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Earth 'IF' Its an Alien zoo?

Earth 'IF' Its an Alien zoo?

The question of us being alone in the universe has fascinated mankind for centuries. The idea that we could be the only intelligent species to exist seems to become less plausible the more we learn.

 A theory proposed by Physicist Enrico Fermi puts a number value to the possibility of life in the universe. The Fermi hypothesis takes the number galaxies, the stars in those galaxies and the potential number of planets which may support life and gives us a calculation that shows we are indeed not alone in the universe.

However this is when we hit the Fermi paradox.

If there is so much life out there why we are not inundated with alien species on this planet?

For the sake of keeping this post to a reasonable length let’s leave UFO sightings and other evidence to one side, in this video I would like to take a look at another interesting theory.

That theory is, the zoo hypothesis!


The idea that our planet is some kind of game reserve of zoo was established by John Ball a radio astronomer in 1973.
He raised the question that if there is an abundance of intelligent life in the galaxy what reasons would they have to ignore us or maybe worse quarantine our planet and species.
Maybe ET’s view the planet as a wild uncivilized place which is more interesting to observe than become a part of?
As advanced as we consider ourselves are we in fact as interesting to aliens as a lion is to a tourist on safari in deepest Africa?
This raises an interesting idea that we, (when compared to an extraterrestrial species whom have achieved interstellar travel), are only just stepping onto the first rungs of the evolutionary ladder of intelligence.

The last century has shown just how quickly technology can change the evolutionary paths of a species.
The next 1000 years will see mankind become something we would find difficult recognizing today.
If we could get a glance at our future we would see the results from the advancements in gene editing, A.I and the integration of technology into our bodies.
 These advanced technologies will change us as a species and it’s a vision we are just coming to terms with, we must start considering the impacts on future human beings, but I digress.
Let’s consider these changes we are seeing on our planet when we talk of alien civilizations.
Any species that has a line of unbroken evolution with as little as say ‘5000 years difference’ would possess technological abilities  so far beyond what we consider advanced they could achieve things we can barely imagine.
Their superior technological ability would be beyond anything we can dream up even in the biggest and best sci-fi spectacular.

Ball explains his ideas by proposing the hypothetical situation of cross species communication, saying:
    "An argument based on relative time scales suggests that the appropriate primitive Earth life an animal such as mollusks and trilobites compared with man. We imagine talking with mammals and birds; But oysters?"
And yes, in the alien communication theory we are the oysters!!
He goes onto say:
“The idea that we shall be welcomed as new members into the galactic community is as unlikely as the idea that oysters will be welcomed as new members into the human community and we’re probably not even edible.”

Returning to the idea of a zoo planet, we may find out that we are not even on a level comparable to gorillas or bears or other “aware” animals.
 To aliens, we might be seen as nothing more than an ant farm. This, as Ball states, isn’t the zoo hypothesis but rather something called the ants-in-the-jungle hypothesis:
“The ants-in-the-jungle hypothesis would have us unaware of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, this for the same reason that ants in a jungle may well be unaware of people – Extraterrestrial Intelligence may be to far beyond our intellectual horizon.
Some of the phenomena that we already see today may be associated with ETI, but we just don’t understand it.”
This is where things may become a little scary, especially if you consider just how easy it is for us to eradicate a nest of ants.
The late great Stephen Hawking thought that for this reason we should not broadcast our presence to the Universe.
This as a precaution against us making contact with an advanced alien civilization whom could easily conquer us if they so wished.
So let’s hope if we have been discovered by ET they choose to keep the Earth as a zoo, maybe watching over us and studying our development.
I would prefer life in a fish bowl to the alternative extinction of our species  making way for a new alien theme park or tourist attraction!!
This is just a hypothesis, it has its floors. For one if we are an intergalactic tourist attraction why do we not see those coming to view our exhibit?

Maybe we do, that could provide an explanation for the many UFO sightings.
 What do you think?
Are intelligent extraterrestrial lifeforms out there, and is the earth a zoo?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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