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First Contact

Alien "IF" First Contact? 

It’s a scene we have all watched in a million movies, the President or Prime minister of a Western nation steps forward to talk with recently arrived alien visitors.

This leader putting themselves at the forefront of this historical moment painting themselves as the global leader.

But if Aliens do land, why would they choose a first world nation?

So let’s skip over the whole if aliens exist debate and for this video decide that they do.
Would a species of intelligent creatures from another world with the capability of interstellar travel and possibly dimension jumping abilities, want to visit the nations we consider world leaders?

A civilization that is that advanced should have a society far more developed than our own, they would most likely be a fairer more empathic group.
So with a different or more highly developed sense of ethics what nations could or would they choose that fit with their values.

Let’s first take a look at “them”, we have to consider that they would be at least a type 1 civilization on the kardaslev scale.
What is that you may ask?
The kardaslev scale is a measure of development given to a society.
 It has to meet a series of technological levels and achievements as a civilization and to advance through the scale they must hit new technological markers.
This scale was first put together in 1964 by theoretical astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev.

To be a type 1 civilization Kardashev says “that a Type 1 designation is a given to species whom have been able to harness all the energy that is available from a neighboring star, gathering and storing it to meet the energy demands of a growing population. This means that we would need to boost our current energy production over 100,000 times to reach this status. However, being able to harness all Earth’s energy would also mean that we could have control over all natural forces. Human beings could control volcanoes, the weather, and even earthquakes!”
(At least, that is the idea.)
These kinds of feats are hard to believe, but compared to the advances that may still be to come, these are just basic and primitive levels of control
(it’s absolutely nothing compared to the capabilities of societies with higher rankings).
In comparison humanity is currently at a level below 0 this is described as a lowly.
 A Type 0 civilization is very underdeveloped (and we have a LONG way to go before being promoted to a type I civilization).
Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku tends to believe that, all things taken into consideration, we will reach Type I in around 100 to 200 years’ time.
This scale goes to a maximum of level 5, a civilization that has reached this level would be almost god like in their abilities.
Level 5 beings would have access to energy equal to all the energy in the known universe but not just this universe but all universes and dimensions.
They would most likely be beyond our understanding and comprehension, let alone considering our capabilities to open a dialogue with such entities.
So given that an alien race would have access to such technology and energy (that is way beyond us) we can surmise that they would at least be, type 1.
With this being taken into consideration would they really be concerned with meeting the global superpowers.
Yes, countries like the U.S.A, China and Russia do have massive energy reserves at their fingertips and advanced technologies that we do not even know exist.
These type 1 and up civilizations would consider this all to be very primitive, especially when compared to themselves.
Maybe they would be looking for something different.
After all their societies would have to have developed through a period similar to our own, if these advancement follow a liner path.
They may be interested in more compassionate societies and civilizations whom are good stewards for their planet.
If this were the case the countries they may consider for first contact would be very different.
We should think of places such as Norway, Bhutan or even the African continent.
Norway could be appealing as a first contact location due to their socialist policies.
This system heavily promotes equality and social responsibility.
The aliens may be aware of this and know that if they shared their advanced technologies with that country. Norway would be likely to share the technology and the knowledge first within their own society and then with the world as a whole.
Then there are places like Bhutan.
This country maybe appealing to E.T, as in this Buddhist country the people and the environment come first.
This country is often cited as an example of policy which put the happiness of the people at the center of its government agenda.
The environment is protected, this because they know that a clean livable place is often at the center of a societies peace, happiness and stability.
For the aliens this would present them with a place that measures and weighs the benefits and disadvantages of the extraterrestrial technologies and act with an environmentally responsible mind.

The last place we should consider is a continent rather than country, Africa.
If unlike the “Neill Blomkamp movie District 9”our aliens are not a slave race here by a twist of fate but advance in all areas including their morality.
They may have sympathy when observing the suffering which spans the land and wish to help.

Making first contact with such a location could show the aliens in a favorable light and alleviate the suspicious minds of the rest of mankind.
Also if they shared the technology with the underdeveloped nations of the continent it would change the world’s political climate.
The powerful nations, whom have for centuries taken from Africa, maybe forced to look at the continent in a more even light.
This is, of course, all speculation.
As far as we know first contact has not happened.
Well at least not officially!
We must also consider that this speculation does not take into account a civilization that would wish to conquer or enslave us.
If such an event did occur there isn’t much we could do to stop it.
Do you think aliens would enslave us or choose to advance us on the Kardashev scale?
Where do you think they will first land, and with whom should they make first contact?
Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. That leaves (parts of) Africa and Bhutan then. They might frown upon Norway`s slaughter of Whales


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