Saturday, 29 September 2018

Flying Humanoids

flying humanoid sightings

Flying humanoids have been appearing more and more frequently in the recent years,,
They have a long history. From the stories of flying angels and demons of biblical times to the more recent sightings like that of the Mothman and the flying humanoids sightings over Chicago which swept the internet a few months back.
What could these beings be?
Do these aeronautical mysteries exist, what phenomena would best explain them?
Are they creatures of the paranormal world or maybe aliens from another planet, or even people using some kind of cutting-edge personnel flying device?
Let’s take a look at these strange occurrences and see if we can find any answer?

Let’s begin with the sighting I mentioned in the intro, August 29 2018 sightings of flying humanoids in Chicago.
 Mostly they've been observed hovering in the air.
The breaking report said it was a normal summer night for John Amitrano, working his Friday shift as security for Chicago's popular hangout ‘The Owl’ but when he went outside, he saw something very odd in the skies.
This was followed by another report from witnesses at the Sears Tower. They reported how two mysterious figures were seen leaping from the building and rather than plummeting to their death they began carrying out spectacular Ariel maneuvers.
Flying in figure eights, it what seemed to be some kind of sky ballet.
These humanoids were then spotted again by a police officer who said he had seen a tall, thin figure jump off an apartment building in Auburn Gresham and fly away!!
This recent rash of sightings has been reported by many with many of these reports coming from the areas around Lake Michigan.
The lake is a hotbed for a good amount of weird occurrences, these events ranging from unidentified flying objects to levitating orbs.
So what could these flying question marks be?
Unknown birds or something a little more mythical?
Three variants of flying humanoids have been described maybe this could provide us with some clues.
The first sightings give the description of a tall, feathered being with wings and glowing red eyes, this is very similar to the appearance of the legendary cryptid Mothman. Could this popular monster be making a comeback in the windy city?
 The second type could be la lechuzas, Mexican witches with the ability to shapeshift into owls or eagles. These witches were part of the large Latino community in the area.
 The final type is said to resemble a large black bat, with a height of between six and eight feet and having a wingspan of around 12 feet.
Okay, I think I have the answer, could it be the Batman?
Joking aside if it’s not the dark knight what could explain the sightings. If we eliminate manmade objects such as gliders and drones and it’s not a species of unknown large bird. Could they be, as some claim, an extra-dimensional traveler of some type?”
These sighting often cause panic among the populations of an area where one of these creatures is said to be flying, this again linking to the Mothman and the bridge collapse which followed his appearance.
 The entity was said to have been a warning sign to the people point pleasant.
But winged humanoids don’t always carry such a disastrous message after all Christianity is packed with them and they are said to be our guardians, the angels.
But we can trace winged beings back further the ancient Mesopotamians had winged gods as did the Egyptians and religions still followed by many today have creatures which are a mix of bird and man.
The Garuda are creatures of Buddhist mythology that have their origins in the much older Hindu belief system. That religion having its text which openly talks of alien visitor’s, extra-dimensional beings and a conflict which engulfed the planet, but I don’t want to stray off topic, so back to the Garuda.
The bird men and women are known as Garuda first appeared in Hindu mythology, as a singular being the son of the Kashyap the sage and his second wife, Vinita.
 Their child had a head with a beak, this child also had wings and eagle-like talons in place of feet, and the arms, legs, and torso were that of a human.
The child was said to be very strong and fearless, often battling evildoers in many of the epic stories of old.

 The Mahabharata gives us the story of conflict with Vinata. There was a great rivalry with her older sister and co-wife, Kudru.
 Kudru being the mother of the nagas (a cryptid we have covered on the channel you can see that in the video linked above)
The Garudas also cross over into the beliefs of Buddhism.
In this religion, Garudas are not a single being but more like a divine mythical species, those of Buddhist faith may argue over the mythical part of that description.
 These creatures have a lot in common with the Thunderbirds of Native American belief, they are said to have a wingspan many miles wide and when they flap their massive wings they cause hurricane-force winds.
The Garuda is a very important creature to these two religions, it has been adopted as the national symbol of Thailand and Indonesia.
In Asia, the Garuda has a strong association with the military, and many elite Special Forces units use "Garuda" in their name and its image on their crests.

And talking of military could there be a technological answer to the recent increase in flying humanoids.
We have seen a recent surge in the development of personal flying devices,

Airbrakes, Hexcopters, and Rotorcraft are all in development and testing of these new flight platforms could lead to the miss identification of these technologies, this explaining maybe a few of the increasing reports.
And there is also Mother Nature, could this be an out of place or yet to be discovered flying creature?
 Some animals like giant cranes and flying foxes could go some way to offering a cause to these reports but they do not fit with the geographical locations or the reported size of the spotted figures.
What do you think these flying humanoids are?
Are they mythical, mechanical or natural?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Secret Societies Drug of Choice?


Secret societies have been around since the first days of civilization, they have all had different agendas and been surrounded by mystery.

The Illuminati is the most popular group tied to many conspiracies, from working hand in hand with the reptilian overlords to planning the global extinction of mankind.

 It would seem that the secrecy that surrounds the hidden society feeds peoples imaginations.

Some of the stories that are said to have leaked from behind the closed doors are pretty dark. The latest involving drugs, cult ceremonies, and child murder.

Let’s take a look at the drug "Adrenochrome"

 This year a documentary has come to light that reveals a mysterious substance named "Adrenochrome" this drug being the favorite of the secret society the Illuminati.
C₉H₉NO₃ is the chemicals molecular formula and it’s made by the oxidation of adrenaline.
This chemical compound was first discovered in the 50s and is said to cause serious mental disorders, states of euphoria and a sense of detachment from reality.
 These effects have been compared to other substances such as mescaline, LSD, and pure adrenalin.
Those that experience this drug can expect its effects to last weeks with the possibility of flashbacks lasting months this can be followed by a period of paranoid depression which can last just as long.
This doesn’t sound much fun so why would a group like the Illuminati be into taking such a drug?
 Aldous Huxley's wrote about the drug in his book The Doors of Perception, from that point it became widely known and gained a certain popularity with those that followed Huxley’s ideas.
Another famous writing substance users and abusers, Hunter S. Thompson mentioned it in his best-seller "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas".
This is when things begin to take a turn to the dark, as Thompson penned that adrenochrome can only be harvested from the human adrenal gland.
This leads us to a story found on Reddit, the Reddit user is said to have received leaked information from a witness to an Illuminati ritual.
It begins with the witness saying how he had just learned the truth behind this drug, the disgust he felt after learning that it is connected to the disappearance of a large number of children, compelling him to leak the truth in the hope that ‘they’ could be stopped
He claims that many children from untraceable backgrounds such as refugees and street kids have all been taken and murdered.
These children are used to harvest the drug which is in very high demand from those in a position of power and connected by the secret society.
They take the substance not to get high but to obtain the number of benefits that he says comes from adrenochrome, these are greater health, increased vivacity, and a host of other, smaller effects with the euphoria the drug is known for.
An unusual aspect is that this chemical is said to be more potent when it is produced by a person experiencing total unyielding fear, this fear adding to the power of the adrenochrome.
The article tells of how he saw photographs of what looked like a farm in one of the Baltic States. This farm did not house cattle, but people. all children under the age of 15. Chained to the walls in windowless rooms.
The photographs kept coming and began to become increasingly macabre. In some pictures, the children were tied up and were being tortured. This process said to be the method used to increase the strength of the drug.
Blood is then drained from these victims and sent to a production lab.
These pictures showed the equipment and the laboratories were the blood was filtered and the adrenochrome extracted.
Rounding off this picture show of horrors where the farm's fields, in reality, a mass cemetery.
Images of men stood around laughing, smoking, and drinking as human carcasses were pushed off of the back of trucks and into mass graves.
The man saying he was hoping that he could leak the truth and bring everyone who participates in this evil practice to justice, this being the only way he could protect himself. Telling his friend that others had tried in the past and they and their families were killed.
The poster of the article was adamant that this story was true and he too wanted to share, this incases the group came after him.
The group he referred to is powerful the images of a lavish conference room in a skyscraper alluding to the wealth of the individuals.  Drug paraphernalia such as Syringes sat on gilded plates on a thick table of polished wood.
This is when the man says he began to recognize the faces in the pictures, sitting around that table were World leaders, Entertainers, and Religious Icons.
 These men looking happy and excited for what was about to take place.
These are the men who he says make up part of the Illuminati, they take part in a ritualistic drug taking experiences to hopefully unlock the mystical dark secrets. Extend their lives and the thrill of taking a substance unavailable to many.

Is this just a scary story?
Could these world leaders and other influential figures be part of a secret group, a secret group that hunts murders and in a way consumes children?
We have seen in recent news that there are indeed evil groups hidden from public view. Pizza gate and the Lolita express being stories that are only a few steps behind this dark tale.
Do you think this is still happening today?
Let me know in the comments below.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Direct Energy Weapons!? We are IF

Alien Weaponry

The idea of extraterrestrials visiting this planet has become popular. These visitors said to be gifting us all sorts of exotic modes of transportation and even  highly advanced computer technologies
some would even say that the modern age is down to their influence, while others are of the mind that even more advanced technologies are still being hidden.
Whatever you believe, it would seem that e.t is a pretty peaceful guy as we never hear too much about the weapons that they have or may use or worse we may have obtained.
In this video, we will take a dive into that very topic asking what if any weaponry being used or developed by militaries of the world has its roots based on alien craft captured from a UFO visitation.

Files that were kept hidden by the British armed forces for decades have come to light which gives insight into the world of espionage and subterfuge of the cold war. As the world lived in fear of the clashing ideals of communism and capitalism it would seem another clash was going hidden behind the curtain of political ideas. This clash being of worlds and not ideals. All sides of this conflict thought and feared that the other had captured and impounded UFOs, and that they were uncovering the secrets this craft held, this to develop superfast fighter aircraft which could hover in mid-air and be invisible to radar.
This development we now know was true with the militaries of the world openly revealing their stealth technologies and cutting-edge warplanes during the mid-90s.
The British Ministry of Defense has released their UFO files from this time and Dr. David Clarke analyzed these records to see what really went on at that time and what if any technologies were obtained.
He talks about the 50 years of records that were filled with paranoid article fearing an imminent attack from the Soviets at any time and how they may strike with a military capability there was no way to defend against. This technology being reversed alien tech.
This fear was ended in 1997 with the decision that the field of UFO research was leaching resources away from more actionable intelligence sources and so the program was closed, or so they say.
This was conspiracy creeps in with those that believe the project was not closed but in fact, upgraded and moved to a position of higher secrecy.
So if the conspiracy is correct they would have had to have found something, what could that be?
The RAF dossier reveals there were many sightings and events that the military took a keen interest in.
One of these was the spotting of what is described as a mother ship over the streets of London
This was an enormous craft that displayed the ability to hover silently this leading the intelligence agency to believe that if it were Russian and not extraterritorial then the USSR had access to such advanced technologies as stealth, and electromagnetic propulsion technologies.

A senior air force commander, of the time, concluded that the enemy powers must have already gained access to a UFO, back engineered its technology and now be using it to their own ends.
This leads him to give a definition of sighting that should be forwarded to the agency, in this outline he requested that any craft was seen to move at high velocities,  make sharp maneuvers,  and or be capable of stationary ‘flight’ be seen by himself and his staff.
The name UFO was dropped from the military lexicon and was replaced with the terminology UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena)
So if so much time and money were plowed into this by the British it would be fair to assume that all the other countries involved in the cold war did the same, they couldn’t afford to.
If there was the slimmest of chances that another country should succeed they would have an advantage and this would be unacceptable.
So can we find any weapon platforms that could possibly be traced back to the cold war?
(We have covered the claimed reversed engineered craft the story of Bob Lazar and element 115 here on the channel already you can watch that video here)
What I am more interested in is the actual weaponry.
Death rays, killer robots, particle beams what armaments have been derived from alien technologies?
The development of drones and other craft that utilize the advanced propulsion systems would be the first step. The new elements used to power this craft may open the doors to directed energy weapons. These having a large advantage over traditional projectile type weapons, although that being said a missile with the ability to travel in the same reported ways as a UFO would make for a devastating weapon platform.
Energy weapons could be the way to go, they are good as they only need a power source.
 hypothetically these weapons do not need to be reloaded or at least not so frequently, there is the logistical advantage of not having to carry large amounts of ammunition and in some cases the ability to be unseen when fired.
D.E.W or directed-energy weapons have been in development since the time of the reports we talked about at the start.
These “lasers,” as they are more commonly known will transform warfare because of the numerous advantages, like those which we mentioned.
Many of these platforms are in operation today but the development has moved underground this because of the international laws prohibiting the use of directed-energy weapons against personnel.
These laws do however allow for the development of energy weapons that can be deployed to defend against missile attacks and other vehicular platforms.
These weapons work on the ability that they have to burn of melt objects, this heat capability making them very effective against the computer-driven tanks, airplanes, and other platforms common on today’s battlefields.
This is also the reason they have been banned for use against people, incineration from an energy weapon seen as an inhumane method of killing.
As hypersonic missiles, possibly designed using recovered propulsion tech, become more of a possibility, lasers which are capable of destroying a target at the speed of light might be the only option of defense available and capable of protecting military positions.
 November 2017, saw the U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command expressing their interest in the testing the capabilities of lasers mounted on a KC-135 refueling tanker, this for the purpose of defense.
 In June 2017, Raytheon attached a laser on a U.S. Army AH-64 Apache Helicopter and successfully destroyed a number of aerial targets.
At sea, destroyers and cruisers are now being fitted with lasers to defend themselves against drones and missiles.
 Ground-based systems, see the U.S. military placing lasers on short-range air-defense vehicles.
It would seem that we are on the edge of a day when these weapons will replace the bullets and shells of old, war will resemble a Sci-Fi movie.
Maybe the opening scene from Terminator wasn’t so far from the truth?
What do think about these technologies, are they being developed from reversed alien captured craft?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

UFO Threat

Dr. Wernher von Braun's Warning!?

The father of the space age and Nazi scientist
Dr. Wernher von Braun headed up the Nazi V2 rocket program of  WWII.
famously saying how his rocket worked perfectly, except for landing on the wrong planet.
This thinly veiled comment alluding to his knowledge of the stars and secret space programs.
On his deathbed, he gave a shocking outline of a plan that could possibly be about to be enacted by the current US administration!

Von Braun was smuggled into America as part of operation paperclip in the closing days of the war
The US government considered his knowledge and expertise too important to fall into the enemy hands and kept it a secret from many allied countries.
von Braun and the many fellow nazi scientists he brought with them possessed a wealth of information.
Von Braun is said to have taken part in research that was to provide  Hitler WITH anti-gravity propulsion vehicles.
most famous of these craft being the “Die Glocke,” or Nazi flying bell.
 A man with his experience took to the NASA secret programs like a duck to water.
in the latter years of his life, it seems von Braun apparently was privy to the “big picture” seeing the true goals of America’s space program and how the military-industrial complex was manipulating it according to a secret, hidden agenda.
Dr. Carol Rosin, a former leading aerospace executive, and space & missile defense consultant befriended the rocket scientist late in his life, has testified before Congress that on his deathbed in 1977, Wernher warned that once this secretive cabal had played all their methods of control and manipulation.
The standard practice being fear, or ‘threat cards,’ these powers that be, would play their trump card “the alien invasion of our planet.
A plan was in place to build space-based weapons systems these to fight  against aliens,
Braun pointed out that fossil fuels had been obsolete for decades, and that humanity had the capabilities to easily convert to long-supressed, free-energy technology.

Those that had a financial interest in the oil economy wielded too much power and would never let this happen.
Von Braun had been trying to give humanity a heads-up on the new “Star Wars” program.
Maybe in an effort to find some peace or forgiveness for the programs he took part in during the war, we will never know but why is this warning even more important today?
I think we are seeing his predictions coming to pass.
I think its no secret to the world that the US is divided and as the leading power of the world, other nations see it wounded. And like in any jungle the vulture hyenas and wild dogs begin to circle the dying beast.
Is this sixth branch of the U.S. military a way to stay off circling competitors to the world crown of reigning superpower?
Trump said "When it comes to defending America, it is not enough to merely have an American presence in space. We must have American dominance in space,"
The US has had long-running military activity in space this dates back to the beginning of the Space Age, the Corona reconnaissance satellite launched in 1959. In the 1960s, there were military astronauts who first participated in the Dyna-Soar program and then the Manned Orbiting Laboratory or MOL.
The space shuttle flew military missions in the 1980s and early 1990s. And the past few decades have seen numerous space military programs: reconnaissance satellites, Defense Advanced Research Projects, and activities by the National Reconnaissance Office, and who can forget The Boeing X-37.

It would seem things are moving the way Wernher von Braun said they would.
So what could be coming next well logic would dictate the next part of the plan would be the revealing of extraterrestrial beings.
These would be painted in a negative light, a global threat for which The US would have the answer.
countries of the world its time to pay up back down and follow the president as he saves the Earth from an interplanetary threat.
This all one big charade according to the deathbed statement we opened with.
so what do you think is going to happen, will we see a false flag operation by the Trump administration
maybe the real aliens will intervene and sabotage this fraud?
let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Nursery Rhymes 'IF' The Truth behind the Rhyme!?

The Truth behind the Rhyme!?

the dark ages a time associated with medieval torment, a time of religious persecution and in general, not the happiest of times to be alive. when we look back we see suffering and an age when people weren't so enlightened.

This being said its strange that this period gave rise to some of the most joyous songs of our childhood.

          Nursery rhymes

 mothers globally, sing these little tunes to their infant children. They look lovingly into their child's eyes whilst singing about Children tumbling from trees? Heads being slashed off in old London and Creatures being cooked alive?

These happy little ditties don't sound like the type of thing to woo a child to sleep.
so why do we sing them?
where did they come from?
what are the dark origins of these rhymes?

most of these nursery rhymes date back to the 14th century but didn't really become popular until a book named Tommy thumbs songbook was published in the 18th century.
A musician made this tunes ever more popular with his simple musical renditions. These simple an easy to sing tunes quickly caught on. The most famous of his works being the old favorite three blind mice.
Mother Goose was another book which did its part in popularizing nursery rhymes and giving the parent of the time something to read their children at bedtime

These dutiful mothers telling stories of governmental corruptions, religious viciousness,  lurid sex, grotesque diseases, murder and killing, spies, deceivers and the lives of the powerful.  All wrapped up in a world of fairies princess goblins and fantasy.
Let's take a look at the rhyme Baa Baa black sheep. A rhyme which you would be hard pressed to find anyone who didn't know at least one verse of this sheep inspired tune.
The song is actually about the medieval fleece charge.
 King Edward Ist forced this tax upon the poor farmers of the Thirteenth Century. This rule meant that every fleece in the country was partly his with 33% of the cost of a sack of fleece helping fill the royal treasury.
The other monies from the fleece were divided into the congregation and the agriculturist.
This leaving next to nothing for the shepherd boy!
The black sheep was viewed as a loss, this in light of the fact that their wools would be unfit to be colored, so there were less lucrative for the rancher. A song of financial struggles and hardships brought on by a greedy king. Just what every baby loves to hear.
That's okay they still have rock a- bye baby to send them off to sleep.....well not so fast
rock a-0 bye baby or as it also known Shake a-bye Baby has its roots in the English Revolution, the baby in the song being the child of King James II.
This child was said to be fathered by another man and therefore not a legitimate heir to the throne. The rhyme is full of hidden meaning: the "wind" may be the Protestant powers that blew in from the Netherlands; the illustrious House of Stuart being the "support". The earliest versions of this rhyme contained the unfavorable commentary: "This may fill in as a notice to the Proud and Ambitious, who climb so high that they by and large fall finally".
Maybe you knew about these and the more fun rhymes can't hide such political intrigue?
Well, they don't they focus more on sex and debauchery.
Lucy Locket is about a fight between two eighteenth Century whores.
Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush began at Wakefield Prison in England, where female detainees carried out their jailhouse chores around a mulberry tree in the jail yard.
Oranges and Lemons tell of a sentenced man on route to his execution – "Here comes a chopper/To hack off your head!" – his body to be chopped up and displayed around the popular London holy places of Clemens, St Martins, Old Bailey, Bow, Stepney, and Shoreditch.
Pop Goes The Weasel is a nonsensical rhyme that, upon investigation, uncovers itself to be in the truth about destitution, pawnbroking, and hitting the Eagle Tavern on London's City Road.
and they just keep getting darker from here.
Mary, Mary Quite Contrary is thought to be written about Bloody Mary,  the torment and murder of Protestants she is famous for. Mary a staunch Catholic and the "garden" featured in the song being the burial grounds which she filled with those of Protestant faith. The "silver chimes" were thumbscrews; while "cockleshells" are accepted to be instruments of torture used on the male private parts.
one of the better-known meanings to a nursery rhyme is that of Ring a Ring o Roses or Ring Around the Rosie.
 This song is said to be about 1665 Great Plague of London: the "Rosie" being the rotten rash that was created on the skin of bubonic plague sufferers, the stench from these  rotting pustules  required the hiding of scented flowers to cover the smell thus a "pocket loaded with posies". "atishoo, atishoo, we fall down (dead)." Is obviously the final stages of the disease before the sufferer falls victim to the plague.
in today's politically correct world its amazing these songs are still sung, maybe because most do not know the truth behind them.
There was a movement in the 40s who attempted to censor these songs. Max Minckler helped create a list of 100 of the most well-known nursery rhymes, including Humpty Dumpty and Three Blind Mice, for "harboring offensive components". He broke down the offensive content reporting that he had found 21 instances of death (these included death by, execution, hanging, cannibalism, starvation, and murder); 12 cases of torment to animals; and 1 case each of consuming human flesh, body snatching, and ‘the desire to have one’s own limb severed’. 

so next time you are tucking a loved one away for the night instead of singing them these old favorites maybe its time for something new.
send them off with a little Marilyn Manson or maybe some black sabbath!!
Which of these nursery rhymes were you sung as a child?
did you know the meanings behind the rhymes?
let me know in the comments below.

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Aliens here on Earth!?

Aliens on Earth. part 1

Visitors from another world have provided Sci-Fi creature designers an opportunity to build some of the most iconic and memorable beasts to be seen on film.
debate on
Aliens and the many different theories that lay behind these interplanetary visitors rages on.
Those that say they visit us from a distant galaxy and those that say they have been here since the start of civilization and others who claim it all to be fiction.
If they are real, Who or what are they?
In this First part of ‘a double episode video,’ we will take a look at these aliens and ask, which are the good, the bad and just ugly are!

But these groups are just a drop in the bucket of the 200+ species that are said to regularly visit this little blue marble.
There is a constant exchange of alien species happening each and every day, some passing through others here for the long run.
As in the movies “Men in Black” surely they should be some agency monitoring these aliens, after all, if we track the movements of own species on this planet we should at least do the same with them?
Nancy Malacaria a ufologist believes that there are 218 alien races routinely arriving and departing our planet
These extraterrestrial races are said to be living within our galaxy, does this mean we are just a holiday hotspot for ET or is there something more sinister afoot.
Let’s look at these aliens. The good, the bad and the ugly.
 Let’s start on a positive note with the good.
The Andromedans.
This alien comes in three different classifications. Firstly there are Andromedans that can communicate telepathically. Another is from a race of 4-5 Dimensional humans that have similar features to us. Others may even have cone heads elongated skulls, like those found in Peru and other countries. Some are said to be 3 to 4 foot in height with blue skin, they have a humanoid form with bald round heads and dark eyes.
The final group is of the master cast, standing at, at least 7-9 foot tall. These winged humanoids are said to be existing in higher dimensions. Could they be an explanation for angels?
Another group which is said to look out for humanity is The Nordics.
These humanoid extraterrestrial are sometimes referred to as the blondes, they have a very human-like appearance with heights comparable to our own measuring from 5½ to 7 feet in height.
 In the majority of contactee reports, the Nordics are described as having blonde hair with light eyes.  Most have blue eyes, however, other variations have been seen such as violet, pink, red, purple, and green.
They are also said to be examples of physical perfection and are extremely attractive to humans. Nordics can easily pass for human when seen from a little distance. They communicate using telepathy and even possess telekinetic powers.
The Origin of the Nordics is the Pleiades star cluster a distance of 400 light years from this planet. History tells how initially Billy Meier of Switzerland made the first contact with this race, this happening in the 1940s.
Billy would telepathically communicate with a female Pleiadian named Samjese. This information exchange continued for a decade during the 1970s and early 1980s.
Their home planet is named Erra, and is in a different dimension than ours.
 They are an extremely ancient race, first discovering the earth around 225,000 B.C.
So what is The Nordic Agenda?
They are watchers of Earth, they seek to enlighten humanity by providing spiritual revelation and warn humanity when our behavior threatens the world and could potentially lead to catastrophe.
 They also warn of the evil entities that inhabit the galaxy, monitoring the actions of the grey aliens and reptilians.

Many say that ideas that are found within the New Age movement were given by the Nordics.
So the Nordics have our backs, what could be the problem with the greys?
And now for the bad.
The grey aliens are typically described as very thin with large out of proportion heads their height being around 3 ½ to 6 feet.
They are probably the best known of all the alien types, their image has been turned into key chains featured on t-shirts and is now a pop culture icon.
 This image is somewhat accurate with Hollywood and science fiction TV shows doing a very good job of portraying the grey’s appearance.
The large, bulbous forehead with its unblinking, bulging, eyes. The pale gray and wrinkly skin. All true to life according to those that have claimed to have encountered this alien species.
More detailed descriptions say that the skin of the greys has as a texture the same as that of an ocean mammal.
They seem to have no ears with no protrusion or indentations seen on the sides of the head.
 Some have described them with three or four webbed fingers and webbed feet.
Once again communication is through telepathy.
 This is often shown in Alien encounter stories, they indicate that people can hear them speaking directly in their mind, no sound coming from the alien’s mouth.

 The Greys are said to originate from zeta reticuli.
 Betty Hill reported her encounter with greys in probably the most famous abduction case in history,  she drew a map to this star system when recounting her ordeal through hypnosis.
 Marjorie Fish UFO researcher has hypothesized that the grey aliens’ home base is a pair of stars some 220 trillion miles in distance, from our planet.
 Greys can be known as Zeta Reticulans or Zeta Reticuli this alien name alluding to their home base.
So why is this group of ET running around the earth, what’s The Grey Alien Agenda?
Abductee reports that the greys seem to be carrying out scientific research, the greys observing and studying all life forms found in the universe.
Treating humans in the same way we do wild animals with a catch, tag, and release program.
 They perform their tests and evaluations then set their human guinea pigs free.
A theory has been postulated that the grey alien race is a dying species, this is because they are a cloned race created and genetically engineered by the aliens known as the reptilians.
The greys were a slave race, serving the reptilian masters until they rebelled and set themselves free. They now are in search of a planet to call their own and some say they have their unblinking black eyes focuses firmly on the earth.
The Conspiracy exists that claims the greys were the species of alien found at Roswell, New Mexico, at the now infamous UFO crash.
They were the first ET species to make an agreement with the U.S. government offering advanced technology in exchange for experimentation on human subjects.
Their goal through genetic engineering and cross-species genetic merging to prevent the extinction of their race.
The Nordics have warned humanity that trusting these grey aliens is a mistake and they are a threat to our world.
These two species have been battling each other with us in the middle for eons.
Which species do you think is telling the truth?
Would earth be better off with no alien visitors?
Are you looking forward to the day when like any good Sci-Fi movie our daily lives are interlaced with aliens?

Aliens on Earth. 'IF' ET's plan for our planet? Part 2

In the first part of this series, we took a look at the idea that many species of extraterrestrial regularly visit this planet.
Renowned ufologist Nancy Malacaria saying that over 200 species spend a couple of week’s traveling-time to reach our planet from the deepest darkest parts of our solar system.
In part one we took a look at the good and bad in this part we are going to take a look at the ugly.
Let’s finish the story and finds out what she has to say.

Nancy says she is in regular contact with the different forms of alien life which visit the planet.
Talking about her experiences she told newspapers "The average time it takes the visiting races to reach Earth from their own worlds is two weeks.
"It is no problem at all for any of the visiting races to hide themselves and their crafts from us. They hide dimensionally."
Nancy confirms what we asked in the last video, there is a group which monitors this alien presence on the planet. This group is managed by the US government and they track these Aliens down.
Nancy said "The authorities are hunting them and hunting the humans who work with them
Wherever the aliens are detected, they are framed for crimes, to scare the public away, and to prevent or ruin any budding intergalactic trust."
 So as we move forward with President Trump’s idea of a space force its funny how Nancy talks of the Earth is a part of a galactic union.
This union is said to comprise of over 5000 worlds from five other galaxies. These groups working in something that would be reminiscent of Star treks federation of planets.
The work they do makes sure our planet is protected, claims that in the past they have stopped nuclear conflict engulfing the globe.
This would most likely be due to the help of the Nordic aliens we talked of in part 1.
This race helping humanity and advancing us to a future where we will all join them in the stars. The Greys who we also discussed maybe not so much. They would more likely be working with those that could hasten the destruction of our home.
So we looked at the good and the bad that just leaves the Ugly.
And these guys are the ugliest that is when they are not wearing the faces of the rich, famous and beautiful.
The reptilians
These reptoids have the facial features associated with all reptiles. With slightly conical shaped-heads, covered with a row of bony ridges that begin at the forehead and continue all the way down the back of the skull. There is a small hump in place of a nose with slits in the nasal area, these presumably to breath. They have similar slits in place of ears.
The speculated history and agenda of these Reptilian Aliens is as follows.
There are numerous theories and ideas regarding the alien race known as the reptilians. Some sources say that they originate from the star constellation called Draco, another idea is that a group of far more ancient aliens seeded our planet with the reptilians, this explaining the ideas that there has been a subspecies dwelling here since prehistory.
From witness testimony of sightings of these scaled ETs or their earth-dwelling brethren. Reptilian beings are humanoid in form, standing between six to nine feet tall.
They are a physically intimidating sight being very muscular, they possess long arms and legs ending in three long fingers, and one thumb on each hand.
Their skin has a variety of colorations ranging from dark green to brown with scales similar to those of a snake. Some reports state, they also have long crocodilian-like tails.
Some major differences between the two groups would be that those from Draco have wings which are reported to span six to seven feet. Their basic body type is like that of the earth reptilians, but they have horns on their heads some reports say these continue along the length of the spine.
The subspecies that inhabit Earth differ somewhat from the space-faring kin, being more human-like in size and appearance and of course, we mustn’t forget that this is how they disguise themselves and walk among us according to some.
There is a theory that these ETs gave rise to the myths and legends of dragons and/or the winged gods found in ancient Chinese, Greek, and Indian writings.
The most popular example of this being the claim that the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl was,  in fact, a reptilian.
 So what is The Reptilian Agenda?

Abductees claim that the reptilians are a fierce race using force to coerce and intimidate those that they capture.
Conspiracy theories regarding these cold-blooded beasts continue to grow saying that the reptilians are a malevolent group seeking to dominate the planet and others in the galaxy.
 Going back to part 1 of this topic it is thought that they are the ones who cloned the grey aliens, this in an attempt to create a slave race.
This plan they had for the greys obviously failed and now they have designs to enslave humanity.
Famously David Icke, a British writer, and avid conspiracy publisher believes that they have interbred with humans this forming an “elite” class.
These elites now hold positions of power in all governments, businesses, banking, and royal families.
 Being able to shape-shift they hide their true identities the occasional slips in their disguises this being a whole new theme of YouTube videos you can disappear into for hours.
These earth-dwelling reptoids hide in deep underground bases and when above-ground like to inhabit caves. They are the basis for a network that wants to corrupt and bring down the age of man and introduce the age of reptilian overlords!
There are others that also visit that are still very mysterious with one or two sightings and not much more in the way of evidence or testimony.
These types of alien reported from “close encounters of the third kind.”
We hear strange stories Such as the occurrence of the Hopkinsville goblins Small, greenish-silver humanoids who terrorized a family in the rural US.
The Flatwoods monster a Tall humanoid with a spade-shaped head that appeared mysteriously one-night leaving witness sick and suffering, after they breathed in the smoke that surrounded the strange visitor.
And then there is the B movie favorite “little green men”
 These small green humanoids being more a creation of Hollywood with no report ever being made involving anything that would fit this classic cultural stereotype.
The idea that unknown aliens visit us here on Earth, communicating and abducting us, seems far-fetched to some and exciting to others.
What do you think?
Do you believe aliens exist?
Do you know anyone who has had a firsthand experience?
If you have experience with an alien being, which type was it?
Let me know in the comments below

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Secret Societies

The Black Dragons are the hidden hand

Secret societies have been something we have looked into a few times here on the channel. From the worst kept secret group of all the Illuminati to other hidden hands in history.
I guess like fight club the first things these groups teach members is to not talk about it.
“One that has been successful with this to a point but not totally as if that were the case I wouldn’t be making this video.”
Is The Black Dragon Society (黒竜会, Kokuryu-kai)
This group born out of the Japanese nationalism of World War 2 has over the years engrained itself at all crucial points of the modern financial, commercial and political world.
Hidden and powerful.
They influence the world in secret

So who is this group who manipulates of mankind? They arose from the Japanese plans to conquer Asia during World War 2. They were a bunch of secretive and criminal men and women who made their way across China and the rest of south-east corrupting bribing and influencing anyone they could sink their claws into.
This with the goal of weakening countries takes control of economies and infrastructures before the Japanese army could be rolled in with tanks and bombs.
This group was vicious and renowned for its violence
 this to the point of other saboteur and spy networks working with the Japanese nationalist wanted nothing to do with them.
The end of the war arrived
and as history tells the Japanese were on the losing side, this caused embarrassment to the nation, and they wished to distance themselves from the actions of the war.
 as such the groups that were involved in clandestine operations were denied recognition and were left to their own ends, this leaving 10,000 black dragons looking for something to do.

The black dragons did the only they knew disappearing into the shadows, at the same time they protected the assets and fortunes of the Japanese merchants from allied forces looking for war reparations. This put them in a position of great power and they used this influence and a huge sum of wealth to coerce people and groups this time to their own ends and not for the goals of a Japanese emperor.
The term black dragon started to fade and change meaning in the years after the end of the war. Instead of a fascistic wing of a country looking to build an empire, it began to mean someone shady, a criminal or someone who has loose morals.
Was this by design creating a mythical image of the black dragon for the real group to hide behind?
Today the Black Dragons have become more subtle than their violent past, they focus their resources and effort on geopolitical ambitions.
Their current goals include task such as the expulsion of communist influence in China, Korea and elsewhere in Asia.
    Continuation to Conceal duplicity from the Green Men, maintaining a cooperative facade.
    Condition and unify world opinion through the adoption of Eastern culture: business models, martial arts, religion, and philosophy.
    Ultimately, they want to usher in a new age of the Tsan-Chan Empire. This long-term goal requires the survival of the Order of the Black Dragons for thousands of years, making them very cautious.
For them to ensure that they keep moving forward with these goals the group does ally themselves with other organizations. The question then becomes do they use their old skills to co-op and take control of these groups.
Could they be the hidden hand behind the hidden hand?
They may well be the masters of the hidden societies that we have come to know, maybe this is why we do know of them. The uncovering of these groups vastly diminishing their power and influence.

The Black Dragons Agent provocateurs using the Theology, Psychology and Hypnosis skills they are have been taught; wheedling out secrets and spotting human weaknesses at a glance, then using these observations to move their members into powerful positions.
Occasionally this group does get exposed one such event which made many people at the time discover the society and their Machiavellian plans was an FBI raid.
A story from 1942 describes an FBI Raid on Japanese Terrorists. These terrorists were said to be The Black Dragon.
The government agents reported how the members of this group were involved in many criminal exploits form extortion, prostitution, drugs, and gambling. These vices used to bribe people into positions of power.
The government labeled them a terrorist group arrested and jailed. But much like the fictional Marvel group Hydra cut off one head and two shall replace it.
This arrest may have had the group once again returning to the dark to recuperate and regroup but it did nothing to impact the Dragon Society as a whole.
They had then and most certainly today infiltrated almost every country on Earth.
Today they occasionally emerge from the shadows in a news story but just as quickly vanish.
Do you think this group is still out there steering humanity to their own design?
What other secret societies do you think to operate and match the reach and influence of The Black Dragon?
Would you like to join a secret society or are you already a member?
Let me know in the comments below.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Giant Squid

 These Monsters Attack!?

The giant squid is a creature that has gone from myth and legend to fact. The old sea tales of krakens and sailors being dragged to the bottom of the ocean were once scoffed at but now we know that they were probably true.

The giant squid still remains enigmatic the behemoth rarely being seen, and science still has a lot to learn about these highly intelligent super predators.

This knowledge improves little by little each time there is a sighting or the discovery of a dead animal. This is something that has just occurred with Divers Finding an Enormous, Squid on a New Zealand Beach

The recent finding of this underwater giant may help scientist gain more understanding of the underwater 8 legged monsters found on  Saturday 25th of august by spear fisherman on the Wellington beach in New Zealand. The pictures show how these men are dwarfed by the cephalopod.
At a length of 13 feet or 4.2 meters this is a large animal but at its biggest it is said that these creatures could get as big as 16 feet.
This creature is said to be a smaller ‘Architeuthis dux’ not the beast which most likely inspired the legends of the Kraken ‘Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni.’
This large slab of calamari would have been made to look small if it had been a colossal squid as they can break 30 feet in size.
This information is highly speculative as gather any kind of data on these animals is notoriously difficult. Most of what we do know has been gleaned from accidental captures and specimens washing ashore.
So with these legends of the deadly Kraken attacking boats, sailors and creatures as large as whales do we see these behaviors playing out in the real world with these two species of giants?
The short answer is yes!
And here are three tales of frightening squid attack they may well have you staying out of the water!

In this clip, we can see a monstrous squid attacking a diver in the ocean depths.

We can see the diver is just taking footage of the elusive creature when from the murky depths a squid decides to go on the attack.
Wrapping the diver in its tentacles the man is almost powerless to fight back. This smaller species of squid-like other large squid has hooks running along each of its tentacles, these grabbing the diver with ferocious strength.
We can see the animal attempting to pull the man toward its mouth a beak like an apparatus that would have easily torn through the man and crushed his bones, probably being able to tear the man limb from limb.
This sounds just like the old sea tales to me.
Luckily the diver manages to break free and heads for the surface no serious injuries thankfully

Incredibly, though, it’s not the first time the elusive sea monsters have attacked visitors to their
Scott Cassell diver and filmmaker was also attacked by the angry eight armed underwater terror.
He tells of how the creatures dragged him underwater at ridiculous speed breaking his wrist and dislocated his shoulder.
If attacking a diver is not close enough to the legends of the Kraken and its attacks on the sailing ships of old. How about an attack on a submarine.
Two green peace workers were using submersible in one of their projects, this is when a giant Humbolt squid decide to attack them.
Spraying ink as they swarmed the small submarine containing the two people.
The Humbolt squid may not be the size of the cephalopods we have already mentioned but they more  than make up for that size difference with aggressiveness that is legendary, it’s even earned them the nickname red devils.
The bright red color coming from their ability to manipulate and change the shades and color of their skin. This is thought to be a method of communication but it also adds to the terror when they attack. Flashing through an array of colors and back to bright blood red, they become a colliderscope of terror.
These tentacle menaces have killed.
Reports coming out of Mexico document how a pack of squid capsized a fishing and attacked the fisherman in a gruesome spectacle witnessed by many from the beach.
One of these witnesses talk about seeing bodies washing ashore. He said these unlucky souls were black and blue all over and covered in circular lesions from the squids suckers.
One survivor washed up with the bodies this unfortunate man was almost unrecognizable.
Biologists commented on this horrific incident, they think that the attack was from a coordinated group of female squid. This attack was so bad it had the local government creating a cordoned off area of the sea, this so no one else would fall victim to the locally known ‘diablos rojos”
One scary fact of this incident is that it is likely to happen again, dwindling fish stocks will put man and beast at odds in the future.
These giant squid will make an unmatchable advisory for anyone who takes to the water with them.
 Their size, the gang mentality, eight strong flexible arms and two longer tentacles with large pads to grab prey, all covered in suction cups lined with small teeth.
Cardio would not be an issue, with their three hearts.
Eyes the size of soccer balls mean they can easily spot anything even in the darkest of ocean waters.
All of this would be enough to keep me out of the water.
How about you?
Would you like to see this squid up close?
Do you think the stories of the Kraken pulling down whole ships could be true?
Let me know in the comments below.

Monday, 3 September 2018


TR3-B "IF" Reversed Alien Technology?

Many UFO sightings, “although most people would like them not to be”, Are man-made objects and not extraterrestrial craft.
The governments and militaries of the world seen testing prototype aircraft.
There have since the first days of flight been secret projects, aircraft hidden from the public, the existence of advanced technologies kept in the shadows.
In this post, we take a look at one such project, the TR-3B.

Secret military and civilian technologies are nothing new. The advantages of your enemy or competitor not knowing your capabilities are obvious.
One such secretive project, which was responsible for many UFO sightings during the cold war, was operation OX cart.
The SR-71 Blackbird is probably the most famous spy plane on the planet. It has featured on posters onto TV shows and even in movies.
 What you may not know is that there is another plane which is just as important, the A 12 Oxcart.
The development of this aeronautical wonder began in 1957 after the shooting down of a U.S U2 spy plane.
This was a wakeup call to the American alphabet agencies, who soon realized the only way to safely carry out surveillance over the USSR was at high altitudes and supersonic speeds.
This lead to the building of an aircraft the like of which the world had never seen.
The first designs were for the A- 11 these then gave way to the beast that was the A-12, a plane many thought could never fly.
The building of the spy plane utilized exotic materials for the time combining aluminum and titanium, the latter being sourced from Russia adding to the importance of keeping the program a secret.
The development of anti-radar coatings and the distinct shape, all in an attempt to make the plane invisible to radar. The developments made in this area easily seen on the stealth fighters and bombers of today.
Another Link to today could be that old ufologists favorite area 51.

The runway needed for this metal bird to take flight had to be specially constructed, at 8500 feet in length. This is similar to what we have seen in the pictures of the secretive and for many years denied military base at Groom Lake.
On April 26th, 1962, the A-12 took to the skies.
History was made and mankind entered a new area in powered flight.
Of course, no one outside of the secret circles knew any of this at the time.
If you saw this thing flying through the night skies, your mind would most likely jump to aliens.
The profile of the plane from head-on or from its 6 o’clock has the same distinct profile of a saucer-shaped UFO.
So if we achieved this in the 60’s where could we be today?
What could we be doing with modern aircraft design?
The A-12 and the later SR-71 did have limitations.
Were those limits broken by a man named Bob Lazar?
Did this ridiculed and sidelined scientist and inventor discover an element that could be powering the cutting edge craft of today?
Element 115 first came to the attention of people in 1989, this is when Area 51 whistleblower Bob Lazar published his claims that extraterrestrial spacecraft was kept secretly at Area 51’s S4 facility.
What was the element to power their flight?
Element 115.
Today some 14 years on, this element has been added to the periodic table and has become part of mainstream science.
A team of scientist has been experimenting with different elements in attempts to make this new element.
They have been successful to a point, published papers say that the element is possible to make but is highly unstable and cannot hold its form, rapidly degrading in a number of nanoseconds.
To get element 115 to become stable is going to take longer or so they say, maybe the military has achieved this already.
Bob Lazar did point out that “the material decayed almost instantly.”
Going onto say the first batch was only a starting point and that he will be proven right in the long run.”
Lazar explained, “I’d like to see them continue to work and produce different isotopes of 115 because they’re gonna come up with a handful of different varieties and they’re gonna come up with a stable isotope, and that’s what we’re interested in.
 Element 115 has yet to be officially named, “but it is temporarily called ununpentium, this name is roughly based on the Latin and Greek words for the digits in its atomic number, 115.”
So this brings us on to the latest military technologies that could possibly be responsible for many witnesses swearing they have seen a craft from another world, the TR-3B.
The TR-3B is an experimental plane that has also been dubbed the black mantra. People speculate that this is a future bleeding edge spy plane.
The project has very little proof apart from a few sightings, unclear photographs, and leaked military information from very dubious sources.
Many of these sightings occur in areas close to Edwards’s Airforce base and along the California coast.
The aircraft is said to be a triangular subsonic stealth spy plane with a flying wing design.
Those that have made claims that they have worked on The TR-3 say it was manufactured by Northrop.
One aircraft that is on record and could provide a basis for the TR3 is the Tier III an experimental UAV which appeared at the time of the first sighting in the late eighties and early nineties.
This program also produced Lockheed Martin RQ-3 DarkStar.
TR prefix would also be fitting for Tactical Reconnaissance as opposed to Strategic Reconnaissance (SR) as in the SR-72 that we mentioned at the start.
As we know,  most technologies that are usually, simultaneously being developed and built by other nations.
Russia has been the location of many TR-3B sightings, is this because they have developed their own version or because the US aircraft is operating in Russian airspace?
The reports state that the craft moved through the skies at a speed much too slow to sustain flight for an object of its size.
That would be if it used conventional power sources if we circle back to Bob Lazar and element 115 then maybe that is providing lift in some unknown way.
Many, many people claim to have seen triangular black UFOs flying around the world.
They believe that these occurrences are the best evidence for the existence of extraterrestrials and their technology.
Do you think these technologies provide a good explanation for reports of UFOs?
What technologies do you think are being better hidden?
Is this mind-blowing miracle of aviation reversed alien tech?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Tree Kangaroo 'IF' recent sighting linked to Cryptids?

 Tree Kangaroo 'IF' recent sighting linked to Cryptids?

Australia the land of some of the strangest and deadliest creatures on the planet. Its unique geographical terrain and location have given rise to some unique creatures.
Sadly many have been lost to extinctin, but in a similar note to the recent rediscovery of the lost bear in Russia. Another one of these lost animals has been found. In this video lets take a look at a species of thought to be etinct  kangaroo and ask if it could offer us hope in finding other lost animals and possibly cryptids

A lost species of kangaroo has been found and photographed for the first time in history, this lucky sighting captured by a tourist to the area.
The British holidaymaker Michael Smith snapped a picture of the tree kangaroo or Wondiwoi to give it its proper name. When we think of kangaroos most peoples mind jump to the continent of Australasia but this tree-dwelling marsupial was found in a place we have mentioned in other cryptid videos Papua, Indonesia.
It seems that this location keeps giving stories and sightings of extinct creatures and animals that are meant to mythical.
The wondiwoi is a creature that heads up the 25 most wanted lost species along with creatures such as the Wallace giant bee, the shovel-nosed sturgeon, and sinu parakeet.
The last time anyone had seen this animal was way back in 1928 and until this picture it had never been captured on film.
Michael was on a two-week expedition to find a new species of orchids in West Papua.he turned his sights on the long-lost Tree Kangaroo after spotting claw marks on trees.
The intrepid tourist manage to track the tree kangaroo in the area he was exploring after staking out the area he caught a glimpse of something that resembled a teddy bear 30meters up in the tree canopy he took out his camera and snapped away catching the image of what experts said was extinct.
There are plans in place to return to the location of the picture with conservationist camera traps and other equipment in an attempt to verify that this species is back from dead.
The area remains largely untouched and unexplored due to the remote location and impenetrable thick vegetation on steep slopes.
So if anything needed a place to hide this would be perfect.

So this got me thinking of other cryptids and one which has interested me since a child was a cryptid which could also possibly some strange and undiscovered species of marsupial the Bunyip.

This animal common to aboriginal folklore is said to be a river and swamp-dwelling beast. Tale tells of how the creature will defend its watery home from those foolish enough to enter.
The Bunyip has varying descriptions with the appearance ranging from something reptilian like a crocodile to a creature covered in feathers said to have long tail tusks and flippers, this animals unusual mix of features making it iliar to the platypus.
Or maybe it could even be part of the same animal, being a larger variant of the species?
To prove this,and  show that the bunyip
 is more than mythical would take evidence, so has there been any hard proof beyond aboriginal tales and strange noises in the night?
In 1846 there was a discovery of a large strange skull in an isolated area associated with ‘Bunyip calls' seemingly providing physical evidence of the Bunyip's existence.
The Bunyip skull was found on the muddy banks of Murrumbidgee River in New South Wales, submitted to and examined by experts who concluded that the skull was from a creature unknown to science.
In 1847 the strange Skull was put on display at the Australian Museum in Sydney. During the skulls exhibition at the museum for a period of two days, the Sydney newspapers reported a large increase in Bunyip sightings.
The skull had created Bunyip fever and everyone was associating each and every strange shadow and noise in the night to the Bunyip.
This all died down when other experts claimed that the skull was nothing more than a disfigured cow or horse, seems like a convenient explanation to calm people down.
 So if we speculate and suggest that what they found was a real Bunyip skull are they any creatures from the past that could give us an answer to what has been a creature of legend for so long?
Diprotodons were large rhino-sized plant-eating marsupials, thought to have gone extinct some 10,000 years ago.
So maybe just like our friend the tree kangaroo or the Russian bear, we covered in another video could it still be around just on the point of extinction a few creatures hidden eking out a quiet existence?
 Diprotodons shared many of the same physical features attributed to the Bunyip.
They had a face like that of a dog, as well as a long shaggy coat maybe this could look like feathers when wet?
A few Scientists have proposed the theory that the Bunyip is a seal, a common marine mammal found along the coasts of Australia but that doesn’t explain how if it were a seal it could cross massive baron and dry stretches of land to inhabit a swamp or a billabong.
Bunyip Sightings have decreased in recent years leading some to claim that if the creature was a fact it too has now joined the ranks of the extinct.
Had you heard of the Bunyip before, what do you think about the rediscovery of another said to be 'extinct animal'?
What other creatures do you think we will find again someday soon?
Is the Bunyip a known creature of antiquity or something new to science?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below

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