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Super Powers 'IF' Supers Heroes could be real?

Superhero movies and comic books have been seeing a renaissance.
The popularity of movies from Marvel and DC has surged, they have been bringing in big bucks at the box office. 

Marvels Infinity war trailer almost broke the internet, fans sharing the trailer and speculating on what could happen.
So in this video we look at superheroes and more specifically superpowers.
We ask the question If there are any real life super powered individuals out there?
Is there any fact behind the fiction?
We are going to look at three types of superpower
Physical powers, are there Hulk like people out there in the world?
Mental abilities like those shown by X-men leader and mentor Professor X and finally technological enhancement. Can we become the next Ironman or Batman?
So let’s get into it
Superheroes like Superman show amazing strength and it is a staple ability for the majority of superheroes out there but what about normal humans what is the limit of our strength?
Throughout history mankind has obsessed over physical strength. Legends like Hercules and Samson
Making strength a measure of masculinity, this then leading to competition like the ancient Olympic Games where wrestling was used to find the strongest man alive.
This has carried on through the ages and in modern times we have seen international competitions like the world’s strongest man.
This is where the likes Ed Coan, Andy Bolton and Bill Kazmaier made their names.
Taking part in mixed events which test their ability to lift and move huge weight, they may not be to the level of Superman but compared to the average man on the street it is impressive.
The Guinness Book of World Records (1985 edition) lists his feat of lifting 6,270 pounds (2844.02 kg) in a back lift as "the greatest weight ever raised by a human being".
But what if like the Hulk we all have this strength it is just dormant waiting for a trigger.
Bruce Banner needs to get angry to release the Hulk in what situation could your average Joe do the same?

There have been many recorded incidents of normal people displaying strength they should not have, from middle aged women lifting cars to kids carrying Adults three times their size from burning buildings.
This is known as Hysterical strength.
When we find ourselves under intense pressure, fear unleashes reserves of energy that normally remain inaccessible. We become, in effect, superhuman.
Under acute stress, the body's sympathetic nervous system prepares the body for sustained, vigorous action.
The adrenal gland dumps cortisol and adrenaline into the blood stream. Blood pressure surges and the heart races, delivering oxygen and energy to the muscles. It's the biological equivalent of opening the throttle of an engine.
Vladimir Zatsiorsky, has studied the biomechanics of weightlifting.
He draws a distinction between the force that our muscles are able to theoretically apply, this he calls "absolute strength,"
The maximum force that they can generate through the conscious exertion of will, which he calls "maximal strength."
An ordinary person can only summon about 65 percent of their absolute power in a training session, while a trained weightlifter can exceed 80 percent.
   Trained athletes can add as much as another 12 percent above that 80%.
This higher level of performance is known as “competitive maximum strength."
 However these parameters are not a fixed—the more intense the competition, the higher it can go.
 The brain's fear centers progressively removing any restraint on muscle performance.
But there's a limit to how fast and how strong fear can make us.
The Human body has limits but what if we could surpass those limits using technology?
This moves us into the realms of those Heroes such as Batman and Ironman.
Both ordinary men whom have used their vast fortunes to purchases or invent cutting edge tech that gives each of them some amazing abilities.
Technology today is making huge leaps forward, computing power is constantly improving, and material science is coming out with ever more amazing materials.
Lighter stronger and with properties that were thought to be impossible.
Could we see these inventions being combined to make some kind of super suite?
The US military has for a number of years been working on such a project.
TALOS the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit is an exoskeleton and armor combination.
The suits will be made with a “liquid body armor” that transforms into solid within milliseconds when a magnetic field or an electric current is applied through the material.
General Atomics intends to provide the TALOS suits with a miniature combustion engine.
This technology will rely on Liquid Piston’s ‘X’ engine, which employs the High Efficiency Hybrid Cycle..
The purpose of the engine in the exoskeletal suit would be to recharge batteries, which in turn supply energy to all of the power-thirsty components which will be integrated with the TALOS suit—including computer and sensor systems, as well as robotic strength augmentation.
The robotic strength may come from an invention that shares its name with the super strong green menace that is the Hulk.
HULC (Human Universal Load Carrier) by Ekso Bionics and Lockheed Martin.
This device a metal frame work with high powered motors surrounds the wearer giving them the ability to lift huge weights with very little physical output from the body.
So super strength and invulnerability   seemed to be somewhat covered but what about that dream of many a superhero wanna be, flight?
Richard M. Browning an ex-Royal Marine reservist has created a suit which uses six miniature jet engines mounted on the arms and the lower back provide propulsion.
He has successfully flown this suit and it is claimed to have the capability to flying at several hundred miles per hour, and at thousands of feet.
So it looks like Ironman would happy but what about Batman?
As we all know the Bat has an obsession, all his tech must be bat themed and of course come in black.
Let’s take our new power armor and give it a coat of vantablack.
Whats Vantablack?
Only the blackest material on planet earth.
The ‘spray-on' form is capable of blocking 99.8 percent of infrared, ultraviolet, and visible light.
Maker Surrey NanoSystems announced in 2016 that they enhanced the blackness of Vantablack to such a degree that no spectrometer can ascertain the quantum of light it absorbs.
Vantablack is not paint but a special coating developed from an amalgam of carbon nanotubes measuring 20 nanometers each. It is a densely packed cluster of millions of tiny nanotubes. The light, while entering the gaps of nanotubes, gets trapped and is fully absorbed.
This would be great for hiding in those dark allies of Gotham!
So it would seem technology is catching up with its comic book counterparts, so how about the last group we mentioned at the start of this video those with Mental powers.
We have already taken a look at telepathy in another video (see the link above) so let’s focus on telekinesis.
"Telekinesis" is an umbrella term for any ability that involves using the mind to influence/manipulate/move matter/objects.
There have been a few people whom are said to have displayed this power, although demonstrations are highly contested by the skeptics.
Probably the most famous being Uri Geller.
 Geller has publicly demonstrated feats of psychokinesis: spoon and key bending have become almost synonymous with his name.
Although many skeptics and magicians consider his metal-bending performances nothing more than sleight-of-hand, Geller has allegedly shown that he can manifest the effects over great distances and in multiple locations.
On a British radio show in 1973, after demonstrating key bending to the astonishment of the host, Geller invited the listening audience to participate. Just minutes later, phone calls began pouring into the radio station from listeners all over the UK reporting that knives, forks, spoons, keys and nails began to bend and twist spontaneously. Watches and clocks that had not run in years began to work.
It was an event whose success surprised even Geller and thrust him into the spotlight.
What many don’t know is that this showman’s supposed powers were used by the US government!
Declassified documents show that in 1973 he was tested for "clairvoyant" or "telepathic" abilities.
Gellar was part of the "Stargate" Programme.
 A CIA Programme aimed at weaponizing psychics!
Using gifted people for remote viewing," and building an army of   "psychic warriors".
These remote viewers asked to gather information on far way targets using only their minds.
When asked about this Geller claims it to be tip of the iceberg" of what he had been asked to do by the CIA, Mossad and other intelligence agencies.
If Gellar’s powers are real let’s make sure he is kept away from the technology we mentioned earlier, the combination of his abilities and that technology could end up creating a real life Dr Doom!!!
What do you think, will we reach a point when we will either manifest powers or create them in our factories or labs?
Which superpower would like to have?
Let me know in the comments below.

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