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Did Aliens cause these puzzling deaths and disappearances?

UFO Deaths

UFOs have been captured on camera, aliens autopsies have been shown online,and  recovered debris from crash sites has been analyzed.

yet many say that all this evidence amounts to nothing .

So is there another way we could find  evidence, some proof of interaction with ETs and mankind.

well, there possibly is, but it is a little macabre.

Dead Bodies.

When someone passes there is a paper trail leading to the cause of death, if this death is related to a UFO incident could it provide an indirect link to alien visitation.

Could these unfortunate souls, be the smoking guns of ufology?

let us take a look at some people who have died after interacting with UFOs.

let's start back in 1946 in the small village, in the country of Brazil. Our unlucky victim, Joao Prestes Filho.
it was a normal day, the man's sister was busy going about her daily chores until, Joao burst into the house. The man was very distressed trembling and visibly shaken. when the sister asked what was the matter with him, he  told her how he had been on a fishing trip when he spotted a strange object in the skies.
He told of how he had watched the object in disbelief, this was, until suddenly, the UFO fired a beam of light at the man, hitting him in the thigh.
The injured man stayed with his sister as she tried to calm him and treat the wound, several hours passed and Joao began to get very sick. The wound on his leg began to fester and worsen, eventually, flesh started to fall away from the bone.
the man was taken to a local hospital with Doctors unable to explain what was happening to the his leg, they commented on how it seemed as if the flesh had been boiled.
He soon passed away with no one knowing what had caused this terrifying wound which lead to the man's death.

let us jump ahead by a decade, November 1953, two men Karl Hunrath and Wilbur Wilkinson both of whom were known as UFO investigators, had rented a small aircraft to fly themselves to a rendezvous in the Golden State dessert.
whom were these men meet?
The men made the claim that they had been contacted by an alien who wished to discuss its presence on our planet and the disclosure of alien life in our universe.
No one knows if these men made it to that meeting as the plane in which they were flying disappeared from radar. after extensive searches of the area and the flight path of the plane, no wreckage was ever found. These men and the aircraft they were travelling in had just vanished.
With the time that has passed between the disappearance and today, it would be fair to assume these two UFO researchers are no longer living, another interesting aspect to this case is that Karl Hunrath had been investigating a strange new military technology that was said to be capable of making 'any military aircraft' to fall from the sky.  Was the alien in this story real or just a ploy to get the men in the air so they could be taken out. I guess we will never know.
a similar case, which is famous in the UFO community with The event being recorded over radio communications equipment.
Is the disappearance of Frederick Valentich.
October 21, 1978, Valentich rented a single-engine plane and head out from Moorabbin Airport Victoria to King Island Tasmania a journey that he would never complete.
40 years have passed since the disappearance The only clue left behind was a radio conversation between him and Melbourne Airflight Service Controller, Steve Robey.
 7 pm the radio conversation began with the request for information by Valentich asking what other craft were flying in the area.
Robey informed him that there was “no known traffic” in the area and inquired as to what type of plane it was.
“I cannot affirm. It is four bright, it seems to me, like landing lights. The aircraft has just passed over me at least a thousand feet above,” Valentich said.
As the transmission went on things got even more unnerving, with Valentich reporting that the mystery aircraft was “playing” with him.
“It seems to me that he’s playing some sort of game,” he said.
“He’s flying over me two, three times, at a time at speeds I could not identify.”
The scared pilot went on to describe a craft long, metallic and with a green light.
then his terrifying last words!
“It is hovering and it is not an aircraft.”
then  17 seconds of silence before the transmission abruptly cuts off.
No trace ever being found of the man or the aircraft.

The next cases is very strange and has been the subject of many an investigation both from private parties and the Brazilian Government.
two healthy men in their forties were found dead on the side of a Brazilian mountain this may not sound that strange, that is until you learn of the objects they had with them at the time of passing.
Both men were dressed in suits and wearing waterproof coats. They had lead eye masks with no holes, such as one would wear to protect from radiation. There was also an empty water bottle, two towels and a notebook. The notebook confused the case even further. It contained a few notes in Portuguese. Translated, they read: “16:30 be at agreed place, 18:30 swallow capsules, after effect protect metals wait for mask signal.”
 investigations ruled that both men had died of cardiac arrest. The idea that both men could have had a heart attack at the same time be ridiculous too many.
were their deaths caused by strange, orange, glowing craft hovering over the area where the two men were found?
This just one of many questions in this story, What was the effect they were waiting for?  What was the mask sign?  And why did they need protection from radiation, to begin with?
Again this case has never been truly resolved the more you dig the more questions arise.
The final and most recent death is that of Todd Sees.
August 2002 Montour Ridge, Northumberland, Pennsylvania 5:00 AM the man was driving through his property checking on the local deer population ahead of hunting season.
This was the last time anyone would see the man alive.
A search was organised and the area was scoured for 2 days on the second day the body of Todd was found under a bush and badly emaciated.

Did this man find himself in trouble in the early hours of that August morning?
What is known is a large number of reported UFO sighting that occurred at the same time as he went missing. reports to MUFON saying that there was a silver disc flying near Montour Ridge.
One witness even reporting a “shaft of light” that shot from the craft shining down onto the top of the mountain this being where Todd’s vehicle was discovered.
A strange beam of light and an emaciated body this sounds very similar to the first case I mentioned maybe Todd took more of a hit from the strange light then Joao?
Do you think these deaths show us that there is a real interaction between man and UFO?
Do you think these deaths were intentional or accidents resulting from unexpected interactions?
What strange extraterrestrials deaths have you heard about?
let me know in the comments below.



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