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UFO Threat

Dr. Wernher von Braun's Warning!?

The father of the space age and Nazi scientist
Dr. Wernher von Braun headed up the Nazi V2 rocket program of  WWII.
famously saying how his rocket worked perfectly, except for landing on the wrong planet.
This thinly veiled comment alluding to his knowledge of the stars and secret space programs.
On his deathbed, he gave a shocking outline of a plan that could possibly be about to be enacted by the current US administration!

Von Braun was smuggled into America as part of operation paperclip in the closing days of the war
The US government considered his knowledge and expertise too important to fall into the enemy hands and kept it a secret from many allied countries.
von Braun and the many fellow nazi scientists he brought with them possessed a wealth of information.
Von Braun is said to have taken part in research that was to provide  Hitler WITH anti-gravity propulsion vehicles.
most famous of these craft being the “Die Glocke,” or Nazi flying bell.
 A man with his experience took to the NASA secret programs like a duck to water.
in the latter years of his life, it seems von Braun apparently was privy to the “big picture” seeing the true goals of America’s space program and how the military-industrial complex was manipulating it according to a secret, hidden agenda.
Dr. Carol Rosin, a former leading aerospace executive, and space & missile defense consultant befriended the rocket scientist late in his life, has testified before Congress that on his deathbed in 1977, Wernher warned that once this secretive cabal had played all their methods of control and manipulation.
The standard practice being fear, or ‘threat cards,’ these powers that be, would play their trump card “the alien invasion of our planet.
A plan was in place to build space-based weapons systems these to fight  against aliens,
Braun pointed out that fossil fuels had been obsolete for decades, and that humanity had the capabilities to easily convert to long-supressed, free-energy technology.

Those that had a financial interest in the oil economy wielded too much power and would never let this happen.
Von Braun had been trying to give humanity a heads-up on the new “Star Wars” program.
Maybe in an effort to find some peace or forgiveness for the programs he took part in during the war, we will never know but why is this warning even more important today?
I think we are seeing his predictions coming to pass.
I think its no secret to the world that the US is divided and as the leading power of the world, other nations see it wounded. And like in any jungle the vulture hyenas and wild dogs begin to circle the dying beast.
Is this sixth branch of the U.S. military a way to stay off circling competitors to the world crown of reigning superpower?
Trump said "When it comes to defending America, it is not enough to merely have an American presence in space. We must have American dominance in space,"
The US has had long-running military activity in space this dates back to the beginning of the Space Age, the Corona reconnaissance satellite launched in 1959. In the 1960s, there were military astronauts who first participated in the Dyna-Soar program and then the Manned Orbiting Laboratory or MOL.
The space shuttle flew military missions in the 1980s and early 1990s. And the past few decades have seen numerous space military programs: reconnaissance satellites, Defense Advanced Research Projects, and activities by the National Reconnaissance Office, and who can forget The Boeing X-37.

It would seem things are moving the way Wernher von Braun said they would.
So what could be coming next well logic would dictate the next part of the plan would be the revealing of extraterrestrial beings.
These would be painted in a negative light, a global threat for which The US would have the answer.
countries of the world its time to pay up back down and follow the president as he saves the Earth from an interplanetary threat.
This all one big charade according to the deathbed statement we opened with.
so what do you think is going to happen, will we see a false flag operation by the Trump administration
maybe the real aliens will intervene and sabotage this fraud?
let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Sooner or later the scientific "know-how" about UFOs will leak out, despite official efforts to marginalize such discoveries. One field to watch is called "non-local physics". Here are a few quotes on this subject from "Beyond Einstein: non-local physics, 2nd ed."

    ( )
    Non-local physics, in contrast, is virtually unknown to the general public. It is not taught in the schools, except in the form of quantum mechanics (which has a limited but very important scope). It is characterized by cause-and-effect NOT being linked in space (“action at a distance”). Speeds of interaction are instantaneous or at least superluminal, and are not limited by spatial separation, even if the interacting objects are separated by light years. In its full scope, non-local physics is weird, baffling and non-intuitive. It has practical applications that are strange, bizarre, and astonishing. (page 1)
    . . . .
    The other kind of non-local physics arises from a unit speed boundary. It does not have the spatial restrictions of quantum mechanics and remains non-local even at the size of stars and galaxies. The “temporal mechanics” of this region has no official name, and no official applications. It could be used to design aircraft the size of football fields that have no visible or conventional means of propulsion. Other potential applications are incompatible with our world’s political and social systems. It is perhaps fortunate that this kind of know-how remains obscure and hard to recognize by today’s physicists and engineers.
    (page 22)
    . . . .
    Example: there are two kinds of position and two kinds of velocity. Remember those two terms in the non-local form of gamma? We are using only one of them for propulsion—the spatial velocity one that depends on Newtonian mechanics. The other possibility, that of non-local motion, has been left unexplored. Using that, an aircraft could move from one position in the sky to another without traversing the intervening space. It would appear at one location, then disappear, then re-appear at another location. It could move at extremely high speeds without generating a sonic boom. It would use “field propulsion” based on the non-local characteristics of electric and magnetic fields. It would be completely self-contained because there is no action/reaction (exhaust) as in conventional propulsion (in this case, the reaction forces are radial, and cancel out within the structure of the aircraft, making the preferred shape one of something with radial symmetry, like a saucer or cigar). . . . (page 23)

    Control of gravity and control of locality, would give us the ability to travel to the stars without traversing the intervening space. It would give us new forms of energy, and new ways of shaping our world, as well as many other astonishing things. But, clearly, there is a lot of work to do before we get there. At a minimum the currently “reigning paradigm” in physics must change and include things that are Beyond Einstein. (page 25)
    The paper is about physics, not UFOs. But as the paper points out, much of the needed relevant information has already been published. It is marginalized by the media, and by the "authorities", and is not taught in the schools. It is often in a form that cannot be readily recognized, BUT IT HAS STILL BEEN PUBLISHED!

    How many physicists would recognize the deep and astonishing implications of the simple re-write of E = mc^2 presented in this paper?


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