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Cashless Society 'IF' We need money?

Cash, wonger, greenbacks, denaro, wedge and Benjamin’s
Money is known many names
It’s something we all know about
Some have too much and others too little and for some it’s considered the root of all evil
 But what if it was to go away?

In a world of ever increasing digital currencies, and the surge in their popularity.
We ask what a cashless future may look like, and what implications it may have.
Would it be the paradise of Star Trek, everyone working for the betterment of humanity rather than personal gain or could it be a completely controlled hell?
 Devoid of equality and freedom?
Money in one form or another has been with us since the dawn of civilization. It has come in my shapes and forms. 

The Chinese used bronze to trade in 1100BC
The modern idea of money in the form of coins has been with us since the time of Rome.
Early metal money came in varying forms it was often made from precious metals and used in conjunction with the barter system.
The first known true currency was created by King Alyattes in Lydia, now part of Turkey, in 600BC.
The use of paper as currency began in China and was carried to the West by Marco polo.
Paper money started out as simple I owe you written notes on which the person carrying this paper was promised an amount of something in exchange.
This practice really took hold during the time of the crusades.
The Knights Templar would furnish travelers with these early credit notes. The traveler could then cash them in when arriving at another Temple stronghold at their destination.
This practice led to much of the great wealth acquired by the Templars and we can still see its, and their influence today in the old capital of the Templar empire The City of London.
The City of London is a city and county that contains the historic center and the primary central business district of London.
It is separate to London and holds a lot power even today. It has been a den of secrets for hundreds of year and maybe worth a look into with another video.
if you would be interested seeing that Let me know in the comment below?
So back to cash.
Money did not stop evolving and the introduction of the first digital currency came with the creation of credit cards 1946.
John Biggins pioneered this idea with Charg-It card.
This was a real turning point in the history of money for the first time people trusted in 0 and 1’s instead of gold silver and paper promises.
1999 saw the first mobile banking introduced this in conjunction with the release of the first smart phones.
Today 81% of people use their phones to bank and this figure grows year on year.
Digital is here to stay.
In 2014 things really blew up.
Contactless payment had been with the world since 2008 but as smartphone technology grew more secure more and more people adapted to this payment.
The idea of money being a form data had taken hold. The rise of cryptocurrencies at this time also helping to cement the idea in people’s minds.
Now Money is created traded and exchanged all the time with no physical presence except the device it is being transmitted from.
So we all see the positives of this new way of handling money.
Its convenience, no need to carry around bulky cash less chance of having it stolen the fact that it is an even medium of exchange etc, it would seem the world has embraced these new methods.
So are there any downsides?
 Some experts have reported their fears of the world becoming a two-tier urban system, in this system those with the lowest incomes could become separated from the mainstream digital commercial infrastructure due to their dependency on traditional forms of currency.
This due to the not being able to afford to purchase the relative technologies they would need to keep up with the pace of development.
This could cause splits in society as areas divide along the lines of the currency they use.
The development of smart cities with the latest and greatest devices at everyone’s disposal and a second class using only cash.
The next problem is the power and control this may afford the creators of these currency.
As the old saying goes “he who controls the money controls the world”
our current technological snooping prowess and the ease of which big data manipulation can occur could lead to speculation and manipulation of currency values, something we have seen recently with cryptocurrencies employing the old pump and dump strategy .
Algorithms have been created to monitor suspicious activity but could this morph into a day when the health records of an overweight person would lead to a situation in which they find that any sugary drink purchases they make are declined.
And the line MAY not stop at diet. What about the media we consume could ideas that do not conform be shunned and blacklisted, purchases banned by the currency providers?
The government also has a huge stake in a cashless society.
We see politics and big business becoming ever more interconnected, could we see this relationship between business and government change into a system of totalitarian control.
The government allowing the companies free reign as long as the data is shared and the algorithm works to support government narrative.
The U.S. government has used similar methods to limit the freedom of its citizens before.
 They made it increasingly difficult for companies to operate or individuals to transact by adding compliance hurdles for banks wishing to deal with certain clients.
They did this by making it too expensive to deal with certain clients, this sending the signal that banks should not deal with this client type, the government can then keep that company or person out of the banking system.
In a cashless world you would become a persona non grata.
That thought is scary, very 1984 Orwellian control.
However it could be the tip of the iceberg. If you are found to be subversive or hold views or a lifestyle that counters Government could they ‘with a push of a button’ delete your finances?
What could you do?
And this raises another issue what about those that are experiencing hard times, homeless destitute people often survive through begging. How could they beg for a digital currency?
This problem has begun to rear its head today, In Amsterdam, homeless people selling street magazine Z!, the Dutch equivalent of The Big Issue, struggle to find customers still using cash.
 Z! Trialed card payments by giving a dozen of the city’s vendor’s iZettle readers back in 2013, but the method was deemed too cumbersome.
With the likes of Bitcoin showing no signs of slowing in popularity some may argue that they are antidote to this scenario, the problem is that they need connectivity.
This connectivity could become subject to monitoring, control of bitcoin coming via meta-data and behavioral analysis.
We should be careful of this drive towards cashless living, it is being pushed as a great freedom and a convenient method of transaction but could be a means to our enslavement.
If a dystopian future awaits us is uncertain, there is the real fear that governments may find the power irresistible.
 The controlling of the everyday behavior of their citizens simply because they can or because of some perceived outside threat.
If we move into this world and say good bye to cash could we ever get the freedom it affords us back?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Plant Intelligence 'IF' plants are sentient?

Life fills the earth and so far it is the only planet we know of that supports it
A wide range of animals populate the globe from microbes to whales these diverse forms populate every niche on the planet.
But there is one group of life form that tends to get over looked and are probably the most successful group of living things in all of history.
Plants form the base of all ecosystems, they are the producer’s taking the suns energy and converting this light energy into chemical energy in the form of carbohydrates.
Today more and more people are becoming vegetarian or vegan. There is a wide range of reasons why but primarily for most, they do not see the need to make animals suffer for our food.
For them eating plants soothes their conscience, plants do not exhibit qualities that we associate with conscientious or do they?
Science has begun to show that they may indeed be sentient.
Back In 2005, a group of international scientists established The Society for Plant Neurobiology.
 This group set out to study the sophisticated behavior found in plants.
In these studies it was discovered that plants are much more sophisticated then was first thought.
 They discovered evidence that plants could sense what’s around them and in ways more sophisticated than animals.
How is this possible?
 On the root tips of all plants there is a tiny region that functions as a point to gather electrical signals.
This mirrors the way signals are detected in human neurons.
This meant that every single root apex in a plant’s can detect and monitor at least 15 different chemical and physical parameters.
So if plants are gathering so much information how they process it, for animals it’s the brain but for a plant that doesn’t make much sense.
Many animals graze on plants and having all their senses feed into one area that could be easily eaten does not make evolutionary sense.
Instead they have evolved a decentralized intelligence scattered which is spread throughout the root systems.
So if we are using evolution to show their development of sentience, we have to ask why they haven’t evolved movement like animals?

Well plants do move and with intention. A plant flowers and orients its leaves to follow the light, they also go into a form of sleep at night.
Plants have also exhibited the ability to make mathematical computations and even show kindness toward their relatives.
They can recognize themselves and communicate with animals and other plants by using alluring fragrances and a diverse range chemical compounds exuded by their roots.

Another study in 2013, looked at Arabidopsis thaliana and found that these small weeds are capable of making mathematical calculations.
Requiring starch to survive, which the plants manufacture using photosynthesis.
At night, they hold an amount starch in their leaves this saving them from starvation, and this is where the math comes in.
The plants can estimate the amount of time until dawn, and divide their food reserves by this expected time.
This allows them to have enough starch to last until the sun rises.
Manna Center for Plant Biosciences at Tel Aviv University reported that plants can even “see”.
They use photoreceptors that perceive different wavelengths of light.
This kind of vision makes them aware of when something is near them and may even be able to detect colour.
If this is not proof of how plants are sentient, how about plants their ability to recognize one another.
in 2007 plant ecologist Susan Dudley of McMaster University in Ontario, worked with sea rockets—members of the mustard family native to beaches throughout North America.
 She investigated whether plants could recognize their relatives.
They discovered that there was less root competition when closely related “siblings” shared the same pot this was opposed to when groups of stranger plants grew in the same container.
This experiment showed that the plants not only recognized but acted altruistically toward their relatives.

Other studies have indicated that plants are capable of self-recognition. The roots of white bursage plant inhibit the growth of other plants they come into direct physical contact with but do not impede the growth of their own roots, meaning that they can distinguish “self” from “other.”

So far it seems that these smaller plants exhibit the most sentience but what about their larger cousins the trees?
Trees compete against each other for light and space. But it is now known that individuals of a species are actually working together, they are cooperating with one another.
This cooperation comes in many forms mother trees suckle their children, they feed the young tree just enough sugars produced by its own photosynthesis to keep them from dying.
It is believed that trees communicate with members of their own species through interconnected roots this in the same way shown on the smaller plants.
What proof of this interaction and support system exists?
Trees that have been felled and thus do not have leaves to enable photosynthesis are found to still have chlorophyll under their bark.
They must be receiving nutrients through this root support system.
It has also been shown that trees like their little cousins trees can and do communicate, we can measure electrical signals that pass through the bark and into the roots and from there into fungi networks in the soil that alert nearby trees of danger.
The trees pay for this service by supplying the fungi with sugars from their photosynthesis. And the fungi in turn protect their host trees from attacks by other dangerous species of fungi and contamination by heavy metals.
So it would seem that there is indeed proof of sentience to plants and with some 300,000 known species on the planet they make up a significant proportion of intelligent life.
So now to the million dollar question, if plants are intelligent what the difference in us eating them is verses eating animals.
Is vegetarianism and veganism more to do with the attributes and personality we give to certain animals rather than the measure of intelligence?
Can vegetarians and vegans claim the moral higher ground?
It would seem that there is only one universal truth and that is life preys upon life.
Will a shift in thinking about plants as sentient beings help save them from the dinner table and the environmental threats they face?
 Or is plant intelligence a step too far most?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
And if your name is Groot or you’re a fan of plants hit that like button.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Mind control 'IF' we are being programmed?

Mind control
“They live” a movie in which a man has been given a special set of sun glasses that show him the truth, the all controlling power of mind control and the manipulation of society by a few.
Just a movie or is it happening in real life?

In this video we ask if we are being programmed.
We will take a look at Human Programming, and ask if it is something that is happening all around us. Is the idea that Some People Know the Truth, and You Don’t, True?
We are all programmed in some sort of way from the teaching of our parents and family to the culture in which we are raised.
The question here is what kinds of External Programming exist?
There has been a growth in the programming of human beings over the last 2000 years as technology has developed so has its use.
Every day we are being told what to eat, what to wear, what to buy and how to think.
The core method for this is repetition.
Our fears and the basic instinct to survive are being preyed upon, we are constantly bombarded by messages telling us if we purchase some product we will become better.
Telling us that We Are Not Enough, we need said product
to be Fully Human.
And We are susceptible to these manipulations, our emotions and the urge to fit into to the wider group can be hacked.
There are three areas in which we are vulnerable.
The Mind, The Body and The Spirit.
Let’s take a look at the mind:
The Mind can be active with separation from the body, think isolation tanks and even dreaming.
The Body can react to the environment automatically think of reflex actions and the majority of bodily processes that occur of which you have no control.
So how do you manipulate this mind what methods are out there?
Education is the most prevalent form of mind control, and maybe the most insidious.
To “educate” naturally impressionable children to think what you want has been every despots dream, it has been the main component to Communist and Fascist tyrannies throughout history.
 The modern education system has been exposed by many people.
Charlotte Iserbyt claims that there is a Deliberate Dumbing down of America.
In her book of the same title she explains how the education system is designed to breed mindless workers.
Dumbed down populations of hive mined individuals to work in the factories, just smart enough to operate machinery but not clever enough to question their situation.
However in an age of ever increasing machine capability one has to ask if this plan is worth pursuing?

If Globalist are set on shaping a future intended to produce servile drones lorded over by a fully educated, aware elite class.
What other methods are they using?
Propaganda and Advertising have a huge reach through the many forms of media in use today.
From the first posters used to garner support for the first and second world wars, to the development of radio broadcasts now with the TV and Internet we are bombarded with advertisements telling us how to think almost 24 hours a day the only rest from this machine coming when we sleep.
Edward Bernays has been credited as the father of consumerist culture.
He designed a system that primarily targets people’s self-image (or lack thereof) turning a want into a need. 
 Bernays wrote in his 1928 book, Propaganda that “propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government.”
This can be seen most clearly in the modern police state and the growing citizen snitch culture, wrapped up in the pseudo-patriotic War on Terror. 
Consolidation of media has enabled the entire corporate structure to merge with government, which now utilizes the concept of propaganda placement.
Huge multinational media providers are on the rise, Disney continues to swallow its competitors and may soon become a monopoly.
A company with a history of propaganda making becoming the masters of modern media, what could go wrong?
 Print, movies, television, and cable news now work seamlessly to integrate an overall message that seems to be the truth because it comes from so many sources, simultaneously. 
If you are attuned to identifying the “message,” you will see this imprinting everywhere, very much a world like that of “They live”
So what if you check out of this narrative and ignore the media and News?
In that case you will have to watch out for the trinity of Sports, Politics, Religion.
Offense is often caused when looking at religion, and politics, when put alongside sports as a method of mind control. 
However they share a theme: divide and conquer.
  The method they employ is to short circuit the natural tendency of people to cooperate for their survival.
 They then teach them to form teams bent on domination and winning.  Sports has always have always been a distraction that encourage tribal tendencies.
Political discourse is kept strictly in a left-right paradigm allowing for an easily controlled opposition, while religion is the backdrop of nearly every war throughout history.
So our minds are under quite an attack but how about our bodies surely that is less of a concern?
The body acts as a antennae for the human, transferring information from the world around it to our
 Processing Unit, The Brain.
The Body reacts to its environment through our Nervous Systems interaction with The Mind.
The Mind/Body System Models its own Internal Version of the Environment and this can be damaged and controlled.
Food, Water, and Air are essential for life and thus targeted as a means of delivery.
Additives, toxins, and other food poisons alter brain chemistry to make people docile and apathetic. 
Fluoride in drinking water has been shown to lower IQ, Aspartame and MSG are excitotoxins which excite brain cells until they die.
Fast food that contains these poisons is easily accessible and has created a population that lacks focus and motivation.
Eating healthy foods in opposition to this often expensive and difficult to source, the poorest being easily the most effected as they cannot afford to eat “clean food”
 This control of diets has created a modern world perfectly groomed for passive receptiveness — and acceptance — of a dictatorial elite. 
If the food doesn’t get you other substances will.
Drugs both legal and illegal can control a person’s behavior.
Mind controllers want you to be addicted to something. 
One arm of the modern mind control agenda is psychiatry, they aim to define people by disorders, as opposed to their potential. Often prescribing mind altering drugs as a treatment.
 This practice was foreshadowed in books such as Brave New World.
This medical tyranny has taken hold, nearly everyone has some sort of disorder today.

So how about the last part of what makes us free thinking human beings?
Are soul.
We not going to debate its existence in this video that’s for another time, but let’s think about it as the word used for essence of being human.
Is this too under attack.
Yes, there are technologies out there today that are manipulate the human body into another form, a form that may well be easier to control!
The military often leads the way in this field with a long history as the testing ground for mind control.  A military mind is perhaps the most malleable, as those who pursue life in the military generally resonate to the structures of hierarchy, control, and the need for unchallenged obedience to a mission. This thought pattern encouraged and reaffirmed during much of the training operations.
In the future Military personal questioning their indoctrination can look forward to experiencing DARPA’s planned transcranial mind control helmets designed keep them focused.
And I am guessing if you are this far into the video you are well aware of MK ultra!
Thats the military under control but how about the rest of us?
Torn from science fiction horror, nanobots are on the way.
 Direct brain modification already has been given a name “neuroengineering.”
 A  Wired article from early 2009 highlighted that direct brain manipulation via fiber optics is a bit messy, but once installed “it could make someone happy with the press of a button.”
 Nanobots rewiring the brain molecule by molecule.  Self-replicating as they go.
The Expected date of arrival for this nightmare is the Early 2020s.
How about today what is probably biggest danger?
Social engineering through mapping of our online and offline behavior, better known as Predictive Programming.
Predictive programming is real. Alan Watt is a documentarian whom has sourced a large amount of documentation to show that this form of mind control is widely in use today.
  Predictive programming can take a list of the books and movies you have watched, comments you have posted online and accurately predict your futures actions.
Like a window through time the future events of your life mapped out ahead of time.
Very “ minority report”
So is this terrifying future of mind control turning us all into obedient zombies unavoidable?
As powerful as it seems it is actually defeated by the very tools it employs.
Concentrate on a real education, read and find the sources of information do not rely on being told by lecturer’s, teacher or the internet.
Limit your exposure to Television and advertising be aware of their intended manipulation.
Eat healthy as mush possible exercise and avoid drugs.
And maybe most importantly, engage with those around you the less people that follow these controlled paths the better for us a species.

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