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Monday, 18 February 2019

The Roswell crash of 1947

The Roswell crash of 1947 is an event that will always be interesting to many.
A fact about the bizarre incident which captivates the imaginations of people is the recovery and following press conference that showed the artifacts that were said to have been recovered.
Amongst this debris were beams, these beams had strange symbols engraved on them.
These symbols or hieroglyphs have been compared to those found in ancient Egypt and they have been a hotly debated subject among UFO researchers.
These however, are not the only reported alien hieroglyphs, there have been similar symbols described from a number of different UFO incidents.
The Rendlesham encounter is a famous British UFO sighting when a triangle shaped alien craft was seen and was reported as having similar symbols imprinted on the metallic ships surface.
Along with the discovery of long lost ufo in a British museum.
Those who witnessed and recorded these symbols have been trying decipher the meaning behind them.
So what have they learned and have they decoded an alien message?

Almost everyone, even those with the vaguest of interest in the subject of UFOs have a little knowledge on what occurred back on 8 July 1947.
On that fateful day “The Roswell Daily Record” published its front page article, with the now famous headline “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region”, birthing on of the biggest legends in ufology.
Today, many ufologists consider the “Roswell incident” to be one of the most well documented bodies of evidence that shows how the US government routinely covers up the existence of extraterrestrial life here on Earth.
Others say that the whole thing is a fantasy based on an actual secret military project.
On June 4, 1947, a secret government program named ‘Project MOGUL’ launched. It saw a balloon carrying microphones designed to triangulate the location of Soviet atomic bomb testing.
 It would achieve this by monitoring the sound waves carried in the zone between the troposphere and the stratosphere, about 50,000 feet up.
The test was not a success, the balloon was said to have crashed.
This crash being the catalyst for the UFO story in Roswell New Mexico.
Matt Brazel a local rancher found mysterious debris in early July of the same year.
Brazel told the local newspaper the Roswell Daily Record that he and his son spotted a burning light in the sky they followed the path of the object and found where it had made impact with the ground.
They discovered a large area of bright wreckage made up of rubber strips, tinfoil, a rather tough paper and strange sticks.
The sticks were said to be covered in strange markings, these markings would come to known as the Roswell hieroglyphs.
What could these glyphs be and mean?
  The designs reportedly seen on the I-beams that Brazel found were recorded in a rendition of original drawings made by Jesse Marcel in July of 1947.
Who is Jesse Marcel?
That’s a whole other story,   Jesse Marcel Jr, who handled debris from the 1947 crash of an unidentified flying object near Roswell, New Mexico.
His strange life is a topic that we could look into in another video let me know if you would like to see that.
So what do these symbols mean?
A book named “The Dancing Wu Li Masters, written by Gary Zukav provides a basic introduction to quantum theory.
Included in the pages are a series illustrations from a classic textbook on quantum physics. This book titled “Modern College Physics by Dr. Harvey White.”
 The books diagrams represent the various forms taken by electron clouds in hydrogen atoms.
There are a diagrams which show similarity in characteristics to these mysterious glyphs, one example are those of Milo Wolff.
When taking the ten figures drawn by Marcel and assign them a number 1-10. (Images numbered)
You may notice a pattern form numbers 1, 4, and 5 are very much like the Electron Cloud diagrams L-1 and possibly M-1.
Number 8 is exactly like L-2. And although they are not totally identical, possibly in a transitional stage, numbers 3 and 6 are similar to L-3.
Does this show there is a link between Marcel's I-beam recreation and these hydrogen diagrams. If so, what were quantum mechanical diagrams doing in the New Mexico desert in 1947?
Could they been some type of engineering instructions, or maybe a warning like we see on earthly vehicles.
The Roswell UFOs anomalous beams have been said to be a hoax, debunkers claim it to be nothing more than cheap novelty tape used to stick the balloon together.
This seems unlikely to me for two reasons, one a well-funded black budget program like project Mogul would use something from a local store in its construction. If the balloon was top go down, as many say it did, who ever found the debris could easily trace it.
If this was to have happened over Russia it would have not been difficult for them trace and locate where the US was testing its secret projects
The second is the appearance of these glyphs at other UFO incidents. If these are secret government projects, has the small toy store at which the tape was purchased back in the forties become a major supplier to governments of the world?
If so, this tape must be something special, Gaff tape may be about to lose its crown!!
So what other reports do we have where these hieroglyphs have also been seen?
A 'chilling message' in CIGARETTE TIN found at London Science Museum could link to Roswell.
A UFO named “The Silpho UFO” has been discovered in the dust filled archives of London’s Science Museum.
The strange artifact found hidden in a small tin cigarette box.
This “minute UFO” was discovered on Silpho Moor North Yorkshire, way back in 1957 ten years after the Roswell incident.
The metal disc is reported to be 16 inches in diameter, weighs about 22lbs and is inscribed with hieroglyphics these are similar to those I have just talked about found at the  Roswell crash site.
Found within the Silhpo UFO was a book of 17 thin copper sheets, each of these sheets covered in yet more strange hieroglyphics.
Local man Phillip Longbottom has made claim that the hieroglyphics have been translated into a 2000-word alien message.
An alien called Ullo wrote the texts to warn that Earth is under serious threat from nuclear weapons, the copper sheets contained the chilling message:
“You will improve or disappear.”
These remains of a tiny alien craft were initially sent to the Natural History Museum in London anomalously back in late fifties. This after reports of a bizarre late-night sighting of between 30 and 40 UFOs in the area.
Experts said it was probably an elaborate hoax because they could find no evidence that the metal had come from somewhere else in the solar system or that it had suffered damage from the high temperatures encountered upon entering the Earth’s atmosphere.
However Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding did believe the object was from outer reaches of space.
He personally examined the object in 1959 and said it was a real “miniature UFO”.
We can draw some parallels to our activity in space and our languages here on something I looked at in the video linked above
March 2, 1972 Cape Kennedy Pioneer 10 was launched.
Aboard an Atlas Centaur rocket destined for a two-year mission to Jupiter the probe still travels through space some forty years later.
 On board is the famous gold plated aluminum disk. This disk carrying a message from humanity to the deepest regions of the solar system.
Critics say that the message on the plaque is too difficult to understand.  They point to the fact that almost none of the human scientists shown the message were able to completely decipher its meaning.
Extraterrestrial intelligences that do not share our common knowledge may find this message impossible to decipher
We do know how difficult something like this is, here on this planet the deciphering the Egyptian hieroglyphs took centuries.
So the revealing of a message hidden in the Roswell hieroglyphs would be almost be impossible!
Do you think we will ever know what is said in the glyphs from Roswell?
Do you think the debunkers are correct and this is nothing more than patterned tape?
Is there a commonality between the British UFO and the evidence found in New Mexico?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below

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