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Antartic secrets

John Carpenter's "The Thing," tells the story of a scientific expedition stumbling upon a lost alien craft. They release an alien with the ability to change shape which destroys the base and them. Is This sci-fi spectacular just fiction?

There is a place in the Antartic that could somewhat match the story and has been the location of many a discovery.

 strange creatures and bizarre conditions.

welcome to lake  Vostok and Organism 46B 

 So what is organism 46B  and where IS Lake Vostok?
Let's start with the lake, the Antartic has been a popular online topic in the past few months many videos and articles being posted that claim the continent is off limits.
The military of countries like The US and Russia enforcing a quarantine of the frozen landmass.
could these rumors and stories be tied to the lake?
what makes this lake so special?
the subglacial Antarctic lake can be found hidden under four kilometers of ice, the lake is an inhospitable place.
researchers working at Vostok Station drilled down into the lake and took measurements of the air and at -89 degrees Celsius they recorded the coldest temperature ever measured on Earth.
The 4 kilometers of ice that sits above the lake put the lake's water under enormous pressure.
 Researchers say that its comparable to the surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa, the icy water is also cut off completely from the Sun, the life-giving rays unable to penetrate the massive depth of ice.
 In these extreme conditions finding life would seem highly unlikely, what could provide energy to an ecosystem?
 there is essentially no outside energy input and this has been for millions of years.
But in the immortal words of Dr. Ian Malcolm "life finds a way"
so what was found under that ice, was there a creature as terrifying as ' The Thing'?
Those studying the location confirmed that there was life in this impossible and almost alien environment with the existence of a Vostok-dwelling bacterium.
This species was new to science and had not been found anywhere else on the planet and far from being a plucky survivor eking out an existence, it was thriving.
This bacteria was not a lonely organism there were over 3500 species found living in this impossible lake.
After the years it took to drill down through the ice these discoveries were akin to hitting a biological jackpot.
What they found was not limited to only bacterial life.
They even found species that are generally associated with mollusks and fish, leading one researcher to say that the lake “might have fish,”
This researcher quickly withdrew his statement and this could be down to the finding of organism 46B.
so What is Organism 46-B?

This creature is an elephantine type of animal which looks like it belongs in the octopus or squid family.
It is a huge beast  Measuring in at thirty-three feet long and weighing almost one ton.
with fourteen tentacles it is truly a beast of underwater nightmares.
Like the Kraken of legend and other sea monsters, this cryptid creature would be a super predator which if found outside of the lake could easily be snacking on unfortunate sailors.
Organism 46-B  has some tricks up its fourteen incredibly long sleeves, it is claimed that the cephalopod has the capacity to telepathically hypnotize and then immobilize prey.
This ability to control other creatures has a range of over 150 feet, which means getting close to the slippery behemoth is difficult.
The Russian military first encountered organism 46B while exploring  Lake Vostok.
During the first encounter with the animal, it was said to have purposefully disabled their communication equipment.
This is when the creature attacked, the unfortunate man was reported to be treading water one moment, then a strange smile came across his face moments before he was torn limb from limb.
The deep lake monster snacking on the man's body using its long tentacles to feed the dismembered body parts to its beak-like mouth.
This would have been terrifying enough but then this is when the creature showed abilities that were truly mind blowing
Reminiscent of the creature in 'The Thing' organism 46B then changed shape morphing into what appeared to be a large school of fish.
Maybe this was an illusion many cephalopods have the ability to change color and reflect their environment, maybe this monster can morph its body to show images and appear as something else, the ultimate in camouflage.
Being of a military mindset these divers decide to go after the animal, maybe after some revenge.
They found it and after showing off more shapeshifting abilities a conflict ensued. The divers all survived as did the Organism 46B but the giant beast did lose one of its enormous tentacles. This is when things get very strange, after the limb was hauled to the surface for study it was said to have still been living, and attacked and killed a female member of the Russian dive crew!
This is the beginning of the conspiracy, five years the Russians battled the creature or creatures finally capturing a specimen, this specimen was said to have been housed in a ship which had been converted into a tank of sorts.
The creature was then taken and presented to Russian officials who were quick to hide the animals. The dive teams were orders to never talk of this expedition or the creature again but Inside intelligence has stated that Putin plans to breed these animals and use them as enormous weapons if a war was to break out.

The Russian authorities seeing the value of this species as a weapon. A biological bomb that could render an enemies oceans off limits and probably lifeless in now time. octopus and squid typically lay about 20,000 eggs in one season. Imagine if just a tenth of those eggs hatched the sea would become off limits as these aggressive giant predators searched for food.
The chaos they could cause by disrupting communications would be enormous, and the damage they could cause to fisheries would be huge.
The mainstream media machine has been quick to debunk this story which has many believing that it could be true. The propaganda of TV and internet being used to hide the evidence much in the same way as they do with the UFO phenomena.
However, with Just a little digging the internet can show that there is much more information supporting the theory of the existence of Organism 46-B.
So is this a real creature?
Is it an organism that evolved under the ice depths or could it be something from another world?
At the start of the video, I mentioned how the lake and its highly pressurized conditions are similar to those found under the ice sheet of Europa.
 Are the unique animals of the lake and organism 46B possibly descendants of ancient life seeded here from a world like the moon Europa?
The team does note that this wide swathe of deep-lake species includes members specializing in every stage of the nitrogen and carbon cycles, implying that the isolated ecosystem of Lake Vostok may have fixed, used, and recycled its own limited supply of carbon for several million years. If true, this means that evolution has invented the ultimately sustainable green-space.
This ability to self-sustain may show how life can survive on very little energy.
Maybe this shows us life Could survive a trip through space on an asteroid.
 Lake Vostok shows us how few environments we really can discount in our search for life in the universe.
IF this video has caught your interest, catch our video on the intelligent octopus.
More cryptid videos are linked in the description.

Let me know your thoughts on Organism 46B in the comments below.

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