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Wednesday, 13 March 2019

The rock wall Texas and the works of old men Ancient mysterious locations.

Those who have an interest in ancient civilizations and lost knowledge will be familiar with the big ancient mysteries.
That could be the construction of the pyramids, the Mayan structures or other similar temple constructions found around the globe or maybe more controversial structures like the Bosnian pyramid.
There are and endless number of anomalous sites that keep being found or new answers to their construction discovered.
Here, by subscriber request, are a couple of the lesser known sites which although thousands of miles apart share some similarities

Our first location is An American Secret an ancient rock wall that presents us with a question in regards to the accepted timeline of American history.
This wall located in the great state of Texas was found some 100years and some theorize that it could be a remnant from the time before the biblical great flood.
This idea fits with the thinking that the Grand Canyon has links to the antediluvian period something I looked at in the video linked above.
This archaic site has given name to the nearby town despite of this most local residents do not know that the ancient artifact exist. Stories of the wall link it to some of the biggest mysteries in North America, reports have detailed that people who had dug a well discovered the wall and even uncovered a giant skull.
The wall itself is some 4 miles in width and 7 miles in length –it forms a perfect rectangle although much of the structure remains buried. The wall has a height of 550 ft. above sea level.
The story of the wall begins in 1852 with three Newcomers, T.U. Wade, B.F. Boydston and a Mr. Stevenson arrived to establish a farming community.
T.U. Wade and his family started to build their house on the east side of the east fork of the Trinity River valley on the western edge of what is now the present site of the town of Rockwall.
When the man was digging the hole which would become the well, Mr. Wade’s spade struck an unknown stone formation. The deeper he dug the more of the “rock wall” he found below the surface.
This rock meant he had to stop with the planned location of the well and find another area on the property to dig.
The wall the man had ran into was built of large granite stones. At about thirty- five feet down he discovered what would become known as “the window”, an almost perfect square opening through the wall.

The “window” was a two feet square, found in a two foot section of the wall. When the man had finished digging the depth of the finished shaft was forty-two feet, yet he did not find the bottom of the structure.
This is when the nearby town gained its name, the story tells how the two men Boydston and Wade had been fighting, each wanting to name the town after themselves. Upon discovering the wall it struck the two that to stop the arguing they would use Rockwall as the town’s name.
Granddaughter Mary Pattie (Wade) Gibson, described the additional excavation work that was carried out by her grandfather and other men did at the site of the farm.
This is where the story becomes interesting with the construction showing some similar characteristics to other ancient structures found around the world. The men discovered rooms or cubicles built in the wall these were connected by corridors, these corridors ran toward the new founded town.
The granddaughter spoke of an incident that occurred in 1906.
 Two men who remain unidentified were digging out one of the corridors, this corridor had been filled with dirt most likely because of erosion. These men had a goal in mind, they had heard that there was a treasure buried in a room found under the nearby town and they wanted the gold!!
The men following the Native American legend began to dig.
Uncovering a corridor which had steep slopes the further they went into the corridor the steeper the slope of the ceiling became.
Fearful of a collapse the men abandoned their search and no gold was found.
The construction of this wall was very strange and would seem to have been engineered by a people with an excellent knowledge of construction, walls were some forty feet in places and featured buttresses designed to carry a heavy load. Diagonal doorways and other cut outs were also found.
The stones used in the construction were massive the biggest being over two tonnes in weights. Metal rings were found at the site which were composed of Tin, Titanium and Iron, embedded in the rock. The use of megalithic stones and metal ties being a commonality across many ancient sites, there were pictographs engraved into the rock.
Sadly due to safety concerns much of the structure was filled back in during the 50s.
So by who and when was this structure built?
Randall Moir Ph.D Archaeologist from Dallas, Texas spoke about the structure saying;
“It is good when examples like Rockwall appear that test our abilities and cause us to question basic Newtonian Mechanistic assumptions that have not been modified for over 150 years. Physics had to abandon this approach at the turn of this century, opting instead for relativity and quantum mechanics in order to further their understanding of matter and the universe.
These two theories are currently undergoing radical revision behind the scenes because of new discoveries that do not fit that paradigm. We would do well to embrace the new physics to help us explain things that we have swept beneath the rug for too long before we lose all credibility.”
I think the Dr Moir is trying to tell us we should remain open-minded to all possibilities when discussing this site.
So it would seem we are still looking for answers.
The second site also remains very mysterious, named “The Works of Old Men” these Geoglyphs can be found in much of the Middle East.
From Syria to Saudi Arabia, a large number of ancient geoglyphs have been constructed from stone some illustrate a kite-like structure while others are circular in design.
These geoglyphs are only visible from the air much like the world famous Nazca lines.
The Bedouin people local to the area refer to these stone works as the “works of old men” but they have been able to give a name to their creators or a reason for their creation.
First noted in Western literature by RAF Flight Lt. Percy Maitland in 1927. His journal titled “Antiquity” reported that he discovered Metal rings at the site which were composed of Tin, Titanium and Iron, embedded in the rock of the structures he saw at Harrat-ash-sham lava field, while he was flying an airmail route across Jordan.
These metal rings sound very much akin to what was found at Rockwall could there be a link?
The circular structures are often found in groups but a good number are located in isolation. The circles often contain spokes making them have the same appearance as a wheel, these spokes aline with sunrise and sunset but they do not seem to have any astrological meaning.
It is theorized that the wheels were a more recent construction than the kites. Some believe that the wheels may have an association with some form of ritual or cultural event, or possibly associated with the seasons and the mapping of the suns movements, but this has yet to be confirmed.
Other Experts think that the structures which are referred to as a “kite”, were used as part of a system of markers for hunting.
The kite like structures number in the thousands and are found across the Syrian, Jordanian and southern Israeli deserts. . Research has shown that the kites were likely used to hunt migrating Persian gazelle, which are now extinct.
The stone patterns consist of long stone walls forming a wide inner open area, this funnels into a smaller, enclosed area.
It is proposed that they would heard animals in through the parts of the structure toward the center, once all the animals were penned they would then slaughter them.
Scientific dating has shown the kites to be between 3000 and 5000 years old. There have been claims dating the structures back to 8000 or 9000 years, but these claims have been widely disputed, with scientific evidence concluding that they are likely half that age.
Like many other ancient geoglyph structures and the Rockwall of Texas, the “Works of Old Men” seem to raise just as many questions as answers.
 They provide us a great insight into ancient civilizations while pointing out just how little we know about these cultures. As time passes we may learn more about these structures and what they possibly represent about the past, but they are likely to remain a mystery in the short term.
The many secrets related to the geoglyphs and the Rockwall may have died with those who constructed them.
Have you visited these sights?
What do you think they were used for?
Let me know in the comments below

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