Monday, 30 July 2018

Subliminal Advertising.

 'IF' subliminal messages really work?

The British public and syrup lovers of the world were in shock after noticing a 'dark' and 'depressing' detail on an iconic tins label.
How can something that has been in the public eye for so many years just be seen?
In this post, we look subliminal messages and the brand label that are hiding them

Lyle's Golden Syrup has been a sweet treat for generations the iconic tin has been hiding a macabre detail for years.
since 1885  the design of the tin has remained vastly unchanged the images that adorn the front of the container largely ignored until now.
 fans of the sticky treat have just discovered that the label had something which left a few of them are a little traumatized.
In the center of the label is a yellow lion, most assumed the beast was sleeping but look a little closer...are they flies circle a lions corpse?
They are not actually flies but bees and the image is taken from a biblical story.
In the tale, Samson kills a lion with his bare hands.
When he returns to the carcass a few days later he noticed a swarm of bees had built a hive inside.
So Samson took the honey and gave it to his parents.
When asked where he got it from, he said: "Out of the eater, something to eat; out of the strong, something sweet."
This image had been missed for years and it's not the only one.
logos stay with companies for many years often getting overhauled and redesigned but keep a core design element for brand recognition
Often the meaning of these logos or let's say symbols are lost and people see the design and think of a product often not thinking about any subliminal message it may contain.
These messages can show something innocent like a tribute to their hometown or influence us subconsciously into thinking about a product in a certain way.
Take a look at these 10 logos and their hidden messages, and don't forget to let me know in the comments if you have spotted these before.
also stick around to see how the subliminal messaging has been used over the years to manipulate and influence people like you!.

The peacock is also a symbol of Incorruptibility, Awakening, and Royalty.
Are they trying to announce themselves as the Royalty of media?
This because the car company rose out of the ashes of a German aircraft manufacturing firm in 1917.
the Treaty of Versailles putting an end to its building of fighter planes and bombers, but its heritage is still there in its logo.

Could this symbol be interpreted a little differently, the bear a symbol of strength trapped in the mountain?
The company says that the design is a tribute to the Swiss town where the chocolate was developed: Bern, which is also known as "The City of the Bears."

4. A 2013 campaign in Denmark points out an unintended message (or so they say) hidden in the logo. The Danish flag is nestled between the "O" and the "L." Maybe this is subliminally playing on the feeling of patriotism in the country?

5.  The London Symphony Orchestra logo is not only an acronym but also appears to be the image of an abstract conductor.

6. this branding is not only found in consumer products how about religion? The Presbyterian Church's logo is jam-packed with symbolism. eight different religious symbols hide in the main image.

7. some more modern examples these hidden messages are the worlds biggest online e-commerce provider Amazon — The arrow in the Amazon logo points from A to Z, this showing the wide range of products available on the site,  it also doubles as a happy smile. Maybe this also suggest consumerism and buying things brings happiness?

8. One of the hottest selling product on the planet Beats has a hidden imagery. The "b" in its logo looking like someone wearing headphones.

9. probably the most innocent example of this subliminal messaging would be Baskin Robbins — the company's initials advertise its thirty 0ne flavors of ice-cream.

10. and finally The sony vios logo. The "VA" is designed to reflect an analog waveform, the "IO" is binary code.

so How do Subliminal Messages work?
Is it as powerful as say, the images made famous by the movie "They Live"?
Subliminal messages are thought to be so potent because they have the ability to influence us without us being consciously aware they are doing so.
This influence or persuasion is similar to auto-suggestion or hypnosis, this is when a person can be encouraged to relax. This so s suggestions can be  directed to deepest parts of the mind

Science says research doesn't show any effect on people subconscious. Maybe they have been paid off because other research a case of Subliminal Advertising in 1957 at (New Jersey) drive-in theater flashed the words ‘Drink Coke Cola’ and ‘Eat Popcorn’ every 5 seconds during a 6-week run of the film Picnic.
The subliminal message was said to have increased Coke sales in the lobby  58% and popcorn sales 18%. This manipulation led to an avalanche of criticism from angry citizens. this gave rise in an inquest where congressmen produced research on the subject and with conflicting results. It is said that this event is fiction but it would seem like a strange story to rise out of a small cinema.
Do Subliminal Messages Work?

The truth is ….
even if Scientists, Researchers, and Psychologists continually say  NO!
In A. E. Kazdin (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Psychology it says that Subliminal perception occurs whenever stimuli presented below the threshold or limen for awareness are found to influence thoughts, feelings, or actions.
This control may go beyond commercial applications, are subliminal messages being used in other areas?
Is it another tool wielded by the powerful to control the masses?
Let me know what you think in the comments below?

Friday, 27 July 2018


Get Lucky 'IF' Charms and Amulets Work? 

 Luck its something we all want. Sometime it’s good other times it can be bad.
Is there anything we can do to improve our luck?
Can talismans and charms make us have less bad luck and more good luck?
In this video we take a look at the Charm of Cheltenham and ask if this, and other trinkets of good fortune can really make a difference?
Stick around to the end of the video to find out how you can become luckier.
So what is the charm of Cheltenham?
This lucky object appeared in a recent article published on the website Haunted Ohio.
The charm has a long history, first being used as a mascot for a squadron of ww1 pilots.
In those first days of flight things were very dangerous, if you weren’t killed in training you surely would be the moment you flew your first combat mission.
This lead to the creation of many superstitions and a reliance on good old fashioned luck to survive.
This is where the little guy "Scotch Jock" enters the picture.
 Dr A. Cosgrave George sent the lucky charm to a young R.A.F. pilot after
He had received a letter asking for his help.
It read:
 Sir,—A little over five months ago, a young friend of mine, who is in an O.T.C., [Officers’ Training Corps] wrote to me, enclosing a letter from his particular school chum, who was being trained as a pilot in the R. A.F. My friend’s object in writing was to beg for my assistance on behalf of his friend in the R.A.F. The latter, when just on the point of obtaining his “wings” had crashed badly two or three times in succession, with the result that he had completely lost his nerve, and was in the very depths of despair, for it meant that all hope of obtaining his pilot’s certificate had gone. In his trouble he had written to his old school friend, and the latter in turn wrote- at once to me, begging for my prompt assistance, ”occult” or otherwise.
This was the start of 'Scotch Jock's' journey, having been a lucky charm carried for a few years in the man’s waist coat. It was now being wrapped up and sent to a new life in the air service.
'Scotch Jock' did come with some basic instructions for the pilot to follow
  1. It was to be worn night and day without fail.
2. It was never to be touched by anyone but the wearer.

These instructions would guarantee that the pilot would regain his confidence and as an added bonus he and any plane he flew in would also be protected from misfortune.
Reports from the base say that the pilot did indeed regain his nerve and also went on to become a night observer, whom would run multiple bombing runs over France. Surviving the war unscathed.

    The R.A.F. man wrote the doctor thanking him for the object of his good fortune the letter said.

    Dear Doctor,—
    I have not forgotten that you said you would be interested to hear from me. You will remember that five months ago you gave me a little charm after my crash, and temporary loss of nerve, which A. P. told you of.
    I have worn your charm religiously, and though of course I cannot say how far that is instrumental, it is certainly true that I seem to have been especially protected. Only a week ago I was crashed badly by my pilot through the engine cutting out in the air. We came down on a sunken road, and wrecked the machine absolutely. If we had not been quick to put out the first flames, we should have been on fire very soon, and we were carrying 350 lb. of high explosive in the shape of bombs. The crash was sufficient to kill us, and it is marvellous that the bombs did not explode, for they were knocked clean off the racks, which crashed into the embankment. Yet I escaped without a scratch, and the pilot almost as easily.
    Apart from that, five times our engine has failed. Each time by that “untraced causation” which is called “luck,” it has been on this side of the lines. Otherwise I should have been a prisoner or worse. And each time we have managed to make a safe landing, which in unknown country at night is nothing short of wonderful. So whatever may be the truth of things, I am certainly happy in my horoscope. I thought I would let you know this. I shall be coming home to England in a month, to have another try for my pilot’s wings. I shall have as much need then of your charm.
    Gratefully yours,
    —– Lt. R.A.F.

From this letter it would seem that the pilot did have share of bad luck crashing his aircraft numerous times.
This could however be seen as good luck, after all he did survive each time, and during a war I   think a large number of planes would be lost, and  the pilots too.
So can we influence our luck are there ways to swing events in our favor.
From that great feeling you get when finding money on the street, we all have days when we seem luckier than on others.
Is this luck some kind of mysterious supernatural force guiding us through life, rewarding our good deeds or can we just thank ourselves for maybe being a little more observant on a certain day?
Researching luck has been the focus of many over the years. The many attempts to decode the secrets of good fortune uncovering some interesting facts.
This research found that what a person might perceive as “luck” has more to do with psychology than probability; "luck" is actually just our own positive attitude. This attitude keeps us open to new opportunities or perceiving patterns in random acts of chance.
Let’s take a look at some of this research and its findings and see if we can uncover a pattern that could make us luckier.
First are those people we all know those that seem to blessed “The Lucky People”
Richard Wiseman, (what a great name for a professor) has carried out a number of studies trying to figure out how we can separate the qualities of a lucky person from those of the unlucky.
 In one such study, he divide a group into those that thought themselves lucky and unlucky. They then read a newspaper.
On one page of a newspaper, he penned in large letters: “Tell the experimenter you have seen this and win £250.”
The group that identified as lucky were more likely to see the ad, Where as the “unlucky” people demonstrated more anxiety.
This anxiety made the group less observant.
He created “The four principles of Luck” which can be found his web site.
So with these luck hacks could we make Games of Chance work to our benefit?
If we take the simple coin toss and say that we have just flipped heads four times in row, the logical next flip would be a tail.
This is wrong, its cognitive bias.
The odds of flipping heads or tails is still 50/50.
 This form of thinking has a name it is known as “gambler’s fallacy”
The cause of this way of thinking is to do with the brain and it's pattern seeking behavior. Our brains evolved to seek these patterns, this once helped us spot predators and see the migratory patterns of our prey.
Today these abilities are used to entertain, gambling and gaming trigger the brain.
These explanations help us wrap our heads around the odd bit of luck.
Winning at a game or hitting it big on the lottery, but what about those that hit a roll do Lucky Streaks fit with the same models?
whats the secret to hitting a winning streak.
When  placing bets in  game like craps or roulette your betting shifts your odds.
 A person who wins two bets in a row has a 57 percent chance of winning the next one, but a person who has lost two bets in a row has only a 40 percent chance of winning .
 According to a study published last year, people again fear that their bets will regress to the mean—that if they won, they are more likely to lose the next time, so they compensate for it by making safer bets.
I guess we can always rely on good old Superstition to help us out.
Crossing your fingers, knocking on wood,  charms and amulets just like Scotch Jock from the start of the video.
several studies have shown that superstitions might work, although not in the way that you may think.
 Researchers have hypothesized that the people who use lucky charms tend to persist at problems longer, saying they felt more effective,almost as if  they had  assistance from some other power.
 people feel empowered when they think that something else is helping them, so they actually do better at the tasks in hand.
So if you want to get lucky, find yourself a lucky charm.
Do you have a lucky charm?
Are you lucky person?
maybe I will get lucky and have you join the channel or hit that like button
whats the luckiest thing that has happened to you?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below

Monday, 23 July 2018

Parallel Universes

Parallel Universes 'IF' We Live in a Multiverse?  

Questioning our own reality is something that we have done a few times here on the channel.
From asking if our universe is a matrix style simulation to questioning the existence of other realms, ideas on what our universes is and what others are out there along with the different dimensions that could be possible, is a fascinating topic.
There is science available to support these theories.
Fields such as String theory and mirror universe, to name a couple.
But what if ‘today’ we are living in one of these Parallel levels of existence?
What if CERN has created a new universe?

The concept of parallel worlds is nothing new, for centuries authors have penned stories that propose different realms and levels of existence, all with different attributes and strange properties.
Television shows like ‘The outer limits’’ and ‘Twilight Zone’ to more modern classics like ‘Stranger Things’, all use the same idea.
 A parallel world hidden behind our own.
Even the media monster that is Marvel, is building a multiverse.
The idea that worlds are hidden just out of sync or behind our own, sounds like something which could only exist in science fiction, but it is true!
The Science of parallel worlds has just moved forward with the idea we are living in a multiverse.
This new discovery proposes that we are part of a larger multiverse, this multiverse comprised of a variety of physical phenomena, featuring multiple Big Bangs, space bubbles and maybe even an alternate version of you!!
A study carried out by British astronomers has been looking into the “Cold Spot”.
This is an especially cold region of space, observations made of the microwave background radiation dates this area of space to the earliest beginnings of the Universe some 13 billion years ago.

The area was first found by NASA in 2004 and it is an unusual place.
 At 1.8 billion light years across it doesn’t comfortably gel with the existing cosmological models. One explanation is that it simply doesn’t exist, being just an illusion created by the expansion of the universe, the other is that the data proves this Cold Spot might be the first evidence for the multiverse –
With this new idea, is there any way we could, or have accessed, the different plains of this multiverse?
This is where we introduce CERN and the large hadron collider.
CERN is the European Organization for nuclear research. They study the structure of our universe and matter. They use the most cutting edge equipment including the large hadron collider. The world’s largest particle accelerator.
In a recent article from ‘Disclosure TV’ a young boy of genius intellect has made the claim that this facility has created a new universe.
In this new reality he says there is free energy, a unified field of consciousness, access to superhuman abilities, and alternate reality versions of you!!
 And more.
The 13 year old explains his ideas to all of those whom have the I.Q to understand.
Max Laughlin isn’t your ordinary 13 year old; he is said to be the smartest teenager in the world.  Having created a device which could provide energy for free to the whole planet and he stumps many with his ideas on alternate realities and the nature of the universe.
The boy’s theory of CERN having destroyed the universe and that we now live in the parallel universe that was the closest to us.
He has explained his theory in a video and it is mind blowing.

 So if this theory is correct we know that we are part of an infinite parallel universe, this universe in a constant state of creation and destruction.
Over seeing or at least existing in these realms is god.
 He then goes on to say that if there is an infinite number of parallel universes, there may be a universe in which God doesn’t exist or one in which God is even more powerful.
 The boy gives us an example saying “God is capable of creating a stone that cannot be lifted; if this is true then God himself wouldn’t be able to lift that stone, but on the other hand, if God is all-powerful then perhaps he could lift it as he could do anything.”
 This is where we hit the paradox of the unliftable stone.
This paradox reflects the universe, if the universe or multiverse exist and they were created by an all-powerful being, who could have created that being?
Do you think that we are part of a multiverse?
Do you think that we have shifted our dimension?
 Is this an explanation for the creation of our cosmos?
What other theories could explain the evidence of parallel dimension?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below ……

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Alien Sentient Robots

 Alien Sentient Robots. 'IF' They come to Earth?

Alien contact is a subject we have approached a few times here on the channel.The popular image of a grey alien with its small body, large head and almond eyes is ingrained in pop culture.
There are however, many different types of alien that we are said to have contacted , 57 at the last count.
From the tall blonde Nordics to the Tall, scaly humanoids known as Reptoids or Reptilians and more.
But what if this list is wrong?
What if aliens are not biological entities ?
What if they are 'instead' a machine intelligence?

The Idea of alien AI  and the theory that aliens would most likely be a machine based intelligence's has been floating around the ufology community for some time.
In article published in popular science, linked below, we can once again see that the thought of aliens being robotic in nature does in fact make a lot of sense, or just as much as them being flesh and blood creatures.
The article says that Scientist and astronomers working at SETI "The Search for Extraterrestrial Life", have for years been focusing on the same old parameters to find life in the universe, using the same old methods for way to long.
 Hunting for a humdrum planet around a humdrum star.
The hope of picking up a radio signal or some other form of signal being their entire focus.
The “wow signal” aside, this method has proved fruitless.
Is it time to change their methods?
'Seti' casts a wide net in it's search, and focuses on the precursors we think are needed for life to flourish, but if ET was a NBE an "Non Biological Entity" this idea could be a waste of time.
If we are searching for a machine intelligence we may have to change our target.
So what should we be looking for?
To answer that, we must first go back and reevaluate if the search for radiowaves makes any sense. We are making the assumption that biological life on another planet would follow the similar technological steps in development as us.
That is a pretty big assumption.
Technology, specifically artificial intelligent is gaining momentum here on Earth.
Seth Shostak, senior scientist at the SETI Institute, says. “It seems to him that its a hard arc to avoid.”
He went on to say:
“There’s currently an AI revolution, and we see artificial intelligence getting smarter and smarter by the day,”
Susan Schneider, professor of cognitive science and philosophy wrote about the intersection of SETI and AI, Her comments  suggest that something similar may be going on at other points in the universe.”
On this planet we do not have to worry about a machine take over just yet, the days of skynet are 20 or more years away according to her analysis.
20 years is such a short time frame if a civilization in the stars is a mere 100 years ahead of us in the field of AI then the difference in our societies and technology's would be night and day.
So why haven’t we heard from  A.I ALIEN civilizations yet?
 Most of us with an interest in this subject know of the Fermi Paradox and this can offer us a solution
 “the great filter.”
The great filter is the concept that advancing technologies create just as many problem as they are created to solve. The threats from the ever more advance tech reaching a point when they become a source for the destruction of the civilizations which made them.
In lay terms they create their own demise.
Society’s that manage to make their through this filter could find themselves merging with the machines they have created, this creating a new species and another leap forward on the path of technological evolution.
This could see them surpass the limitations of a biological body and mind, eventually becoming a fully synthetic intelligence.
These alien societies would possibly advance through different transitional periods first being fully biological then cybernetic and finally sentient robots.

Being machines opens ups the universe for exploration the restraints that were once imposed upon their biological bodies now gone.
They no longer need the a protective and cumbersome ship to traverse the stars they could become the ship. Shifting their consciousness between vehicles and mechanical avatars.
Shostak supports this idea he said “planets are volatile, prone to eruptions and earthquakes and the effects of an aging star. Machines aren’t necessarily going to stay on a planet, Planets are dangerous for machines.”
As these robotic aliens expand through the universe it would seem that contact would become easier, but maybe the problem is not us finding them but them finding us?
 Our cosmic footprint may be small when compared to an advanced civilizations, it could be that those that are out there don’t even knows we’re here.
This could mean that if contact is made it will most likely be from a passive, rather than active, act of communication. Even then, we won’t necessarily know if the society we’re detecting is made up of organic or synthetic life.
If machines do make contact could we distinguish between the alien technology and its advanced artificial intelligence and a sentient biological alien?
Given the huge distances of space it is more likely that a robot would be sent our way.
After all, this is what We’ve done with the probes Pioneer 10 and 11, Voyagers 1 and 2, and New Horizons.
Do you think we have already had alien contact?
Were those aliens NBE’s OR A.I?
Could many of the UFO sightings actually be intelligent alien probes?
We do know aliens enjoy a good probing!!
If we consider our own space exploration we are going to send ever more autonomous machines into orbit replacing the men and women who travel into space.
This trend is only going to continue and as AI becomes more powerful and developments in robotics creates ever more adaptive and useful designs.
We could be that alien species, the alien robots whom make first contact through a machine on alien world.
Will the alien life we have talked about be the first to use its drones and robots programmed with advance A.I to initiate first contact , or maybe we or them already have?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below

Saturday, 14 July 2018


 Lemuria 'IF' The lost Continent is Found?

Mysterious civilizations and lost cities are peppered throughout history.
 From the lost city of Eldorado, to the biggest missing civilization of all Atlantis.
Many groups of people have said to have existed and then disappeared leaving no trace.
Only reappearing in stories, myth and legends.
One such place all be it lesser known was or is Lumeria.
What was Lumeria when was it lost and more importantly has this lost kingdom just been rediscovered?

Lemuria or Mu as it is also known, was a continent which was said to have been located in the Pacific Ocean.
Like the Atlantians they were said to be a highly advanced civilization.
Their influence is also very similar appearing in the myth and legends of many different peoples and cultures across the globe.
Everyone from The Hopi Indians to the Hindu mystics has talked about a land that was located to the east of India, this location was decimated by natural disasters and lost to time and history.
Its placement, in what is now called the pacific ring of fire is somewhere, where a natural catastrophe could take place on such a massive scale.
The only thing remaining of this great culture being the stories that have been handed down from generation to generation.
These legends describe the people as sun worshipers and theorize that survivors may have founded Egyptian civilization, with the Ra and the worship of the sun being a holdover of their beliefs.
Other claims are little more outlandish, they include a race that could communicate with dolphins, who reproduced by laying eggs and had jelly like bodies.
Through history people like Edgar Cayce and Gordon Michael Scallion have claimed the place was real, these channelers using their gift to peer through time and space and contact the telepathic Lemurians.
Science has always distanced itself from these beliefs, but could that be about to change?
Newly found sunken continents suggests the mythical continent of Lemuria did indeed once exist.
A recently discovered pair sunken continents may just provide the hard evidence that the mythical continent of Lemuria was a real place.
The two sunken continents are now being viewed with a serious scientific eye.
 The finding of these continents has changed the established view on Earth’s history, this evidence could be what many authors, scholars and those with alternate views of history need to prove as fact, that the mythical continents such as Lemuria, Mu, and Atlantis were real.
 The massive landmass of Lemuria would have stretched from India to Australia this fits with the location these new continents are said to be.

Just like Atlantis, the ancient landmass disappeared under mysterious circumstances tens of thousands of years ago, and was then forgotten by most of mankind.
 The legend surviving only in ancient texts known to only a select few.
The timing of the disappearance also fits with the model that has been proposed by Graham Hancock, whom I belief is on the money with his theory of a great cataclysm wiping out a much older global civilization.
 That is something we could look at in another video if you guys would be interested let me know in the comments.
There have been a number of studies which have proven that these submerged continents do exist on the Earth.
 Incredibly scientist have discovered a continent in a matching location off the east coast of Australia:
 This continent is around 5 MILLION square kilometers, and has been hiding in plain sight for millennia.
Around 5 percent of this landmass is visible today.
This small part of the continent being visible the majority is submerged, this is the reason why so many have missed such a large chunk of the planet under their very noses.
This is not the only evidence which hints at submerged continents.
The area between mainland India and Sri Lanka, has a very curious geological formation.
Found in the Palk Strait, of the Indian Ocean, there is a peculiar geographical area, a thin strip of land that connects the south of India with Sri Lanka. It is called “Adam’s Bridge”.
We mentioned this landmass in another video linked above.
According to Hindu tradition, this is a bridge built by the Hindu god Rama, it is written of in the Hindu epic Ramayana.
In antiquity it was known as the “Bridge of Rama”.

 The ancient texts say that the Lemurian continent separated from the mainland sometime during the Mesozoic era due to rising sea waters. Another tie in to the legends of the great flood which is now showing as fact in the geological record, with this said to have happened between 10,000 and 15,000 years ago.
 This also matches with records from India’s National Institute of Oceanography, which say sea levels were around 100 meters lower some 15,000 years ago before the legendary great flood.
Adding to the evidence is another ancient continent that was once located between India and Madagascar.
Remnants of this second ancient continent have been found scattered across the bottom of the Indian Ocean. According to geologists, three billion years ago, a continent covered the ocean where the East African island of Mauritius now lie.
This filling in another piece of the jigsaw when it comes to the maps of the ancient world.
What do you think?
Is it a possibility that tens of thousands of years ago ancient civilizations lived on lost continents?
Did these places become the subject of legends?
Is this how the stories of Atlantis and Lemuria were born?

Let me know in the comments below

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Ghosts and the Soul

 Ghosts and the Soul 'IF' We have Proof?

For most us the thought of a serious accident is terrifying enough.

Some see these accidents as  unfortunate acts of fate, but what if there is a paranormal element to these occurrences?

In this video we take a look at the sightings of apparitions at such accident sites, and ask if spirits, angels, and other supernatural entities have been captured by cameras at the scenes of tragedy.

The presence of ghost, spirits, angels, and demons has been reported for as long as we have had the concept and idea of a human soul or spirit.
Manifestations of souls separated from the body have been talked about across countries and cultures for centuries.
Until quite recently "in a historical sense" we have had a lack of proof.
However with the invention of the first cameras it was not long before people began making claims that they had captured a departed soul on film.
The Victorian era was a booming time for these images. It was the golden age of Psyschics, but we can clearly see that most of these pictures were fake.
Today however camera technology has moved on, and images continue to be captured.
Let’s take a look at some the most compelling images and ask “IF”  we have proof for the soul.
The first clip shows a taxi crashing into a tree after 'ghostly attack'
The clip from the middle of a motorway in Singapore shows a ghost standing in the middle of the road.
The unlucky taxi turns a corner,when a large white mist-like figure appears out of nowhere, it  quickly strikes the vehicle.
The vehicle then swerves from the road, crashing into a tree.
Have we witnessed a supernatural assault?
Why would this Taxi be the target for such attack?
Or is this something else?
The video is very strange and I cant think of anything that would behave in the same way this ghostly mist does, well nothing that would force a car from the road.
what do you think it was?
Not all interactions are so violent, often the camera catches an image thought to be the spirit of a victim or possibly an entity that has manifested to protect an accident victim.
A recent image that fits with this idea, recently surfaced at the scene of a fatal road accident in the northern Thai province of Chiang Rai.
 An on-scene rescue worker  captured a ghost in this photograph.
 The picture was taken at the accident which killed a young woman.
The unfortunate lady had smashed her car into an electrical pole this resulting in her death at the scene.
The man who wqs part of the Rescue Foundation of Chiang Rai, took ten photographs at the scene.
 He posted a few of them to his facebook page.
The rescue worker said he then thought no more of the photos, this was until he realized that they had been widely shared.
Then on closer inspection he realized that a spirit could be seen walking away from the accident.
Do these images show the spirt of the deceased lady leaving the scene of her death?
Is this her soul departing for the next life, or is she now going haunt the area of this tradegy?

The picture could only be the start of the story.

The final images are of something a little different.
This  Eerie figure was seen the scene of  a car crash and has sparked much online debate, claims range from this thing being an alien, a demon or is it another ghost?
A video was captured by a witness at the
aftermath of a collision between a van and a car in the central Argentine province of Rio Negro.
It shows the vehicle flipped over on its side and a man leaning in its open door to talk with the trapped victim.
if you look closely a strange grey figure can be seen standing beside the ambulance door observing the carnage.
what could it be?
Well for this picture there is an answer.
It was ambulance driver Pedro Moguillansky.
The bald man was wearing sunglasses, and  appeared to be a grey alien thanks to a trick of the light affecting the camera of the smartphone that shot the clip.
This was a technological glitch and not something paranormal.
So are the images we mentioned and the others that have been included in this video all down to tricks of the light or faulty camera equipment?
Or have they truly captured images from the supernatural realm?
let me know what you think in the comment below.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Genetic Memory

 Genetic Memory 'IF' Memories are passed through DNA?


Memory, it is the thing that defines us. Experience shapes and molds our minds.

Our personalities grow out of the events of our lives.

The age old question of nature versus Nurture is often cited when discussing memory, but what if our memories are more than our experiences?

What if they are handed down through the generations?

What if we possess genetic memories?


 The process of genetic memory has been observed by scientist. Using a species of round worms known as nematodes. These nematodes showed that genetic changes can be passed down up to as much as 14 times through a generation.
These scientist added a transgene to the worms which carried a fluorescent protein, this enabled them to track the pattern of genetic inheritance through the generations of worm, cleverly simple, as all that was needed to see if the gene was passed on was an ultraviolet light.
We all know that living things pass on genetic code through reproduction so how does this tie into memory?

The scientist began a test using temperature as their marker for memory being passed on genetically.
They took these worms and placed them in containers with a low temperature, when they did this the worms glowed less.
They then took the same worms and moved them to another container with a higher temperature, when this was done the fluorescent protein became more active and the worms glowed stronger.
And this is where the evidence for memory comes in, when the worms were moved a third time, back to the cooler container they surprisingly, continued to glow brightly.
This event suggesting they retained an 'environmental memory' of the warmer climate – and that the transgene was still highly active.
To show how this genetic memory was passed on, the behavior of the gene continued express the same pattern in the following generations of worm. This showing that the memory was passed epigenetically through both sperm and egg.
This pattern was pushed to the point of the gene disappearing and this took approximately 14 generations.
The scientist also found that this pattern scales up with larger species of animal. They first found evidence of this stepping up in experiments using mice.

The Spanish researchers said that are many examples epigenetic memory and that there would seem to be no reason that humanity would be excluded from having the same trait.
The problem with measuring or proving this in mankind, is the fact we live so much longer than a roundworm.
Scientist saying "Inherited effects in humans are difficult to measure due to the long generation times and difficulty with accurate record keeping."
This research does however suggest that events in our lives can indeed affect the development of our children and perhaps even grandchildren.
 – are the events of our lives recorded in the DNA and passed down?
There have been some examples of possible evidence for this.
In one survey researchers found that the descendants of Holocaust survivors had lower levels of the hormone cortisol, this is the chemical which helps your body bounce back to health after suffering trauma.
This research using the nematodes is an important step towards the understanding of our own epigenetic inheritance.
If we do find this is indeed the case, it opens up a whole range of questions and possibilities.
We may have to consider the possibility that criminal and antisocial behavior, could be handed down, the effects of traumatic events carrying more weight as the effects could be felt through multiple generations.
We may even be able to take advantage of this.
Imagine a world where babies are born with genetic knowledge, could we see this being used as a multiplier for education and IQ?
Imagine a few generations of humanity that have been born with the complete knowledge of their ancestors, this could really speed up the development of society in all areas.
But we are getting ahead of ourselves this research is still in the early phases, but I think it is an area of science worth watching.
Do you think that we can inherit memories?
Do you think this phenomena has a potential use in the future?
Let me know your thoughts you in the comments below ……



Monday, 2 July 2018

A Recent Species Discovery

Cryptid Humanoids 

The discovery of new species of animal continues with the recent finding of a new species of primate in China.
I always enjoy these stories, as for those of us that believe in and research the existence of cryptids it can give us renewed hope.
So in this video let’s take a look at this monkey and other ape like cryptids that could be discovered next.

This species of gibbon was rediscovered after it was thought to have been long extinct, remains were found in a 2300 year old tomb showing that these creatures lived until recent history and could well be living today.

This new species was given the name ‘Junzi Imeprialis’ by the British scientist whom discovered it, finding a partially buried skull in the tomb. This tomb was located in the Chinese province of Shaanxi.
The Chinese considered the Gibbon a noble creature and they were often kept as pets by the ruling elite of the country.
This explains why the skull was found in a tomb, the remains were thought to have been buried with Lady Xia the grandmother Qin ShiHuang the emperor whose warriors built the great channel wall.

This discovery could give hope to those in the cryptid community whom are always praying for a new discovery to prove the existence of creatures thought to be mythical.

So what ape like cryptids could be likely to be found next?

We all know about the big three Yeti, Bigfoot, and Yowie, but what others are out there?

First up is the Agogwe.
 The Agogwe is described as a small bipedal human-like creature. Reports of the cryptid coming from the forests of East Africa.
 The small ape like creature is said to stand at around 5 ½ feet tall with long arms and  long rust-colored woolly hair.
 Oddly it is reported as having yellowish-red skin under this thick wooly-coat.
Other variants of color have been reported with some sightings saying they have seen the animals have black or grey hair.
 This ape differs from identified species because of its distinct rounded forehead, small canines and its odd hair coloration and strange skin tone.

The next hominid is more ‘human like’in its appearance and behavior.
The Almas.
Said to be Found Mongolia this "wild man", is  purported to inhabit the Caucasus and Pamir Mountains of Central Asia, and the Altai Mountains of western Mongolia.
The Almas shares many characteristics with its Bigfoot cousin but is thought to be slightly smaller and more human like in intelligence.
Some speculate that it could be a surviving member of an ancient group human, similar to Neanderthals.
There have been many sightings and a few expeditions to find the beast, but all have met with failure thus far.

A lesser known cryptid ape comes from the Philippines the Amomongo.
 Philippine folklore, tells tale of a creature described as hairy, man-sized and ape-like with long sharp nails.
The people of La Castellana in Negros Occidental refer to the creature as a "wild monkey" that lives in caves near the foot of Mt. Kanlaon.
Interactions with Amomongo do not go well, the creature is said to be vicious and will attack livestock and people that wonder too close to its subterranean home.
Another interesting humanoid from the region comes from the borders of Laos, Vietnam, and Borneo.
The Batutut.
People in the region talk of "forest people", and many groups that have explored these regions have had sightings.
 French colonist referred to a animal they had encountered as a wild man.
There were reports of this creature being captured in 1974 but still no hard evidence has come to light.
Footprints are often found and reports still come in with villagers in the area saying these hominids are fact, they are extremely reclusive so gathering hard evidence is very difficult.
This being said many footprints and other anecdotal evidence does exist and this makes me believe this is a good contender to be discovered soon.
However the last species of ape we will look at was said to have been discovered but was then discredited as a hoax.
Many actually still believe the initial discovery was correct and this is a distinct ape species.
The De Loy’s ape.
 This Ape was classified by science and given the name Ateles loysi.
A Swiss explorer discovered the large primate in South America.
He supplied only one photograph as evidence for the ape and this led many to believe it to be hoax.
Today many believe it to be the misidentification of a spider monkey with some photographic manipulation to make the animal appear larger.
Do you think any of these cryptids will discovered?
Which would you most like to see found?
What other ape like or humanoid cryptids are you interested in?
Let me know in the comments below.

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