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USO's 'IF' Underwater Alien Bases?

When talking about alien life we often look to the stars. We talk of inhabited alien worlds and visitors from other planets zooming through our skies.
But, what if we look at other places?
What if we can learn more from unknown objects seen in the water?
In this video, we take a look at uso’s Unidentified Submerged Objects.

USO stories are building in popularity the sighting of strange craft jetting through bodies of water and easily passing between water and air are on the increase.
These events and objects are however not a new phenomenon, one of the first incidents occurred in the 15th century.
And involved, of all people Christopher Columbus. 
Columbus on his journey to North America with his crew made the claim of seeing a glowing, pulsating, ball of light beneath the ocean's surface. This orb then rose through the water broke the surface and jetted away through the sky.
 Remember this would have been a time before manned flight so seeing such a sight would have been very memorable.
This sighting was not likely a fantasy of those on a long sea voyage, as Columbus faced punishment for telling his tale. This punishment not so much for saying he had seen a uso/ufo but for reporting it looked like a Menorah.
Explanations for these submersed lights come in a variety of forms, from bio-luminescent sea creatures like giant squid, and jellyfish to astronomical phenomenon such as ball lightning.
More modern sightings make the claim that they are secret government technologies and underwater military bases. The latter being very possible but this fails to explain the older sightings like Columbus. 
Those that follow the uso phenomena say the reason these sightings go back so far is twofold one the sea was one of the largest unexplored areas we first ventured into we saw many things that could not be easily explained at the time and two there were already alien bases operating beneath the waves.
 These bases are scattered around the oceans of the world forming a global network, and the sea would make great cover for any alien life form wishing to keep its presence secret.
Could earth and its oceans be a jump-off point on the alien space highway?
Some of the most compelling locations for these bases are as follows:

The suspected Underwater Base Off of Puffin Island on the Welsh coast.
Over the years and decades this location has been somewhat of a hotbed for ufo activity this has made many a ufologist conclude a submerged alien base lays off of the coast of Wales.
 The year 1974 saw a swell in activity around the area, this ranged from the sighting of lights in the sky to descriptions of large triangular craft even reported abductions and sightings of humanoid creatures who witness said told them of their base under the sea.
 Recently UFO activity has been downplayed, stats showing a decrease in reported sightings, these sites, however, contradict this research, with an 80 percent increase in activity at these sites, worldwide.
These aquatic occurrences are not only confined to the oceans.
Lakes and inland bodies of water also play host to suspected subaquatic bases.
The crystal still waters of Lake Titicaca border Peru and Bolivia.
 They are the highest navigable waters in the world and have also been a site of much UFO activity. There have been claims that the lake hides an ancient alien base. The native peoples of Tiwanaku give offerings to these aliens in the lake, these in the form of gifts of gold, stone statues, corn and other valuable commodities.
These items are tossed into the waters of Lake Titicaca in an attempt to keep the gods below happy.
 Tiwanaku is one of the most ancient civilized sites in the world, Ufologists and ancient astronaut theorists make the claim that the advanced level of agriculture, irrigation, and astronomy, structures, and advanced building techniques show that an extraterrestrial race once called the area home.
 There has been the discovery of many texts and statues found near the lake, these depicting ancient Mesopotamian underwater gods.
Could these gods be an advanced alien residence from the past?
A Recent video was uploaded to YouTube showing the still, blue waters of Lake Titicaca, then what appears to be a large submerged object is seen slowly making its way away from the shore. It appears to be disc-shaped, and solid.
If there was an ancient alien underwater base below the surface of Lake Titicaca, perhaps this is the video that shows it may very well still be in use.
Many people around the planet have seen UFOs and USOs, do you believe those have seen and reported them?
Have You Seen a UFO, USO?
Let me know in the comment below.

Friday, 24 August 2018

Cursed Books

 Cursed Books 'IF' books of good and evil.


Throughout history, there have been numerous mysterious books and manuscripts said to hold magical and even deadly powers and curses.

Books contain knowledge and knowledge is power but would you read something that is to die for?

we take a look at some of the worlds deadliest and cursed books

Picture the scene a dusty old library a researcher carefully maneuvering a book onto a stand …beads of sweat slowly forming on his brow.
The pages of the book he is about to open not only hold knowledge but also the deadly poison arsenic.
This because of the paint used by the printing process employed during the Victorian era
This may sound bizarre and have you asking yourself if this was done purposefully to protect the book and its knowledge from unworthy eyes but in actuality, paper can be toxic.
Old manuscripts are often found to contain glowing green arsenic.
This forces many libraries and other collectors of rare books to check their most recently acquired books using x-rays before they can even handle them.
Kaare Lund Rasmussen and Jakob Povl Holck explained their process.
"We take these rare books to the X-ray lab because the library had previously discovered that medieval manuscript fragments, such as copies of the Roman law and canonical law, were used to make their covers.
 "It is well documented that European bookbinders in the 16th and 17th centuries used to recycle older parchments."
This where the problems arise, many old book covers are caked in a “heavy layer" of green paint. This paint was making the reading of any underlying text almost impossible.
So, the men decided to use a technique called micro X-ray fluorescence.
 They shined a pinhole-thin beam of light onto their manuscripts, this in the hope of highlighting specific elements such as calcium or iron that was baked into the underlying ink this would illuminate the hidden text and enable it to be read but Instead, they found arsenic!

Arsenic being a natural metalloid found all over Earth — however, when combined with other elements like hydrogen and oxygen, it becomes deadly poisonous.
This toxicity does not diminish over time.
This element was popularly used during the 19th in products ranging from dyes to paints this meaning the people of time unknowingly used poisonous postage stamps wallpaper and clothing.
Talk about beauty to die for!
These deadly books were made unintentionally but there are also a few that have been purposeful.

We all know about the curses of Ancient Egypt. Most good mummy movies feature dire  warning against the desecration of temple and tomb. The same principle was applied to valuable documents.
A Babylonian king placed a curse on a set of clay tablets back in the 7th century B.C
Let start with The Necronomicon a book with a known curse, this in the sense that anyone who messes with it is pretty much guaranteed to raise the dead and get themselves into a whole heap of trouble.    (evil dead footage)
While a book offers us the chance to find adventure and mystery, a cursed book brings calamity to anyone who dares open it.
Let's take a look at some of the more modern works of literature which could lead you to terror!!
Our number one is The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Díaz.
oscar-wao“Because no matter what you believe, fukú believes in you.” The opening pages of Díaz’s novel are dedicated to explaining the curse that plagues the Wao family.
This curse, known as fukú.
It was said to have originated in Africa, it spread across the Atlantic finding a new home in the modern-day Dominican Republic.
This curse is bad, it not only curses the person but the bloodline the curse follow families through generations. Oscar’s short life, full of personal turmoil, and his eventual demise is a testament to the curses potency.
Now to a book that has been made into many movies. Jay Anson’s The Amityville Horror.
This reportedly true story recounts the horror-filled night that saw the demise of six members of the DeFeo family. The Lutz family moved into the house and that when all sorts of supernatural happenings occur. Those that have been involved in both the boof and the movie have been plagued by mysterious and evil events. The claim is that the story is so potent it attracts the attention of demons and other evil spirits.

 Sticking with the horror movies and books they are associated with a classic Bram Stokers Dracula
Dracula is the main character who is cursed with eternal life.
He is himself a curse spreading his immortality and bloodlust to all those which he bites. This story is thought to an allegory for the Irish migration which was occurring at the time of the books writing.
The Irish were regarded as a curse their integration with the population seen as polluting a pure bloodline.

The newest book on this list Nightbird by Alice Hoffman
Nightbird is set many Centuries ago. The story tells of a  Witch cursing the Fowler family, so now every Fowler son is born with wings.
These writings are based on curses or carry curses themselves, do you think curses are real?
Would you fear reading these stories?
Do you own any of these books or have you read them?
If you do or have has anything untoward occurred related to the book?
Let me know your stories in the comments below.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Tintern Abbey 'IF' hooded figure spotted

 Tintern Abbey 'IF' hooded figure spotted

Old castles, churches, and abbeys have and will continue to be a hotbed for paranormal activity.
From the ghostly figures spotted at Berry Pomeroy to our video on haunted objects its something, I enjoy covering on the channel.
In this video, we have another ghost sighting from the UK.
This time a spectral apparition in the form of a hooded monk has been seen and
The photos of this ghost are very compelling 

A ghoulish figure of a hooded monk has just been snapped at Tintern Abbey Wales.
This abbey has a long history being founded by Walter De Clare the lord of Chepstow in 1131.
Located on the border of Wales and Gloucestershire in the village of Tintern.
A place featured heavily in local folklore.
legend telltale of how the Devil once preached from a pulpit made from a rocky outcrop near the abbey.
Lucifer, Up to no good as usual,  was attempting to lure the Monks of the abbey from their faith. 
The Devil was unsuccessful in his efforts and to this very day, the spirit of one monk is said to be seen frequently, praying at one of the arches nearest the Devils Pulpit.
keeping satan at bay.
Tintern Abbey monastery was home to over 400 monks and abbots in its heyday.
 life at the abbey was an idyllic bliss for many years, this until many of the monks fell to tragedy.
the plague and Black Death decimated the population of the British Isles and the Monks were no exception.
Following this, the monk had to endure The religious persecution of Henry VIII. The king forced the closing of the abbey along with many other religious refuges through Britain during his Reformation.
This led to its abandonment in 1536, 400 years after the founding.
With this kind of history, it is no surprise that  Tintern Abbey is said to be haunted?
So what was it that was recently seen haunting these ruins?
Well before we look at the pictures.

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Our witness is a miss Rosie Boulton, was exploring the Welsh abbey but did not see anything unusual whilst on her adventure – it was not until she returned home and examined the pictures she had taken that she saw something surprising and creepy.
Rosie a bit of a fan of the paranormal had seen strange things before once spotting spectral orbs.
 Touring the country and investigating many haunted locations each week, Rosie is constantly traveling snapping pictures of many of the countries old ruins of an evening. but her past experiences paled in comparison to what she had uncovered at the abbey.
Her camera had unknowingly captured the image of A ghostly ‘monk’.
 Rosie reports how herself and friends had no unusual feelings when they were at the location of the picture, but did feel creeped out by the abbey.
The monk or some other type of 'hooded figure' is seen standing in front of the ruins in what is a surprisingly clear photograph.
Having always had a  belief in ghosts and the paranormal, Rosie could not believe her luck when she first saw the picture and said she can't wait to visit the location again.
Rosie commented saying: "I get an adrenaline rush, especially when it's dark because it sets that eerie vibe.
"I felt okay at the beginning but it was a huge place which made it feel a little more spooky.
we had a 'creepy' feeling in the area but did not see the ghostly figure until later
"You're not supposed to go there at night. We felt like someone was coming towards us so we all ran out as we were scared.
"I didn't know about the ghost of the monk until I got home and looked back at the pictures.
"I was on my own going through the photos and it just freaked me out. I called my friends and told her about the photos straight away."
 "I want to visit more eerie ruins, like abandoned churches."
This photo is definitely spooky and It's a really clear image
the abbey has been the location of many ghostly sightings of spectral monks and other spiritual entities.
Do you think that this woman captured such a paranormal with her camera or could it just be a trick of the light or some other optical illusion?
Do you believe in ghosts, have you yourself seen a ghost?
Let me know in the comments below.

Friday, 17 August 2018


Doppelgangers 'IF' The case of the Multiple Madeleines?

Doppelgangers are People who bear a strikingly similar appearance to someone else.
This can be celebrity look a like, family resemblances’ and just the coincidence of two people looking remarkably alike.
This phenomenon can, however, go beyond appearance and be seen in other areas of people’s lives.
Is this strange phenomena something natural or could it be a paranormal occurrence?
Let’s take a look at the unusual case of the Multiple Madeleines.

This mystery gets its start in the year 2004 when women chose to move back to her native country of France. When she arrived to begin her retirement, she discovered that she was already living in the country and claiming her pension.
This weird story begins in 1924 with the birth Madeleine, born into a rural French community, this sleepy Gallic village would not be a place many would think that a mystery such as this would spring from.
 On that day in 1924, there was more than one the born!
Growing up in the quiet French countryside this lady had a life which was unexceptional, she eventually married and moved away with her new husband in Algeria, She lived there until her husband’s passing. This sad event saw her deciding to return to her country of birth.
She traveled back to her home in 2000.
When she entered her home country she needs to set about getting her life back in order. First let the authorities know that she had returned and registered for her new I.d card.
This is when the weirdness begins.
upon  her details being entered into
The government's system revealed that Madeleine Paule Hélène Morès was already claiming her pension from the state, and was on record as living in Saint-Étienne for the past two decades!
Initially, of course, the police suspected a simple case of identity theft. This was until they investigated the case and found more than a few anomalies.
In a bid to solve the mystery of two people being on record as one in 2006, detectives arranged for the two women to meet face to face, this in the hopes that one or the other would panic or make a slip and reveal their deception.
 Instead, things took a further turn for the unbelievable. As The Telegraph reported at the time, Madeleine 1 and Madeleine 2 stuck to their stories adamantly.
 Apparently, this was not some sort of fraud. Police thought that they had uncovered the scam artist after discovering that Madeleine 1 had once tried to commit fraud.
The investigation revealed that both ladies easily reeled off the details of their birth and lives and each did this separately from the other and they both produced a range of documentation—from birth certificates to pay slips—proving their claims.
This is when the police had to conclude that not only were both women Madeleine Morès, they were ‘THE SAME’ Madeleine Morès!

The lives of these two women were almost identical both had the same parents both were given up by these parents. Both went into foster care as far as anyone in the bureaucratic machine was concerned these women were one in the same person.
To solve this dilemma DNA was used.
The brother, René Morès gave a sample that was then matched to samples provided by the two women.
There was a match, Madeleine 1 the lady arriving into the country from Algiers, but in another strange twist it was discovered that the two knew each other prior to this meeting in 2006, but neither of them had any memory of it.
How was this discovered?
A picture of Madeleine 1 had been taken at an orphanage in Orleans, many years ago.
Sitting next to her in the shot?
You guessed it, Madeleine 2.
The women agreed that the photograph was genuine and that it was definitely the both of them in it, but neither had any memory of the taking of the picture or meeting one another.
So what is going on with this extreme doppelgangers case?
Is this just the result of the longest, most impractical con of all time, or is there something much, much stranger at work?
Could this be a glitch in the matrix or are they simply long lost sisters, although if the latter were true it would have picked up by the DNA test?
What do you think was going on with this doppelganger story?
Have you got your own doppelganger?
Let me know in the comments below.

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Klerksdorp Spheres.

Klerksdorp Spheres. 'IF' They are an Alien Artifact?

Evidence of ancient lost civilizations or alien contact from long ago or long-lost intelligent creatures whom once called our planet home is hard to come by but have we found the answer deep in the mines of south Africa?

what are the Klerksdorp Spheres?


These Tiny mineral spheres are from around three billion years ago.
By all scientific accounts, these small spherical objects can be found in mineral deposits around Ottosdal, South Africa.
This location is home to 3 billion-year-old rocks that were naturally fashioned by carbonate concretions.
The spheres are tiny, sleek metal balls, averaging a few inches in diameter, they have several grooves running around their circumference.
Many make the claim that this is evidence of advanced ancient technology, their claim is that the spheres are so perfect they could only have been made by technology that would not exist according to current historical models.
The spheres vary in color between a blueish tint to variable hues of red.
The tiny mineral spheres are normally between 5 and 10 cm, with even angular groves around the ball which are set at a uniform distance.
But their most impressive feature is that, according to some, they could not be manufactured on Earth, but rather could only be made in space.
This makes many believe that these objects have an extraterrestrial origin, or are possibly an artifact from an alien visitation of our planet.
There has been much research carried out on this little balls of mystery Paul. V. Heinrich, Geologist and Archaeologist at Louisiana State University, and his team of Geologist searching for answers, a claim that NASA has even researched the origin and concluded that they could not have been made on this planet.
Nasa reporting that the orbs were too perfect to have been crafted in an atmosphere and to achieve the level of geometrical accuracy demonstrated by these balls they would have to have been shaped in zero gravity, This then leads us into the actual shaping as these smooth objects are said to be way harder than steel.
So if they do not have an Earthly origin where could they be from?
Michael Cremo an American researcher and follower of the Vedic texts.Says that they are the last remnants of a prehistoric long extinct advanced culture that once inhabited our world millions or billions of years ago.

This idea plays into the popular ideas of lost civilizations but really, ups the ante.
If there were an advanced group on this planet that many years ago would they have been human?
Were they aliens here exploring the galaxy,?
and that question leads to the idea that these balls are some sort of seeding device. Like the scene from the movie Prometheus when the alien priest empties a vile of black goop into the water thus seeding earth with the first building blocks of DNA.
Could the Klerksdorp Spheres be a similar device, a technological panspermia machine if you will?
Or could they be left over by some other creature that evolved on this planet way back then, the evidence for them being hard to come by due to the vast scales of time involved or maybe they left this planet on their own explorations?
These ideas are very interesting but mainstream science says no!
The spheres are a natural geological formation, simply a wonder of the
What do you think these spheres could be?
Do you think they are a relic of an ancient race or alien artifacts?
let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Monday, 13 August 2018


HOROSCOPES are something many turn to when they seek information on love, happiness, health, and wealth.


Are the signs of the zodiac working for or against us in all matters of fate?

Do they predetermine who we are going to being?

These signs have been imbued with power, and are said to influence the behavior of those born under the dates that define them.

So what if these horoscopes were to produce evil as well as good?

 In this video, we take a look at the Horoscope Killers.

Our first killer is Dr. Marcel Petiot, one of France’s most prolific serial killers.
This medical physician took the lives of over 60 people. The story of this serial killer started in his teens, this is when he began to cultivate a double life.
He successfully juggled careers in politics, the military and his most useful career, a doctor.
During the occupation of 1933, he embedded himself amongst the freedom fighters of the resistance. This was not out of some act of bravery or heroism wanting to liberate his captured country, but a way in which he could find a business.
 He offered a service where for 25,000 francs he would provide those wanting to flee the country with safe passage.
He would convince them with a plan in which he would give them a shot that would produce symptoms of an illness, this meaning with his paperwork and credentials they could be smuggled out the county under the guise of seeking better medical care.
They would need better care that’s for sure….
 as what he really did was inject them with cyanide, steal their money and bury their bodies in quick lime.
The killer was suspected of 135 death’s 60 now proved but at the time only charged with 26 counts of murder. This purveyor of death met his own end at the blade of a guillotine.
The Zodiac killer is probably the first name which springs to mind when thinking about killers and astrology.
For over 5 decades this case has remained unsolved.
The killer, had the whole of the United States on edge during the 1960s, he has been linked to five killings but is suspected of many more.
From the letters, he penned to the press the total could be as many as 30.
 The Letters he sent to media organizations included cryptograms, in these documents is when he first refers to himself as the "Zodiac."

So as was said in the beginning ‘ZODIAC ‘signs are supposedly able to predict our futures. Using the positions of the stars and planets at the time of our birth.
Let’s take a look at these signs and see which has the most vicious killer.
Let’s begin with Taurus the sign linked to the most serial killers. Those born between April 20 and May 20
A couple of notorious Taureans are the British murderers Levi Bellfield and Steve Wright, who would later become known as the Suffolk Strangler.
April 24 and February 18 are also two dates popular for producing murders.

So what star signs have created the worst murders?
One of the most notorious Aquarian serial killers is Gary Ridgway, also known as the Green River Killer.
He murdered at least 49 women in Washington State, U.S, in a killing spree spanning from 1982 until his capture in 2001.
Aquarians are always looking for excitement and don't take well to people who are boring.
They're also easily angered when someone breaks their word. Sounds like a short fuse, a characteristic that could lead to becoming a killer.

The Killer Clown, John Wayne Gacy was a Piscean and though he appeared to enjoy art, he definitely wasn't compassionate. Gacy sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered at least 33 teenage boys and young men between 1972 and 1978.
Personality traits of those with Pisces as their zodiac sign are that they are typically compassionate and artistic, but hate being alone or criticized. Gacy made sure he was never alone burying the bodies of victims inside his own home.

Alexander Pichushkin convicted of murdering 48 people in Moscow in 2007 the Russian serial killer confessed to at least 60.
Determined, confident and enjoying challenges are all positive traits but those of this sign can also be short-tempered and impulsive.

The Bull, Taurus.
 Taureans are reliable, devoted, patient and hard-working - but they can also be stubborn and possessive not good at adapting to change or liking things to be over complicated.
Our killer for this zodiac sign is the legendary serial murderer, H. H. Holmes.
Holmes built a now infamous booby-trapped "Murder Castle", this palace of horrors featured soundproof rooms, secret passages, trapdoors and even a crematorium in the basement.
This sounds like a man who was devoted, patient and hardworking when it came to human slaughter.
Peter Sutcliffe ‘The Yorkshire Ripper’ went on a five-year-murder spree between 1975 and 1980. Slaughtering 13 women, and attempting to kill seven others.
Geminis are said to be nervous, gentle people who don't like being on their own.

The crab, Cancer.
The killer of four Robert Maudsley did most of his killing behind bars.
Cancerians don't take criticism well, and can also be moody and tenacious - traits that make them more likely out lash out.
These traits in a prison environment!
You can almost understand why he keeps killing!!

Leo the lion,
Now here’s a sign that surely would produce a prolific killer and did!
 Moors Murderer Myra Hindley was the most hated woman in Britain after raping and killing five young children this with her partner in crime and boyfriend Ian Brady.
Arrogant and like to be treated as the most important person in a room Leos sometimes struggle to keep a grasp of reality.
This is true of Hindley who slowly lost her mind in prison before death.

Virgo a sign linked with romance and the affairs of the heart.
Virgo's love animals, many serial killers begin their crime sprees by torturing pets something that would seem to go against this signs characteristics.
The Boston Strangler Albert DeSalvo, probably started with animals before he moved onto murdering 13 women in Massachusetts between 1962 and 1964.
Virgos are said to be rude and don't like asking for help, instead believing they can do things by themselves.

The scales, Libra a symbol of justice for some but not for Britain's most notorious murderer Fred West.
Murdering and dismembering at least 10 women and children at the House of Horrors on 25 Cromwell Street in Gloucester all with the help of his devoted wife.
Libras are considered gentle and caring this was definitely not the case with West who even murder one of his own children!

 Scorpios are said to be truthful and brave, but they are also known to be very jealous, violent and secretive.
Scorpios are surprisingly suited for the traits of a murderer.
Moses Sithole was found guilty of 40 rapes and 38 murders and fills this spot on our zodiac of horrors.

Dennis Nilsen a British serial killer, killed 15 men dismembering and boiling some of them and often performing sex acts with their corpses.
Sagittarians are said to love their freedom, enjoy traveling, being strong and independent. All things that Nilsen lost upon his capture.

Capricorns are said to be family people, who love closeness and tradition, but they also have many dislikes and can have moods where they hate everything.
Someone who seemed to hate nearly everyone was The world's worst serial killer Harold Shipman, Doctor Death. He was a Capricorn responsible for killing 260 people over a 25 year period.
So does our zodiac sign make us prone to becoming killers?
If we become a serial killer has more to do with other factors but a full list of these astrology linked killers was compiled and put into a book by David Jester.
And how is The horoscope linked to our first killer?
Michel Gauquelin posted an advertisement in a French newspaper in 1968 offering free Horoscopes to those that replied. 500 people accepted the offer and sent this man their personal information.
Why was this such a bad idea?
Because the man who claimed to Michel Gauquelin was, in fact, our French butcher Dr. Marcel Petiot.
So the next time your stars warn of a bad day it maybe that you could be running into one these astrological killers.
Do you believe in astrology?
What events have the signs correctly predicted for you?
Do you share a star sign with any of our killers, and if you do. Do you share any of their traits?

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Russian Bear Discovery

Russian Bear Discovery 'IF' Links to humanoid cryptids? 

 The world of Cryptozoology has once again been given hope as a species of thought to be extinct Russian bear was rediscovered, not just surviving but thriving in the wilds of the  Altai Mountains.
This is in its self is very exciting news, but what could this mean for the more cryptid creatures out there like the Almas?
The bear known as the Sailugem bear was captured by tourist cameras unexpectedly while the took a trip through the national park.
this large mammal was said to have died out some 60 years ago and other experts claimed that it was a mythical creature.

This species can be told apart from its brown bear cousins, due to its lighter almost blonde colored coat with large white claws, and unlike the brown bear, it prefers a highland habitat to the forest home of its cousin.

These pictures are hard photographic evidence for a creature that was only found in an artist's impression made in the Soviet era.
This brings us to the Almas.
This area of Russia borders  Kazakhstan one of the most secretive nations on the planet and Mongolia.
For centuries stories of wildman have plagued these areas.
Much like Bigfoot the Almas was thought to be a creature of myth, evidence of the cryptid again like bigfoot being sparse.
The Almas is said to ape-like in appearance. found throughout central Asia, Russia, and the Caucasus.
The people of these regions describe the Almas as a human-like bipedal creature which stands between five and six and a half feet tall, that's quite a bit shorter than reported Bigfoot measurements, this could also help with the legitimacy of the stories.
Many species found in the area have cousins living in North American wilderness and although not all there is a pattern of the North American species being larger.
but back to the Almas
They have a human-like appearance or better comparison would be a neanderthal with their pronounced brow-ridge, flat nose, and a weak chin.
The body is covered in reddish-brown hair, some sightings have them wearing primitive clothing, made from animal skins.
Over the years many reports have told of interactions between the Almas and humans, with successful communication between the two parties coming from hand gestures.

These stories have been recorded locally for hundreds of years and the West knew nothing of this creature that was until British anthropologist Myra Shackley read Tibetan medicinal books.

These books contained drawings and descriptions of all flora and fauna in the region and you have guessed it the Almas can be found amongst them.
Actual hard evidence has been difficult to come by footprint casts, and even photos, but no physical evidence of the Almas has been reported.

This creature, like Bigfoot and other hominid cryptids, will need to be captured or a body found in order to show it exists.

This brings us full circle to the bear a creature that is easily excepted as being possible so why is it Cryptid hominids like the Almas are not?
If the environment is sufficient enough to support a large animal like a bear it could easily be able to support a hominid.

The two share some basic needs both are omnivores both use the natural shelter and both would cover a large range when gathering or hunting food, this making a sighting difficult.

If you would like to learn more about the Almas a paper written by Nathan Wenzel provides a Critical Analysis of the cryptid search for "The Legend of the Almas: A Comparative and Critical Analysis"

Do you think the Almas could be roaming the Mongolian steps waiting to be discovered just like this bear?

Do you think the Almas and other hominids are just myth?
let me know your thoughts in the comments below

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Presidents and Aliens

 UFO Disclosure

Officially Aliens do not exist.
We are slowly being fed a stream of media from varying sources in what some think is a step toward full disclosure.
For many years those that believed in extraterrestrials were marginalized and even ridiculed but should they have been?
after all presidents and other world leaders have talked openly on their ufo experiences and this has long been the case.

Regan, Carter, and others all have talked about sightings of strange craft but official presidential reports go back further way further
President Jefferson might be the first US president to have officially recorded an alien visit.

Thomas Jefferson held the presidency from 1801 to 1809 and took possession of a report of a UFO in the form of a letter from 1813.

An innkeeper in Portsmouth, Virginia, and his friend were traveling from Baltimore when they experienced a strange object in the skies, something that must have been a shock especially as the only man-made objects in the skies would have been ballooning.

Edward Hansford and   John Clarke, wrote to President Jefferson describing how they saw a meteor-like object in the sky.

but unlike any meteor the men had seen before this thing started to change shape, first changing into what resembled a turtle shell.
The men said that in addition to this shapeshifting the object also oozed smoke and looked like it was in difficulty.
Then very strangely the UFO changed shape again this time into what appeared very similar to the outline of a human skeleton.
as this strange sight shot across the sky, The object quickly gained and lost altitude.
This story comes from The Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Retirement Series reprinted in 2010
The letter reads:

“We saw in the South a Ball of fire full as large as the sun at Meridian which was frequently obscured within the space of ten minutes by a smoke emitted from its own body, but ultimately retained its brilliance, and form during that period, but with apparent agitation.

“It then assumed the form of a Turtle which also appeared to be much agitated and as frequently obscured by a similar smoke.

“It then assumed the shape of a human skeleton which was frequently obscured by a like smoke and as frequently descended and ascended—It then assumed the form of a Scotch Highlander arrayed for battle and extremely agitated, and ultimately passed to the West and disappeared in its own smoke.”
This was a very unusual sighting and must have been of great interest to Jefferson.
so what do the presidents know?

200 years have passed since the sending of this letter why are we still in the dark?
let's look at the history of presidential sightings starting in
March 1942 US Army chief of staff General George C Marshall wrote president Franklin D Roosevelt saying
"Headquarters has come to the determination that the mystery airplanes are in fact not earthly and according to secret intelligence sources that are in all probability of interplanetary origin"
Rosevelt responded
"coming to grips with the reality that our planet is not the only one harboring intelligent life in the universe".
Reagan told of his first alien encounter, claiming that the road on which he was driving blocked by a UFO.
This is when strangely according to Regan An alien came up the car and told him: "Leave acting and go into politics."
In his second sighting, he tells of a strange moving light he saw from the window of his private jet, which he then ordered his pilot to follow.
"To our utter amazement it went straight up into the heavens," Regan said.

Before becoming president Jimmy Carter is said to have witnessed a bright green light in the sky flying towards him in 1969.

 Harry S Truman is said to be the president who was the first to make this topic secret creating the "Majestic 12" group in 1947 after the reported crash near Roswell, New Mexico.

Dwight D Eisenhower is said to have been part of a summit with aliens.
veiled in secrecy but a number of reliable sources claim that he flew to Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico to meet with extraterrestrials in 1955
And probably the most famous US president to have ever lived John F Kennedy was said to have been demanding disclosure prior to his murder on November 22, 1963.

It seems there is a long history of hiding the truth but today that is changing technology has made the keeping of secrets difficult.
The belief in Aliens is at an all-time high.
In excess of 40,000 Americans have taken out protection against being kidnapped by aliens.
If companies are willing to insure people surely they need to know the truth for their risk assessment ... joking aside

We are at the point when the world is ready for disclosure, let's see what these elected leaders have been hiding all these years.

Do you think it is time for disclosure?
Are visitors from other worlds in regular contact with world leaders?
let me know what you think in the comments below.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Nazi Jurassic Park.

Nazi Jurassic Park. 'IF' The Nazi experiments worked?

Who is Lutz Heck?

A Nazi zoologist with dreams of a Jurassic Park.

Did he have plans to create T-rex for the German soldiers to ride into to battle?

we look at the weird creations of a man who had the idea of bringing back long-dead creatures before the story of rampaging dinos we are all so familiar with today was even penned.

let's take a look at the Nazi Jurassic park!!

Lutz Heck was a German zoologist who roamed the world looking for animals and he had a plan which was supported by the Nazi regime, this plan was to bring back a long extinct bread of large, horned cattle called aurochs.
This bovine monster was not the only beast he had his heart set on, his plan was to recreate a whole menagerie of animals that once roamed the Rhineland of old.
A Nazi Jurassic park!
This eventually lead to the crazy zoologist breeding The Heck cattle a long-horned naturally aggressive beast still found in Europe today.
He also created breeds wild horse similar to those of long ago.

taking over the Warsaw Zoo by 1941, he filled the zoo with animals he wanted to help populate his park the others he found on his travels those he did want to keep, he hunted and killed. something he was said to really enjoy.

His and by extension, the Nazi's ambition to create a park filled with animals from the past seemed to be a certainty. This park would be used for German men to hunt and prove their manhood, this idea coming from the stories that were told of ancient Germans and how they would prove their manliness by venturing into the wilds alone to kill one of the huge beasts.
A right of passage that would support the idea of Arian superiority and be a PR dream for the Nazi propaganda machine.
These plans would be stopped with the outbreak of war.

The science Heck was using was flawed. Unlike the book and movies, there was no finding of DNA in an amber-encased mosquito. A method which modern science says is impossible.
readable DNA only lasts up to about 1.5 million years.
Heck wasn't even using genetic editing. he was developing a program of selective breeding. This meant he was not recreating the animals from the past but breeding completely new ones. These animals may resemble older species, but genetically, they are nothing like the real thing.

Heck traveled the globe looking for species he could breed to recreate the aurochs. Many countries, like Canada, gave him animals to help him in his efforts.
He claimed to be successful with many species and moved forward with the park.
The war then came, as we all know it did not go the way Germany had planned, and when allied forces attacked the country their bombs destroyed the zoo and many of the animals Heck had bred.
Those that escaped the zoo killed by starving locals and eaten.
A few did however survive and these nazi bred beasts can be found in zoos today.
As for Heck he survived the war and lived until the 80's ten years shy of seeing what was his dream on the silver screen.

Have you seen a Heck animal in a zoo?
Do you think the Nazis successfully bred any other strange creatures?
let me know your thoughts in the comments below

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Antartic secrets

John Carpenter's "The Thing," tells the story of a scientific expedition stumbling upon a lost alien craft. They release an alien with the ability to change shape which destroys the base and them. Is This sci-fi spectacular just fiction?

There is a place in the Antartic that could somewhat match the story and has been the location of many a discovery.

 strange creatures and bizarre conditions.

welcome to lake  Vostok and Organism 46B 

 So what is organism 46B  and where IS Lake Vostok?
Let's start with the lake, the Antartic has been a popular online topic in the past few months many videos and articles being posted that claim the continent is off limits.
The military of countries like The US and Russia enforcing a quarantine of the frozen landmass.
could these rumors and stories be tied to the lake?
what makes this lake so special?
the subglacial Antarctic lake can be found hidden under four kilometers of ice, the lake is an inhospitable place.
researchers working at Vostok Station drilled down into the lake and took measurements of the air and at -89 degrees Celsius they recorded the coldest temperature ever measured on Earth.
The 4 kilometers of ice that sits above the lake put the lake's water under enormous pressure.
 Researchers say that its comparable to the surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa, the icy water is also cut off completely from the Sun, the life-giving rays unable to penetrate the massive depth of ice.
 In these extreme conditions finding life would seem highly unlikely, what could provide energy to an ecosystem?
 there is essentially no outside energy input and this has been for millions of years.
But in the immortal words of Dr. Ian Malcolm "life finds a way"
so what was found under that ice, was there a creature as terrifying as ' The Thing'?
Those studying the location confirmed that there was life in this impossible and almost alien environment with the existence of a Vostok-dwelling bacterium.
This species was new to science and had not been found anywhere else on the planet and far from being a plucky survivor eking out an existence, it was thriving.
This bacteria was not a lonely organism there were over 3500 species found living in this impossible lake.
After the years it took to drill down through the ice these discoveries were akin to hitting a biological jackpot.
What they found was not limited to only bacterial life.
They even found species that are generally associated with mollusks and fish, leading one researcher to say that the lake “might have fish,”
This researcher quickly withdrew his statement and this could be down to the finding of organism 46B.
so What is Organism 46-B?

This creature is an elephantine type of animal which looks like it belongs in the octopus or squid family.
It is a huge beast  Measuring in at thirty-three feet long and weighing almost one ton.
with fourteen tentacles it is truly a beast of underwater nightmares.
Like the Kraken of legend and other sea monsters, this cryptid creature would be a super predator which if found outside of the lake could easily be snacking on unfortunate sailors.
Organism 46-B  has some tricks up its fourteen incredibly long sleeves, it is claimed that the cephalopod has the capacity to telepathically hypnotize and then immobilize prey.
This ability to control other creatures has a range of over 150 feet, which means getting close to the slippery behemoth is difficult.
The Russian military first encountered organism 46B while exploring  Lake Vostok.
During the first encounter with the animal, it was said to have purposefully disabled their communication equipment.
This is when the creature attacked, the unfortunate man was reported to be treading water one moment, then a strange smile came across his face moments before he was torn limb from limb.
The deep lake monster snacking on the man's body using its long tentacles to feed the dismembered body parts to its beak-like mouth.
This would have been terrifying enough but then this is when the creature showed abilities that were truly mind blowing
Reminiscent of the creature in 'The Thing' organism 46B then changed shape morphing into what appeared to be a large school of fish.
Maybe this was an illusion many cephalopods have the ability to change color and reflect their environment, maybe this monster can morph its body to show images and appear as something else, the ultimate in camouflage.
Being of a military mindset these divers decide to go after the animal, maybe after some revenge.
They found it and after showing off more shapeshifting abilities a conflict ensued. The divers all survived as did the Organism 46B but the giant beast did lose one of its enormous tentacles. This is when things get very strange, after the limb was hauled to the surface for study it was said to have still been living, and attacked and killed a female member of the Russian dive crew!
This is the beginning of the conspiracy, five years the Russians battled the creature or creatures finally capturing a specimen, this specimen was said to have been housed in a ship which had been converted into a tank of sorts.
The creature was then taken and presented to Russian officials who were quick to hide the animals. The dive teams were orders to never talk of this expedition or the creature again but Inside intelligence has stated that Putin plans to breed these animals and use them as enormous weapons if a war was to break out.

The Russian authorities seeing the value of this species as a weapon. A biological bomb that could render an enemies oceans off limits and probably lifeless in now time. octopus and squid typically lay about 20,000 eggs in one season. Imagine if just a tenth of those eggs hatched the sea would become off limits as these aggressive giant predators searched for food.
The chaos they could cause by disrupting communications would be enormous, and the damage they could cause to fisheries would be huge.
The mainstream media machine has been quick to debunk this story which has many believing that it could be true. The propaganda of TV and internet being used to hide the evidence much in the same way as they do with the UFO phenomena.
However, with Just a little digging the internet can show that there is much more information supporting the theory of the existence of Organism 46-B.
So is this a real creature?
Is it an organism that evolved under the ice depths or could it be something from another world?
At the start of the video, I mentioned how the lake and its highly pressurized conditions are similar to those found under the ice sheet of Europa.
 Are the unique animals of the lake and organism 46B possibly descendants of ancient life seeded here from a world like the moon Europa?
The team does note that this wide swathe of deep-lake species includes members specializing in every stage of the nitrogen and carbon cycles, implying that the isolated ecosystem of Lake Vostok may have fixed, used, and recycled its own limited supply of carbon for several million years. If true, this means that evolution has invented the ultimately sustainable green-space.
This ability to self-sustain may show how life can survive on very little energy.
Maybe this shows us life Could survive a trip through space on an asteroid.
 Lake Vostok shows us how few environments we really can discount in our search for life in the universe.
IF this video has caught your interest, catch our video on the intelligent octopus.
More cryptid videos are linked in the description.

Let me know your thoughts on Organism 46B in the comments below.

Numbers don't lie extraterrestrial life exists.

  The Drake equation is a mathematical equation that was developed by astronomer Frank Drake in 1961 to estimate the number of intelligent...

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