Saturday, 26 August 2017

'IF' People stop reproducing!?


 (Those of you who follow know the problems I had with this video, its now been changed a new thumbnail added and "sex" is gone from the title.fingers crossed this time)

 'IF' People stop reproducing!?
In this video we take a look at the growing trend towards remaining single.
Although we see record highs in populations  globally in many regions the birth rates are crashing.
This lack of reproduction is having some profound effects on the societies that face this problem.
The problem of population falling below replacement levels is mainly effecting developed nations, but with many poorer countries quickly developing could we see the trend spread?
If this pattern does continue what would be the effects of a global population crash?

Population 'IF' People stop reproducing!?
The only question we ever need.

I would love to hear your thoughts.. so please comment.
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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Time Travel 'IF' We Can See The Future?

We look at time travel and the ability to see the future.
Through history there have been many famous seers or prophets.Many of them have become very famous, people swearing that their prophecies have come to pass.

The only real way we could know the future is if we were able to travel there.

We ask if that is possible?

Could we find a way to travel to our future, what ideas and scientific breakthroughs have been moving us toward a time when this is possible?

Could time travel happen, is time travel happening now?

These ideas making us ask IF we can Time Travel and  'IF' We Can See The Future?

Time Travel 'IF' We Can See The Future?

Thanks guys for all the support I have been receiving, the channel is slowly growing and that keeps me motivated.

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Saturday, 12 August 2017

'IF' We Create Chimera?

'IF' We Create Chimera?

This weeks video looks at the recent development of cross species genetic research.
Scientist have just managed to successfully edit pig cells so they are not rejected when transplanted into the human body.

We look at this break through and ask where it could possibly go?

 What type of procedures could become a possibility and if the splicing of genes is ethical?

If you had the option would you except a genetically altered animal organ?

Would you like to upgrade your body with an animal ability?

We have reached the point in science when creating Chimera is possible, should we continue down this path or does it spell the end for the Human race?


The only question we ever need.
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Wednesday, 9 August 2017



Hello everyone I am so upset.As A new content generator my videos are extremely important to me, I made the video "IF WE NEED SEX" this has now been taken down by YouTube and I have a strike for showing pornography. This video was in no way porn there was no nudity and it discussed the decline in couples having sex and the falling birthrates in some countries. This is not appropriate apparently? This was my most popular video to date and I felt proud so many took time to watch it.I now feel very annoyed and see what this new censorship drive on YouTube is really about. I have the video posted on my Facebook account, I urge you to take a look and let me know your thoughts. Justified or not?

Saturday, 5 August 2017

'IF' We Have Parasites!?

The only question we ever need.

 Today we ask What it would be like to be infected with a parasite.
What symptoms would you exhibit, what effects these parasites have on the body.

Should we fear parasites, do they have uses, could they in fact become a great asset?

Recently scientific news has highlighted the use of genetically modified parasites when fighting disease.

The new development could put and end to illnesses such as malaria.

I would love to hear your thoughts. please comment.


Friday, 4 August 2017

YouTube strike against this Video. Taken down for using the word "sex"

This week has been bitter sweet.I hit my most views and then.......We have been reading and watching videos about YouTube's new policy and the flagging of videos as inappropriate, I never though it would be mine.

You may have already watched the Video "IF we need sex" if you haven't it is now up on the Facebook page.

In this video I talk about the changing attitudes towards sex in a modern society.I use no profanity I show no sexual images ( thumbnail was a little click-bate) I talk about declining birth rates and the prevalence of pornography and the development of sex-bots.

 The video is informative and I would say educational, yet it has been taken down because of the word "Sex"

Has YouTube really gone this mad ?

I am bitter as this was my most viewed video to date and as a new content creator it is a big hit not only to my numbers but to my enthusiasm to continue.

The video has been submitted for appeal, lets hope some human eyes look and see there is nothing wrong with the content and allow it back up.

If not, I can understand why so many are complain this censorship is wrong and will kill the platform.
I hope someone from the company sees this.