Saturday, 19 August 2017

Time Travel 'IF' We Can See The Future?

We look at time travel and the ability to see the future.
Through history there have been many famous seers or prophets.Many of them have become very famous, people swearing that their prophecies have come to pass.

The only real way we could know the future is if we were able to travel there.

We ask if that is possible?

Could we find a way to travel to our future, what ideas and scientific breakthroughs have been moving us toward a time when this is possible?

Could time travel happen, is time travel happening now?

These ideas making us ask IF we can Time Travel and  'IF' We Can See The Future?

Time Travel 'IF' We Can See The Future?

Thanks guys for all the support I have been receiving, the channel is slowly growing and that keeps me motivated.

Thanks again


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