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Targeted Individuals 'IF' The Tech that is used?

 Targeted Individuals

targeted individuals are people who have been selected by secretive groups to be monitored tracked and surveilled.

They may be involved in activities that are seen as subversive to a government involved in criminal activity or just be unlucky enough to be an unwillingly participant in the testing of new technologies used by the clandestine organizations who carry out these operations.

we took a look at those that say they have been targeted in another video.

but what if you start to notice strange things happening around you clicks on your phone, computer glitches, YouTube outages or the same cars following you?

here are the technologies that come into play when you become targeted!!



The first is 'the BUG' as it is most commonly known but in security circles its named PBA a pulsed beacon assembly.
these devices enable your tracking anywhere from inside your home to walking the streets often with a GPS capability which means your movement can be mapped from anywhere on the planet, eyes on surveillance only really needed if the target is to be subject to action.
These BUGs are easily detected their strong pulse can be picked up by scanning and can sometimes interfere with everyday tech, this leading into the development of ever more advanced methods of targetting and tracking.
“tagging, tracking and locating,” or TTL, is the acronym given to this practice used by law enforcement and military.
 it is how they tag and follow high-value targets on the battlefield or in an investigation.
TTL gear is some of the most worryingly scary Special Operations’ equipment that exists today and it is in use by teams like the SEALS, SAS , Mossad and other elite forces of the world today.
The US military has spent around $450 million on just one company that works in this field, that company is Blackbird Technologies a leader in the creation of covert field operations technologies.
This company was later purchased by the infamous Raytheon, this is the company that has had its name attached to such conspiracies as 9/11 weather manipulation and even alien contact.
Raytheon manufacture (ATFLIR) the Advanced Targeting Forward Look Infrared sensor a device mounted under fighters.
The normally secretive company boasted “We might be the system that caught the first evidence of E.T. out there. But I’m not surprised we were able to see it. ATFLIR is designed to operate on targets that are travelling in excess of Mach 1. It’s a very agile optical system with a sensitive detector that can distinguish between the cold sky and the hot moving target quite easily.”
Billions of dollars from government black budgets goes into the development of cutting-edge tracking technologies, these developments cover a wide range of fields from biometrics and human detection to miniature drones and microscopic radar-responsive tags.

The leap which has occurred recently in the creation of new hardware is amazing, old technologies like infrared tracking and targetted RFID and such like, are being replaced with increasingly more sophisticated devices with capabilities that most would not believe possible.
Tracer Detection Technology Corp has a program developing a system which Like a bloodhound can track you using scent.
Part one is to mark a target with a paraffin wax crayon, this crayon is filled with a perfluorocarbon, a thermally-stable compound which is commonly found in refrigerators and cosmetics.
This perfluorocarbon emits a vapour that is then tracked with sensors, such as a gas chromatograph. The scent signature being unique to the crayon enabling accurate targetting and obviously this smell is undetectable to the human nose.
Your olfactory nerve will not help you, as won't, hiding in a room.
 the perfluorocarbon tracers can “permeate closed doors and windows, containers and luggage,” and even work after a tagged item is removed the odour clinging to the target.
 If this technology doesn't have you slightly worried how about a tracer that is perfectly translucent, odourless, and practically invisible?
 this technology not needing you to carry an electronic device to track or have somewhere on your person that a device can be secretly placed. This tracker requires nothing more than a pat on the back, a shake of hands or brushing up against a person.
Oregon-based Voxtel manufactures a product called, “NightMarks”.
NightMarks are tiny nanocrystal quantum dots that can be hidden in clear liquids which can only be seen through a night vision sensors and night-vision goggles.
How do these nanoscopic dots work?
 because of their tiny size, the materials used to make them do not react to light in the same way as normal.quantum-confinement effect means they absorb light this absorbtion of light can be tweaked to create a spectral barcode.
This barcode can be spotted read by people but more worryingly makes for an effective tag when it comes to drones and AI. These platforms have the sensor capability to see the mark as easily as we see a candle in the night.
some other technologies in use, for a purpose like perimeter security on small firebases, are created by companies like SpotterRF, they build small radar-sensor systems, the SpotterRF M600, is roughly the same size as a small netbook or laptop.
It can easily point out people moving around on a  position marked and tagged using  Google Earth.
The M600 uses radio waves in the X band that can detect movement of persons up to 1,000 meters and vehicles up to the 1,500-meter mark.
 It integrates with Google Earth by using its own built-in GPS to fix the device’s position and overlay tracked targets onto the mapping service.
 In effect sticking a GPS tracking device to someone virtually this eliminating the need for contact with a  person or vehicle.
This technology supersedes devices like RFID tags.
RFID is commonplace now and is being used to mark items in shops tag your car keys and unlock your front door. Military RFID tags are slightly different Their radar-responsive tags stay asleep until awakened by a radar pulse.
to give a comparison The tags found in your local shops have a range of a couple of meters, military-grade tags can light up and locate themselves from 12 miles away.
 these technologies have no need for the target to be carrying electronics, but let's face it you would be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn't carry a phone these days. There are even charities in place which donate old phones to those who can not afford to purchase one.
The tracking of a person through this device is the easiest option these organisations have.
we are all aware that location-hungry tentacles are quietly lurking behind some of the most innovative features on mobile operating system.
This data is used to sell us goods, tell us of local events but it also means governments have a detailed data record of on an individual’s whereabouts at all times.
we can run, but today it's hard to hide.
digital civil liberties, freedom, and privacy have all but gone.
so why did I revisit this topic?
I wanted to show that we are all targetted individuals in some way and how I think there has been a pattern of strange occurrences online.
Most recently Youtube had its global outage but it's a pattern that has slowly been working its way through the big online social media sites. Facebook was hit before that, that's the biggest social media site and the second biggest search engine both taken down.
Instagram is another and the list goes on.
Could these shutdowns allow governments the time they needed for the insertion of new code?
we know governments are scrambling to strengthen cybersecurity laws and regulations in an attempt to heighten security on various social media platforms.
Is this, as they say, to protect the internet, or is it to protect themselves from an increasingly aware and free-flowing exchange of ideas?
An attempt to plug the dam, stopping the likes of Snowden, Assange and Manning and the many other whistleblowers online.
I think you guys have heard the conspiracy that youtube was shut down due to a video of a uniformed man talking about impacts on the moon, true or false we have now seen how easily the plug can be pulled.
Do you think we have reached a point that goes beyond the writings of Orwell?
Do you think the governments of the world would pull the plug on the internet?
let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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A Halloween Story

 The Legends of Devon


Purple, heather clad moorland, wide open views, crystal clear waterways and grey stone tors these are the things that shape the landscape of Dartmoor.
These valleys, swamps and wetlands, are home to long and well-trodden pathways, though empty and desolate. The scenery of Dartmoor is alive with legends.
Battered by the cold winds, covered in thick mist, and home to some of Britain's most mysterious tales.
for the longest time, this area of southwest England has been a hotbed of spooky stories and urban legends.
keeping with the Halloween theme lets take a look at a suicide, a great British legend, and a cursed man.

From the old bluffs of Cornwall to the hazy peat lowlands of Devon, there are stories whispered for  hundreds of years, old once told by the local tin miners, passed down and cherished in local custom.
they're all superbly spooky.
The first brings us to a Little homestead in the middle of  Dartmoor.
a place where Many guests stop by.
The grave of Kitty Jay.
in years gone by, Those that took their own lives were not permitted to be buried in the sanctified ground of a church, this leaving their spirits to wonder our world lost and alone
The superstitious people of the time trusted that, if a body was taken at as far as possible outside of a town or village, and then buried, ideally at a crossroads, the soul would not be able to find its way back.
This saving the fearful residents from being haunted by the recently departed.
Jay's Grave is the place of is one of these burials.
The story goes Kitty Jay was a young beautiful unmarried housemaid who took a lover, this man betrayed the young woman breaking her heart. Kitty in distress took her own life, hanging herself in an outbuilding adjacent to the homestead.
 the body was dealt with in the most brutal way, discarded like trash denied a proper burial.
 This is when a Mr James Bryan decided to exhume the remains and give them a  better burial.He took the remains outside of the village and at a crossroads buried poor kitty once again using stones mark the spot.
This is where the mystery of the grave begins.
Each day fresh flowers are found on Kitty's resting place but no one is ever seen placing them there.
No matter what time of the year, whenever you pass  Kitty Jay’s Grave you will always see fresh flowers, sometimes wildflowers, sometimes garden flowers.
  No one knows who put them there or why, but one thing is for sure poor Kitty Jay has been remembered for far longer than the superstitious country fold who originally buried her!!

The next location on the windy moor is associated with two local legends one known by many the other maybe not so much.
Dozmary (or Dozmare) Pool is a small lake found in Altarnun on Bodmin Moor.
the lake sits 10 miles from the ocean and around 9 miles north-east of Bodmi an area famous for having a beast stalking its hills.
Local legends tell that the lake is supposed to be bottomless, and it plays a part in two other important local legends.
the first is that it is said to be the home of the Lady of the Lake from Arthurian legend.
As told in the legend, it is here that King Arthur paddled out and met with the Lady of the Lake obtaining the legendary sword Excalibur.
Excalibur the legendary blade of King Arthur, enchanted with magical powers it is said whom ever wields the sword is the legitimate ruler of Great Britain.
the legend of Arthur has been told and retold for hundreds of years with the ending always being the same, Arthur lay dying from the injuries received following his fight with Mordred, and Excalibur must be returned back to its source, this until someone worthy shall rise to replace Arthur and rule Britain.   the Lady of the Lake residing in Dozmary (or Dozmare) Pool along with the sword waiting.
Today sadly, the lake has all but dried up, the water evaporated away.
have the chances of finding the legendary blade evaporated too?

Another story tied to  Dozmary Pool is that of Jan Tregeagle.
This mans wild spirit wanders the moors, his ghostly wails can be heard along the rugged coasts, across these bleak moors and echoes through the valleys.
the unresting spirit of the most evil man the Duchy has ever known.

This wicked man's spirit is said to have been set a series of impossible tasks by the devil, this to keep his soul out of hell.

Jan Tregeagle was an early 17th-century magistrate in Bodmin. this man amassed great wealth through all manner of evil underhand deeds which included cheating an orphan of his inheritance.

towards the end of his life remorse began to creep up on Tregeagle.
There was practically no sin he had not committed and in a desperate attempt to escape the fate that lay ahead of a life of wickedness
he lavished money on the church and the poor hoping to obtain the help of the clergy to save his soul from the fiery depths of hell.
duty Bound the priests banded together in an attempt to save his soul,  and by constant prayer, they kept the powers of darkness at bay.
Tregeagle eventually died and was buried in St Breock Church near Wadebridge.
 But the demons were not so willing to give up what they felt was their lawful prey.
Shortly after his death, there was an important lawsuit. The judge was just about to finish his summing up, and the case was all but decided against the defendant.
This was when the judge called for any further witness.
 To the horror of the court a  slender, shadowy figure appeared in front of the court, it Tregeagle back from the dead to take the witness stand.
People fled but the stoic judge remained and began to question the ghostly figure.
Now the fact that Tregeagle had been brought back from beyond the grave, despite the reason being worthy, placed him once more within dangerous grasps of the demons who were hungry for his soul.
 The Churchmen who had once prayed for the man's soul needed to step in and keep the demons from their prize, it was decided that the only hope for peace was for the spirit of the evil man to be given a number of tasks which would keep him busy until the Day of Judgement.
As long as he worked unceasingly he might still have some hope of salvation.
He was to empty out Dozmary Pool, using only a limpet shell which also had a hole.
it is said that for many years Tregeagle laboured at this until one day there was a terrible storm he stopped working for just a moment.
The demons seized the opportunity and descended on him.
He fled only escaping them by leaping over the lake - demons its is said cannot cross water - he rushed to the sanctuary of the little chapel on Roche Rocks near St Austell.
scrambling to enter the chapel he managed to get his head through the east window, just in the nick of time.

 his head was stuck in the window but his body was left dangling outside at the mercy of the demons, there Tregeagle remained.
Eventually, Tregeagles screams and the incessant howling of the demons drove the priest to call for help.
They bound the wretched soul with holy spells and took him safely across to Gwenvor Cove, where he was set another task.
 He was to weave a truss of sand and spin a sand rope to bind it.
Tregeagle worked out a way to complete his impossible task, he poured water onto the sand which then froze.
he could now finish what was set for him by the priests.
 this preist fearing he would once again be free bringing demons back to the land summoned St Petroc who bound Tregeagle with a mighty chain.
 Tregeagle was set another task, he was to carry all the sand from the beach across to the estuary of the River Cober to Porthleven, this until only rock remained on the beach.
 St Petroc knew the task was futile because with every tide the sand would be swept back again.
the demons were always watching, then one-day Tregeagle was wading across the river, sand began to pour from the huge sack that he carried, this dammed up the stream, forming Loe Pool.
The dam is what is now known as Loe Bar, a sinister place with more than a few myths of its own.
after yet another failure and the threat of demons, a final task was set for Tregeagle, which he is said to still carry out to this day.
He was taken to Land's End and ordered to sweep the sand from a cove on the headland, it is said on a winter's night when you are in the area you can hear Tregeagle howling and roaring at the hopelessness of his task.
what spooky local legends do you have?
What stories do you like tell of a Halloween night?
let me know in the comments below have a great Halloween

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Satan Sighting

 Seeing the Devil?

Mephistopheles, Beelzebub, Baphomet or just plain old satan.
The fallen angel and ruler of hell has as many names as he does stories of his evil deeds.
the devil is presiding over his fiery kingdom tormenting the tortured souls of evildoers but on Halloween does he get to take a break?
Maybe he pops up for a look at his handy work and maybe claim a few extra souls as a memento of the trip?
Let's take a look at some of the strangest sightings of Satan.

The devil has been making trips to our realm since the earliest of days. Appearing to tempt Jesus trying to get him to break his 40 day fast in the Judaean desert.
Maybe he was aiming a little too high with that one but it would seem he learned his lesson as he turned his attention to regular folk like you and me from that point on.
stories of Lucifer tempting people have been the backbone of religion since the start. the evil antithesis of many religions has been hungry to find fresh souls to imprison.
I want to take look at his short vacations from the fire pit and the times he has said to have appeared to regular joes.
 here are some of the spookiest sightings of Satan.
let's jump back to the 11th century and a small Welsh village near  Aberystwyth.
The legends tell the tale of a bridge built by the devil after he appeared to a local woman and struck the bargain that would cost her her soul.
The lady and her cattle were said to be stuck on one side of the river unable to cross and desperate to get to market. The devil appeared and offered a solution he would construct a bridge in exchange for a soul. That soul coming from the first living thing to cross the bridge.
 The woman agreed and the bridge was built the devil now grinning would collect his prize. The woman was however not that foolish, she took a loaf of bread from her bag and tossed it across the bridge her dog took chase and lost its soul.
Satan embarrassed at being outwitted left never to be seen in the area again, to this day the nearby village is known as Devil's bridge.
Maybe after being outsmarted by a little old lady, the Devil thought he would try his hand somewhere else, that place may have been Juarez Mexico.
In 1942 a young man in his twenties went to check out the recently arrived circus. The circus had the normal attractions exotic animals even more exotic dancers clowns and a freak show.
The young man was fascinated and went to see the attractions, the two-headed cow the singing chicken and the elastic man, as was normally the case these presentations were fake or overly exaggerated.
Disappointed the young man turned to walk away but was stopped by a short man in a dinner jacket.
this little man proclaimed himself to be the greatest illusionist that has ever walked the earth, the young man asked if he was part of the circus to which the man replied he auditioned for a job, but the owner turned him down because his act was so frightening that the owner accused him of being the devil.
intrigued the young man accepted an invitation to the illusionist trailer for an impromptu show of his skills.
they entered the trailer and the man began, he held up his right hand and then proceeded to put a white glove on his right hand. He extended his arm and started running his left hand over, under, and around his gloved right hand, all while closing and opening his right hand, and wiggling his fingers.
The stranger started chanting some strange words in another language. Then, with his left hand, he grabbed the tip of the white glove, turned and looked at the man'and asked him if he was ready. he said yes, and with a quick motion, the stranger removed the glove.
The man screamed and stared in shock and disbelief, the gloved hand was now only bones which the man continued to wriggle and move. The odd little magician gave him a close-up look and it was real!!!
then the stranger grabbed the top of the man's head with his bony hand ​and said that he was now, really going to show them something.
Placed on the floor was a wooden plank with six inch long nails protruding up and looking very sharp. The stranger stood and then leapt in the air landing right on the nails. The nails went penetrating through his shoes and blood started to flow. The young man stood there transfixed as the stranger started to laugh, pointing at the man with his bony finger.
That was it, it was time to run.
The young man knew that this weird illusionist was no entertainer but was the devil!!
The last story is from a Halloween night in  1975.
 the El Camaroncito Nite Club San Antonio a handsome stranger waltzes in and turns all the women’s heads.
Taking to the dance floor, he's an amazing dancer, he has all the moves. Even the shyest girl in the club couldn’t resist his request to join his side.
“But then something strange happened when they were dancing
“For just a moment these enchanted women broke out of their hypnotic trance and glanced to the floor.
‘Your feet! Your feet!’ the woman dancing with the tall man screamed, tearing herself from his tight embrace.Horrified the people in the club stared at the dance floor and saw long, skinny claws protruding from the stranger’s trouser cuffs, no shoes instead large hideous chicken feet.
“It’s the devil" they screamed
dropping to their knees women began to scream and pray.
the stranger then disappeared into the men’s restroom and leaving no trace.
 except for a strong smell of sulphur – the devil’s scent.
what stories have you heard regarding the devil and his little trips to our world?
Do you believe that these sightings are something else or just spooky tales for us to tell on a Halloween night?
Let me know in the comments below.

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Did Aliens cause these puzzling deaths and disappearances?

UFO Deaths

UFOs have been captured on camera, aliens autopsies have been shown online,and  recovered debris from crash sites has been analyzed.

yet many say that all this evidence amounts to nothing .

So is there another way we could find  evidence, some proof of interaction with ETs and mankind.

well, there possibly is, but it is a little macabre.

Dead Bodies.

When someone passes there is a paper trail leading to the cause of death, if this death is related to a UFO incident could it provide an indirect link to alien visitation.

Could these unfortunate souls, be the smoking guns of ufology?

let us take a look at some people who have died after interacting with UFOs.

let's start back in 1946 in the small village, in the country of Brazil. Our unlucky victim, Joao Prestes Filho.
it was a normal day, the man's sister was busy going about her daily chores until, Joao burst into the house. The man was very distressed trembling and visibly shaken. when the sister asked what was the matter with him, he  told her how he had been on a fishing trip when he spotted a strange object in the skies.
He told of how he had watched the object in disbelief, this was, until suddenly, the UFO fired a beam of light at the man, hitting him in the thigh.
The injured man stayed with his sister as she tried to calm him and treat the wound, several hours passed and Joao began to get very sick. The wound on his leg began to fester and worsen, eventually, flesh started to fall away from the bone.
the man was taken to a local hospital with Doctors unable to explain what was happening to the his leg, they commented on how it seemed as if the flesh had been boiled.
He soon passed away with no one knowing what had caused this terrifying wound which lead to the man's death.

let us jump ahead by a decade, November 1953, two men Karl Hunrath and Wilbur Wilkinson both of whom were known as UFO investigators, had rented a small aircraft to fly themselves to a rendezvous in the Golden State dessert.
whom were these men meet?
The men made the claim that they had been contacted by an alien who wished to discuss its presence on our planet and the disclosure of alien life in our universe.
No one knows if these men made it to that meeting as the plane in which they were flying disappeared from radar. after extensive searches of the area and the flight path of the plane, no wreckage was ever found. These men and the aircraft they were travelling in had just vanished.
With the time that has passed between the disappearance and today, it would be fair to assume these two UFO researchers are no longer living, another interesting aspect to this case is that Karl Hunrath had been investigating a strange new military technology that was said to be capable of making 'any military aircraft' to fall from the sky.  Was the alien in this story real or just a ploy to get the men in the air so they could be taken out. I guess we will never know.
a similar case, which is famous in the UFO community with The event being recorded over radio communications equipment.
Is the disappearance of Frederick Valentich.
October 21, 1978, Valentich rented a single-engine plane and head out from Moorabbin Airport Victoria to King Island Tasmania a journey that he would never complete.
40 years have passed since the disappearance The only clue left behind was a radio conversation between him and Melbourne Airflight Service Controller, Steve Robey.
 7 pm the radio conversation began with the request for information by Valentich asking what other craft were flying in the area.
Robey informed him that there was “no known traffic” in the area and inquired as to what type of plane it was.
“I cannot affirm. It is four bright, it seems to me, like landing lights. The aircraft has just passed over me at least a thousand feet above,” Valentich said.
As the transmission went on things got even more unnerving, with Valentich reporting that the mystery aircraft was “playing” with him.
“It seems to me that he’s playing some sort of game,” he said.
“He’s flying over me two, three times, at a time at speeds I could not identify.”
The scared pilot went on to describe a craft long, metallic and with a green light.
then his terrifying last words!
“It is hovering and it is not an aircraft.”
then  17 seconds of silence before the transmission abruptly cuts off.
No trace ever being found of the man or the aircraft.

The next cases is very strange and has been the subject of many an investigation both from private parties and the Brazilian Government.
two healthy men in their forties were found dead on the side of a Brazilian mountain this may not sound that strange, that is until you learn of the objects they had with them at the time of passing.
Both men were dressed in suits and wearing waterproof coats. They had lead eye masks with no holes, such as one would wear to protect from radiation. There was also an empty water bottle, two towels and a notebook. The notebook confused the case even further. It contained a few notes in Portuguese. Translated, they read: “16:30 be at agreed place, 18:30 swallow capsules, after effect protect metals wait for mask signal.”
 investigations ruled that both men had died of cardiac arrest. The idea that both men could have had a heart attack at the same time be ridiculous too many.
were their deaths caused by strange, orange, glowing craft hovering over the area where the two men were found?
This just one of many questions in this story, What was the effect they were waiting for?  What was the mask sign?  And why did they need protection from radiation, to begin with?
Again this case has never been truly resolved the more you dig the more questions arise.
The final and most recent death is that of Todd Sees.
August 2002 Montour Ridge, Northumberland, Pennsylvania 5:00 AM the man was driving through his property checking on the local deer population ahead of hunting season.
This was the last time anyone would see the man alive.
A search was organised and the area was scoured for 2 days on the second day the body of Todd was found under a bush and badly emaciated.

Did this man find himself in trouble in the early hours of that August morning?
What is known is a large number of reported UFO sighting that occurred at the same time as he went missing. reports to MUFON saying that there was a silver disc flying near Montour Ridge.
One witness even reporting a “shaft of light” that shot from the craft shining down onto the top of the mountain this being where Todd’s vehicle was discovered.
A strange beam of light and an emaciated body this sounds very similar to the first case I mentioned maybe Todd took more of a hit from the strange light then Joao?
Do you think these deaths show us that there is a real interaction between man and UFO?
Do you think these deaths were intentional or accidents resulting from unexpected interactions?
What strange extraterrestrials deaths have you heard about?
let me know in the comments below.



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The Ghost of Carl Issacs

Haunted Prison 

Halloween fast approaches so I figured it was time for me to look up a good paranormal tale and I think I found one. This story tells of one very haunted Jailhouse.
A story of murder, suffering and ghostly goings on.
let's take a look at the tale of Savannah’s Old Chatham County Jail the House.
the home to a Spirit thought to be of one of the Evilest Ghosts in Georgia USA.

Savannah, Georgia is ill-famed for being one of the foremost haunted cities found within the entire country of the USA, with a large number of haunted Locations such as Bonaventure cemetery, the Olde Candler Hospital, and the Moon River Brewing Company.
 there is one haunted hot spot found in Savannah that out spooks all of these places the  Chatham County Jail.
 This haunted jail is a place for only the bravest of ghost hunters with a story of true terror attached it is haunted by some truly terrifying spectres.
The Chatham County Sheriff’s Department is the oldest established law enforcement agencies found in the country, being established itself in 1737.
In the  70s they moved from the original location to a new building, leaving the old headquarters to serve as the Chatham County Jail, this location was home to almost three hundred inmates, the old cramped conditions adding to the problems these prisoners faced in their incarcerated existence.
for a decade the jail housed murdered and petty criminal until  1989 when the jail was closed. the inmates being transferred to new more modern jails.
The building didn't go to waste it was repurposed as a records hall, and this is when the first stories of strange occurrences began to surface.
People who worked and visited the building began to report odd phenomena such as disembodied voices, phantom footsteps, and the overwhelming feeling of being perpetually watched.
 Some witnesses to this paranormal activity reported being touched, pushed, and in some cases, even thrown up against walls.
What invisible force could be carrying out such violence?
paranormal researchers stepped and started to investigate the ghostly claims.
 of those that had experienced these ghostly attacks and interaction with spirits.
Researchers have over the years collected much evidence of the paranormal. They have recorded thermal video of supernatural figures, EVP and even captured the riotous acts of a poltergeist.
One such violent poltergeist incident saw a huge metal plate flung across the room smashing into a wall opposite, this occurring in a room full of terrified witnesses.
 Chatham County Jail has become infamous for this type of activity , with those that have researched the jail history and inmates concluding that this violent spectre is that of former inmate Carl Isaacs.
who was Carl Issacs you may ask?
Isaacs was an escaped prisoner who, in 1973 broke free from jail and drove to Florida with his two brothers, this trip was ill-fated. The car these men were travelling in ran out of fuel with no money the group decided that it was best to steal what they needed and continue their journey to freedom.
They pulled into a gas station in the backwoods of Georgia but to the men's frustration, they found that the pumps were dry.
In desperation, the group spotted a mobile home and they decided that they could rob whoever was inside getting money to stop for gas somewhere else.
Inside the mobile home were the Alday family oblivious to what was about to happen.
The robbery was a disaster.
Isaacs commanded the Alday family at gunpoint to give up their belongings. Then he and his two partners shot and killed all five men of the family, they then turned their attention to the women raping and sometime later killing Mary Alday and dumping her body in the nearby woods.
Carl Isaacs was captured still in possession of the murder weapons a few days later
 in West Virginia.
This heinous crime went down in the annals of history as one of the foremost grotesque murders in Georgia's history.
Carl Isaacs now faced the death penalty he spent years in Chatham County jail fighting his execution, all his appeals to U.S. Supreme Court were denied.
he was put to death may 6th 2003. by lethal injection.
Issacs also holds the record for Georgia’s longest death row inmate, after all those years waiting to die, upon his death the prison officers may have seen his body leave the jail but his spirit remained.

The former cell of Isaacs is reported to be the most paranormally active locations in the jail, This area often leaving even seasoned paranormal investigators shaking in their boots.
those Ghost hunters brave enough to have investigated the cell say Issac's spirit makes itself known with waves of overwhelming dread.
These witnesses to the paranormal jailhouse goings on say that it is some of the most oppressive energy they have ever encountered, and when you take into account the acts of evil Isaacs committed during life, he probably didn’t change much in death.
If you fancy a closer look at this story TV's ghost hunters Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman, spent three days locked in this jailhouse of horrors in the show Paranormal Lockdown season two finale.
would you also like to spend time at the Jail house, would you be brave enough to spend your Halloween in a cell with Carl Issac?
What haunted locations have you visited and what did you experience?
let me know in the comments below
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 see you next time.

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Cryptids Explained "IF" The Tatzelwurm Lives?

 The Tatzelwurm Lives?

Its time for another cryptid video, this time we take a look at a serpent type creature that could be the inspiration for tales of dragons.
The Germanic legend talks of a strange beast that would seem impossible to exist but they have been sightings and the creature periodically pops up in cryptozoology news.
Some say this beast is on the brink of extinction and others claim it to be no more than fantasy.
So let's take a look at the cryptid which is known as the Tatzelwurm.

Dragons area cryptid which spans many cultures around the world from the sleek serpent type which is popular in Asian and middle eastern legends to the beast which have a taste for maidens and  a weakness for gold found in stories from Europe.
What has inspired these legends?
Why is it , that they are found across the globe ?
what inspired such beast?
Many make the comparison between the familiar shape of dragons and dinosaurs and think that dragons may have be a way to explain the finding fossils in a time when dinosaurs were named.
But, what if the answer is something else what if there is a creature that could possibly offer us an explanation, well to the European dragons at least!

the Tatzelwurm, which is German for the clawed worm, has been a rumored creature found within the Alps of Austria and Swiss mountains for more than 250 years.
 The Tatzelwurm is also called the Stollenwurm, this alternate name meaning the tunnel worm, along with the Bergstutzen, and Springwurm.
the former suggesting that the beast is capable of making impressive jumps. This abibilty could be why dragons are thought to fly.
 Descriptions of the creature can vary somewhat, however the common description tells of a short lizard-like creature with one pair legs with a body length around six feet long.
 There are a few descriptions of the Tatzelwurm that say it has four legs, the animal having  3 toes or fingers with long sharp claws.

The earliest documented encounter with a Tatzelwurm came in 1779.
 Two of these cryptids appeared to a village head named Hans Emil Klaus Julius Fuchs.
The sighting of this animal scared Hans so badly he suffered a fatal attack dying shortly after his ecounter !
before his death, he was able to tell his family of the encounter.
There is a famous painting commemorating Hans death; the German cryptozoologist Ulrich Magin, says that this depiction of two lizards like creatures is the best proof we've got for the Tatzelwurm s existence.
There are a few more pictures of the strange reptile, A Bavarian wildlife manual from 1836 includes an illustration of the cryptid in a section that refers to animals seen in woodland and the Swiss almanack 'Alpenrosen' of 1841 shows a scaly creature with 2 little front legs.This is assumed to be the Tatzulwurm.
from the 1800s we jump to 1954, a Swiss man by the name of Balkin made  claim that he had photographed a Tatzelwurm.
The picture he snapped causing a flurry of interest in the mysterious beast and an expedition was arranged to search the area where the picture was taken, this search didn't yield any fruit and left many claiming the whole story was a fiction and the famous photograph was a hoax.

Another piece of proof which many also say to be a hoax was the discovery of a Tatzelwurm skeleton.
 the Geneva Institute of Science took possession of the skeletal remains during the 1900 s. The skeleton was snake-like with two clawed arms and a  head which was bigger than normal  proportions when looking at its body.
 We sadly can't subject these remains to modern testing because as often is with this type of thing, the skeleton has been lost. The lack of a body again having people call hoax when discussing the Tatzelwurm.

Bernard  Heuvelmans, regarded as the father of Cryptozoology by many, believed` that the Tatzelwurm was a real venomous lizard living in the Alps.
He believed the animal to be some kind of amphibian,  saying that it could be a European relative to genus Megalobatrachus, the endangered large Salamander found in China and Japan.
so with a distinct lack of hard proof, we are back to witness sightings and they are many more than poor old Hans.
In 1828 a peasant found the remains of a Tatzelwurm, he managed to take the remains home,however the carcass was subsequently eaten by crows and this the specimen was lost.
throughout the 18 and 19 hundreds, it was an excepted fact that the Tatzelwurm was a real animal with many other incidental tales, like the peasant boy, keeping the story alive.
another story tells of a farmer and his son who were out gathering herbs high up in the mountain valleys.
The son rounded a rock looking for more herbs to pick, this is  when his father heard him let out an almighty scream.
Rounding the rock himself he saw a ‘gruesome monster’ behind the rock, worryingly close to his son.
The animal hissed like some sort of a snake but its face was not that of a serpent but something more feline looking, with huge bright eyes.
The father protecting his son stabbed the Tatzelwurm with a sharp stick, this weapon punctured the creature's skin sinking into its flesh.
 ‘blood’ sprayed out of the animal and when it hit the mans leg it burnt as if it were some kind of acid.
This reminds me of another acid spitting worm found in cryptozoology "the Mongolian death worm" could there be some relation in these creatures?
So what creatures that are excepted by mainstream science could this cryptid be related to?

there is the obvious comparison to snakes and other reptiles, we know of animals like the Italian Skink, the Mexican mole lizard and we have the fossil records of Tetrapodophis and other flap-footed lizards.
I would think that the idea of the Tatzelwurm being a reptile or amphibian is slim as the area is not an environment suited to reptiles, let alone a six-foot-long species.
Mammals do thrive in the area, could they provide an answer?
species such as stoats and weasels could match the described long slender body and cat-like face but they do not have the size and are obviously covered in hair and not scales.
as for the creatures acidic blood, maybe that could give us a clue.
Insects often have this trait, along with arthropods like centipedes and millipedes. Insects also have an uncanny knack of evolving to look like other creatures.
Could the Tatzelwum be some kind of super large arthropod?
Or maybe it is a dragon!!
Sadly Tatzelwurm reports have all but ceased in recent years, this leading some to claim that the animal may now be extinct if it did ever exist.
What do you think the Tatzelwurm is or was, is it a creature of fantasy or do you think there is the possibility of an unknown small dragon-like beast hiding in the picturesque mountains of the Austrian Alps?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Alien Species "IF" extraterrestrial creatures

Alien Species

UFO visitations have been happening for tens of thousands of years.

Ufologist documenting the comings and goings of many alien species.

These aliens would have to come from a world that hosted many forms of life and possibly like us they would use these different creatures for everything from food to maybe pets.

How many times a day do you see a man walking his dog or a friend posting pictures of their cat?

why would this be any different for extraterrestrials?

in this video, we take a look at other types of alien creature that may have been brought to or accompanied aliens on their visits to our planet.

There have over the years been many reports of strange creatures being seen around UFO activity Bigfoot is famously linked to orbs in the sky with some saying the cryptid with the large feet is himself an alien.
I want to take a look at the creatures that are a little stranger and don't fit in with the standard humanoid shaped alien.
the first strange story is of creatures that didn't even have a body instead looking like giant singular cell lifeforms.

The sighting occurred on December 20, 1958, in Sweden, two men were travelling from Höganäs to Heisenberg in the small hours of the morning they made their way along a road in conditions that were less than ideal.
fog rolled over the road obscuring their view the men deciding that this weather made its way to dangerous to drive stepped from the car and began to walk.
As they made their way along the road a strange glow emanating from the forest caught their eyes.
The men succumb to the curiosity that swelled up in them and went to investigate. They stumbled upon a very strange sight, in the woods was a glowing silver disc this disc stood on two legs that were around 2 feet in height. even stranger and the part of the story we are interested was what they saw above the disc-shaped craft.
Dancing around this craft was what the men describe as amorphous blobs about three feet in size. looking like giant protozoa, the bluish jelly-like entities were, hopping and jumping around the saucer.
They had no visible limbs and were translucent this meaning the men could see through these things and the bodies seemed to contain no organs. They did notice a strange odour which reminded them of burnt sausage.
But the story doesn't end there these things tried to abduct the men, they reported how they felt like there were being pulled toward the blobs by some invisible. They fought it back and managed to run back to their vehicle and sped away fog or no fog they weren't going to hang around.
This case became known as the “Domsten Blobs” and It is impossible to ascertain what these two men saw, or at least thought they saw.
 Texas is where we find our next story and those of you with arachnophobia better open a new video, a Houston based woman tells of how back in 1977, she was taken by the Grays
but I hear you saying "wait, what, I thought we were looking at unusual alien creatures not well-known aliens like the grays"
well, it's not the grays we are interested but what they had with them.
The abduction plays out much the same as all other abduction stories bright lights levitation strange rooms and experiments but this one is different because of what the grays did
one of the Grays took out of a box and placed it onto her stomach something that looked like a large spider, but with far more legs crawled up her body, onto her face.
It then took one of its spindly legs and inserted into her right nostril.
The woman says she then experienced a sudden flash of pain and Then, nothing.
waking suddenly back in her car.
the next strange creature was said to be more plant than animal, who knows maybe on another planet plant life is more animal-like.
(The plants on this planet have many secrets check out the link above on them.)
This case happened in July of 1968 a man named Jennings Frederick was out hunting in the rural backwoods of, West Virginia. in the silence of the woods, the man began to hear a strange sound described as a recording playing at high speeds it began to become increasingly loud.
Follow the sound the man came upon a 7-foot tall creature.
this thing, was exceedingly thin, with an almost skeletal frame, long ears, and stalk-like arms.
These strange appendages looked like tendrils and  ended in slender, 7-inch long fingers tipped with some sort of needles or thorns, as well as suction cups.
the weird alien was green and very plant-like.
The unintelligible noise he had heard slowly began to make sense to the man word forming from the sounds the creature was making
Jennings said the plant thing told him
    "you need not fear me. I wish to communicate. I come as a friend. We know of you all. I come in peace. I wish medical assistance. I need your help."
The creature then approached the confused man and started to wrap its long fingers sound the arms of the man the needles on the fingers piercing his skin and drawing blood.
The man stood in stunned silence but no pain as this thing fed or did whatever it was doing . suddenly it released its grasp turned an quickly sprinted away, after it had disappeared from view Jennings said he heard a hum which he speculated was the alien craft and the alien was flying away.

1968 an issue of Flying Saucer Review, published a report from France, the report told of how in 1962 a businessman was driving along a rural road in Var.
 As the witness drove along the desolate stretch of road he spotted a group of figures grouped together in the middle of the road.
 these things seemed to be people at first glance, but he would soon find out that they were no human beings.
The man told his story saying:

    "My window was down and I leaned my head out slightly to see what was the matter; it was then that I saw beasts, some kind of bizarre animals, with the heads of birds, and covered with some sort of plumage, which was hurling themselves from two sides towards my car. Terrified, I wound up my window, accelerated like a madman, and the stopped 150-meters further on. I turned around and saw these things, these beasts, these nightmarish sorts of beings, which were heading, with a sort of flapping of wings, towards a luminous dark-blue object, which hung in the air over a field on the other side of the road. On reaching it [the UFO], these ‘birds’ were literally sucked into the under part of the machine as if by a whirlwind. Then I heard a dull sound and the object flew off at a prodigious speed and finally disappeared."
Flying humanoids, could these be the same creatures that were spotted above the streets of Chicago a few months back if you would like to know more on that phenomenon click the link above.
Finally, we take a look at a story from November of 1954. Gustavo Gonzales and José Ponce were driving a truck from Caracas to Petare, Venezuela,
During the early morning hours, they found an enormous glowing orb floating 6 feet above the road that was in front of them.
the men stopped the truck !!
this is when they saw several small, 3-foot high humanoids covered in bristly hair who seemed to be collecting rocks and taking them aboard the mysterious craft.
unwisely the men decided to try and grab one of the creatures
The small,  ape-like being was shockingly strong, effortlessly throwing the men off and then proceeding to viciously claw at them.
The men weren't going down without a fight they drew a knife and attempted to stab the attacking creature the blade had zero effect.
The fight came to an end when a beam of light hit the two men knocking them to their knees, the being take the chance to board the ship and make their getaway.
The men needed medical attention for the injuries they received and this is when the authorities became involved when collecting witness reports they found many had seen this struggle, the case still remains unsolved to this day.
there will be those that dismiss these reports as nothing more than figments of the imagination, fantasies, hoaxes.
 researchers have investigated these  strange phenomena and have published their findings on what we might call “alien animals”
These incidences highlight an under-appreciated aspect of Ufology, one which maybe deserves more study.

What do you think these alien creatures could be, are they sentient aliens or alien animals working for the more popular alien groups we know about.
let me know your thoughts and theories in the comment below.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Dropa Stone Discs

 Dropa Stone Discs "IF" Ancient Chinese UFO Mystery? We are IF We are IF

There have been many reports of alien bodies being discovered on this planet. The most commonly known story being that of Roswell New Mexico.
We have watched as Dr Greer had the body of a Chilean mummified corpse analyzed to see if it was extraterrestrial,and  the infamous alien autopsy videos that can be found on the internet.
One discovery of alien bodies that may well be more credible, this down to evidence discovered alongside the bodies, is the Dropa alien bodies  and the Dropa stones.

 So who or what are these mysterious beings known as the Dropa.
They can be found to this very day living in isolation but these people are not aliens or descendants of aliens but a tribe that anthropologist say do not fit in with Chinese or Tibetan lineage.
Members of the dropa tribes are what would be considered pygmy size, the adults height measuring somewhere between 3-foot-6 and 4-foot-7  average height of a tribe member being measured at 4-foot-2.
They are very slight in their build  weighing in at 38 to 52 pounds with thin bodies and disproportionately large heads
The skin is off-white edging toward a shade of yellow with very little body hair and with large eyes that are not Asian in appearance, but have pale blue irises.
This description has many of the same characteristics as skeletal remains found in caves of the area in 1938.
These remains being part of this peoples legends and folklore, they tell stories of a crashed UFO and  lost alien occupants.
The ancient story says how a small, slender, yellow-skinned people fell to  Earth from the heavens, they were shunned by the local population due to their ugliness.
the legend tells of how a  space probe from a far and distant planet crash-landed in the Baian-Kara-Ula mountains of the Himalayas.
The aliens who piloted the spacecraft – “the Dropa” – probably scared, hid in the caves hid of mountains.
The Dropa were said to be peaceful in nature, this didn’t protect them from being misunderstood by members of the local Han tribe who called nearby caves home.
They hunted down these stranded alien and killed a few of them.
There is some hard evidence that gives credit to this story.
several ancient, neatly arranged burial sites, these graves containing the skeletal remains of several small, frail and spindly people with disproportionately large skulls.
 In what seems like a desperate attempt to explain the possible remains of the ET beings a team who explored the caves suggested that the remains may be that of an unknown species of  mountain gorilla. Professor Chi Pu Tei is reputed to have responded, "Whoever heard of apes burying one another?"
Agreed Professor Tei!
More proof comes in the controversial artifacts known as the dropa stones or dropa discs.
These carved stone discs became more notorious when a story emerged which claimed that In 1938 an archaeological expedition led by a Professor Chi Pu Tei, explored the mountains. This was to survey a series of interlinking caves that border China and Tibet.
 the team found the cave and discovered the several small bodies, along with 700 small round stone discs.
These stone discs said to document an alien crash-landing on earth 10,000 years ago.
the caves themselves are said to have been artificially carved and resembles an underground complex more than a cave system, this because of the what looked like a system of organized tunnels and underground storerooms.
 The walls of these caves or tunnel being squared and glazed, suggesting they were carved into the mountain using some source of extreme heat.
These glazed walls also displayed a large collection of petroglyphs and pictograms these showing complex star maps and celestial bodies that were most likely unknown to peoples of that area at that time.

And in the dirt half-buried in the floor of the cave was a stone disk, something made by intelligent hands.
The disk was approximately nine inches in diameter and three-quarters of an inch thick. In the exact center was a perfectly round, 3/4" hole, and etched in its face was a fine groove spiraling out from the center to the rim. The groves were found to contain 'almost microscopic' hieroglyphs.
 A further 716 such discs were retrieved from the cave.

These artifacts were then placed into storage for the next 20 years.
Beijing university holding these discs in secret until 1962 when a Chinese scientist called Dr Tsum Um Nui stumbled upon them whilst he was working for the Prehistory Department of the Beijing Academy.
He studied the discs and is said to have deciphered the inscriptions, and successfully translated the text from the discs.
The Chinese censorship machine went into overdrive after reading The paper written by the professor when he presented his discovery to the university before its publication.
The Academy of Prehistory expressly forbade him from publishing or even speaking of his findings and for over two years it was hidden until he bravely published the paper himself.
Dr Tsum Um Nui's translation was ridiculed.

 Then in 1968, the Dropa stones caught the eye of W. Saitsew, a Russian scientist. He re-published the findings of the professor and carried out tests on the disks these revealed more peculiar properties.
 cobalt and other metals were contained high concentrations inside the granite of the stone  -  granite being a very hard stone would have made it almost impossible for the primitive people to carve the lettering, let alone characters that are so tiny.
oscillograph was used to test the discs, a surprising rhythm was recorded the scientists saying this made them believe the discs had once been electrically charged or had functioned as electrical conductors.

so what message did these alien castaways leave?
The professors' translation of one of the passages says: "The Dropa came down from the clouds in their aircraft. Our men, women, and children hid in the caves ten times before sunrise. When at last they understood the sign language of the Dropa, they realized that the newcomers had peaceful intentions....". The stones go on to say how the Dropa were unable to repair their disabled spacecraft and could not return to their home planet, and so were stranded on Earth.
 Is this proof that ET first landed in ancient China?
are these stones an elaborate hoax?
What could explain the remains found in the cave and the different appearance of the dropa and the legends that they are descendants of star beings?
let me know your thoughts in the comments below

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Last of His Tribe

The loneliest man alive?

Most of us live or work in a big city, we are subjected to a constant stream of noise and organized chaos. We toil away dreaming of the few weeks we get each year to relax and do what we wish.

Maybe you’re an adventurous type and choose to go on exciting getaways or just enjoying relaxing on the beach.

The peace and quiet and getting away from the rat race being your idea of heaven.

The idea of being alone, spending time in solitude, seeming to be very appealing, but can this go too far?

From books and movies like I am legend and omega man being alone may not be all, it’s cracked up to be.

One man who has firsthand experience of being totally alone makes for a sad story.

Let’s take a look at the story of the last surviving member of an Amazon tribe.

This is the loneliest man on the planet, a video of the last surviving member of an Amazon tribe.
This older man thought to be in his mid-fifties has been alone in the rainforests of Brazil for the past twenty-two years. Unlike us who often dream of escaping the people we have to deal with on daily basis, he had no choice after his friends, family and entire tribe were murdered.
This short video clip was released by the Brazilian government showing the last member of a tribe living in solitude in the remote forests of the Amazon.
The North West state of Rondonia is a heavily deforested area, under constant threat from logging companies and farmers looking to clear forest to make more grazing land for their cattle.
 Because of this 4000 hectares has been set aside for this man. The government preventing anyone from entering or having contact with this last surviving tribe member.
There is a constant threat to this man and his patch of forest even though under Brazilian law all indigenous peoples have a right to land.
To keep protecting this area they need to show proof of life, and it is very important that they provide this as local government is under constant pressure from agribusinesses wanting to expand their territory.
Groups such as survival international work to protect this man and other tribes who are constantly pressured, run off of their land and like in this man case murdered.

The uncontacted man is believed to be the only survivor of an unknown tribe, this after his group of the six last remaining tribe members were attacked and killed by farmers in 1995.
This tribe lived in such isolation that the name or language they spoke was never known.
The local media christened this man “the hole Indian” this due to the pits he digs, these are thought to be how he traps animals.
These holes are not the only things the man leaves for us to find and learn about the way he lives. There is often a trail of straw huts, handcrafted tools, arrows, and torches.
This primitive lifestyle would seem to be something he is well adapted to with those monitoring him saying he is in good health surviving by hunting and farming a few crops such as papaya and corn.
    The group which monitor the man has a policy of non-contact with the isolated peoples they protect.
 The man has also made it clear that he does not want to be contacted, having fired arrows at people who have approached him.
This being fully understandable after years of violent interactions with the outside world, people from a world you don’t know would be seen as a threat.
 The man has seen the worst of our world when his tribe was decimated during the 1970s and 80s, these unique people being wiped out all for a road to be built in the area they lived.
This road causing a rise in demand for land for business purposes in the area, this demand still present Today, with farmers and illegal loggers always wanting to grab more land.
He could also find himself confronted by "pistoleros", who are essentially guns-for-hire, patrolling the area for cattle ranchers, intimidating people and some claim committing murder and genocide.
They warn groups they are going to attack by placing bullet casings around an area they are soon going to visit.
These guns for hire are working through the Amazon clearing out more and more native peoples and with the rainforest being home to more uncontacted tribes than anywhere else in the world, who knows who will be the next “loneliest man in the world”?
After hearing this story may be the next time you’re feeling a little stressed by those around you, spare a thought for this man.
Did you know about this man, have you ever wondered what it would be like to be completely alone?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below?

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Maharashtra Lost Civilisation "IF" There was a single prehistorical culture?

 Lost Civilisation Maharashtra


History is often shown as a linear progression, mankind evolving as a society. Developing ever more complex technology, and larger and larger societies.
 This mainstream idea of our past, being the only plausible history for many. There is, however, a whole range of different ideas on humanities development in antiquity. The multiple theories on the history of Egypt and who built the pyramids along with stories of Atlantis giving our history a fantastically gilded image.
However, from time to time evidence does come to light that shakes up or smashes these established ideas. We took a look at this idea with the discovery of the Land of Mu in another video when geologist discovered a new lost continent in the Indo – Pacific Ocean.
This rediscovery of a once unknown lost society has happened again this time in India. In this video, we take a look at this lost civilization and see if it has any connection to the legendary civilizations of the past?

An Indian western state has been hiding a secret for tens of thousands of years, the archaeologist from the area known as Maharashtra have just uncovered a collection of rock carvings revealing a long-lost civilization.
The region named Konkan is home to thousands of hillocks, this being the location of the discovery of petroglyphs. Somehow these ancient rock carvings have remained undiscovered.
Most of them were hidden beneath layers of soil and mud. But a few were in the open - these were considered holy and worshipped by locals in some areas.
The difficulty in clearly seeing these ‘rock works of art’ coming from the layers of mud and soil that covered them, the archaeologist were tipped off to the presence of the petroglyphs because of a few locals who still worshipped at the locations where these images were uncovered.
These Indian villages praying at the feet of animals, birds, human figures and geometrical designs carved deep into the rock.
The way the petroglyphs have been drawn, and their similarity to those found in other parts of the world, have led experts to believe that they were created in prehistoric times and are possibly among the oldest ever discovered.
The archaeologist was surprised when they viewed these petroglyphs, this because they are strikingly similar to others carved at ancient sites spanning the globe.
Could this be yet more evidence that there was a singular global culture in the past, this culture destroyed and humanity cast to the corners of the globe to rebuild in what became the fractured cultures of today’s planet?
 The dates are given by the Maharashtra state archaeology department putting these glyphs at around 12000 years of age.

The discovery of these petroglyphs has been credited to Sudhir Risbood and Manoj Marathe this pair explored the area after seeing a few images in the region and witnessing worship at village temples and listening to local folklore.
After hearing these stories and talking with the elders of the community they began their hunt. Locals would often bring them photographs of carvings they had uncovered or discovered.
This local help enabling them to find engravings at 52 different locations. Strangely only five local villages had any idea that these amazing artefacts were so nearby.
The two explorers are working hard to preserve these sites at the same time studying them hoping to reveal the hidden secrets of the lost civilization.
What has been revealed is that these glyphs are thought to have been created by a hunter-gather society. They reached this conclusion from the types of images which were carved into the rock, these did not include farming activities but mostly wild creatures from land and sea.
These most likely being the animals, birds, and fish the civilization hunted.
There are images of sharks and whales as well as amphibians, turtles, hippos and rhinoceroses which oddly aren't found in this part of India.
Did the people who created them migrate to India from Africa?
 Or were these animals once found in India?
Once again it would seem that evidence is pointing to a singular culture, this then leads us into the many different ideas on what disaster or disasters wiped this founding civilization from the planet.
Do you think there was once a single human culture spanning the globe?
Do you think this could explain the many commonalities found in cultures separated by land time and culture?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Friday, 5 October 2018

 Cryostasis 'IF' We can Freeze Time

Space travel has to be where humanities future lays. We keep reproducing at an alarming rate and if we want to break free of the finite resources of this planet, we need more space, we need to head for the stars.
This channel covers many conspiracies including Alien life and UFOs these ships being reported to have technologies which allow them to cover the vast distances of interstellar travel, we do not.
So with this being said is there a way we could work around the time and distance problem?
Well there could be and we see it used in many movies and book
Stasis, cryosleep, and hibernation it gets a new name each time it’s used.
This technology allowing space travelers to sleep or basically be frozen in time while a massive journey takes place.
Let’s forget some of the other problems, like time still moving for those outside of the pod etc. and just look at this look as a possibility.
Are we on the edge of having the ability to freeze time for an individual?

Stasis is a method of stopping physical changes in a substance this including living things. It could be a means for us to help stop a sickness progressing, or allow us to survive ultra-long space missions.

The American artist Delmore Schwartz once stated: "Time is the fire in which we consume." We are conceived, we live and we bite the dust. However all through history, we have been captivated with the idea of evading time, from stories such as Sleeping Beauty to stasis fields and suspended sleep heavily featured in sci-fi media.
The roots of this idea can be tied to the results of a time keeping experiment.
In 1971, Joseph Hafele and Richard Keating put four nuclear clocks on planes, these aircraft flew twice around the globe, first eastbound, and then westbound.
There were differences in the time shown on these clock at the end of the experience this opening the door to the manipulation of time.
As the Hafele– Keating test demonstrated, the rate at which time passes is situational.“If you are traveling at super-relativistic speeds, which are close to the speed of light, or near a black hole (and somehow not being destroyed by it) the amount of time you will experience is going to be less than the amount of time of someone else,”

Those who travel into Space like the astronauts on Space Station encounter time-dilation, aging a tad slower than individuals on Earth.
They are moving quickly, so they are affected by special relativity, but they are also further from the Earth, so they get less gravitational effects.

Be that as it may, this time dilation is only a moment or two, a few seconds at most. If the goal is to acquire a huge expansion of this effect, massive gravitational fields or close to light speed travel would be required. Both are totally impossible at present.

The British comedy Red Dwarf had a great hypothesis on stasis fields;
 "like X ray-beams can't go through lead, time can't enter a stasis field. Thus, in spite of the fact that you exist, you never again exist in time, and for your time itself does not exist."
from Red dwarf one type of space phenomena to another, black holes.
To cause time widening, you would require a massive gravitational field, like those produced by black holes.
The downside of this being that black holes would rip anything near or entering them to shreds.
SWo we need another option, Darpa is creating biostasis technologies. Providing us with a means to slow the body right down to the atomic level.
This Biostasis is currently being developed for medical purposes, they are attempting to extend the "golden hour" this is the 60 minutes when an injured person has the biggest chance of surviving if they reach a medical facility.
another use would be prolonging the viability of blood stores and other organic medical materials.
Dr. Tristan McClure-Begley of Darpa’s Biological Technologies Office explains how this technology slows the speed of a living thing down saying he had originally conceived the programme to explore a diverse array of potential technologies, ranging from molecular pharmacology to biocompatible materials chemistry and engineered intrinsically disordered proteins.
This technology does not seem suitable to the needs of long-distance space travel maybe we should look elsewhere.
Mother nature may be able to help.
There are A few animals, for example, wood frogs, which have an ability known as cryptobiosis, this is a form of hibernation when every single metabolic process ceases, yet somehow they stay alive, this adaption enabling them to survive being frozen solid.
other creatures also hibernate for long periods, bears can enter hibernation with their metabolism slowly considerably allowing them to sleep for months.
New Technologies working from these examples have been developed such, therapeutic hypothermia, this when a person is a low-metabolic state for a couple of days by cooling the body. This is being used to help those that have suffered heart attacks or brain injuries to recover.
This idea has been picked up by NASA they have taken this idea and are developing Torpor.
The process for Torpor works in two key phases: the initial cooling period , which involves sedation, and the subsequent warming/waking period. “In a clinical setting you are under pretty heavy sedation and using invasive cooling systems, but we are looking at new pharmaceuticals that can minimize the amount of sedation required to enter this state and simplify the cooling process,” explains John Bradford, President and Chief Operating Officer of SpaceWorks.

 PLACING A PERSON in a cryogenic state is a lot more complex than freezing them like a popsicle.
demonstrations have shown that dropping our body temperature by as little as 5°C slows the metabolism– the chemical reactions happening inside our bodies happening at half the normal rate.
these technologies slow the metabolic rate, but how plausible is the suspended animation of science fiction? The most well-known of these is cryonics, which involves freezing a body to approximately -190°C (-310°F) with the aim of reviving the patient later.
Some animals like the wood frog can stop their metabolic processes, yet remain alive.
However, placing someone in a cryogenic state is a lot more complicated than simply freezing them.  “We wash out the blood and then infuse the patient with a cryoprotective solution,” explains Victoria Stevens of Cryonics UK.

“Rather than turning them into a solid state, it turns them into a glass state, thereby reducing ice crystal damage.”

Cryonics is only used after the heart has stopped. The idea is that medical science will advance sufficiently in the future to allow revival and treatment. “Nobody has been revived yet, as we currently do not have the technology to be able to do that,” says Stevens. “If we did, then we probably would not need to cryo-preserve in the first place.”

Practical time dilation would necessitate such complex engineering and energy requirements that it remains unfeasible

There was a case that could give hope to this technology a woman who survived being frozen solid.
In 2001, Erika Nordby was caught in a blizzard and became buried in snow and ice.
 She entered into a hibernation-like state for approximately two hours, doctors reviving her after she had no heartbeat and was clinically dead.
Whilst this may offer some hope that we could one day develop suspended animation, it was an isolated incident that has not yet been replicated
do you think we will one day be able to sleep outside of time?
how will that affect the people who make the choice to sleep waking up hundreds or thousands of years in the future would be very strange.
Just look at the problems Stallone had with the seashells in demolition man
would you choose to sleep away decades or do you think this technology could end up being a curse like that of sleeping beauty which I mentioned at the start of the video
let me know your thoughts in the comments below

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

The Inner Earth

The Inner Earth 'IF' Reptilians Inhabit Hollow Earth

 hollow earth theory is fascinating. The idea that vast underground caverns with complete ecosystems and according to some a flipped version of the cosmos are said to exist at the center of the planet.

We looked at these ideas in the video ‘hollow earth’ a few months back.

So if the earth is hollow who or what could be living down there, is it full of Nazis riding around on dinosaurs or is the home to little green men, dwarves gnomes or some other mystical creature?

In an interesting article found on, the ideas of what lives in the deepest recesses of our planet were laid out.

The article begins by saying that Mufons director of abduction research John carpenter has found credible evidence from over 200 witnesses telling how they have been abducted by our old friends the reptilians.
These cold-blooded Extraterrestrials have shown themselves too many but one strange fact is that most of these interactions are missing a rather important element for a close encounter with an alien.
The spacecraft!
This has lead Carpenter and other to the conclusion that these reptoids that most believe to be alien to the planet are in fact and may always have been living here on our planet.
There is the idea that these creatures evolved on this planet some 60 million years ago maybe they are the intelligent species that arose from dinosaurs?
This long history on the planet is reflected in many cultural beliefs with cultures ranging from the Sumerians to the Greeks refereeing to “serpent god” or serpentine monster in many of their myths and legends, could the reptilians be the seed that these stories grew out of?
The serpent figure is an important even in today’s world with it appearing on the symbol for medical care institutions, this spiral snake image has been found in petroglyphs and other illustrations dating back to ancient Egypt but also found in places ranging from Britain to New Mexico.
Some of the largest snake or serpent images being found amongst the Nazca lines along with the other famous large pictures carved into the ground of the area.
And we mustn’t forget the nagas of Hindu and Buddhist faiths a creature we have mentioned a few times in previous videos. These snakes are also found in the history of isolated cultures, the Australian aboriginal peoples' talk of the serpent being waging war around the area of Ayers rock the gauges in the wall be evidence left from this conflict.
If they had weapons technology capable of doing such damage at a time when humans were barely out of the Stone Age, they would certainly boast a level of technological sophistication we would envy today.

One idea says that the reptoids did have space going craft and left the planet at one point this was until they ran into other extraterrestrial groups and were driven back to the planet. On their return finding that another alien group had taken over the Nordics a group, we discussed in the alien species video linked

Aliens on Earth. 'IF' our planet is an ET holiday hotspot

The reptilians were displeased about this takeover especially after failing at their interstellar travel plans and now losing what they considered their planet.
War ensued and this war is what is written about in the books of old most notably the Mahabharata.
Anyone with a passing interest in the idea of ancient aliens or ancient advanced civilizations know the stories of the flying Vimanas, the epic legends of great battles with tales of fantastical weapons and destruction on a massive scale.
The flood myths that are also found in the majority of cultures around the planet also come from this time.
Another reoccurring theme is that after the battles the serpent gods always loose and are then banished to a subterranean world for the rest of time. Religions morph these figures over the centuries that followed rename them demons and such like. To quote the bible REVELATION CHAPTER 12, vs. 7-9
"And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels, and prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him."
This underground world is a common idea that is not bound by location or culture, many legends
With many religious teachings saying this banishment comes with the stipulation that if these beings wish to continue living on the planet they must not interfere with the development of humanity.
These stories of the war between these ancients species read like the pages of any good sci-fi epic. Humanity stuck between warring factions and groups worshipping both sides as deities.
It is no wonder as a species why we are so aggressive when it seems civilization itself was formed from the conflict of these beings.
How could it not be?
 We were born into violence, and since that time religious differences have been a major cause for most of history’s most barbaric acts.
Evidence of The worship and forming of religions around these first inhabitants of the earth can be found in many places to this very day.
Artifacts have been found knowledge passed down from cultures in South America, India and Egypt.
The commonality of pyramid type structures at all these ancient sites, the knowledge of engineering required to construct such marvels given by the reptilians. The advanced technologies that we mentioned being used to cut and manipulate massive stones and to manipulate them in ways we struggle to understand today.
Figurines of reptoid shaped idols can be found across cultures all with almost identical stories attached.
Another darker practice across these cultures is ‘blood’ from the human sacrifices carried out by the Aztecs and Mayans to bloodletting ceremonies in the cultures across the globe, it would seem that these reptoids have a taste for the red stuff.
The article goes on to talk about the ancient practices of these cultures and speculates that these gods/reptilians were feeding on mankind. Mentioning gods like Huitzilopochtli the Aztec god of war. A half human half snake-like being with huge fangs would dine on the bodies of those slain in battle.
This god is the same form as the Nagas of eastern religions.
In another video I reported how US troops based in Vietnam came across beings like this whilst on patrol in the jungles, Check the link above it is a very interesting sighting.

Military and Monsters 'IF' The Armed Forces Battled these Beasts

The post then goes on to give few witness reports of run-ins with these beings they make for an interesting read.
The last being an interview with one of these creatures.
The god, demon, alien or cryptid whatever name you think is suited talks about the ability they have to hide their appearance. This works like a mental projection the image of a man or woman being beamed into the minds of those that look upon them.
These powers of mind control would seem to be very dangerous but the creature goes on to say that they have been forbidden from doing harm to humans but this was not always the case.
This raises the question, that may be in the past before the wars and when they were worshipped, was this from humanities free will or was a case of mass mind control.
The other gods/aliens freeing us from this enslavement when they banished this reptilian race to the underworld?
What do you think, is this all a bunch of tall tales, Myths, and legends where fantasy and reality entwine or could there be some truth to it?
The likes of David Ike would certainly say it true and that these creatures are evil and still seek to reclaim the planet as their own.
 This is an interesting read and I recommend that you take a look at the blog
A link to the full article can be found below
                                                                                           the black vault
Let me know your thoughts in the comment below.

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