Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Future Technology if its a nano future?

Scientist have recently invented a new 3 d printing method that could bring us the future today.
In this video we take a look at that new technology and ask what it could mean for mankind’s future

It would seem that technology of today is reaching a point where the dreams of sci-fi writers from the past are now a reality.
We quickly embrace advancements and except them into our lives.
These advances are coming quick and fast and this has a lot to do with the discovery of new materials,
These new materials bring a host of amazing properties to the table.
And manufacturers are quick to adopt and adapt these materials to create new technological platforms or make existing technology more efficient, cheaper and powerful.
Manufacturing is the future.
Whereas once we wielded huge slabs of wood, metal, and stone. whittling them into the form we required.
We can now grow products.
Well, maybe grow is going a bit too far but we are certainly building from the small to big.
Nanotechnology has been around for decades and is showing promise but the real game changer could be in the combination of technologies like 3 d printing and the cutting edge materials that are being created in the labs of the world.
One such material that has hit the headline is nano-silver.
This amazing light weight and incredibly strong material has been compared in structure to bone and wood.
The nano material forms an incredibly dense lattice structure which keeps weight to minimum but allows for strength way above other materials of comparable mass.
These structures have a very large surface area and are porous.
The shapes which can be created are almost limitless, from tiny bridges, spirals and electronic connections made to look like accordion bellows or doughnut-shaped pillars, it would seem imagination is the only limit.
The structure is created in a 3d printing process, which is why it is so exciting for the future.
A mist of tiny droplets of silver are sprayed and build a structure nano-meter by nano-meter, can you imagine what people could design and build in the comfort of their own homes, using what are today becoming common household devices.
 A home user with a computer and a 3d printer could create a truly world changing product.
The potential for advancement in the field of medicine is also intriguing. This material could be used to print anatomical structures maybe used to fix broken bone or how about upgrading our skeleton, making our bones stronger.
Could we become a claw less wolverine, we too possessing an unbreakable skeleton?
The process itself is modeled after a natural process which occurs in some African desserts
Sulphur laced fog evaporates and leaves crystalline structures known as a desert roses behind.
This natural method of building to the macro-scale could help us in creating everything from super capacitors to materials used in medical science and more.
The ability to print with such a material may unlock that dream of some, or nightmare for many
And enable us to create machinery to augment our own abilities.
This material used in a more advanced setting say a lab that is able to utilize (TPL) two-photon lithography a nano-scale 3D printing method, Which enables doctors to carry out X-ray CT scans to analyze 3D printed implants within the body of a patient.
When we are talking of technology of this size of construction, crazy things become possible.
We have seen these imaginings in movie and television and even covered some of them on this channel.
Cameras embedded in our eyes both recording and enhancing our vision, direct brain to brain communication and possibly an elimination to disease as millions of 3d printed nano-bots patrol our body supporting our immune system in destroying infection.
Moore's Law adding to the power of these mini computers.
And maybe we can add increased strength to our enhanced skeletal structure we mentioned at the start, using nano fibers woven through our muscle fibers where we can take advantage of the enhanced strain resistance without a significant increase in weight.
The idea could see the end current cutting edge technologies like exoskeletons as we merge that technology directly into our bodies?
How about being connected directly to the internet and being able to instantly access the combined knowledge of our species?

Of course this is all speculation from a process that is still in its infancy but we should consider where we are heading.
As well as pondering that modern conundrum of at what point do we stop being human and become machine?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below

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