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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Would aliens even bother visiting earth?

 alien visitors

I would think that most of you who come to the channel are believers in aliens...I would love to know the numbers so go ahead cast your vote in the poll….we spend a lot of time arguing our point with those that are not so convinced in extraterrestrial life.
We often point them to links with amazing videos of ufo's. Quote historical events and some of us give examples of the alien species said to be here, or at least be visiting this little blue rock we call home.
But sometimes the simplest question can reveal the truth or at least make you rethink some of your previous ideas.
Don't get me wrong I am firmly in the believer’s camp but a great article I just read asked the simplest questions with some great answers
The title sums ups the idea.
Why would aliens even bother visiting earth?

The article written by Lewis Dartnell looks at the different reason why or why not extraterrestrials would want to come to our world and it asks some great questions and gives some good answers.
Mr Dartnell is am astrobiologist who has spent many an hour working away in his lab. He looks at extremophiles creatures that live in the most inhospitable parts of the planet. This research is then used to theorize about life out in the furthest reaches of space.
He does comment that he believes the majority of life that is out there would be made up of these hardy microbial single cell organism and is a sceptic when it comes to advanced alien civilizations.
 So if you believer that all good if you’re not put that to one side for the moment and that say there is at least one intergalactic advanced alien race out there why would, when they have the whole universe, they want to come to this piece of galactic real estate especially when its infested with a violent dangerously technologically capable ape!!
One of the oldest theories and one that has been adopted by many with the legends of the Anunnaki is for the very ape-like creatures I just mentioned, us.
We could make a good slave race we have enough intelligence to work complex machines but still could be easily controlled.
We could be put to work in the mines like the Anunnaki tales tell or in almost any other capacity, we could become the galactic equivalent of the dark days of African slavery here on earth.
Our astrobiologist does, however, see a large flaw in the idea as if the aliens were so advanced robotics and ai would be available to them and surely it would be easier to create control and manage a workforce of machines rather than dealing with us and our emotions.
Well, how’s about sex, sex slavery is a continual problem here with just our species can you imagine if we throw an alien race into the mix. They could be of the mindset that it is a purely practical event reproduction to access our DNA cross breed to gain something from our genetic make which they may lack, for this to happen on the most fundamental level, an alien race would need to be compatible with us, not just somewhat physically but genetically.
 They would need not only the same polymer, deoxyribonucleic acid, as the storage molecule for their genetic information, but also to use the same four "letters" for their genetic alphabet.
They would also need to have the same coding system for translating sequences of genetic letters into proteins, and the same organizational structure of the DNA strands into chromosomes.
This is one point where are feel he has missed the mark, genetic engineering here on earth is unlocking many secrets of gene editing making cross-species DNA manipulation something we can now do almost easily.

Our alien visitors which we are hypothesizing are way in advance of us when it comes to other forms technology would also likely be just as advanced in genetic editing, harvesting our genetic code would be easy and would need to sexual.
Many an alien abductee supports this with their stories reporting the taking of biological samples.
Okay so let's take this to even more base level, could we be interstellar rest stop?
Somewhere for ET to stop stretch their legs and grab a snack.
That snack being us!
The question our scientist asks is whether an alien’s biochemistry would be capable of digesting us.
He explains how our cells are made up of various organic molecules: proteins (polymers of amino acids), nucleic acids DNA and RNA and membranes of phospholipids.
 We need to replace our genetic structure for our bodies to grow and repair themselves we do this by taking in the basic building from food sources such as animals and plants.
Our digestive system breaks them down into their component amino acids, sugars, and fatty acids, which we then use as building blocks.
An alien would need to be based on similar biochemistry, and have the enzymes needed for processing the molecules we are built from to gain anything nutritionally from us.
Also, you would have to ask why us when there is so much other life for them to feed on.
Humanity makes up 0.01% of all life on this planet.
There would be easier meals to be had.
Okay so if it's not the food they are after how about a drink?
We know that one thing we think of as a necessity for life to grow, thats water.
Could water be the resource that covert?

There is a problem with this idea as well he states that there are a lot of far better sources of water in space And that In fact, current models think that Earth first formed from the swirling disc of gas and dust around a proto-Sun and that young earth was a pretty dry planet; the water to fill our oceans was delivered much later by a barrage of comets and asteroids coming from the colder, outer regions of the solar system.
Europa, a moon which orbits Jupiter, contains more liquid water in the global ocean beneath its frozen surface than our entire planet and would be a far better source of good old H2O.
This is when his ideas begin to cross over heavily with the ideas held by those that believe in ancient aliens. He asks if they could come in search of other raw material. Metals and minerals that could be used to construct their technology or even elements which they give value, similar to us with rare stones like diamonds.
Once again he says that this would be an irrational idea as it would once again be far easier to mine these elements in space. Gathering them from asteroid fields and other unpopulated planets. There are many places with much more of an abundance of these materials, after all this why space mining is gathering a lot of attention on this planet. If we can get out hands on some of that loot from the solar system it could drive down the cost of much of our technology which often needs rare minerals for its circuits and batteries.
Now we get to of the simplest and possibly most likely reasons why they would come to earth.
The first being, they need a new home. Their home planet has become uninhabitable for one of the many possible reasons and now they have become refugees searching for a planet to begin again.
Our planet is, after all, a very hospital place for us maybe it would also be suitable for ET?
Various features of the Earth beyond our warm oceans are thought to be crucial to maintaining a stable surface environment for geological time periods. These include plate tectonics regulating the climate, a large moon preventing the spin axis of the planet from wobbling too much, and a global magnetic field for deflecting aside the solar wind and preventing the atmosphere being blown away into space.
Earth is something of a rarity, and could for these reasons be a target for our alien colonization.
But yet Again this is something that would not be a concern to an advanced alien race would have mastered all aspects of geoengineering and mega-engineering and would most likely be able to build themselves out of any hole they dug themselves into, this including building an artificial planet for them to call home.
This planet could also double as a ship flying around the universe gobbling up resources like a mega-sized Pac man.
So this brings us to the reason many believe, and the simplest of all OUR reasons.
To meet us!

To my mind, then, the enormous amounts of time and energy that are likely to be necessary for travel between the stars in a galaxy, and the fact that raw materials can be sought elsewhere more practically, would rule out aliens coming to the Earth simply to take something we have. I think we can safely rest assured that even if intelligent alien species do exist in our galaxy, they are not about to appear in our skies with an invasion fleet to subjugate humanity and begin stripping our world. Perhaps the thing that may attract extraterrestrials to Earth is us. I suspect that if aliens did come to Earth, it would be as researchers: biologists, anthropologists, linguists, keen to understand the peculiar workings of life on Earth, to meet humanity and learn of our art, music, culture, languages, philosophies and religions.
And this where we agree I think that is what is happening and not only are they observing they are also shaping our culture so one day we may to become like them.
A species capable of travelling the stars learning growing free from the greed which consumes us now.
The abundance of resources in space quenching our thirst for more.
Do you think we have been visited, why did they visit and will we one day become like them an advanced race capable of solving almost all problems and like Star Trek set off on a journey of discovery?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below

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