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Saturday, 15 September 2018

Aliens here on Earth!?

Aliens on Earth. part 1

Visitors from another world have provided Sci-Fi creature designers an opportunity to build some of the most iconic and memorable beasts to be seen on film.
debate on
Aliens and the many different theories that lay behind these interplanetary visitors rages on.
Those that say they visit us from a distant galaxy and those that say they have been here since the start of civilization and others who claim it all to be fiction.
If they are real, Who or what are they?
In this First part of ‘a double episode video,’ we will take a look at these aliens and ask, which are the good, the bad and just ugly are!

But these groups are just a drop in the bucket of the 200+ species that are said to regularly visit this little blue marble.
There is a constant exchange of alien species happening each and every day, some passing through others here for the long run.
As in the movies “Men in Black” surely they should be some agency monitoring these aliens, after all, if we track the movements of own species on this planet we should at least do the same with them?
Nancy Malacaria a ufologist believes that there are 218 alien races routinely arriving and departing our planet
These extraterrestrial races are said to be living within our galaxy, does this mean we are just a holiday hotspot for ET or is there something more sinister afoot.
Let’s look at these aliens. The good, the bad and the ugly.
 Let’s start on a positive note with the good.
The Andromedans.
This alien comes in three different classifications. Firstly there are Andromedans that can communicate telepathically. Another is from a race of 4-5 Dimensional humans that have similar features to us. Others may even have cone heads elongated skulls, like those found in Peru and other countries. Some are said to be 3 to 4 foot in height with blue skin, they have a humanoid form with bald round heads and dark eyes.
The final group is of the master cast, standing at, at least 7-9 foot tall. These winged humanoids are said to be existing in higher dimensions. Could they be an explanation for angels?
Another group which is said to look out for humanity is The Nordics.
These humanoid extraterrestrial are sometimes referred to as the blondes, they have a very human-like appearance with heights comparable to our own measuring from 5½ to 7 feet in height.
 In the majority of contactee reports, the Nordics are described as having blonde hair with light eyes.  Most have blue eyes, however, other variations have been seen such as violet, pink, red, purple, and green.
They are also said to be examples of physical perfection and are extremely attractive to humans. Nordics can easily pass for human when seen from a little distance. They communicate using telepathy and even possess telekinetic powers.
The Origin of the Nordics is the Pleiades star cluster a distance of 400 light years from this planet. History tells how initially Billy Meier of Switzerland made the first contact with this race, this happening in the 1940s.
Billy would telepathically communicate with a female Pleiadian named Samjese. This information exchange continued for a decade during the 1970s and early 1980s.
Their home planet is named Erra, and is in a different dimension than ours.
 They are an extremely ancient race, first discovering the earth around 225,000 B.C.
So what is The Nordic Agenda?
They are watchers of Earth, they seek to enlighten humanity by providing spiritual revelation and warn humanity when our behavior threatens the world and could potentially lead to catastrophe.
 They also warn of the evil entities that inhabit the galaxy, monitoring the actions of the grey aliens and reptilians.

Many say that ideas that are found within the New Age movement were given by the Nordics.
So the Nordics have our backs, what could be the problem with the greys?
And now for the bad.
The grey aliens are typically described as very thin with large out of proportion heads their height being around 3 ½ to 6 feet.
They are probably the best known of all the alien types, their image has been turned into key chains featured on t-shirts and is now a pop culture icon.
 This image is somewhat accurate with Hollywood and science fiction TV shows doing a very good job of portraying the grey’s appearance.
The large, bulbous forehead with its unblinking, bulging, eyes. The pale gray and wrinkly skin. All true to life according to those that have claimed to have encountered this alien species.
More detailed descriptions say that the skin of the greys has as a texture the same as that of an ocean mammal.
They seem to have no ears with no protrusion or indentations seen on the sides of the head.
 Some have described them with three or four webbed fingers and webbed feet.
Once again communication is through telepathy.
 This is often shown in Alien encounter stories, they indicate that people can hear them speaking directly in their mind, no sound coming from the alien’s mouth.

 The Greys are said to originate from zeta reticuli.
 Betty Hill reported her encounter with greys in probably the most famous abduction case in history,  she drew a map to this star system when recounting her ordeal through hypnosis.
 Marjorie Fish UFO researcher has hypothesized that the grey aliens’ home base is a pair of stars some 220 trillion miles in distance, from our planet.
 Greys can be known as Zeta Reticulans or Zeta Reticuli this alien name alluding to their home base.
So why is this group of ET running around the earth, what’s The Grey Alien Agenda?
Abductee reports that the greys seem to be carrying out scientific research, the greys observing and studying all life forms found in the universe.
Treating humans in the same way we do wild animals with a catch, tag, and release program.
 They perform their tests and evaluations then set their human guinea pigs free.
A theory has been postulated that the grey alien race is a dying species, this is because they are a cloned race created and genetically engineered by the aliens known as the reptilians.
The greys were a slave race, serving the reptilian masters until they rebelled and set themselves free. They now are in search of a planet to call their own and some say they have their unblinking black eyes focuses firmly on the earth.
The Conspiracy exists that claims the greys were the species of alien found at Roswell, New Mexico, at the now infamous UFO crash.
They were the first ET species to make an agreement with the U.S. government offering advanced technology in exchange for experimentation on human subjects.
Their goal through genetic engineering and cross-species genetic merging to prevent the extinction of their race.
The Nordics have warned humanity that trusting these grey aliens is a mistake and they are a threat to our world.
These two species have been battling each other with us in the middle for eons.
Which species do you think is telling the truth?
Would earth be better off with no alien visitors?
Are you looking forward to the day when like any good Sci-Fi movie our daily lives are interlaced with aliens?

Aliens on Earth. 'IF' ET's plan for our planet? Part 2

In the first part of this series, we took a look at the idea that many species of extraterrestrial regularly visit this planet.
Renowned ufologist Nancy Malacaria saying that over 200 species spend a couple of week’s traveling-time to reach our planet from the deepest darkest parts of our solar system.
In part one we took a look at the good and bad in this part we are going to take a look at the ugly.
Let’s finish the story and finds out what she has to say.

Nancy says she is in regular contact with the different forms of alien life which visit the planet.
Talking about her experiences she told newspapers "The average time it takes the visiting races to reach Earth from their own worlds is two weeks.
"It is no problem at all for any of the visiting races to hide themselves and their crafts from us. They hide dimensionally."
Nancy confirms what we asked in the last video, there is a group which monitors this alien presence on the planet. This group is managed by the US government and they track these Aliens down.
Nancy said "The authorities are hunting them and hunting the humans who work with them
Wherever the aliens are detected, they are framed for crimes, to scare the public away, and to prevent or ruin any budding intergalactic trust."
 So as we move forward with President Trump’s idea of a space force its funny how Nancy talks of the Earth is a part of a galactic union.
This union is said to comprise of over 5000 worlds from five other galaxies. These groups working in something that would be reminiscent of Star treks federation of planets.
The work they do makes sure our planet is protected, claims that in the past they have stopped nuclear conflict engulfing the globe.
This would most likely be due to the help of the Nordic aliens we talked of in part 1.
This race helping humanity and advancing us to a future where we will all join them in the stars. The Greys who we also discussed maybe not so much. They would more likely be working with those that could hasten the destruction of our home.
So we looked at the good and the bad that just leaves the Ugly.
And these guys are the ugliest that is when they are not wearing the faces of the rich, famous and beautiful.
The reptilians
These reptoids have the facial features associated with all reptiles. With slightly conical shaped-heads, covered with a row of bony ridges that begin at the forehead and continue all the way down the back of the skull. There is a small hump in place of a nose with slits in the nasal area, these presumably to breath. They have similar slits in place of ears.
The speculated history and agenda of these Reptilian Aliens is as follows.
There are numerous theories and ideas regarding the alien race known as the reptilians. Some sources say that they originate from the star constellation called Draco, another idea is that a group of far more ancient aliens seeded our planet with the reptilians, this explaining the ideas that there has been a subspecies dwelling here since prehistory.
From witness testimony of sightings of these scaled ETs or their earth-dwelling brethren. Reptilian beings are humanoid in form, standing between six to nine feet tall.
They are a physically intimidating sight being very muscular, they possess long arms and legs ending in three long fingers, and one thumb on each hand.
Their skin has a variety of colorations ranging from dark green to brown with scales similar to those of a snake. Some reports state, they also have long crocodilian-like tails.
Some major differences between the two groups would be that those from Draco have wings which are reported to span six to seven feet. Their basic body type is like that of the earth reptilians, but they have horns on their heads some reports say these continue along the length of the spine.
The subspecies that inhabit Earth differ somewhat from the space-faring kin, being more human-like in size and appearance and of course, we mustn’t forget that this is how they disguise themselves and walk among us according to some.
There is a theory that these ETs gave rise to the myths and legends of dragons and/or the winged gods found in ancient Chinese, Greek, and Indian writings.
The most popular example of this being the claim that the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl was,  in fact, a reptilian.
 So what is The Reptilian Agenda?

Abductees claim that the reptilians are a fierce race using force to coerce and intimidate those that they capture.
Conspiracy theories regarding these cold-blooded beasts continue to grow saying that the reptilians are a malevolent group seeking to dominate the planet and others in the galaxy.
 Going back to part 1 of this topic it is thought that they are the ones who cloned the grey aliens, this in an attempt to create a slave race.
This plan they had for the greys obviously failed and now they have designs to enslave humanity.
Famously David Icke, a British writer, and avid conspiracy publisher believes that they have interbred with humans this forming an “elite” class.
These elites now hold positions of power in all governments, businesses, banking, and royal families.
 Being able to shape-shift they hide their true identities the occasional slips in their disguises this being a whole new theme of YouTube videos you can disappear into for hours.
These earth-dwelling reptoids hide in deep underground bases and when above-ground like to inhabit caves. They are the basis for a network that wants to corrupt and bring down the age of man and introduce the age of reptilian overlords!
There are others that also visit that are still very mysterious with one or two sightings and not much more in the way of evidence or testimony.
These types of alien reported from “close encounters of the third kind.”
We hear strange stories Such as the occurrence of the Hopkinsville goblins Small, greenish-silver humanoids who terrorized a family in the rural US.
The Flatwoods monster a Tall humanoid with a spade-shaped head that appeared mysteriously one-night leaving witness sick and suffering, after they breathed in the smoke that surrounded the strange visitor.
And then there is the B movie favorite “little green men”
 These small green humanoids being more a creation of Hollywood with no report ever being made involving anything that would fit this classic cultural stereotype.
The idea that unknown aliens visit us here on Earth, communicating and abducting us, seems far-fetched to some and exciting to others.
What do you think?
Do you believe aliens exist?
Do you know anyone who has had a firsthand experience?
If you have experience with an alien being, which type was it?
Let me know in the comments below

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