Tuesday, 30 January 2018

The 27 club 'IF' they sold their souls?

Fame is something many people chase, the dream of being rich and well known is all some people 

But as the old saying goes sometimes you must be careful what you wish for as you may just get it.
In this video we look at the 27 club.
The "27 Club" was the name given to an unsettling trend of superstars dying as they careers peaked this coincided with them reaching the age of 27.
Originally, it seemed to be limited to famous musicians such as Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison.
However In the past few years, the club of 27 has grown to encompass more artists, like Anton Yelchin and Jean-Michel Basquiat.
These ten star deaths are considered the most compelling of the 27 club.

1.Ron "Pigpen" McKernan (1945-1973) the original front man of the Grateful Dead is noted for bringing the influence of the Blues to the band's sound. He died from gastrointestinal bleeding after complications from alcoholism.

2.Jonathan Brandis (1976-2003) suicide.

3. Richey Edwards (1967-1995) of Manic Street Preachers disappeared.

4. Brian Jones (1942-1969) The original founder and leader of the Rolling Stones found dead at the bottom of his swimming pool.

5. Jim Morrison (1943-1971) The Doors front man found dead in a bathtub in Paris.
6. Janis Joplin (1943-1970) heroin overdose.

7. Robert Johnson (1911-1938) died from strychnine poisoning and pneumonia.
8. Kurt Cobain (1967-1994) suicide in his home.

9. Amy Winehouse (1983-2011) died of alcohol poisoning.

10. Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970) details of his death are disputed. He took nine sleeping pills the night before he died.

All of these stars dead at the age of 27!
And at the height of their fame due to tragedy and personal demons, but could there a more sinister undertone.
Would you sell your soul to obtain stardom?
Did these people make a deal with the devil?
The 27 Club is thought of by some as a group whom made this Satanic Pact.
 They signed a contract with the devil so they may achieve fame and fortune playing rock and roll, this starting with the blues legend Robert Johnson.
 Johnson supposedly had little to no talent playing guitar, but he wanted success.
 The story goes that one night, he heard a voice telling him to visit the crossroads by Dockery’s plantation at the stroke of midnight.
 When he arrived he was greeted by a large black man who was apparently the devil in disguise.
 The big man took the guitar from Johnson, tuned it, and returned it to him.
 The guitar was then offered to Johnson in exchange for his soul.
Returning from the plantation with the new guitar Johnson became a blues virtuoso overnight.
In 1938, at age of 27, he was poisoned and died and the devil claimed his soul.
An “anonymous” Satanic high priestess claims that all members of The 27 Club since that night when Johnson sold his soul have been promised fame and fortune.
They can have the fame their hearts desire but at the cost of their soul and in exchange for their agreement to teach youth of that age to serve Satan.
 Special ceremonies are held during the recording of the artist this is when a satanic blessings is placed upon their music.
From that day on when the music is played, demons are called into the room.
 These demons possessing the person playing the music and the people who are listening.
I feel you all deleting your music files and smashing C.D’s in an attempt to hold onto to your soul but wait just one second.
Actual statistical research shows celebrities aren't more likely to die at the age of 27.
 56 is actually the age that has the highest death rate.
Or maybe that what the devil wants us to believe.

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Saturday, 27 January 2018

Gnomes 'IF' There is proof?

Harmless garden ornaments or a sinister group of angry little creatures?
Let’s take a look at what secrets these tiny garden guardians hold.
Traditionally thought of as diminutive spirits gnomes were first introduced to world in the 16th century. Since that time many authors have included these creatures in their works of fantasy literature.
Typically said to be a small humanoid that lives underground.
Dressed in a unique outfit of a loose smock like shirt, tight leggings, pointy shoes and the iconic tall pointed hat.
But could they exist in more than the ink found in the pages of story and fable?
Let’s take a trip around the globe and see if Gnomes are real.
Our first stop is Devon a county in the south west of England.
Plymouth, a town that sits on the coast and is famously known as the departure point of the pilgrims when they traveled to the Americas, and legends of pirates and smugglers.
Has the”Knockers.”
For the miners of Devon these mischievous little imps would make noises letting the men know of their presence hence the name ‘Knockers’.
It was believed that these small gnome like critters lived underground and often interacted with miners in the region they were ambiguous toward the men invading their subterranean space, doing both good and bad things to those working in the mines.

When these gnomes were having a good day they knocked to guide miners toward an ore bearing seam or as a warning of impending danger.
In some mining communities knockers were even said to appear from walls that contained a thick seam of coal or ore.
On their bad days though, knockers were to be feared.
Like most sprites and faeries the legends tell how they could get both mischievous and malevolent.
It was said that they were often to blame for stealing candles, picks and clothes. They also broke and sabotaged the miner’s equipment.

The legend tells us that it was fairly easy to get these gnomes on your side.
Just as in the stories of faeries whom are appeased by a bowl of milk, these knockers are appeased by something a little bit more common in southwest of England.
A hunk of pasty (the traditional food of miners)

But belief of and sighting of these little menaces is not only found in tales of old England but in modern times and from all over the world.
Let’s take a look at Argentina.
Back In 2008, reports began to surface that a small town in the country was being terrorized by a gnome.
The reports stated that a very small humanoid creature wearing a tall pointy hat had been seen. These sightings had gone on for quite some time, however it wasn’t until footage was captured that their struggle gained international attention.

As you can see in the clip this gnome like creature invokes real fear in those present.
It would seem that these gnomes like to get around as more footage was captured this time of a Gnome Crossing a Street.
A similar encounter, where a group is hanging out in the middle of a road, they then see a gnome shuffle across the road. This video again ending with the screams of the witnesses.
From Argentina we move to Mexico and a Gnome Attack.
A group is seen playing football. One of this group goes to pick up the ball, when a very tiny gnome jumps out and scurries away.
It’s unclear who startled who but again you can feel the fear of those that have seen the little human like creature.
What could these mini men be?
If not captured on film I would think, as maybe would others, that they are nothing more than fantasy. An imp created to explain the things that go bump in the dark.
Is there a possibility that these videos show something real, and if they do what could it be, could it be a small human?
The smallest humans ever discovered excluding genetic defects like dwarfism, were found on the Indonesian island of Flores In 2003.
 Fossils discovered in a cave at Liang Bua belonged to an unknown hominin. This relative of modern humans lived between 60,000 and 100,000 years ago.
It stood at an adult height of 3-foot (1 meter) it was given the nickname of the "hobbit," due to its similarity with the race found in J.R.R. Tolkien's book of the same name.
This discovery changed the thinking of the time on the migration and genetic diversification of early human ancestors.
Is it possible that more extreme reduction in size could have occurred within our species this leading to what we know as gnomes?

Island dwarfism occurs when a group of animals become trapped on a small land mass they reduce in size to better fit the environment.
This has been recorded across many species, we have seen dwarf rhino, elephant and tigers.
Could homo floresiensis be just the first human example that we have found.
Maybe a sub species of human continued to evolve to a subterranean life, growing ever smaller and rarely being seen.
When encountered by us it was seen as a magical being and the legends began to grow?
Radical changes in size are common when animals are trapped on islands. If we know about animals like the extinct dog-size giant rats of East Timor, an example of island gigantism, dwarf mammoths and dwarf dinosaurs as examples of ancient island dwarfism.
Why not an impossibly small human?
Could Gnomes be real and out there running around today?
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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

U.S.A a new civil war?

Lets take a look at the United States a country that is becoming increasingly divided.
We ask if this division could end with a new civil war! Has the countdown to war begun?
At the stroke of midnight Friday 19 January 2018, the federal government shut down.
Negotiations crumbled as Senate Democrats blocked a four-week stopgap extension, this causing the fourth government shutdown in twenty five years.
Critical government functions did continue, with uniformed service members, health inspectors and law enforcement officer’s continuing to work without pay.
Both parties were quick to blame the other. Democrats laid blame on the Republicans, who control both chambers of Congress and the White House and have struggled with building an internal consensus. Republicans declared that Democrats were responsible after they declined to provide the votes needed to overcome an immigration policy filibuster.
 This infighting and growing vocal opposition to the President is beginning to manifest some darker resentment.
There is a chasm forming in the US, can this be solved?
Will we see an escalation in violence?

It’s easy to think that a second civil war may occur in a similar way to the first: two institutionalized factions wielding armies against one another along strategic fronts.
 Generals choosing a side,
 Troops from all sides fighting to claim victory this once again seeing brother fighting brother.
The outcome a winner-take-all restructuring of the United States and its power base.

However in this day and age it’s not how wars are fought.
We would most likely see networks forming, tasking small strike force units, a guerrilla based war, no monolithic forces clashing in huge face to face battles.
A Homeland conflict would be asymmetrical, as groups split along racial, religious, and economic lines.
These groups would more than likely use high-value terror attacks against soft and hard targets.
This combined with light skirmishes along the overlapping edges of their networks.
These factions may form, disband and reform using their networks to organize and carry out attacks. Much alike a resistance movement in an occupied country.
The new civil war would have a more digital element than other civil wars. The cyber age opening up a new front with propaganda and media manipulation be critical to all sides.
Network analysis used to map and track these groups across their digital territories and to identify their backers, funders, and agitators.
These backers may also be in the form of foreign adversaries.
The US has been struggling internationally with many bad policy choices causing a souring of many international relationships.
These nations may take the opportunity to fund and support different sides of the conflict.
Also recent immigration changes have divided families and provide a group from which recruitment would be easy, these deportees choosing to fight for a country where they can once again be with their loved ones.
If a civil war doe’s break out one thing is for sure it will be a long drawn out affair.
The impact of the war would be felt worldwide, economically, politically and socially.
Some countries could use the time to assert their dominance over global politics, this could then have the knock on effect of causing more instability globally.

If a civil wars occurs in the US it could well be the first domino of a wider conflict.
Love or the hate the US it undeniable that its presence helps to keep the status quo.
If it was to descend into war the rest of the world may just follow.
For now, America is held in line with a strong rule of law and a fairly strong economy this means most people still have something to lose by choosing violence.
But as the government continues to deconstruct rule of law and economic opportunity, the shutdown being the most recent sign of its dysfunction the likelihood of a second U.S. civil war grows.
 Do you think The USA is heading toward civil war?
What global impact do you think it would have?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below

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