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Friday, 2 November 2018

The Great Flood and lost Civilizations!

Hurricane Walaka

Disappearing lands have and will continue to fascinate me.
Whether it’s the classic stories of Atlantis and Mu or the lesser tales like that of the Harahpan or Indus and  Catalhöyük the world’s oldest city.
These land masses suddenly vanishing into the tales of legend.
they leave us with questions such as, what were these cultures and peoples like?
How did the people that called these disappeared places home live?
If these places had advanced technology and in some cases, if the even existed at all?
Very occasionally we get to witness one of these disappearances.
This has happened recently, with the sinking of a Hawaiian island, could this event help us answer some of the questions we have about the mysteriously lost civilizations of legend?

Once in a while, we get to witness events of impressive destruction, Mother Nature flexing her muscle and showing mankind who is really boss.
One such incident has just been seen in the islands of the French Frigate Shoals, one island being wiped from the map.
these shoals lay off the Hawaiian coast And were just hit by a huge hurricane.
Hurricane Walaka, an intense storm that hit Hawaii earlier this month wiped the east island from the map.
this remote island of gravel and sand that sat atop a coral reef, was swallowed by the oceans as hurricane Walaka surged past Hawaii earlier this month.
Scientists have confirmed the disappearance of the 11-acre island after comparing satellite images of the enormous protected marine area in the north-western Hawaiian Islands.
scientists researching the  East Island were using drones to take samples of sand and corals to ascertain the age of the island and gauge its future prospects in the face of climate change.
East Island was about half a mile long and 400ft wide, the second largest island in the area, which Until 1952, it hosted a US Coast Guard radar station.
This island was very important to the local ecology being home to rare species such as Hawaiian monk seal, Green sea turtles, and seabirds such as albatrosses.

“The loss of the island has been described as a huge blow,”
with scientists saying they did not realise an island could disappear so quickly.”
These same scientists are concerned that the same could happen to other islands and each time it does the risks increase to the mainland.
These islands act like bumpers or buffers often diverting or absorbing bad weather and tidal erosion, as they disappear the effects are felt harder on the larger masses.
These land masses disappearing could be considered an early warning system for disasters to come.
The wiping from the map of these locations should have people living in low lying lands and coastal cities worried.
The tides are rising and we have to ask ourselves if there will come a tipping point?
Will that the tipping point come in the form of a sudden catastrophe or a slow rise of sea levels?
It would seem the water is coming and not for the first time.
Legends of Great floods are found in almost every culture on the earth there is A lot of scientific evidence which suggests that the world once experienced a flood so large that it covered the entire planet.
In the Western world, we have Noah’s Ark but legends of a great flood are tied to many religions.
It turns out that nearly every culture around the world has its own version of a Great Flood story.
Most have an element of magic and mythology linked to them tales of Gods wrath or other angry deities wreaking havoc on the world to show their displeasure with mankind.
The first story is known as The Epic of Gilgamesh.
going back to ancient Mesopotamia, and the discovery of ancient cuneiform tablets tell the story. The Mesopotamian tale predates the Hebrew version of Noah’s Ark by a considerable amount of time.
The story tells of the king of Uruk who was a despicable ruler the gods sent a wild man named Enkidu to stop the oppression of the people. The two instead become friends as the story unfolds a series of events ends with the gods being angered and sending a flood to punish them.
FRom the middle east, we travel to China and the stories of a great flood in the region.
In 1920 BC China experienced a massive flood, in this story of great flood it didn’t, however, engulf the entire planet.
But for the people living in Lajia in the northwestern Qinghai province, it
would have most likely seemed that way.
The tale begins with another natural disaster an earthquake.
This quake sent Rocks from the mountains tumbling down falling into the Yellow River and creating a natural dam.
this natural dam began collecting rainwater over the course of a year eventually bursting killing with a massive flood.
Emperor Yu spent 22 years diverting the water. Once the people regained their land, Yu began to rebuild Chinese civilization from the ground up. As the story was passed on by word of mouth over thousands of years, it became increasingly grandiose.
To India now and the Vedas a series of texts that I often refer to here on the channel and which seem to always be tied to ancient legends.
Everything from ancient aliens to lost advanced technologies so it's no surprise to find they too have a flood legend. The Hindu tale is known as the Matsya’s Warning.
In Hinduism, the god Vishnu takes the form of 10 different avatars.
One of these is the fish, Matsya.
According to mythology, King Manu poured water into his hands and found a tiny fish. It begged for his help to survive, so he decided to put it in a pitcher of water.
By the next day, the fish had doubled in size, so King Manu kept putting it in a bigger tank. It became so massive that he brought it to the ocean. He realized that this fish was the god Vishnu, and it was grateful for his kindness. His reward was the warning that there would be a horrible drought, followed by intense rainfall and flooding.
Vishnu instructed King Manu to gather all living plants and animals to survive the flood in a large boat. He brought along seven sages and their families. The sages were wise men who held all the world’s knowledge. They had to settle on land at the top of a mountain, where they proceeded to rebuild civilization.
So we reach a point where these stories are becoming predictions of disastrous floods to come, and again this is not found in just one story but many.
According to Native American mythology, there have been different stages of humanity that are split into sagas of the first, second, third, and fourth worlds. Every Native American tribe has a similar story of a great flood. It all starts with their creator gods being displeased with the way people have been behaving. The gods want humanity to start over, so they send a flood to cover the planet.
Other cultures have left us with similar tales The Epic Of Atrahasis, Maori Legend of the goddess Whaitiri, Australias Aboriginal people tell stories of the Tiddalick The Frog.
From the Philipines to Europe we hear of tales warning mankind all in the form which is indicative of the local culture.
These cultures feared they were about to be erased from the face of the planet.
should we be fearing same, Could we be the next great civilizations to fall victim to such an event?
Let’s take a look at one location that is in the firing path of one these giant floods California.
the state under threat from a megaflood?
California’s next megaflood would be Worse than the 1906 earthquake. Worse than eight Hurricane Katrina. Worse than every wildfire in California history, combined.
The world’s first trillion-dollar natural disaster.
A wintertime megaflood in California could turn out to be the worst natural disaster in U.S. history.
The odds are good that such a flood will happen sometime in the next 40 years, a recent study predicted.
 the study reported that by the end of the century, it’s a near certainty extreme West Coast rainstorms will happen at five times their historical rate, this is we continue on the path of global warming that has been mapped thus far.

The study’s lead author, Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at the University of California compared California’s weather to the pattern of earthquakes.
He stated
“A major earthquake on the Hayward Fault in the San Francisco Bay Area or on the San Andreas Fault east of Los Angeles is an inevitability in the long run, and either event would likely be devastating,” Swain says. “Yet the big difference with the risk of a major flood event is that human activities are greatly increasing the likelihood of the physical event itself through the emission of greenhouse gases.”
Congress has held hearings and proposed new funding to prepare for disasters after they read “the really big one” Kathryn Schulz’s Pulitzer-winning description of a huge earthquake hitting the area.
California’s looming megaflood would likely be much worse.
In terms of sheer destruction, displacement of human life, re-ordering of society, a California megaflood would be without parallel in modern U.S. history.
On his blog, Swain wrote: “Climate scientists are sometimes accused of being ‘alarmist,’ but I would argue that alarm is a reasonable human response.”
If we look at the history it would seem he is correct, have we become so ignorant that we no longer fear or feel we are in danger of such fast and catastrophic change?
1861–1862 a storm caused massive flooding and cost many lives and brought the area to its knees economically.
Today would be much worse the threatening disaster has been named “ARkStorm”  a thousand-year mega-storm that would test the modern infrastructure to breaking point.
For California, it looks like the worst of climate change is just getting started.
Do you think large parts of the world could be erased by another mega flood?
Do you believe in the great flood myths and think that the stories are a warning
that it happened before and will happen again?
Is this a natural cycle or something we have caused through global warming?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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