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Friday, 1 March 2019

Mystery locations Mezhgorye (Межго́рье)

Mystery locations are found all over the planet. Recently I looked at the underground base said to be found in Dulce on the Colorado New Mexico border.
Most know about Area 51, a location which was once believed to be only conspiracy theory.
The instillation located in the Nevada desert couldn’t remain secret for long once people began visiting the place and snapping photos, this forced the US military to admit that the base was indeed very real.
While researching the topic I found a place that is way more mysterious and it too has ties to one of the most mysterious events in history.
This city is known as
Mezhgorye (Межго́рье)
And it is so secret the Russian government barely admits to its existence.
Like area 51 rumors abound to what is hidden there, everything from aliens to ultra-top-secret government weaponry, and some say it could have something to do with the deaths of nine hikers from the Infamous Dyatlov Pass Incident.
Are these rumors true?
Could it be home to aliens and secret technologies?
Let’s take a look

As Technologies like mobile phones become ever more pervasive it becomes increasingly difficult to keep things secret. Most People have access to the internet and software like Google maps allows them to have a satellite of view of areas once off limits.
This now makes it almost impossible for governments and militaries to claim a place as being “non-existent” as they did with area 51 for few decades.
In the past it was enough to have armed soldiers standing guard ready to use lethal force in order to prevent people from discovering a location they wanted kept out of the public record.
This was the case for bases all over the world, and one in particular the place that is said to be the Russia’s area 51.
The consensus is that construction of the site began at some point during the 1970s.
In the beginning it was thought to be a location used for storing for Russian treasures, food, and a secret nuclear bunker for Russia’s top military officials.
Seeing a renewed effort in construction in the early part of the 1990s, the secret military base attracted more attention than the Russian military wanted.
It was during this period of the bases secret history that it became known as Russian answer to the infamous Groom lake Facility in the U.S, unlike area 51 this place was more than a secret military base it was an entire top secret town.
Mezhgorye can be found nestled deep in the Ural Mountains, around 400 square miles in size the place has managed to stay off the radar for decades.
The secret town is closely watched and controlled by the Russian federal government.
This paranoia and secrecy due to the key part the town plays in Russian plans in the event of a nuclear conflict.
The Russians Fearing a decapitating first strike from the US, decided to negate the effectiveness of that tactic by sending tens of thousands of workers to many remote sites in Russia and Russian territory.
 The plan didn’t really work as U.S. spy satellites spotted the people working on the site, this was said to have stopped in the 1990s when Boris Yeltsin’s pro-Western government took power after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
However, recently things have begun to heat up between the Russia and the U.S and this has seen a renewed frenzy of activity at the secret town.
Speculation is that this has something to do with new Russian plans and Vladimir Putin’s military chiefs are building improvements to the so-called “Dead Hand” weapons system, something that also known as “The Perimeter.”
This 'Dead Hand’ or perimeter system is designed to automatically fire ALL of the countries nuclear missiles in one single deadly action.
The Dead Hand is the Kremlin’s weapon of last resort should a nuclear World War 3 erupt, and this weapons system insures the total destruction of Russia’s enemies.
It acts as standing deterrent to anyone foolish enough to think they can strike at the country without retribution.
Christened a “Doomsday device” by analysts it was first developed during the paranoia of the Cold War and the secret town would be the perfect location for such a system.
US presidents Clinton and Bush both attempted to discuss the weapons system with then President Boris Yeltsin, their inquiries to fell on deaf ears.
This location and its secrets being far too important for even presidents to discuss!!
Representative Curt Weldon inquired about the site whilst on a diplomatic visit Russia.
He said:
    "I went to Moscow and spoke with the deputy interior minister who was in charge of mining. I asked him if there was any mining activity there. He just shook his head and said he had never heard of it. So I mentioned the other name the Russians used for it: Mezhgorye. He said he hadn't heard of that either. Then he sent an aide out to check. Twenty minutes later, the aide came back, visibly shaken. He said they couldn't say anything about it."
It would seem that the slightest mention of this place is enough to spook anyone.
Could this be because there is more going on there than a secret nuclear weapons system?
Could it be a testing ground for secret weapons or like are 51 have links to aliens and maybe reclaimed extraterrestrial technology.
An incident that occurred near the town may give some insight into the fear many feel when this place is spoken about.
The Infamous Dyatlov Pass Incident.
January 28, 1959, 10 students and graduates from the U.S.T University set off on a planned hike through Russia's Ural Mountains. This trek would take bring them close to the secret town.
Everyone in the group were experienced mountaineers, the planned expedition would see them reaching their destination by February 12.
Nine of them never made it
The lone survivor being, Yury Yudin, he was fortunate in getting sick before the group got into the backcountry leg of the journey.
He was forced by his sickness to stay behind, Luck was shining on the young man as what happened to his friends was truly horrific.
A search-and-rescue team was dispatched to find the group when they failed to arrive at the preplanned rendezvous.
The rescuers came upon a scene straight from a horror movie. the tent that the nine had shared had been slashed open from the inside.
Inspecting the tent they discovered the team’s rations, warm clothing, and other essential equipment left behind. Continuing the search they then discovered five of the missing hikers at a distance of one mile (1.6 km) from the tent.
 Two of the hikers were discovered beside the remnants of a campfire, they had severely burned hands. The other three were found in intervals of about 100 feet (30 m), it looked like they had been attempting to return to their destroyed tent.
Bizarrely All five were found in various stages of undress.
Some were barefoot, and others were dressed in only their socks.
 One of the men, Rustem Slobodin, had a small fracture in his skull, oddly it was concluded that he had died from exposure and not from the head injury.
It took another three months to find the remaining four hikers. This is when the story becomes even stranger.
The bodies were found to be wearing clothes which belonged to the students whose bodies were located next to the campfire, this indicating that they had scavenged from those bodies.
It was said that all four had apparently fallen into a ravine and died.
When the bodies were given a postmortem it was found that one of these hikers had received a chest injury which the doctors compared to a person being in a severe car crash, and one of the female hikers was found to be missing her tongue.
The hikers' clothing was highly radioactive, and other than their severe injuries, there were no obvious signs of struggle.
The investigators also noted that oddly, there was no presence of any other living thing in the areas where the bodies were found.
 Semyon Zolotaryov, had grabbed his camera before he fled, choosing his camera over clothing, what was the man hoping to photograph?
Yuri Krivonischenko, had also taken his camera and managed to snap a blurry picture of a mysterious glowing object.
So what could have killed the unfortunate hikers?
There are a few theories, the first is that they were attacked by person or possibly an animal.
 One problem with this idea is that the search teams found only nine sets of footprints in the snow, a set of tracks for each of the hikers.
There were no animal or extra human tracks found.
Over the years since the incident first became public knowledge some 75 theories have been proposed to explain what happened to the group.
These ideas cover the full gambit of explanations everything from crazed escaped prisoners, yetis, and aliens. Even the idea that a missile may have been misfired maybe from the nearby town, or a low-flying jet sending out shockwaves, which frightened the group from the tent and out into the freezing wilderness.
Could the answer be the nearby secret town, did they see something they shouldn’t have, did security forces step in and silence them?
 Were their deaths then made into an unsolvable mystery this making sure that no one looked at the nearby secret town for answers?
We may soon get an answer as Alexander Kuryakov, chief of justice announced that the Dyatlov Pass incident was to be reopened.
He told reporters:  “Relatives, the media and the public still ask prosecutors to determine the truth and don’t hide their suspicions that something was hidden from them.”
The relaunched investigation will see a team return to the site to recreate the scene of the deaths.
The current investigator Lev Ivanov, quickly concluded all nine deaths were caused by an unknown elemental force.
When asked for a private comment on the incident the man said he thinks that they had been killed by aliens after the group spotted a UFO.
Could that be what was in the blurry picture snapped by Yuri Krivonischenko?
Many have concluded that the mystery will never be solved, and that there was some sort of cover-up at the time.
Could the deaths have more to do with the nearby mystery town and its secrets?
What do you think happened to these unfortunate souls?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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