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Saturday, 31 August 2019

the REAL Snow White

I am not sure why but this story really peaked my interest. Maybe it’s the memory of watching the cartoon as a child or the hope that if this fairy tale is true others could be, this opening the door to the existence of magical creatures. Creatures that today are known as cryptids, maybe?
In this video let’s take a look at gravestone of 18th century German aristocrat who suffered at hands of evil stepmother and is believed to have inspired the fairytale
And ask was this the REAL Snow White?

The story unfolds with a one Maria Sophia von Erthal whose life mirrors (pun intended) the fairy tale of snow white.
Snow white is probably one of the most famous stories penned by the brothers Grimm and they knew of Maria and her life and her tragic story.
This history was long forgotten but has once again be brought to the forefront of people’s minds after the discovery of Maria Sophia burial plaque.
The plague was found by curators of a German museum and they showed the grave marker along with sharing the story of the 18th-century German aristocrat who suffered at the hands of an evil stepmother and is believed to have inspired the fairytale Snow White.
The grave stone had been missing since the church in which Maria was originally laid to rest was demolished in 1804. Fortunately for the museum the marker was found in a Bavarian house and the family who found chose to donate to the museum of Diocesan.
The museum quickly capitalized on the popularity of the stories from the brother Grimm and displayed the marker along the real life tale that inspired a story of an evil step mother, dwarves and the hero prince charming.
The director of the museum Holger Kempkens, told of how the Grimm’s must have been inspired from hearing stories about Von Erthal, which they then reworked in to  'the nucleus' for their fairytale.
The museum director went onto to say “The story of Sophia's life was well known at the start of the 19th Century.
'There are indications - though we cannot prove it for sure - that Sophia was the model for Snow White.
Von Erthal grew up in a castle in Lohr am Main, about 60 miles west of Bamberg, in north Bavaria, and died in 1796.
As a young girl she was described in the family chronicle as a 'girl of unusual loveliness', she was kind and was keen to help the poor and needy.
But life would change for Maria when she was in her teens, her mother passed away and her father married a 'markedly domineering' widow from a powerful local family. The step mother did her best to exclude her stepdaughter from the family and instead favored of her own children.
Unlike the fairy tale in real life the evil step mother appears to have succeeded with Maria never finding a husband, moving to the house of an English spinster some 60 miles away, where she then went blind and died alone aged 71 in 1796.
 All the family money and influence being passed on to the children of the scheming step mother.
Other parts of her life contributed to the Brothers Grimm tale, Local historian Dr Karlheinz Bartels came up with several parallels between Snow White and the historical figure of Maria Sophia von Erthal.
Sophia's father remarried and her stepmother had a reputation for being domineering and favouring her natural children.
Lohr was known as a centre for glassware, and Sophia's family owned a mirror factory.
A terrifying forest is matured in the fairytale, while the forests around Lohr were notorious for robbers.
Dwarfs and children did historically work in local mines, as they could squeeze through small gaps.  
So it would seem as is often the case with tall tales and local legends there is often a grain truth which story tellers use to cultivate and grow a story.
Could this be the case with some of the other fairy tales that are so popular, could this mean that some of the monsters found in these stories could be real?
Let me know your thoughts in the comment below.

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