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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Bukit Timah monkey man

I do enjoy a good Bigfoot legend and it’s always nice when I stumble across a relative to Sasquatch that I hadn’t heard of before.
Asia has the yeti and the Orang Pendek
One lesser known cryptid hominid is said to be found in Singapore, and goes by the name Bukit Timah monkey man

The island nation of Singapore sits just one degree north of the equator, at the end of the Malay Peninsula. The south East Asian nation has a long and colorful history.
The island has been colonized by many different groups and this has left the island with a unique and vibrant culture.
Many things found on the island can be found elsewhere in the world thanks to its mixed heritage.
Is a hairy hominid another?
Let’s Meet the Bukit Timah Monkey Man.
This primate like creature is said to roam an area called Bukit Timah, this is where its name originates. Described as standing at a height of 1 to 2 meters and being covered in fur that is greyish in coloration.
This Southeast Asian miniature Bigfoot or “maybe Littlefoot would be a better nickname” has had cryptid researchers excited over the idea that a small unknown hominid could be living in the area.
They point to remains found elsewhere in south Asia as possible relations to the Bukit Timah Monkey Man. Homo Luzonensis. Bones from this ancient creature were dated to around 50,000 years, and depict a combination of features not found together in any other Homo species. They’re also quite similar to the hobbit-like bones discovered in 2016 on an Indonesian island to the south.
Indonesia and surrounding islands also have the legend of the Orang pendek.
The Orang Pendek are a cryptic race of short, hairy, ape-like, hominoids that are said to live in the remote rainforest of Sumatra.
The little human like creature is often sighted by tribes, villagers, and non-native researchers and scientists. These are claimed to have happened mainly around farmland, where the orang pendek have been observed snatching up crops by locals.
This could indicate that they are struggling to survive in the wild maybe down to the deforestation which is taking place.
I could look at this cryptid another time, let me know in the comments if that is something you would like to see?
For now, back to the Singaporean monkey man.
The existence of this little monkey like humanoid is widely known on the island. As the years have rolled by many reports from credible witnesses have surfaced.
One of the earliest that was document and entered into the historical record took place in 1805. A village elder made an official report to local officials in which he stated that he had seen a monkey face man like creature in the Bukit Timah area.
Another source of reports that point to real animal come from the occupying Japanese soldier during World War 2. They often tell of spotting the “littlefoot” or that the beast would steal from their camps.
The sightings have continued to come in right up until today.
One sighting not in Singapore but on the island of Sumatra saw a group of bikers in Indonesia who were left stumped when they came across a mysterious figure which was running down a dirt track and into a bush ahead of them.
The human-like creature was spotted in Banda Aceh, on the northern tip of the island of Sumatra.
The Unclad creature appeared out of a bank of trees and carried a large stick.
The bikers falls onto the ground in surprise as the mystery figure runs away from the group.
The video of the incident went viral back in 2017.
Could this be the same creature as is being seen in Singapore?
Maybe another sighting can highlight some similarities between the Singaporean cryptid and the Indonesian sighting?

This is where the story of a 48-year-old taxi driver who allegedly ran into the Monkey Man while driving past the fire station at Upper Bukit Timah road in the dead of the night, comes into play. Just like what happened with the bikers, the man was shocked when the hominid jumped out in front of his vehicle. He explained that he thought it was a child that had ran out into the road.
This was until he looked at it perched on the car bonnet snarling. The taxi driver said it was like a monkey but bigger!
The monkey man then ran off injured, covered in blood, holding an arm which was clearly broken.
These creatures as I said have been long known to indigenous peoples on the island. The Kampung culture found on the island has the legend of monkey people who live in the forests. One 65 year old man point to this story when recalling his sighting.
. He explained that they were told as children never to go near the forest at night, because of the Monkey Man.
They’d never actually caught a glimpse of it themselves, but it was always “some uncle or friend of the family” who had seen it.
He shared this chilling description,
Once we were shown footprints near the forest road. I remember a strong urine smell. Whenever we heard shrieks coming from the jungle we would tell each other – Don’t disturb the Monkey Man.
The kampong talk of an animal that lives happily in the forests. They are said to small in stature and speak a language of their own which remains unknown to outsiders, this because the monkey-people are very skittish and flee upon seeing a human.
Witnesses have reported them screaming quick vocalizations when they see a human being the sound is said to be like a word and from what could be made out sounded as if they were saying, ‘Derangka! Derangka!! Derangka!!!’
It is speculated that this most likely means ‘A human being! A human being!! A human being!!!’
The hominids are said to farm in the jungles and even raise pigs!
They’re described as “very clever” and able to “throw stones or wood at their enemies”.
The Bukit Timah Monkey Man would be interesting animal to capture and I am struggling with even defining it as an animal, if it has speech and is civilized enough to farm it would be more human.
Maybe we should think of it in this way and use the appropriate pronouns?
Yet, there are still those that say no! These little people of the forest are fiction.
They point to how Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is less than 1.6 square km in area, and since the park is frequented by a good number of researchers and visitors — it’s highly unlikely that a creature of its size would go unnoticed for all these years.
They say witnesses are mistaking a crab-eating macaque monkey for the Monkey Man.
I am not so sure, people living on the island would be familiar with these monkeys and I would think be able to differentiate them from another animal easily.
What do you think the Singaporean monkey man is, is it a living human ancestor or something else
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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