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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Tectonic weapons

Earthquakes have seemingly been on the increase in both regularity and ferocity. The news has been packed  
With details on the many recent quakes and some are speculating that they are only going to get worse.
There are those that have claimed this is no natural phenomena and that it could be an attack.
Tectonic weapons being used in a global tit for tat secret battle.

Others say that it may well be underground testing of nuclear weapons and that the recent 6.4 quake in the Mojave Desert was organized to correspond with 4th of July celebrations. This so the celebrations covered up and distracted people from the test.

So are there a secret programs that are or have developed a weapon which is capable of causing earth quakes anywhere around the globe?

The recent rash of tectonic activity has been wide spread but a few of the places hit may have been specific targets, and thus prove that someone has tectonic weaponry.
The big three Russia, China, and the US are the obvious nations that would most likely be the first to develop this type of strike capability and there is some history or maybe propaganda that shows the Russians were taking part in a program to develop these weapons or a campaign of disinformation during the 1990s.
Going back to the years1992 and 1993, there was wide spread suspicion and rumor that the Russian military had used a tectonic weapon against Armenia back in 1988. This story began to be pushed over the radio waves in the summer of 1991, it forced a statement from Soviets and an official Russian military spokesperson said; “we are being accused of developing a barbaric weapon for use against peaceful inhabitants, thus driving a wedge between the civilian population and the military.
This according to the Russians was nothing more than propaganda against the nation by those that wanted Armenia to be free of Russian influence.
This Earthquake weapons Disinformation operation continued and by 2010, RT (Russia Today the states national broadcaster) and other mainstream media disinformation outlets and Russian allies struck back with the accusations the USA had developed this weapons and had used them in Haiti .
On January 12, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake ravaged Haiti. An estimated 230,000 people were killed. Another 300,000 were injured. More than 600,000 people left Port-au-Prince to stay with families outside the capital. The quake displaced 1.5 million people. Makeshift camps sprung up to shelter them. In total, the quake-affected 20 percent of the nation's 10.4 million population.
These stories keep boiling to the surface and with the recent 7.1-magnitude earthquake that rattled Southern California on Friday 5th July and then just one day after the strongest recorded quake there in 20 years and with seismologists warning that more episodes are expected.
Rumor has once again began to spread.
Is this weapon strike?
Who was responsible?
Were the trying to trigger the big one and set off the San Andreas Fault line?
Are there any cases of past earthquakes that were successfully predicted and thus could prove that some man made creation was responsible for a specific quake?
One of the most famous seers, a man who it has been claimed predicted the majority of large events that have occurred in modern history “Nostradamus”
Many make claim that the famous prophet foretold the tectonic activity that occurred on October 1st in 1987 once again in California. Nostradamus used mystical planarity alignments to predict his quake but as is always the case with his quatrains.
A quatrain being a verse with four lines, or even a full poem containing four lines, having an independent and separate theme. Often one line consists of alternating rhyme, existing in a variety of forms. We can trace back quatrains in poetic traditions of various ancient civilizations, such as China, Ancient Rome, and Ancient Greece.
Nostradamus predictions seem to be twisted to match an event rather than being an exact method of foretelling the future.
Even with this methods inaccuracy others have used it to make predictions, Cambridge astrophysicists John Gribbin and Stephen Plagemann predicted a catastrophic earthquake would hit in California on March 10 1982.
It didn’t.
So these mystical predictions offer us no method of prediction and do not rely on technology for the answers. If there is some of tectonic weapon it would have to be technology based, so are there any stories we could link to that angle?
Let’s go back to the incident which occurred in Armenia, on December 7, 1988 a quake measuring between 6 and 7 on the Richter scale hit. It would become known as the “Spitak” earthquake. Estimates range in the area of between 25,000 to 60,000 deaths. At the time of the disaster, the Soviet press quickly named it a tragedy, they adopted a mournful stance on the disaster, calling it an earthquake of “unprecedented strength” and an unpredictable catastrophe.
More spin was put on these reports when the Official Russian news agencies reported a story that came to be called “The Miracle of Leninakan” or “Leninakan Miracle”.
The news reported the tale of several men’s miraculous survival, strangely this story was later claimed to be a fabrication. For some reason the Russians felt they needed hoax story. This is strange and raises more questions.
Why this story was needed, what were they trying to divert attention from?
The Russians were heavily critized after the disaster, it was said that the relief effort was slow to come and underequipped for a disaster of the magnitude and they should have accepted more help from outside countries.
Some claimed that the Russians tested a weapon on Armenia a weapon that would later be used to strike the US. October 1989 California was rocked by a 6.9-7.0 magnitude earthquake during game 3 of the World Series. Speculation was rife that this was a Russian attack even though there was no evidence to support a Soviet attack from a weapon that no one knew existed!
The public stoked by the US propaganda machine pointed to the timing of the quake and the publicity and the similar scale to that of the Spitak earthquake as proof. The idea of Russian tectonic weapons systems was given a boost when Aleksey Vsevolodovic Nikolayev professor at the Russian Academy of Sciences approached the topic.
He acknowledged their feasibility, and also claimed it was “impossible to use a tectonic weapon against Moscow”.
Nikolayev claimed that the ground needs to be capable of responding to a “trigger” in order for the tectonic weapon to work, such as a geological feature like a fault zone. In this same discussion, he dismissed out of hand the rumors (rumors we still hear today) that Russian military had deployed a tectonic weapon against Armenia; this strike in retribution for the mass protests against Soviet rule which took place through much of that time period.
Nowhere in his statements did he deny the existence of these weapons, and at around the same time these statements were made a Ukrainian journalist reported the existence of a Russian nuclear facility which was disguised as a seismological lab.
This laboratory was supposedly involved in the testing of directional underground nuclear explosions. The Ukrainian said he was informed by former Russian personal that had worked at the lab during the 1980s.
So how about the other nations I mentioned, the united states were accused of using tectonic weapons by Hugo Chavez. He told journalists of a report that he had received from Russia’s Northern Fleet. The report said that the US Navy had fired an earthquake weapon into Haiti, this because the US wished to destabilize the country.
So what about the last major player China.
The Chinese have been involved in a long running dispute with India over the border and in 2017 the news agencies of India reported that a weapon was tested in Ngawa area in Sichuan.
It said that India should be prepared for earth quakes and/or landslides that are being planned as part of a Chinese offensive.
The Chinese foreign minister briefed India press club who are in China at China's invitation that if war was imminent. China would not be afraid to use it weapon!
Thankfully sanity prevailed and both countries stood back from conflict, but we did see one nation threaten another with a weapon that can cause quakes. That could be considered proof of tectonic weaponry being in use today.
In conclusion, regardless of whether tectonic weapons are a real threat or just a scary product of disinformation, there is evidence that the major powers are aware of manmade earthquakes and tectonic weapons systems.
Is this awareness down to the fact each knows the other has this capability or is it because they fear that another nation has created a technology which they have not?
What do you think let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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