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Digital Consciousness

Digital Consciousness 'IF' Technological life after death?

Life after death is a question as old as humanity
The afterlife comes in many forms, these are shaped and defined by the beliefs you hold in life.
The idea of what happens to consciousness when we die has, for most of our history, been the realm of religion and spirituality.
But now science is joining this group.
A recent scientific breakthrough meaning your thoughts and memories could be read after your death.

This idea sounds like something torn from the pages of a comic book or a science fiction novel.
From the cookies a technology that stores a person’s mind featured in the hit TV show “Black Mirror” to the personality storing device inserted into a person’s neck in the Netflix hit that was “Altered Carbon” the shows idea of ‘stacks’ making it possible to swap memories and minds between bodies.
Science fiction has long asked the question of what makes us, us, and what would or could happen if technology was able to store, copy or transplant that information into a machine or another body.
Many of you may have thought that this technology is centuries away and that dealing with the consequences that this could have on society would fall on the shoulders of our descendants.
But no!
The technology is here today, well almost.
An Israeli team of scientist have recently discovered that memories leave a genetic mark on our brains.
This being the first step of a theory that says we will be able to read, replay and store these memories.
Dr. Clea Warburton from the University of Bristol says the proposal is fascinating, she added that the download would have to take place immediately at the time of death as proteins found in the brain degrade very quickly when a person dies.
These proteins she mentions are known to be a major part of the mechanism used by the brain when it creates new memory pathways in the mind.
This idea was tested by taking the ever unfortunate test subjects ‘rats’ and subjecting them to pleasure and pain.
These rats were given everything from painful illnesses to hits of cocaine all to see how these brain proteins reacted.
The rats were then killed and dissected as the scientist looked into which genes were seen to express change, changes occurred in seven areas of the brain.
 These areas were known to be used in memory formation and included the hippocampus and the amygdala.
 A pattern was observed on the rat’s brains and this lead the team to the idea that a rats memories could be mapped with 90% accuracy.
These are the first steps in understanding genetic encoding when it comes to memory, and the team have plans to continue research with the end goal being to test this theory first on live animals but ultimately on humans.
This technology must make us the question, what is consciousness?
Is it something that can exist without memory or is our consciousness made from memories?
Both questions have huge implications to this technology and to us as people.
Recent research states, an identity defined by morals stands not by memories.
Bobby Azarian writes:
"It appears that it is not our intelligence or our knowledge of the past that defines us, but instead our moral behavior. Essentially, identity is not what we know, but what we stand for."
Others would disagree with this idea, and say Consciousness could not exist because the only things you could "experience" would not have any context. It would simply be an endless flow of sensory information and automatic motor response.
I think this highlights one thing, we still cannot define what makes something conscious and until we can I think that technologies like this should be put on hold.
If or when we create devices that can replay memory would we actually be creating a new consciousness?
If this technology is conscious what rights would it have, would deleting or altering it not be akin to mental torture and abuse?
These are complex questions and we haven’t even mentioned the religious aspects of this, a person soul.

If scientist move forward with this where do you see this technology leading?
Do you think that memory is what make consciousness?
Would you be willing to have your memories’ mapped upon death?
Let me know in the comments below.


Saturday, 21 April 2018

HAARP 'IF' Square clouds are the proof?

HAARP 'IF' Square clouds are the proof? 

Weather manipulation has been occurring since the 50’s .The topic is however still hotly debated.

From chemtrails to HAARP both sides have their evidence.

But, is there a weather phenomenon that could prove once and for all there is a Programme to manage, produce and manipulate the weather and climate?

Has there been any evidence which is so undeniable it can prove the claims of those that say our climate is controlled?

Climate control and weather manipulation is a topic which has been debated for years, the warming climate being blamed on the industrialized world.
This idea of a global warming being the fault of man has its opponents.
They give much evidence to their claim that this is a natural cycle of the global climate, and that extreme weather events are being created to control a worldwide agenda of climate engineering for profit and for war.
The streaks of chemical clouds crossing the skies being the one of the most highlighted forms of evidence.
Those that support man made global warming claim that these trails are nothing more than water and exhaust vapor from the planes.
Contrails which have been seen since the first days of maned flight.

But what if there was a cloud formation that could show it was created by man.
 A clearly unnatural formation that would show someone is creating weather.
How about a clouds that form into cubes.
Are these bizarre ‘square clouds’ proof of weather creation using the HAARP project?
Video has come to light that claims to show these strange clouds.
footage was shot in Tuscon Arizona in the USA.
It has sparked online debate many claiming that these images are the hard proof they have been looking for to support the claim the government is manipulating our weather.
The massive formation spans the skies and is indeed very strange.
These clouds having what appears to be a very regular geometrical shape the angles being a perfect 90 degrees.
Were these clouds the work of the infamous High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme (HAARP).
The US government has been using this research Center since 1993, and it is run jointly by the US Air Force and US Navy.
The top-secret facility, has been the source of many claims that the armed forces are attempting to weaponize the planets climate and weather.
 People say that this base has capabilities ranging from the creation of storms and excess precipitation to earthquakes and scorching heat waves.
Conspiracy theorists are convinced it was really set up to research how to use artificial weather as a weapon against other countries and even how to trigger earthquakes or volcanoes.
The area is now run by a private institution and they say that they carry out routine "analysis of the ionosphere. These investigations researching the potential of developing ionospheric enhancement technology to boost radio communications and surveillance capabilities".
These public communications of an innocent research program have been thought to be a cover story.
Even world leaders think that this facility has a dark agenda.
Venezuelan leader Huge Chavez, even claims HAARP was used to trigger huge tremors, including the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

To get back to the square clouds, the idea that these are created does stem from the shape, many thinking that nature does not create such angles and perfect forms.
The problem here is it does.
There are many examples of nature’s ability to create natural formations that look distinctly man made.
From structures that are used as markers by astronauts like the Eye of the Sahara.
The Eye of the Sahara, a circular shape in the middle of an otherwise featureless desert area.
This symmetrical uplift looking like a huge bulls-eye created by erosion.
Another natural formation once thought to be terraces created by ancient man are the Pamukkale. This Turkish site being a series of basins filled with thermal spring water.
 Their white color coming from calcite deposited by the water as it pours over the edges of the pools. That calcite-laden water also creates petrified waterfalls that look frozen in time.
Other Examples of natural geometrical shapes, would be places such as the devils causeway in Ireland or the formation of crystalline rocks.

The question and the proof still remain these clouds it would could be either natural or man-made.
Until we see more concrete proof of HAARPS effects on the planet. Evidence will to be continually gathered by those wishing to prove or disprove their point of view.
What do you think, are these clouds the work of the secretive research facility or are the natural?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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