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Wednesday, 7 August 2019

The Moehau Man.

I recently took a look at the cryptid hominid that is said to be found in the forests of Singapore. Alabaster Kros a long time subscriber to the channel mentioned a similarly small bigfoot-esk creature that has been seen in the thick forests of New Zealand.
In this video I will take a look at the cryptid
Talk about some of the evidence for its existence and see if there are any links to the other small hairy hominids found in other areas of the Asia pacific region.
So let’s dig into the legend that is The Moehau Man.

To recap I looked at the Bukit Timah monkey man found in Singapore and suggested that there could possibly be some link to other cryptid hominids found in tales from countries near the Island nation. I focused on the Orang Pendek but there are many others.
These creatures or possibly human ancestors share many similarities, most are covered in haired and live in the deepest darkest parts of the jungles and forests.
One way in which these cryptids do differ is their size. Some are reportedly small in stature standing somewhere between 1 To 2 meters in height others are more man sized and some are bigger being more in line with the familiar descriptions of North American Bigfoot.
 One of the larger types of hominid is said to be found in New Zealand.
This legend of this wild man is said to have originated form the north of the island and area known as Coromandel. This part of New Zealand is mountainous and this would seem to provide the perfect habitat for the Moehau Man.

People have reported the Sasquatch like beast around Mount Tongariro, Kaikoura Mountains, Ruapehu, the Karangahake Gorge, Urewera Ranges, and Fiordland National Park and in the area around the Haast River.Those that see the bushman report seeing a creature that is reminiscent of the Bigfoot but it is more likely closely related to the Yowie a cryptid hominid found in nearby Australia.
The Moehau is describes as being a large and hair covered bipedal ape like animal, its arms reach down to its knees and finish in long fingers tipped with sharp razor like nails. Sightings are often accompanied by a strong odor emitted by the creature. This being the same as reports of the skunk ape form US.
The indigenous people of the area the Māori a fierce warrior culture fear the Moehua, they say it is an extremely violent beast that rips prey apart using its sharp nails.
As New Zealand was colonized by Europeans they began to learn of the cryptid.
 The stories of the Moehau spread once settlers began making their way deeper into the Coromandel bush. During the 1870’s and 1880’s there were many gold prospectors who were looking for a place to stake a claim. They made their way in from the area to the townships of Thames and Waihi, and it wasn’t long before the stories of the large, vicious bushman were being told in the local watering holes. First reports told of how the men had been scared by large human-like creatures deep in the bush; then more ominous tales began to emerge, those of gold miners being killed and torn to shreds by Moehau Man. Even the local Maori warned the prospectors of entering the dark bush alone.
In the past 40 years there have been many well document sightings. These have been included in a book by Nicola McCloy
New Zealand Mysteries: secrets, spooks, conspiracies and con artists. A worthwhile read if you fancy picking up a copy.
The first story included in this books tells of how an Australian tourist spotted an ape like creature in the bush while she was hiking back in 1969. Described as being seven feet tall covered with silver-white hair and with large, pink, vacant eyes. Its body was said to be ape-like, with long dangling arms and short thin legs, and it emitted a growl which could be heard over a long distance.
This tourist was hiking through the Moehau, this is the Maori name for the highest peak in the mountain range at the tip of the Coromandel Peninsula.
It is common in Maori legend for Geological features of the landscape to hold special significance. This peak is also a sacred place for the Maori, it’s the traditional burial-place of a great canoe captain and because of this it should be feared, this fear coming from tales of mythical creatures which are said to live there.
One type of mythical creature are the little red-haired men which it is said fled to the hills with the arrival of the first Maori. These were the fairy folk of the Maori, named turehu, patupaiarehe or korokorako and were described as fair-skinned with red hair.
Many say that the hairy hominid is one of these mythical beasts, but this skepticism hasn’t stopped more sightings from being reported.
In 1972 a sighting was reported by two boar hunters, they claimed that they had seen a large hairy man like creature in the bush approximately 150m away from where they were hunting. When they reached the location of where the animal had been, they found were huge human shaped footprints estimating them to be 35cm in length.
Another compelling report came in 1983 when a group of seven of the cryptid wild men were spotted by two hikers near Lake Waikaremoana.
This group was said to have been made up of two males, of three juvenile females, a juvenile male, two five foot tall adult females and one adult male of about six feet high.
 These hairy hominids were dressed in animal hides, the witness hid in the bushes about 15meters away and watched as the group walked along the edge of the ravine.
So what is that these witnesses saw?
One possible explanation claims that, before the time of quarantine and controlled animal and vegetation imports to New Zealand, a gorilla or large monkey escaped the confines of a visiting ship.
This idea has some rather large holes, firstly it doesn’t explain the older legends, also if it were an escaped primate it would have to be the longest living ape in the world or lastly in the slimmest of possible scenarios a breeding pair escaped and started a colony.
This colony would also have to be on the fast track of evolution to explain those wearing animal skins in the 1983 sighting!
Another story which could point to the hominids being an as of yet to be discovered species are the caves which are said to be  full of strange skeletons, some locals they have seen this cave and the remains. A local hunter, Mr. H. Beazley said that he found a cave with evidence of a man or beast living under primitive conditions. The cave contained bones of animals that were presumably eaten raw along with a strange collections of shells.
 In one cave it is said that there are skeletons of small men with red hair.
This is a description we have heard before, Could this be the same species as the Orang Pendek?
In a second cave it is claimed there are giant skeletons over seven feet tall.
These skeletons would seem to be in line with traditional depictions of Bigfoot type creatures.
Could the different types of cryptid hominid bones point to these creatures arriving on the island at different times. This could then lead us to the idea that these creatures are somehow traveling between continents?
It could explain why a similar animal reported on many islands throughout the Asia pacific region.
R. W. Roach of the Auckland zoo said it was possible but highly improbable that the “strange hairy being” believed to be lurking in the Moehau Ranges was a gorilla or in fact any species of the ape family, if a strange creature did exist it was more likely to be a member of the baboon family.
He would regard the story as more feasible if someone had discovered foot prints or a nest in the tree-tops very much larger than that made by any known bird.
I guess Roach hadn’t heard of the tracks seen by the boar hunters in 1972.
Mr. Roach went on to say “All members of the monkey families lived in nests built in the tree tops although they spent most of their time on the ground.”
Mr Roach supports the theory that the “sightings” of the Moehau Man were fabricated tales designed to try to keep people from entering private property and the discovery of gold claims, rich hunting sites and illegal liquor distilleries in the bush back when New Zealand was first being colonized by Europeans.
These early miners’, trappers, and settlers took a local legend and grew it and used it for their own needs.
To me this idea sounds less feasible than a living creature.
So, is there any truth to the stories?
Perhaps the cryptid existed in the past, but is no longer with us today?
Could it have been just a misidentified escaped ape or monkey?
Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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