven that the bones actually belonged to a mastodon. For centuries, fossilized remains of large animals such as elephants, giant sloths, and bison have been mistaken for giants. But for some, that still doesn’t dispel their supposed existence.
This is something I have looked into in the video linked above.
So with these remains being taken is there any other evidence for these Giants?
It is said that back in 1948 Abraham Lincoln stated in a verse that there were bones of the dead giants buried deep in the ground all over the United States of America.
There is the story of Indian William Cody.
While Cody was camping in the southern wilderness. The man was said to have found a huge bone, a bone which looked like the thigh bone from a human all be it but much, much larger.
 When asked about his find he claimed that it belonged to the giants who were once native to the area, and that they were three times larger than an average man and could outrun and also carry a fully grown buffalo.
1969 is time to Head down to South America and in a museum of Lima Peru, giant bones were found and photographed by Glenn Kimball. Described by Kimball, the gloves of the mummies had finger of 10 inches, and the crown of the mummies could be worn around Kimball’s waist.
Still in the US and  Kentucky 1876, where 2 skeletons of lengths, 8 ft 7.5 inches, 8.5 ft, and 8 ft 4.75 inches were found in a small room of solid rock which was measured at 5 by 10 ft.
Heading back to the Middle East and the biblical home of Nephilim
August 14, 1880, giant skeletons were found. An 8 ft length woman’s and 3.5 ft child were found. In another grave a 9 ft man and another 8 ft woman’s skeletons were discovered.
In 1928, Peruvian archaeologist Julio Tello discovered an enormous elasboratly designed graveyard containing some of the largest skulls ever found. Some of the skulls were believed to be over 3,000 years old. A recent DNA test found that the DNA contained in these skulls had mutations unknown to human, primate, or animal. 
Could this be the missing key to the mystery?
Why would the off spring of human and angel or alien, be so unnaturally large?
Could it be a genetic abnormality derived from the mixing of DNA?
We have seen a similar characteristic with big cat DNA
Ligers are the biggest of the big cat species, the offspring of a lion and Tiger a breeding that could not naturally occur.
What are the causes for their a huge size?
There has been a lot of theories, facts and explanations about the massive size of ligers.
The best answer in regards to this comes from the National Geographic. According to National Geographic; ligers lack growth inhibiting genes which do not put a cap (limit) on their body growth and this is the key reason that they tend to grow bigger and stronger than lions and tigers.
 In normal case a male lion passes on the genes that encourage growth, while the lionesses dna puts a limit to these genes, and this is why we see a normal sized of a lion. On the other hand; tigresses do not have genes which inhibit the growth and male tigers do not have genes that encourage growth. Therefore; when a tigress mates with a lion; the lions’ growth encouraging genes are passed on to ligers without any inhibition cap and as a result; ligers grow bigger than lions and tigers.
Could this idea be carried over to humans?
With us living in the modern age we tend to look for more scientific answers to mysterious questions, what would have been seen as angels descending from heaven in the past is seen today as aliens visiting our planet. It is reported that the alien visitors today abduct people and experiment on them the focus of this experimentation is often reproduction.
Many who have talked about their abduction experiences tell of samples of DNA being taken eggs and sperm harvested and even nurseries of Human alien hybrids.
Could it be possible that these modern extraterrestrials are continuing work that was first started over two thousand years ago?
Were the giants of old the result of alien genetic experimentation?
It’s hard to say whether the Bible’s mention of giants is intended to be taken literally or as just some kind of metaphor. Although the evidence is still inconclusive, there are many who believe that giants did at one time walk among us.

Do you believe in giants, do you think they still walk the earth today?
Let me know what you think in the comments below

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