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Mind control 'IF' we are being programmed?

Mind control
“They live” a movie in which a man has been given a special set of sun glasses that show him the truth, the all controlling power of mind control and the manipulation of society by a few.
Just a movie or is it happening in real life?

In this video we ask if we are being programmed.
We will take a look at Human Programming, and ask if it is something that is happening all around us. Is the idea that Some People Know the Truth, and You Don’t, True?
We are all programmed in some sort of way from the teaching of our parents and family to the culture in which we are raised.
The question here is what kinds of External Programming exist?
There has been a growth in the programming of human beings over the last 2000 years as technology has developed so has its use.
Every day we are being told what to eat, what to wear, what to buy and how to think.
The core method for this is repetition.
Our fears and the basic instinct to survive are being preyed upon, we are constantly bombarded by messages telling us if we purchase some product we will become better.
Telling us that We Are Not Enough, we need said product
to be Fully Human.
And We are susceptible to these manipulations, our emotions and the urge to fit into to the wider group can be hacked.
There are three areas in which we are vulnerable.
The Mind, The Body and The Spirit.
Let’s take a look at the mind:
The Mind can be active with separation from the body, think isolation tanks and even dreaming.
The Body can react to the environment automatically think of reflex actions and the majority of bodily processes that occur of which you have no control.
So how do you manipulate this mind what methods are out there?
Education is the most prevalent form of mind control, and maybe the most insidious.
To “educate” naturally impressionable children to think what you want has been every despots dream, it has been the main component to Communist and Fascist tyrannies throughout history.
 The modern education system has been exposed by many people.
Charlotte Iserbyt claims that there is a Deliberate Dumbing down of America.
In her book of the same title she explains how the education system is designed to breed mindless workers.
Dumbed down populations of hive mined individuals to work in the factories, just smart enough to operate machinery but not clever enough to question their situation.
However in an age of ever increasing machine capability one has to ask if this plan is worth pursuing?

If Globalist are set on shaping a future intended to produce servile drones lorded over by a fully educated, aware elite class.
What other methods are they using?
Propaganda and Advertising have a huge reach through the many forms of media in use today.
From the first posters used to garner support for the first and second world wars, to the development of radio broadcasts now with the TV and Internet we are bombarded with advertisements telling us how to think almost 24 hours a day the only rest from this machine coming when we sleep.
Edward Bernays has been credited as the father of consumerist culture.
He designed a system that primarily targets people’s self-image (or lack thereof) turning a want into a need. 
 Bernays wrote in his 1928 book, Propaganda that “propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government.”
This can be seen most clearly in the modern police state and the growing citizen snitch culture, wrapped up in the pseudo-patriotic War on Terror. 
Consolidation of media has enabled the entire corporate structure to merge with government, which now utilizes the concept of propaganda placement.
Huge multinational media providers are on the rise, Disney continues to swallow its competitors and may soon become a monopoly.
A company with a history of propaganda making becoming the masters of modern media, what could go wrong?
 Print, movies, television, and cable news now work seamlessly to integrate an overall message that seems to be the truth because it comes from so many sources, simultaneously. 
If you are attuned to identifying the “message,” you will see this imprinting everywhere, very much a world like that of “They live”
So what if you check out of this narrative and ignore the media and News?
In that case you will have to watch out for the trinity of Sports, Politics, Religion.
Offense is often caused when looking at religion, and politics, when put alongside sports as a method of mind control. 
However they share a theme: divide and conquer.
  The method they employ is to short circuit the natural tendency of people to cooperate for their survival.
 They then teach them to form teams bent on domination and winning.  Sports has always have always been a distraction that encourage tribal tendencies.
Political discourse is kept strictly in a left-right paradigm allowing for an easily controlled opposition, while religion is the backdrop of nearly every war throughout history.
So our minds are under quite an attack but how about our bodies surely that is less of a concern?
The body acts as a antennae for the human, transferring information from the world around it to our
 Processing Unit, The Brain.
The Body reacts to its environment through our Nervous Systems interaction with The Mind.
The Mind/Body System Models its own Internal Version of the Environment and this can be damaged and controlled.
Food, Water, and Air are essential for life and thus targeted as a means of delivery.
Additives, toxins, and other food poisons alter brain chemistry to make people docile and apathetic. 
Fluoride in drinking water has been shown to lower IQ, Aspartame and MSG are excitotoxins which excite brain cells until they die.
Fast food that contains these poisons is easily accessible and has created a population that lacks focus and motivation.
Eating healthy foods in opposition to this often expensive and difficult to source, the poorest being easily the most effected as they cannot afford to eat “clean food”
 This control of diets has created a modern world perfectly groomed for passive receptiveness — and acceptance — of a dictatorial elite. 
If the food doesn’t get you other substances will.
Drugs both legal and illegal can control a person’s behavior.
Mind controllers want you to be addicted to something. 
One arm of the modern mind control agenda is psychiatry, they aim to define people by disorders, as opposed to their potential. Often prescribing mind altering drugs as a treatment.
 This practice was foreshadowed in books such as Brave New World.
This medical tyranny has taken hold, nearly everyone has some sort of disorder today.

So how about the last part of what makes us free thinking human beings?
Are soul.
We not going to debate its existence in this video that’s for another time, but let’s think about it as the word used for essence of being human.
Is this too under attack.
Yes, there are technologies out there today that are manipulate the human body into another form, a form that may well be easier to control!
The military often leads the way in this field with a long history as the testing ground for mind control.  A military mind is perhaps the most malleable, as those who pursue life in the military generally resonate to the structures of hierarchy, control, and the need for unchallenged obedience to a mission. This thought pattern encouraged and reaffirmed during much of the training operations.
In the future Military personal questioning their indoctrination can look forward to experiencing DARPA’s planned transcranial mind control helmets designed keep them focused.
And I am guessing if you are this far into the video you are well aware of MK ultra!
Thats the military under control but how about the rest of us?
Torn from science fiction horror, nanobots are on the way.
 Direct brain modification already has been given a name “neuroengineering.”
 A  Wired article from early 2009 highlighted that direct brain manipulation via fiber optics is a bit messy, but once installed “it could make someone happy with the press of a button.”
 Nanobots rewiring the brain molecule by molecule.  Self-replicating as they go.
The Expected date of arrival for this nightmare is the Early 2020s.
How about today what is probably biggest danger?
Social engineering through mapping of our online and offline behavior, better known as Predictive Programming.
Predictive programming is real. Alan Watt is a documentarian whom has sourced a large amount of documentation to show that this form of mind control is widely in use today.
  Predictive programming can take a list of the books and movies you have watched, comments you have posted online and accurately predict your futures actions.
Like a window through time the future events of your life mapped out ahead of time.
Very “ minority report”
So is this terrifying future of mind control turning us all into obedient zombies unavoidable?
As powerful as it seems it is actually defeated by the very tools it employs.
Concentrate on a real education, read and find the sources of information do not rely on being told by lecturer’s, teacher or the internet.
Limit your exposure to Television and advertising be aware of their intended manipulation.
Eat healthy as mush possible exercise and avoid drugs.
And maybe most importantly, engage with those around you the less people that follow these controlled paths the better for us a species.

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