Thursday, 28 June 2018

Alien Abduction

Alien Abduction 'IF' This is proof?

Claims of alien abduction are nothing new. For years people have reported being taken by E.T .
Beamed aboard UFO’s and experiment on.
 The proof of these abductions has been sparse, there have been some amazing stories and a few recovered implants but nothing that would 100 % prove the phenomena.
The recollection of many of these incidents has also been recovered using hypnosis. A process which also has its flaws. The debunker’s claiming that the recovered memories of abduction are actually implanted during these hypnosis session.
But maybe we finally have proof and of all places it comes from the internet.
Google maps to be specific.
Let’s take a look at the
“Google earth alien abduction”

A story recently reported by the website Mysterious things makes the claim that a UK man has found evidence of his experience on the internet, using google earth.
John Mooner a self-proclaimed UFO expert whom is a resident of the sea side town of Torquay, in the UK county of Devon.
Told of his experience.
The man saying this incident was not his first, the man told that he has been the victim of abduction on numerous occasions.
In the year of 2016 he reports that over a twelve month period he had many periods of missing time, alien contact and multiple ufo sightings.
 One of these abduction events was captured by the satellites that are used by google earth.
These are the images that show the kerfuffle or so he claims, what do you see?

Mr Mooner reported that he was taken to the moon by the aliens, (I guess he has a name that fits with his abduction story well.)
It also seems the aliens that took him weren’t the usual tractor beaming, weak, spindly bodied E.T’s.
These aliens not only took him against his will but gave him a beat down for good measure.
The man reports missing memories from the incident but unlike most he says this was caused by a punch to the face from one of grey aliens.
This punch resulting in a mild concussion!
Mooner said that he discovered these pictures when he began trying to piece together what had happened to him, he felt drawn to the location of his abduction and upon analyzing satellite images he found confirmation.
He says that he can clearly see himself in an altercation with the aliens proving he put up a fight.
Mooner went on to say;
“Looking at the image it appears that the alien has blocked my punch and has grabbed my fist and must have been able to subdue me. The strangest thing about this captured incident is that I do not remember that aliens abducted me.”
The pictures aren’t very clear and do leave much up to the interpretation of the viewer but if you look long enough you may see the details of the man’s target, something that looks like a smaller creature with an elongated head. Could it really be a Grey alien about to take a punch? Or are we being deceived by our eyes and the things we’re conditioned to see?

As strange as Mooner’s story may be he is definitely not alone. The internet has allowed us to see a steady increase in UFO incidents and many detailed reports are published online.
 The social stigma that has been associated with UFO sightings and believing in aliens is steadily dissolving.
Is this the result of an increasing number of UFO encounters or because people are beginning to accept the reality of aliens and UFOs?
Skeptics are still the majority and until undeniable evidence is produced, their arguments will remain valid.
Do you believe this man’s story?
Have you found any convincing evidence online?
Have you ever been abducted?
Let me know in the comments below.


Sunday, 24 June 2018

First Contact

Alien "IF" First Contact? 

It’s a scene we have all watched in a million movies, the President or Prime minister of a Western nation steps forward to talk with recently arrived alien visitors.

This leader putting themselves at the forefront of this historical moment painting themselves as the global leader.

But if Aliens do land, why would they choose a first world nation?

So let’s skip over the whole if aliens exist debate and for this video decide that they do.
Would a species of intelligent creatures from another world with the capability of interstellar travel and possibly dimension jumping abilities, want to visit the nations we consider world leaders?

A civilization that is that advanced should have a society far more developed than our own, they would most likely be a fairer more empathic group.
So with a different or more highly developed sense of ethics what nations could or would they choose that fit with their values.

Let’s first take a look at “them”, we have to consider that they would be at least a type 1 civilization on the kardaslev scale.
What is that you may ask?
The kardaslev scale is a measure of development given to a society.
 It has to meet a series of technological levels and achievements as a civilization and to advance through the scale they must hit new technological markers.
This scale was first put together in 1964 by theoretical astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev.

To be a type 1 civilization Kardashev says “that a Type 1 designation is a given to species whom have been able to harness all the energy that is available from a neighboring star, gathering and storing it to meet the energy demands of a growing population. This means that we would need to boost our current energy production over 100,000 times to reach this status. However, being able to harness all Earth’s energy would also mean that we could have control over all natural forces. Human beings could control volcanoes, the weather, and even earthquakes!”
(At least, that is the idea.)
These kinds of feats are hard to believe, but compared to the advances that may still be to come, these are just basic and primitive levels of control
(it’s absolutely nothing compared to the capabilities of societies with higher rankings).
In comparison humanity is currently at a level below 0 this is described as a lowly.
 A Type 0 civilization is very underdeveloped (and we have a LONG way to go before being promoted to a type I civilization).
Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku tends to believe that, all things taken into consideration, we will reach Type I in around 100 to 200 years’ time.
This scale goes to a maximum of level 5, a civilization that has reached this level would be almost god like in their abilities.
Level 5 beings would have access to energy equal to all the energy in the known universe but not just this universe but all universes and dimensions.
They would most likely be beyond our understanding and comprehension, let alone considering our capabilities to open a dialogue with such entities.
So given that an alien race would have access to such technology and energy (that is way beyond us) we can surmise that they would at least be, type 1.
With this being taken into consideration would they really be concerned with meeting the global superpowers.
Yes, countries like the U.S.A, China and Russia do have massive energy reserves at their fingertips and advanced technologies that we do not even know exist.
These type 1 and up civilizations would consider this all to be very primitive, especially when compared to themselves.
Maybe they would be looking for something different.
After all their societies would have to have developed through a period similar to our own, if these advancement follow a liner path.
They may be interested in more compassionate societies and civilizations whom are good stewards for their planet.
If this were the case the countries they may consider for first contact would be very different.
We should think of places such as Norway, Bhutan or even the African continent.
Norway could be appealing as a first contact location due to their socialist policies.
This system heavily promotes equality and social responsibility.
The aliens may be aware of this and know that if they shared their advanced technologies with that country. Norway would be likely to share the technology and the knowledge first within their own society and then with the world as a whole.
Then there are places like Bhutan.
This country maybe appealing to E.T, as in this Buddhist country the people and the environment come first.
This country is often cited as an example of policy which put the happiness of the people at the center of its government agenda.
The environment is protected, this because they know that a clean livable place is often at the center of a societies peace, happiness and stability.
For the aliens this would present them with a place that measures and weighs the benefits and disadvantages of the extraterrestrial technologies and act with an environmentally responsible mind.

The last place we should consider is a continent rather than country, Africa.
If unlike the “Neill Blomkamp movie District 9”our aliens are not a slave race here by a twist of fate but advance in all areas including their morality.
They may have sympathy when observing the suffering which spans the land and wish to help.

Making first contact with such a location could show the aliens in a favorable light and alleviate the suspicious minds of the rest of mankind.
Also if they shared the technology with the underdeveloped nations of the continent it would change the world’s political climate.
The powerful nations, whom have for centuries taken from Africa, maybe forced to look at the continent in a more even light.
This is, of course, all speculation.
As far as we know first contact has not happened.
Well at least not officially!
We must also consider that this speculation does not take into account a civilization that would wish to conquer or enslave us.
If such an event did occur there isn’t much we could do to stop it.
Do you think aliens would enslave us or choose to advance us on the Kardashev scale?
Where do you think they will first land, and with whom should they make first contact?
Let me know in the comments below.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Time Traveler

The internet has exploded with people claiming to be time travelers and visitors from parallel or alternate time-lines.
We have had the discovery of a strange Nazi coin, the woman claiming to have bought photos from the year 3800 and others.
In a recent article from
We see the world of time travel merging with the world of aliens and ufology.
А self-proclaimed time traveler recently came into the public eye with some sensational announcements about humanity and the future alliance with extraterrestrials.

So let’s fire up our flux capacitor and hit that gas we need to make to 88 mph and the year 2030.
This is where we can catch up with Noah the man claiming to be from this future and he has some important information for us.
The time slider appeared on ‘Apex TV’ and was prepared to answer as many questions as he could regarding the future.
He did however have to keep some answers to himself to avoid any time paradoxes from occurring, although watching him slowly fade from existence would make for some pretty compelling proof!
The interview covered many of the normal topics, disasters we could avoid, technologies we can look forward to but it also strayed into unfamiliar territory of the UFO phenomena. 
Noah says that 2030 is the year we make contact “well at least officially” with E.T. This is the date that the human paradigm of being the only intelligent species in the cosmos gets shattered.
He added this was however a great moment as we would unite with are new interstellar friends and the things would be rosy.
Answering a question from an interested party he says.
“Yeah they are, so the aliens are practically allies with the whole world except some religions that they must be dealt with and everything. America is allied with them.”
There was then a request from another member of public asking Noah to tell them about the UFO’s construction specifically the interior of these craft.
Noah claims that he did not remember much about the ship only having been in one once.
This was with friends where they kind of fooled around move the ship a little and then left, an experience similar to today’s kids fooling with their parents car.

Noah claims that he came to our world from a future not so far away from our own.
He says he came from the year 2030.
And that Noah’s world is not that different from our own, according to him!
The time traveler may have been smart to visit this time, maybe he saw how popular his videos would become racking a large number of views on YouTube and other media platforms.
Seeing his success, he came back to insure it happen guaranteeing his future or past internet stardom….
oooppsss did we just hit one of them pesky time paradoxes?
Noah would say that his arrival in 2018 is nothing but accident he and his friends were fooling around and he was transported to the here and now.
These guys have a great life, messing with UFO’s and jumping through time, teenage high jinx certainly has upped its game in the future.
Speaking of his journey He went on to describe how this group ended in a government facility, which of course was secret.
They did however, although him to first change into a special time traveling uniform, and then step into a giant electric dome and be shot to the year 2018.
Very John Connor!!
But let’s get back to some of his prediction for the year 2030.
He told us that we would see another U.S president of color, and a women to boot.
The granddaughter of Martin Luther King, Yolanda Renee King would be elected to the presidency in the year 2030, she will then lead the nation in a time of war but we shouldn’t worry too much the conflict will not global.
So it would seem U.S policy doesn’t change much either in the future.
Some of the technologies he mentions are not that outlandish, in fact we have them today, with the obvious exception of time travel.
Or maybe not depending, on the websites you visit.
He mentions electric cars the prevalence of VR technologies and a path of technological development we can map today.
It seems the future is going to be a pretty cool place. It does sound very much like the world of Futurama and something to look forward to.
That is if you believe Noah.
Do you think this guy has taken a little trip through time?
Would you like to time travel?
What do you think our holds, will it be VR, environmentalism and E.T or a dark apocalyptic land of the machines?
Let me know in the comment below.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Military and the Paranormal

 'IF' The Armed Forces Battled these Beasts?

 “War is hell” was famously uttered by William Sherman back in 1860.

But as we know hell is home to many other strange creatures and entities.

When this hell comes to earth does it attract the attention of evil beings whom then take advantage of the violence, madness, and horror to carrying out their evil deeds?

In a recent article from ‘’ a series of reported sightings and interactions with supernatural, and perhaps even demonic creatures during wartime was compiled.

Let’s take a look at these wartime encounters and ask if “war is not only hell, but opens the gateways to it”?

Let’s begin in the 2000s and the Afghan war.
Troops stationed at a base in Mosul reported an encounter with a creature they claimed was a demon.
The report says these troops jumped into action after receiving the call that the base was under imminent attack. They did as trained grabbed their kit and weapons and reported to their stations ready to defend themselves and the base.
They watched an attack unfold as men “enemy combatants” began scaling the perimeter wall.
The troops began to shoot.
In the melee many of the attackers were hit but one of these was particularly strange.
As the bullet tore into the attacker a plume of black smoke was seen to rise out of the body.
At that time the troops thought it could be a suicide vest that was hot and damaged or failed to detonate.
But this is when things took a turn for the strange, the smoke began to form into a shape. This shape resembling a man and to add to the weirdness a pair of red glowing eyes appeared along with a mouth.
The apparition smiled at the troops turned and ran only to fade away to nothing after a few steps.
Could this have been a ghost or demon or how about a jinn a creature commonly found in Middle Eastern mythology.
The soldiers had no clue and were obviously shaken by the encounter and did not talk about the incident for many years after.
But Jinn, ghosts or specters are not the only thing to have appeared to troops battling in the Middle East.
Vampires have also been reported.
The bloodsuckers are said to live in the deepest regions of the deserts, but in the chaos of war with it secret camps and displaced people. They are said to venture in under the cover of darkness and abduct people from these camps.
One soldier saying they are known to live in the area with many reports coming from locals who warn the troops to be on the lookout for these tall wiry looking men.
They say that they have stalked the region for hundreds of years could they be the vampiric survivors of the Ottoman Empire after their run in with Vlad the Impaler?
Or like hyenas are they attracted to the chaos of war finding and easy opportunity to feed.
Maybe the US forces need to be issued stakes as part of their basic kit.
Again reports from U.S. military personnel claim another beast often connected to the vampire legend was spotted.
This time stationed in Morbach, Germany.

A sighting in the 1980s has army air force personal reporting a large wolf like man prowling on the base.
The soldiers were alerted to the creature’s presence after an alarm was tripped, upon investigation the troops came across a two legged hair covered entity standing at around 8 to 9 feet tall with long arms and canine type head.
After  the soldiers and this ‘manimal’  stared at one another for what seemed like an age the wolf man leapt clearing a fence said to be over 10 feet in height.
The security on the base needed to know what this thing was and if there was any threat to security so they brought in a tracking team to find the beast.
The dogs were introduced to the tracks and the scent but were unable to track, this as they instantly became over whelmed with fear.
What could this have been?
There is a local legends of a farmer’s wife cursing a Napoleonic soldier whom was said to become a beast at the appearance of a full moon.
He would then stalk the area murdering, raping, and pillaging all in the form of a bipedal wolf-like abomination.
This beast became known the legend known as the “Morbach Monster”
Another reported sighting dates back to the 60’s and the conflict in Vietnam.
Serving troops told the story of when out on patrol in the tropical jungles, one night they kept seeing fleeting glimpses of something stalking them.
Fearing it to be an enemy ambush that night as they hungered down for the evening a group of soldiers were sent out to investigate capture or kill the suspected enemy whom were following the platoon.
Tracking their suspected Vietnamese enemy, this group found them themselves in front of a cave, this was however no ordinary cave.
It was in a sheer a cliff wall with what looked a boulder rolled across the entrance blocking it.
They continued to investigate feeling they may have the enemy trapped as they drew close, they were overcome by the smell of death.
Taking up defense positions something strange began to occur, a rumbling sound began to emanate from what felt like below the ground.
It was then a man like beast made its way out of the cave.
The figure rose up standing at a height of around 7 feet, this is when the men could clearly see this no man.
The torso resembled a man, with a head chest and arms but the body was more like that of snake.
Covered in scales and wearing long robes and a strange hat. The creature began hissing loudly and this is when more of the lizard or snake like men were spotted.
In fear the men began to unload on these creatures.
In a scene reminiscent of the movie ‘predator’ the jungle erupted in gun fire with vegetation flying everywhere.
When the men had emptied their weapons they went to see what they had hit.
And again just like in the movie “they hit nothing”
 They guessed the creatures had returned to the cave so they rigged some charges and blew the entrance.
Then making their way back to base camp.

 Once again these reported creatures may have a basis in truth or at least legend as the Naga are reptilian type cryptids commonly mentioned in local folklore and legend.
Could this be the creature these servicemen stumbled upon?
Is it that war attracts such beasts or could it be that in times of war we are pushed into areas people rarely explore and stumble across creatures mostly hidden from human history?
Could these sightings be hallucinations brought on by the stresses of combat?
If we find these things in times of war should we not make more of an effort to seek them in times peace?
Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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