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Telekinesis 'IF' We can move objects with the mind?

The power to control things with the mind from the Matrix to the Jedi of star wars
We ask if we can move objects with our minds.
What “if any” tech or scientific discoveries are out there to help us cultivate this power?

So what is telekinesis?
Telekinesis should not be confused with telepathy or other psychic powers.
While telepathy is the direct communication between minds (something we looked at in another video click the link above if you would like to know more.)
Telekinesis is the control of or movement of matter using only the mind.
This has been an ability that many have claimed to have with some pretty convincing cases, while most believe it to be fantasy.
A trick performed by magicians and illusionists.
There have however been those that display some very strange abilities and could be proof that humans can indeed influence and control objects using only their mind.
Probably the most famous of these telekinetics is Uri Gellar.
If that name sounds familiar to you, that’s because we looked at his powers and the TV show appearances in which he bent metal objects  along with  his secret work with the US government in the video “ If super powers are real” linked below.
In this video we look at reports of abilities of those that are not chasing fame and fortune.
First we take a look at the case of Nina Kulagina.
After surviving the horrors of WW2 Nina recoiled from society, living a quiet life with her family.
She suffered from physical disabilities from injuries she had received in the war.
Nina however had supposedly an extra ability to help her cope.
She said that she could recall how her mother was able to move objects using only her mind.
Nina thought that this strange gift may have been passed on to her and began to practice.
As she practiced she found that when she became angry she could indeed do the same.
Using meditation she focused this new ability, training her mind to control objects. When focus on an object was at its prime, She would feel a sharp pain in her spine, and her vision would blur. This was when she knew that it was time to move the object.
Nina’s telepathic control became more well know and noted physicist, V.F. Shvetz claimed that he had  observed Nina mentally projecting the letters A and O onto a sheet of photographic paper.
The knowledge of this act spread and more powerful organizations stepped in to test Nina.
She gave a number of displays.
A curious video showed a water-filled tank in which an egg was cracked open and poured in.
 Using her abilities, Nina was able to separate the egg yolk from the white, spreading them to opposite ends of the tank, supposedly with nothing more than her mind.
In another video she would use her powers not on inanimate objects, but on the heart of an actual creature.
Curious if her psychic power could have an effect on living cells, tissue and organs, a frog’s heart was placed into a tank filled with saline solution.
Using a small amount of electrical current, the heart was kept beating. At this point, Nina was asked if she could change the pace of the heartbeat. Astonishingly, she was first able to make the heart beat faster, then slower, and finally she was able to make the heart completely stop.
These displays of Psychokinetic power left a mark on Nina.
 Nina suffered unexplained burn marks on her hands when demonstrating her powers, her clothes even catching on fire at one point.
This case was widely published at the time and some say it to be nothing more than propaganda to show the Russian superiority.
Skeptics claim it all to be a hoax. They have argued that the experiments conducted on her were not carried out using proper scientific conditions.
Sleight-of-hand trickery, magnets, and hair-thin string were all culprits thought to be responsible for the objects being moved across tables and floors.
The next person said to have displayed power of telekinesis is Chulin Sun
Chulin Sun is remarkable because of her use of the qi energy.
Qi or Qigong is said to be the energy or life force that runs through all things, it is a core belief in Chinese medicine that all things must have a balanced qi to be healthy.
Sun has developed her gift using the practice of Waiqi.
Waiqi is an ancient Chinese health care system that involves many different activities, such as postures, breathing methods, focus, and concentration etc.
Waiqi teaches you how to bring the qi energy in your body under the control of the mind.
Chulin Sun has mastered the practice of Waiqi , this has granted her the ability to make  seeds germinate and grow very, very fast.
She can make a seed grow, from a seed to plant in 20 minutes, grow roots and branches using only the power of her thoughts.
 She has showcased this ability over 200 times in front of scientists and in universities.
The final person with Psychokinesis is Liew Thow Lin
Much like the character Magneto from the X-men Thow Lin has a form of magnetic telekinesis.
The 70 year old Malaysian man is well-known for his magnetic abilities (spoons and forks stick to his chest arms, and back he once stuck a big metal plate on his chest, using a hook with a chain attached to it he pulled a car for 20 m.
This power of magnetism has been shown by many more people around the world making this the most common of telekinetic gifts.
Science has had a chance to study many of these magnet men and says that it is in fact because of a unique skin type.
This skin type when in contact with smooth objects like metal spoons and plates causes suction and these objects stick.
There is no true magnetism happening.
So if science has disproved cases like Liew Thow Lin what about the abilities of Chulin Sun, Nina Kulagina and even Uri Geller?
Daryl J. Bem a social psychologist and professor at Cornell University has been looking into these abilities for many years.
He makes the claim that it is real and has researched many hidden abilities of the brain.
He has looked in ESP as well as Psychokinesis.
For decades the professor has been researching psychic gifts and often funding this research from his own pocket, he is highly invested in proving them fact.
This led him to write a paper documenting a decade of research which he says is the proof.
His nine experiments, and thousand subjects have to be taken seriously.

He has shown, more than anyone has before, that it might be possible to see into the future.
Bem knew his research would not convince the die-hard skeptics. But he also knew it couldn’t be ignored.
Some of Bem’s colleagues guessed thought his paper was a hoax.
Other scholars, those who believed in ESP saw his paper as validation of their work and a chance for mainstream credibility they craved!
So science is still on the fence, and those whom are not born with this gift have little hope of developing telekinesis.
Well maybe that’s not the case technology could help us achieve what nature has denied us!
A Boston-based start-up Neurable has created a telekinetic EEG strap.
The Neurable headset, is used to play specially-designed virtual reality video games, players can move virtual objects using only their thoughts.
The game, Awakening.
In which user breaks out of a government lab, battles robots and interacts with objects around them, all hands-free with using only headset.
This may seem like a work around but with VR becoming ever more intertwined with our daily lives maybe this is where we will spend and ever more increasing amount of our time.
If this happens then we will have the power of telekinesis and more.
Artificial limbs are now also being developed that interface directly with the brain, one could say that this is also a form of telekinesis the prosthetic being the moved by the power of the mind.
One thing is for sure as we continue to map the brain and create new technologies the lines between mysterious gifts, fact or not, and real world developments become ever more blurred.

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