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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

'IF' monks have Superpowers?

Self-improvement is something we would all like to practice, whether that is getting more exercise or studying harder, it’s something that we should all strive to do.

Homo sapiens are a strong species, our brain power allowing us to overcome our short comings in strength and lack of claws or sharp teeth.

One group of humanity has become famous for their ability to train the body and mind to achieve feats which to the average man and women seem miraculous.

Buddhist monks

In this video we take a look at some of the more extreme abilities that these masters of meditation are said to have achieved.

Buddhist monks have long been associated with the mystic arts, probably the most famous group being the Shaolin.
The Shaolin were formed in 495 A.D by an Indian monk named Buddhahadra.
He built a small temple on Mount Song and began teaching the Chinese the art of yogic concentration.
This practice later became what is commonly known as Zen Buddhism.
The father of the martial arts was a man called Bodhidharma, who upon being refused admittance to the temple meditated in a cave for 9 years. On his return to the temple he found the monks had been cultivating their minds but neglecting their bodies.
He then taught them the methods of exercise he had been practicing in the solitude of his cave.
The foundation of what would become Shaolin Kung Fu was laid.

Fast forwards a thousand or so years, and we arrive at the amazing spectacles we see today.
These highly spiritual and highly trained monks have what seems like invincibility.
Their physical capabilities go beyond their size, achieving amazing feats of strength, from bending metal bars and smashing bricks to taking marathon length runs without tiring and hand-stand pushups using only  one or two fingers.
Their stamina and endurance are the stuff of legend, being able to withstand long periods of discomfort and pain, their dexterity and flexibility allows them to carry out acts that seemingly defy gravity.
Then we begin to reach the actions that seem physically impossible, from being able to throw pins at the speed of bullets to becoming completely fearless, it would seem they have unlocked many secrets of the human body and this has granted what one could only call superpowers.
At the low end of these extraordinary skills is the way in which they can control their bodily functions, there is evidence which has been verified through scientific testing that these Shaolin practitioners can lower their metabolic rate and increase and decrease their internal body temperatures, these two things are said to be controlled by the autonomic nervous system and thus are beyond conscious control.
This is just the beginning, more remarkable acts are said to have been achieved.
This includes the ability to levitate, after all no self-respecting superhero can be without the power of flight.
These monk practice pranayama, the study of the relationship between mass and weight and this understanding is what makes it possible to levitate.
 If this hasn’t impressed the next ability will.
Matter transformation.
Some monks have claimed they have cultivated the practice of changing objects into different forms, such as a rock into sugar or sand into almonds.
Some would say that these abilities are not true in the physical sense but instead are used to teach Buddhists the practice separating the mind from the body, and thus making all things possible.
However with science looking into and shining a light on these abilities, is it possible that the ideas hidden in ancient mysticism have a basis in truth, and that maybe at one point in history these were common knowledge.

Do you think these monks have unlocked undiscovered human abilities?
Would you like to train to become Shaolin monk?
Do you think these events show there is more to our existence then we can see?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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