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Bigfoot underground

The search for Bigfoot and his hairy hominid cousins continues. Scores of people search the back woods of North America and other locations in the hope of finding the illusive cryptid.
We have seen some video and photos that may have a captured the creature, but as of yet nothing that would prove 100% irrefutable.
So how about we change things up, what if all these people have been looking in the wrong place, could Bigfoot and the other hairy human like beasts have moved?
If so where have they moved to?

So where should we be looking?
A recent article published on “mysterious” and penned by Brent Swancer asks that very question he theorizes that we could be pushing Bigfoot underground and that’s why we don’t see them as much?
The article goes onto to discuss the reports received over the years that have placed hairy hominids in wide range of different environments forests, deserts, and oddly tunnels. Tunnels are where these creatures have chosen of late to call home, the dark, dank sewer systems and labyrinthine tunnels that run beneath our towns and cities.
There has been witness testimony that these creature have been hanging out in the sewers and they make for some strange tales.
The first case date to May 14, 1982. An article which was published in the edition of the Herald Journal, in Syracuse, New York. The article goes on to document the appearance of a tall hairy monster said to stand at about 8 feet in height. The alleged creature was making its home in the city sewers of Buena Park, California.
The location of the sighting lent its name to the creature with people calling the cryptid “The Buena Foot,” the police received over 200 calls from concerned citizens who had interactions with the subterranean Sasquatch.
The strange story reported in the newspapers make an interesting read:
   It says that the  Police received more than a large number of telephone calls from people curious about the reports of an 8-foot-tall, man-like creature running around in the sewer systems of the city. The police released a statement saying “We’ve had 200 to 500 calls easily, we’re telling people we have investigated the area and found nothing there.”
The story began to grow in popularity eventually capturing the interest of groups who search ghost cryptids and other strange phenomena.
 Dennis Ruminer heads up one of these groups, his team is known as Special Forces Investigations. He said that when he and the other members of his team investigate the sites of some of the reported sightings they found footprints and handprints of the beast in a drainage tunnel.
In the article it Ruminer says at the mouth of the tunnel someone shouted, “There’s a track,” There were a lot of people around and as we went to look a kid stepped on the track, so we only saw the front part of the track. It was a humanoid foot with five big toe marks and about 7 inches across the ball of the foot. Before we got a good, clear look at it, another kid stepped on it and completely obliterated the track.”
On top of the footprint they found and then lost they discovered a print form a hand, this print they were to take a cast from. As they ventured deeper into the tunnel they came across more footprints. Then to the groups surprised they heard a loud Roar followed by a deep throaty growl, they quickly shone their lights in the direction of the sounds but were too slow, they saw nothing.
This sighting is not unique there have been reports of strange creatures seeking out the safety or solitude found in the dark tunnels for decades. In another incident which occurred in May of 1963 there was a number of sightings of a strange hairy wild-man in the area of Centreville and the outskirts of St. Louis, Illinois.
 The report tells of sightings which began on May 9 and continued to grow in number with the local police telling of around 50 calls a night at its peak, most of these were from people who said that they had seen the hairy hominid. The locations of the sightings varied with some even claiming that the creature was stomping around in their yards, descriptions came in of a creature that looked “half-man, half-woman, and with a half bald head and half a head of hair” The creature would often be seen escaping underground, it would plunge down into a tunnel on 12th Street.
The third story from the U.S comes from the Cascade Mountains of Skykomish, Washington. At this location a huge tunnel can be found once used by locomotives but now abandoned by the railways but not by everyone or everything!
Witnesses say that a creature took up residence in the tunnel, a large beast with shining –yellow eyes.
The article includes a report from a witness called Dave.
Dave had gone to the tunnel to investigate the cryptid sightings at a distance of 40 feet in, he got more than he had first bargained for. He saw two large yellow eyes staring at him through the darkness, struggling to make out what was standing in front of him in the dim light he could just about define an outline of an upright animal which stood at a height of 9 feet.
The amateur investigator panicked and made a beeline for his vehicle as he ran the 40 feet back to the truck he could hear banging coming from behind him in the tunnel. A few days after the incident Dave returned to the tunnel this time he had back up, a few friends joining him hoping to have their own experience.
This time the tunnel was quiet!
 Moving away from America and traveling across the pond to Britain, we come across a story named “the Beast of Barmston Drain,” in this tale a supposedly “half-man, half-dog” creature emerges from the sewage tunnels to scare the residents of the countryside town of Hull, in England.
 Over the many years that the legend of this cryptid creature has grown many witnesses have stepped forward with their story of a monster, in one report a monster which was capable of leaping an 8-foot-high fence whilst carrying a full-grown dead German shepherd (a large breed of dog) in its jaws.
The mystery animal has gained the unfortunate and somewhat comical nickname “old stinker” local historian Mike Covell has gathered a good collection of stories. The drain is officially called the Beverley and Barmston Drain, built in 1798 to drain the salt marshes of the area.
The historian writes about the tragic history of the drain, one of the earliest being the death of 19-year-old Master Teesdale, who drowned in July 1824. Mr Covell says more than 100 people have drowned in the drain, including a double suicide where two young lovers bound their hands together and jumped in. He said: “Master Teesdale was the first, but then men, women and children followed almost at a rate of one a year. The summer months were the worst, when children would swim in ‘Barmy Drain’ and it got so bad that Hull Corporation openly discussed paying for lifeguards to be stationed along the drain during the hotter months?
“It has a very dark history but walking along it during the day, it is a peaceful oasis surrounded by heavy industry.” The year 1892 was a particularly terrible one, when an unknown boy was pulled from the drain in May. In December of that same year, George Sowen killed his two children, aged four and six, and threw them in the drain before he jumped in himself and drowned.
So what could these people be seeing, in the US there are animals that could be mistaken for something cryptid. Bears seek out deep caves to hibernate and a tunnel system makes a great manmade alternative, but Britain has long been without bears. The last wild bears going extinct 1500years ago according to the latest research.
This date based on evidence from a cave in the Yorkshire Dales, suggests the brown bear went extinct in the early medieval period - between about 425 and 594 AD.
So we are left with some questions, are Bigfoots using tunnels as a shelter?
 Could it be a ghost, spirit, or some other supernatural entity?
The sewers of the world don’t at first seem to be a prime of locations for hairy hominid reports, but we have these cases. So what is going on here?
Although the sewer system may not be appealing to us, to certain animals it may provide everything that they desire. As habitat it remains at a steady, warmer temperature than the outside environment, it provides protection from the elements and from people, there are many sources of food which could be utilized by an animal.
The sewers could make for a good home.
Maybe when people spot something in the deep, dank, smelly tunnels the surprise and the fear leads to exaggerated retellings of what they saw, or maybe they are telling the truth and cryptids have decided to call these underground labyrinths home.

What do you think, are cryptids moving underground, if they are for what reasons?
Let me know what you think in the comments below.

strange flying cryptozoological beast.

As a fan of all things cryptid I have looked at large flying creatures that are often seen all around the world. Sometimes these are giant avians other times they are thought to be long extinct creatures like Pteranodons. There are however a wide range of strange flying cryptozoological beast.
When we look at “giant mythological birds”, animals like Phoenix, and Thunderbird spring to mind.
This cryptid flyers are if you can believe it are on the smaller side of things. There is one cryptid bird that outsizes them all. It’s so big that just by flapping its huge wings it is capable of causing a cyclone.
The name of this creature “The Roc”
“No not that one”
This Roc is the largest bird ever to have existed, according to ancient mythology and in a recent archeological discovery scientist have just found a real creature, which like the Roc is said to be the largest thing to have taken flight in the earth’s skies.
So let’s take look.

Giant animals sailing through our skies have been part of humanities myths and legends for centuries. The stories of giant winged beasts span the globe and over the years of research in the field of paleontology there has been a number of animals found that could suggest if any of the animals from the fossil record lived today, we would have a good basis for these stories.
The scope of these creatures continues to widen with discovery of a massive animal that cruised the cretaceous sky.
With a wingspan of ten meters and weighing 250 kilos, Cryodrakon boreas is a pterosaur that dwarfs those that came before and after it. The largest flying animal of all time, according to researchers who reported it in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.
David Hone, lead author of the study and a researcher at Queen Mary University in London spoke to the worlds press about the recent discovery of the new species, he said
"This is a cool discovery, It is great that we can identify Cryodrakon as being distinct from Quetzalcoatlus," the other giant pterosaur for which it was initially mistaken.
The name of the previous largest species of Pteranodon coming from that of the ancient Aztec flying serpentine god Quetzalcoatl.
This colossal flying animals remains were first discovered over 30 years ago in Alberta, Canada, at the time of the discovery it was misclassified and put away.
But three decades later the fossils were given a closer look and it was found that the fossil remains were in fact of a juvenile and also an intact giant neck bone of a fully-grown specimen.
A new species had been uncovered.

The paleontologist theorized that like other pterosaurs this giant fed on a wide range of animals 77 million years ago, because of its size not much would have been off the menu. The Cryodrakon most likely had its choice of small dinosaurs, reptiles and early mammals.
The giant flying reptile is thought to have been an inland predator many Pterosaurs were marine hunters living on a largely off a sea based diet.
Today there are more than 100 known species of pterosaurs.
Despite their large size and wide distribution -- across North and South America, Asia, Africa and Europe -- only fragmentary remains have been unearthed, making the new find especially important.
Hhhmmmmmm, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Europe these are the same locations that we hear the stories of the Roc.
Could there be a link, could this giant have held on long enough to be seen by early humans, becoming part of the stories they told and becoming engrained in cultures and their mythology?
 I have looked at evidence of man and dinosaur living side by side in my videos “the Granby stone” and “my analysis of other cryptids that may be living prehistoric animals.
The Ropen, Mokele Mebe and others.
Maybe the Origins of the Roc can provide us with some more clues?
The ginormous flying bird known as the Roc, its name having been derived from the Spanish words “rocho” and “ruc”, is part of the mythology found across different cultures, it has been suggested that the legend originated in Asia in around 39 AD, specifically in and around India.
The evidence of this bird first appearing in ancient Indian Sanskrit epics which told off a giant bird, large enough to pick up and carry away elephants.
Legends say that this monstrous creature would swoop in snatch up and feed on humans; it would often rip its prey apart and take it back to its nest to feed its young.
Adding to the mystery and almost in a forerunner tothe land that time forgot”, the Roc it was believed inhabited a secret land, a land filled with treasures and protected by the giant birds.
The Roc are described as looking much like an eagle they are much, much larger and with that size comes increased strength.
The Roc possesses a 48-foot wingspan its coloring being similar to that of an eagle, primarily brown with hints of color, and a long, thin and forked tongue muck like that of a snake.
Strangely it is said to have had very sharp and pointy teeth as well, spanning across the lining of its humongous beak.
This feature bringing us back to the Cryodrakon, could it possible that Pterosaurs may have also possessed feathers or maybe fur, this could, if indeed they have been seen by humans, lead to a misidentification of “bird”.
There are many Myths and Tales about the Roc these can be found in both Eastern and Western culture.
There is even a story of Marco Polo witnessing a Roc. In his telling of his journey along the Silk Road he describes a bird of “impossible size” which swooped down picking up large animals it found in its path.
 Marco described how the bird would “seize an elephant in its talons and carry it high into the air and drop it so that it is smashed to pieces on the ground; having so killed him, the bird swoops down on him and eats him at leisure”.
This is a behavior seen in many birds famously Golden eagles capture Tortoises and do the same.
There are a number of Similar Creatures found in mythology the Simurgh, the Garuda, and the aforementioned the Phoenix, and the Thunderbirds.
Could these birds be living pterosaurs or are they avian?
Let me know what you think in the comments below

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